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Beginner Guide for Streamlabs OBS

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Introuduction

    • 2. SLOBS Interface

    • 3. Settings

    • 4. SLOBS Sources

    • 5. Live Tab

    • 6. Themes

    • 7. Cloudbot

    • 8. SLOBS Store

    • 9. Who is SLOBS For?!

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hello there, Nick Nyxson here.

In this course, you will learn how to start usingĀ  Streamlabs OBS which is streaming software made by Streamlabs and is a modified version of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

In this course You Will Learn:

  • What is SLOBS (Streamalbs OBS);

  • How it is different from OBS Studio;

  • Settings Walkthrough;

  • Sources and Scenes;

  • Tabs;

  • and Many More!

This course is made for the beginners in streaming and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). For more advanced users other courses will be available.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introuduction: Well, Hello there. My name is Nick Nickson and I will be your instructor for the score. So and this course is all about stream elapsed O B s or slops we can weaken called in the really small ever shortening called slops for the abbreviation of stream lapse albeit what is basically dream left or be Yes, Dream Lapse or BS is a streaming software based on Obi Estudio. It's, ah, collaboration between stream labs and O. B s meaning that street gives an additional options off stream labs service to O. B s a studio. It's basically two of the same software, but with additional option. So we'll go. Everything will go through everything about dream Labs O B s for the beginners, what it is, how to use it and every single option that is needed in order to get you up and running as fast as far. So we're not gonna go with some very, very deep details because you in many cases you are not going to need, though, so we're going to go through a street map, so be it as fast as possible to get you going as soon as possible. Eso But If you want to know more about the regular or be a studio, we have another course for this as well. And if you want, you can check this one as well again. These courses for the beginners off slop stream labs O B s. If you're more advanced, user, we're going to have Mawr advanced life streaming or for O B S course as well. In the future, it might fare being already released. Ah, but for now, thesis for pure, pure, pure, pure beginners. So just have in mind that not that you want you for investing users, you will not to learn anything from here. But still, this is mainly for the beginner users. So thank you for being with me and ah way. I'm going to see you in the first lecture. So see there 2. SLOBS Interface: so hello and welcome to our slobs Course Stream laps over years. Core slop Sounds kind of weird, but it's still far short of the stream laps O B s. So in this lecture, we are going to go through the key differences between extreme labs O B S and O. B. S a studio. So this is my streaming set up that I have running for my stream maps or B S s so you might see something that I'm actually doing during my streams. But were first thing We're going to go through the interfaces. You can see eat is kind of reminiscent off the stream laps. Ah, off the obe estudio. But there are some Kia differences. As you can see. First key difference is the alignment off everything here you have. Unlike a phobia studio, you have a top menu bar not on the top, but right on the side. Like everything is right on the side or right here. Not in here like it is in Obi Estudio, the previously knew is still the same right here. Ah, and unlike the ladies obeah, softer Ayoubi Oh, but you cannot rearrange the alignment of the interface at least at the moment is for the version off 0.17 point one off stimulus obvious? Probably this option will be coming in the future for Stream Lab. So obvious. But for now it is not available yet as, But that means that you cannot move around sources the mixer, etcetera, etcetera. The other difference of the first Let's go to the similarity so you'd understand, prove, you know, with the same. It's in the center, the cease window. It's more or less the same, with one key difference, which we're going to go to this later. Sources is more or less the same, with one pretty big difference that I'm going to go through a separate lecture because it's very, very big difference. The mixer is practically the same, with one difference that it retains the old coal oil from the older O Bs two diversions with opens the advanced options for Ah, the audio and this is it other things that are a bit different then, for the abuse to do. Let's go through a difference. This first, as I said first is the menu bar is right here on the left side. Plus you have a, um Ah, well, you could you accept the chat right from here, so you don't even need to have a chat or window open. The regular obvious does not have this integrated, even though you can add that option that will discuss in the more advanced stuff and the mainstream buttons that you have. Like the stream starting the recording Saturday is not in separate top. It's right here on the bottom right corner. You can see there for their five buttons that technically, but for the bigger ones, there's Go Live button, which is a big one, because Strewn lapse is all about the streaming their schedule stream, which is not available for the obeah studio. There's Start Replay Buffer, which is actually available for O. B s. But it's, ah officially, but it may be different. There was recording button, which is smaller, and the test would just button, which is one of the bigger biggest things off the East Room left. So Bs