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Beginner Guitar Lessons: Guitar Lesson 4

Guitar Lessons By GuitArmy, Your personal guitar teacher

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7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Lesson 4 introduction

    • 2. Notes on the third string

    • 3. Sight reading on your third string

    • 4. Rhythm 2

    • 5. Learning to play the open A chord

    • 6. Learning to play the open A minor chord

    • 7. The easiest way to get soloing

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About This Class

Are you interested in learning how to play the guitar? Then you've come to the right place. This lesson is the 4th lesson in a series of 10 guitar lessons that the Guitar Training Camp will be publishing. This lesson is designed to be your fourth ever guitar lesson. If you've never played guitar before and would like to learn this lesson is perfect for you. 

What will you learn in this lesson?

  • Notes on the third string w/PDF chart
  • Sight reading on the third string w/PDF chart

  • Rhythm 2 - you will learn to strum a rhythm with guitar tablature in the video and w/PDF chart

  • Learn to play the open A major chord w/PDF chart

  • Learn to play the open A minor chord w/PDF chart

  • Learn how to quickly solo in any major or minor key w/PDF charts

Why should you sign up for my lesson?

  • My name is Chris Rupp and I'm the founder of the GuitArmy.

  • I've been teaching guitar full time for over 18 years.

  • I have taught more then 30,000 individual private guitar lessons.

  • I teach guitar students online all over the world.

  • I have a bachelors of music degree from the world renowned Berklee College of Music where I studied with some of the best guitar players on earth. 

  • I created a successful line of guitar instruction DVDs that sold very well and garnered the attention of the "As Seen on TV" folks.

  • I love teaching guitar and helping students become better musicians through the guitar.

  • I will answer your personal questions and help you with learning the material in this lesson.

Why should I take your class and not just learn from YouTube?

You can try to learn guitar from YouTube but eventually you'll figure out there's so many videos out there is very hard to put the information together in a coherent way. I have students come to me all the time that are tired of watching random guitar videos on YouTube and don't know how to put the information together. With this lesson you can get started playing the guitar and follow the next 6 lessons to end up with a full 10 lessons for beginners on guitar. If you missed the first 3 lessons make sure you sign up for those courses also. 

Student Testimonial

Hi Chris, thanks so much for reaching out! I'm about half way through lesson 10 of your Beginner lessons via Skillshare, so I was researching more of your teaching, and what's next... and found your GTC Online! I've gotta tell ya, something about your explanations, your method of teaching, and the detailed resources provided, you've connected so many dots for me -- it's appreciated beyond words! I'm mostly self-taught, regret that I started so late in life, and have tried other online resources, but yours has been the most comprehensive! As a corporate facilitator to adult learners myself, I just wanted to express my gratitude!