Beginner Modern Calligraphy | Erica Tighe | Skillshare
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5 Videos (27m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies and How to Use Them

    • Basic Line Strokes and Common Mistakes

    • Letterforms and Connecting Letters

    • Final Project

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About This Class


Two years ago, I couldn't find many resources to learn modern calligraphy. The resources that I did find were so lengthy that I had a hard time sifting through them. Over a six month period, I bought a lot of the wrong supplies and just kept trying new things until I finally had an ah-ha moment when it all clicked. Six months after that, I quit my job and embarked on a new business venture with my new skill. 

Now I spend my days doing calligraphy for wedding invitations, events, book covers and more. In addition, I love to share what I learned so that others can learn it more cost effectively and efficiently. 

You will learn my favorite tools, how to use them, common mistakes that I see in my students and be able to practice with my Beginner Modern Calligraphy Workbook. 

Come and learn with me!

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Great class!!
Very clear and easy instructions.
Great intro to calligraphy! Thank you Erica!
Daniela Madriz

Branding and UI Designer





Erica Tighe

Calligrapher / Hand Letterer / Maker at Be A Heart

Erica is the owner and artist behind Be A Heart, a design studio based out of Los Angeles. She was so moved by how beauty positively impacts the soul on her travels through Europe post-college. She then moved to Brazil and used an arts based curriculum in the schoolhouse she managed in a small village that took care of those outcast by society. Upon returning to the States, she sought a creative practice to integrate into her every day life.

This is where calligraphy entered her life a...

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