Beginner Guide to Oil Painting Part 2: Value | Adele McFarlane Wile | Skillshare

Beginner Guide to Oil Painting Part 2: Value

Adele McFarlane Wile, Visual Artist, Educator

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7 Videos (1h 11m)
    • introduction

    • Materials

    • Mixing Black

    • Value Scales

    • Assignment

    • Clean up

    • Overview


About This Class

Understanding Value is hands down your secret weapon to better painting. Value is the key to creating the illusion of depth and form in a painting. In this class you will learn how to observe value in a subject and translate what you are seeing through paint.  In the video lessons I will discuss a little color theory, show you how to mix your own black paint, go through some value scale exercises, and take you through observing and painting a piece of draped fabric. 

This class is the second part in a three part series on exploring the characteristics of oil paint through learning about the attributes of color.

Music used for this series of videos is "Piano Moment" from





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Adele McFarlane Wile

Visual Artist, Educator

I am a Canadian visual artist and educator based out of Nova Scotia. I have a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Nova Scotia Collage of Art and Design University and a Bachelor of Education from St. Thomas University. I currently teach in the Art Department at St. Francis Xavier University and maintain a studio practice out of my home in northeastern Nova Scotia.  

My medium of choice is oil paint but my work also includes drawing, collage, and sculpture. A significant amount of m...

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