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Beginner Guitar Quick-Start: Chords and Know-How

Lutz Academy, Online Music Lessons

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3 Videos (28m)
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About This Class

Get off on the right foot!

There is so much that you need to know to master the guitar that many aspiring players get overwhelmed and give up before they even start. That's why this class was designed to get you playing, like actually playing, in just 15 minutes!

Reminder: Make sure to grab the three print-outs in the Class Project section!

Start with the four most common chords, put them into a progression, and play your first song using these tips and tricks! You'll get help with strumming, creating patterns, staying in rhythm, and playing to a beat. 

In other words, this course covers all the fundamentals to make you into a great guitarist!

This is knowledge you will continue to build on as you progress on the guitar. As you get more advanced and want to dive into theory, you can move on to the CAGED System (check out the course here). Or maybe you'll want to learn about Modal Theory, but for now, you just need to take 30 minutes and learn these essential things!





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Lutz Academy

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Lutz Academy believes in-depth and effective music education should go beyond the traditional college mindset.

Using intricate and interactive tools and lessons, our aim is to provide aspiring players of all ages a comfortable, insightful, and affordable way to master their instrument. Plus, they can do so in their own home, at any time, and at their own pace!

We focus on four genres: rock, metal, blues, and jazz.

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