available. The other key difference is in the scenes. What to have different here is that you have an option to choose the different scenes. The same combo come combinations compilations from right here you can choose a different themes, etcetera, etcetera. If I will change, let's say for the public premium that I have had installed in the past, which I'm not using, I'm gonna press this. I'm gonna wait a bit. And as you can see, there is completely different. Seems in completely different sources. So it's It's a very, very good thing. If you're playing a different games for extreme and you want to have a different layout of the scenes and sources for your for your stream up again, I'm considering that you probably know what season sources are because probably have used already obeah studio. Our have it lists some familiarity with that. If you're not, you can go through our course again, off, which is for completely Biggers have never done in the streaming at all because I'm thinking that you have idea what streaming in O. B s does. So this is why we're going the another key differences. There is, ah, video movies available right here. Press were here. It's it's here. The transitions are available through studio mode right here. You can you can have traditions, traditions installed otherwise as well. But this is not as important at the moment. You can go and access settings from here and etcetera. Center. We are going to go through all of these tabs and all of this button in the pretty in separate lectures. So we're going to understand what everything here, how everything is created and have everything here is done again. We're going to through the things that are absolutely vital for you to know. For the beginning, the world is going to go through it. Advanced transitions, etcetera, etcetera. Let's say I'm gonna go show you how this is. This is it is written in my native language. So don't worry about that. How to have, like, the advance transitions like that. We're not going todo that because this for the separate lectures, because it's it's electoral will go through very, very convoluted with this. So we're gonna go to go through every single thing right here on the left, and I want to explain how they actually work and what you need to know about these options . Off stream laps, RBs. So in the next lecture, we're gonna go through the Saturn classroom also, BSO You don't understand even mawr. What is different And what is the same. And we're gonna see you. I'm going to see you. I'm going to do next, like see that? 3. Settings: Hello and welcome back. And welcome to the district Labs O B s or slops settings lecture. So in this lecture, we're going to go through everything that is different from regular mobile studio, and we're not going to go through this Stuff that are active is actually the same because, uh, if you are already are going to through O. B s three laps O B s, you probably have some idea about O. B. S and the mobile regular. Be a studio and you don't need to go through these settings etcetera, etcetera. But if you want to go through this very beginner stuff, you can have Ah, you can take a look at my other course, Um, which is a lot about the obvious to do, and these settings are practically the same, but they're few major differences. In order to access slop settings, you need to go on the left bottom side of the screen where I have right now, and press the call will with this settings. So first thing is we're first. The thing that is actually a bit different from the regular RBS is the General tab, which has a few ticks that you can pick and on tick if you want I houses to want. Take this because you don't need to confirm the stream title and game before going live every single time, because probably you have already confirmed that and change that, Uh, you don't need to navigate to life tab when going live. We're going to go about the life Tabal later. And you don't need to disable harder acceleration. You don't need that. But one very important, very important button that slops have, which is actually very powerful. Thing is import from O. B s button. What this button does you have a regular Bs studio installed and used in the past. You have all the best studies that you know, works of the greatest. We have a crazy overlays and you have great scenes that you don't want to just go through the tedious task off setting everything up and just go through settings and go through sources and sees every single time you have this button just depressed import from O. B s right then and there, and it will import all the settings from a Bs and in addition to that, it will import all the scenes and sources from there is also you will not need to install any seasons or plus, In addition to that, we will transfer the profiles itself. So you have multiple provides set up. It will transfer all the multiple providers and you have You can accept this from the scene selection seem collection selection button from there. So this is extremely powerful. And the house just you to use this if you're transferring from the O. B s to do. Other than that, I it's practically the same as a regular RV estudio stream tap practically the same output practical, the savings, even streaming. Recording all your reply before event out. Food modes practice safe looks different, but the same audio, the same video, the same hockey's more. Definitely UK there are hot key. So what new can be about? Hot kiss advanced practically the same. And after that begins things that are actually different. Like some I bet different. Some very different looks like this one just completed you think is enabling in game overlay. Full disclaimer. I highly suggest to not use this, uh, option unless you have a single monitor. If you have a single monitor. You may find this useful, but this is buggy. Think that sometimes works sometimes not work. And it is, Well, what basically does I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you, if you have a single monitor and you're playing a game, you don't have an ability to switch to your stream and see what is happening. They're or see your chat or Syria alerts, etcetera, etcetera. You don't have an ability to do that. What this overlay does it can overlay with the press of a button. Get overlay the stream itself on your screen. So normally for you to see what is happening there. It is good. It is good, but it can be distracting. And it can be taxing for your computer. So I don't suggest using that unless you have single monitor. And unless you have no other options to see your chat or see you alerts, you have a like separate munter be my guest used that this is far more useful than using this far more useful, but this option is available. You can do that by just so I think in game, morally as you can see and just a passage E we said position, etcetera, etcetera to show chat show recent events. It says rates that useful. But implementation can be a bit good. Pretty sure it will improve. But it's true. Cars, Ah, taxes your PC just a bit more than probably second winter dust nexus in collections. It allows you to export to create and create an export and import an overly files, which contains everything that it's something like a transferring from the old yes studio. Let that is in General Tab, but this is for transferring between different stream left obvious clients. That's if you want to give your overlay file to other water guy. You could just export this one and give it to them, and he will just import there. Really funneling. Just installing will have your overly. This is this is just eight. It is useful for some. No, for others that's notifications, which is very good thing. He to just notice and take care off notifications is extremely important because it allows you to hear and see when you have a lacked skipped or dropped frames. You can send up of your own to enable sound if you just see the notifications and different thresholds to give you the notifications I have. I have used us and it is not triggering. Were there only few skipped lagged or dropped frames. But if it's happening like pretty much, it gives me a warning that something is wrong. Or like my computer is way too hard, maybe, Or are basically giving me a heads up to check that something is wrong. And I'm just stopping game and checking board whatever is happening and then continuing to NAFTA after fix it. Extremely useful, unlike scenes collections, extremely useful day today. Useful use that next is appearance Well, some, some kind of kind of like the same in the OBE. Estudio just change for change's theme and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera enable like a mode for twitch and etcetera Etcetera is nothing. Very good. Nothing going bad. You can use it, you could and that's it. I do not use that. I really visit this tap. Next is facemasks. Well, facemask is something like a gimmick available for stream labs O B s and not available for regular bs. What this allows you. It allows you to have a face masks on your face basically overlays something like a Snapchat filter or something like instagram face on your face and you can have a different faces on you. Digital. You'd I don't know how they can explain that. Um simpler. Like it's Snapchat faces Snapchat filters. You can enable that. What? Why you can use that if you want to hide your face for some reason without hiding it and without buying it faced rig software and other software you can use that it can be used for that purpose is or you can use this as an additional source off income by enable and face masks where people are making donations. She want to do that? You can do that. I do not use that because again it's taxing for my safe. You and I need all the power I can get because my computer is not very powerful for streaming, and I need all the power I can get. I'm not for that reason, I'm not using that you can, but again, I'm not. Next is remote control, which is probably one of the best bass features off extreme laps old B s. It's incredibly powerful feature, which which probably is one of the reasons, Alana, why I'm using Dream Lab. So bs for my streaming last at least for one. My type of one of one of my tears streaming channels. What this allows you to have you need to download asked relapse O B s remote control software on your IOS devices? Don't know. I'm not sure if it is available on Android. Probably it is. But I'm pretty sure it's a very short I'm absolutely certain that this is available or none of us because I'm using it on my iPad every single day getting to scan this bear code with your phone or iPad and all the controls, all the scenes or everything. All the sources will be transferred to your iPad, and you can just you have just button layout and just press the button. However you want which buttons you want, which seems to show which sources to show which are still hide chained volume a mute. I had a mute, etcetera etcetera. It is extremely powerful thing. So that means when you're playing game, you don't need to actually, um, switch off the game war all top your game To change some settings and change of scenes and sources who can just press a few buttons and everything is done through from your tablet. It's extremely fast, extremely responsive and extremely, extremely, extremely useful. Highly suggest to use that if you're you for not using any other option off June left. So Bs last but not least, is East Old app. So certain apso BS has their own app store, which gives you some, um, more additional options for your ah stream. And this is the tab or old. The ah applications are insult, but this is it. You can just disable it, reloaded and see which wish it is. That's it. So overall, the stream lap so Bs have some purple additional software additional differences through RBS studio, but overall, its staff settings are still still still the same. It is made mainly for and simple transferring from a B A studio or from other three laps O Bs software. It's made to do that as simple as possible, and I have some additional gimmicks, like a remote control, which is very powerful thing and very important thing. You don't have an expensive gear like L gado stream, deck or or have page after that are doing the same for the obeah studio. So this will be it for this lecture. And in the next lecture, we're going to go through sources. Uh, which is a lot. Probably is gonna be a very long lectures to prepare for that because we're going to go through all the additional software. Additional sources that is available for Ah, this software. I don't wanna see you in the next lecture. See there. 4. SLOBS Sources: so hello again. And welcome back to our next lecture. And these lecture is gonna be a bit ah, well, beefy because we're going to go through a lot, a lot, a lot of different options really fast, because I'm gonna explain this as fast as possible. So for this, we're going to go and search to our new scene, which will be, ah, completely black, seen with the color sores on Lee. And I'm going to show you now all the sort is available for stream laps. O B s so not a threat source. We're gonna pressed plus button right here. And as you can see there, there are farm or sources available for slops than it is for regular Obi estudio. What? What is available for regular obvious studio is right here in standard tab on the image brother source emits light show with centers that they're all at the same stuff right here . But what stream laps? Mobius ads our widgets. As you can see, there are a lot a lot off different widgets available right here. So we're going to go through them like I'm gonna explain few of them, but not not going to go to a very deep into all of them, but you will see how it's done. So I would just are as such. Some alert box subscription goal chat box, The jar stream boss spindle it. So I'm not gonna go through them to say you would. You see all of them. So let's go with an elect box and just add on. Well, what? Just press it and see what will happen is gets you when oppressed. Is it exactly? Shows me what it does. A lead box thanks yours with the notification pop ups, it allows you to see donations, subscriptions follows bits, hosts etcetera. Is that all the things that you'll actual and and it looks something like that. It will pop up on your screen number and you can change it. However, you want this extremely powerful thing, that is ah, that you can add to a regular O. B. S as well. But in order to do so, you need to add through the browser sourcing and to set up the zone stream Labs website or the other well, the same service providers. But because we are talking too much relapse, let's go with three laps with the stream laps website. Create the Earl. The stricken laps gives you and paste it as the browser source. But it's room left. Sobieski just can create this and I'm going to show you that you can you not just create Let's go and call this Ah lightbox. But I have already stole the alert box, but it can have see you can change Ah lot of different things right from here. England size the donations of what? What what type of ah themes. You use alerts used for the nation's etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. You are going to go through every single thing right from here. Plus, you can test this. You can go on. Let's go, let's say for test widgets and let's go for donations and you can see there there is a music, but you cannot hear this because I have blocked it. Uh, you can had any options that you want, even go. We can go and live in bought redemptions. You can see and set up a lot of lot of different things. Now I'm gonna delete that because we're not going to use that now. It's extremely powerful thing in order to reward your viewers. We some kind of attention from your stream itself. Ah, well, let's go through different, different things as well. So we understand. Let me show just like that so you could see it better. Subscription goal is Ah, it's used for YouTube and you have, like, set up different yes, out of different goals and will fill the bar too, you know, to have, like, something of a goal for your of your YouTube viewers. In this case, you can if you have ah, this with Twitch. You can go with twitch followers as well Chat box on my pride that double presidents run. Okay. Ah, chatterboxes. Well, it is what it is is chat box. You can have Chad running right on your screen. It can be tweet shot YouTube chant, mixer chat or Facebook chat. You cannot do them all at once. I think in all the single chance or that you need to use and different software and different service providers. But you can have them separately, so you need you will need actually, all of them, just in case you're streaming. It'll the platforms at the same time. So I don't think that as a beginner, you would do that, and I don't suggest you to do that from my personal experience. Don't do that. Just constraint on a single platform at first. So this will allow you to, ah, give a little bit more attention to your viewers. Next is jar jar places while the jar on your stream and when someone follows tips. Gifts. Subscribe shares is subscriptions that the nation bits hosts it to put the corresponding ah bit coin against corner thing. Whatever you want to put inside the giant just fill up and just gives your viewers more incentive to fill up this jar and have, like they, they have something to achieve. Two on your street, which is extremely good as well. A stream bosses. Well, it is. It is available for twitch. Mainly, it can be used. I think it can be used for YouTube as well, but ABS and I've used it for Twitter's Well, it's shows something like a health bar on your screen, or you could do the same, like like you having came and when people are donating bits to you, it health is going down correspondingly, and one health will go down 100% 1 of the viewers will be chosen in the next room, boss. And they had to defeat it again. Etcetera, etcetera. Very good thing. If you want to have earned additional bits, spin wheel is well, You can trigger the spin, will you? And in order to do a different thing like Children in the other game. Ah, like, make different decisions, etcetera, etcetera. Like I'm even. You can go with this to just give, forgive, waste, etcetera. But I never used that because I don't like how it looks. So I You could just play with it and see how it goes. Media share is Ah, good. Think you could actually have this in your chat? And your check will be able to, Ah, someone different songs different too. So sounds, etcetera, etcetera. I don't use that because I stream on YouTube in parallel as well. But I don't want to get copyright strikes on my child, so I don't use that if you using on a twitch. I think it's perfectly fine stream labels. Uh, well, stream labels is good thing. Ah, that you could use with this integrated with a streamlined so bs for the regular Bs united down below the stream laps Extreme labels, uh, application, which is the TSA, which I don't like. That's why I often use dream laughs O b s and allows you to have a different side kind of information on your street, to say all at the same time, like glass followers. How many people followed you? How many people subscribe? The how many people got you monthly like top donators top Cheers Ah, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. This just gives you the overall a bit additional information that you could use on your chat or only on your extreme, pretty powerful thing. Unfortunately, cannot be integrated like that or through obeah studio, which is the shame. Ah, because it is a very good thing to do. So probably 11 mawr advantage to stream lap. So Bs donation go practically the same. A subscription goal. But you're making a donation. You're also let me just ah, pool is like that so you could see this. So basically you're if you're collecting money for something, I could use this as a dimensional. The nation ticker is getting it shows you the last donators and let's have trade of the names running You can go. We can Addison the bottom off the stream or in the bottom of your Web camera on the top, however you want, it just runs the names and amount of people that donated event list is powerful. Think that you could use to just, ah, show people your appreciation and just show that events that happened during the stream it shows just few Ah, last events like you can have an immense off following the subscriptions bits hosting the redemptions etcetera center. It's It is made mainly for your viewers, because for yourself you will have a completely different thing. A completely different event list for yourself because it's it's gonna be far longer, far larger, and we're going to go to three. Seen the later lectures. If you account it is what it is. It is told you. How many people are actually watching Ah, at the given moment. So if it's good for the votes to be fair, it's good for the world. So you would understand that when the stream will be over, at what time with what moment people were actually watching the most Or the best thing is to use these to find out when people are dropping out from extreme. So what happened? What did you do? What you didn't do? Eso. And what was the reason why people just went from extreme? Or what did you do to actually attract more people to a stream as all this extra powerful tool that you could use more like post factum from your stream, like a later like after you stream is done? But when streams running on Bt School kind of good numbers show, I don't know, and I don't use this for just for the stream sake. I use this for the recording sick, but it's, uh, use this as the end off your stream. You can put it as an end screen. It's returns like movie credits showing the donators, the followers, the ones who put cheers, cheers, do nursery and put bits. It's saturated subscribers. It is good to have, like, kind of like a thank you for being on the stream. I don't use that often. I used to use that often, but for now I just don't do it because when I'm in the stream, people usually just already leaving before I do Because I now said I'm living amend industry and usually not a lot of few elections seeing that, so I just don't use it anymore. You could You could if you want, but I did. I just don't sponsor banners is a good thing. You have sponsors problem For the begin, you will not have a sponsor's. But you can have put this banners inside the stream lab soldier. And you just rotate different logos off the sponsors. Don't you put the logos of the sponsor of your defeat. They're not sponsoring you because you're just giving the free pre promotion. Don't Don't make a free promotion. Make them pay for this. Ah, this is a member gold. This is for subscribers, for the twitch, for the YouTube members and for the mixer subscription. So, basically, this is ah, paid for wings for the different platforms. So if you want this for the pate followings, Yeah, you could use that as well. Any center play is ah, basically used to replace it is what it is like. You could just press this switch this scene and it will just recently, bruv, who you're playing Whatever, uh, amount of time we just chose to show. As you can see, there are a lot of a lot of like it's It is Mawr often added sources than it was in the standard one. They're not as robust probably as the standard ones, because our elected sources and while this runs are actually widgets, they're all all of them are comprised of sources, actually, but there made in the way to make it easier for, ah, the stream or two. Just plug and play. Just drag and drop it as simply as possible to natural waist. Ah, lot of time. They are very powerful. I highly suggest to use them. But ah, like a bit of an advanced it don't use a lot of them at the same time. Just don't come veloute your screen with a lot of different widgets because it does not just look good. It does not look good. It makes it look a bit bad. Don't do that unless it is. It's feeling really good with theme off your stream. Don't use a lot of them. Don't use all of them at the same time. Just try to use. Try to use the most important ones because all of them are actually having are taxing your computer as well. So if you have, like all of them running the same time, it's gonna be if you're having a single stream. Single PC Street is going to be texting for a computer as well. So this was it. There was it for, ah, sources for the stream laps over. Yes, probably. It was one of the more, um, bigger parts off. Ah, this restroom lap. So Bs. So when the next lectures, we're going to start going through the taps right here. The life tap, the themes the cloud bought and the store. So it would be a very, very interesting things to go through. And I will e I think that you will find very interesting. And I'm going to see you eat the next electricity there 5. Live Tab: so hello and welcome back. And in this lecture, we're going to go through start, we'll start going through the tabs off the stream lap. So bs or slops? So the tab that I was showing you before in the previous lecture in old previous lectures and the regular tab for Ah, the CBS studio was the studio tap right here because it wouldn't studio and all of you A lot of things you've seen before. That was through the studio tap. So this lecture, we're going to go through the live tap, as you can see, when you pressed when impressed the life tab like everything just changed everything that started loading. Only thing that was left was actually seen. Seven starters are not available right now. Have seen mixers. Ah, this is the only thing there's left. And the preview just went shrink shut down and just went to the right side off the right bottom side of the screen. What you can do you actually you can actually turn out the preview to just decrease the load on your computer. So what? You can see this is the great thing to have while you're doing extremely. You can see as you can see em. I have, like, everything here available, like the YouTube have. Like, I'm running them or extreme misery. Screams like multiple stream at the same time. That's why you have you see a twitch and YouTube at the same time. I have I seethe subscriptions as he follows. I see donations, everything at the same time. I can just reload everything and what is great. That can just press. And you cannot see this. I can press this refresh button right here, and it will just redo the subscription or the following alert for me. So I see who did what was subscribed, who followed, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It's very, very powerful thing. I can actually I'm going to show you. I'm just gonna move my face. No, not that screen. I'm gonna move my face. Um, like that. It's good. See, there are additional options right here. You can have a pop out. Like have. This is separate. Ah, Button, You can, um, pause this one. I let me just for a select this one. You can have an event filters. Oh, you did its heights covered in my face. Okay. Like that you can filter. Ah, whatever you want to see. If you don't want to see some things, you can just feel tear them out. You can pause this or you can just make this one look like that If you want. Ah, for the different things, you can have a memberships. Ah, you can have a look. Two different Which memberships? You can have a donations right here. You can have other. It is dividing your for you in some way. I use this one because I want to see all the same time you can press. Keep alert if you don't want to see some alerts saturated. It's very good thing. Very powerful thing. This is mainly made to use while you're life. So we're going to see everything. You just have it in a separate tab, like in a small tab. So you would not miss any followings or any subscriptions. So if you are having a larger base and if you want to just see bits and memberships and separates the weak our donations, you could just press this one and just a seat. A smaller thing. So you would not have I like a lot off non important things like people following at the same time over and over and over, because you cannot thank them all because for the sum, biggest dreamers can have a 50,000 new followers per stream. So you cannot have your going to thank for thousands even though you want. If you wanted you, it is difficult thing to accomplish. Other thing you can see here is our redemptions. I don't have in redemption set up this body. You can you have a stream currency. It can have a music player here as well. I don't have it set up again. You can hold the giveaways right here. Or you can go and do some live actions like announcing that you're live on de scored or have a spin wills or just use ah, rollout credits and saturated before this. Ah, tab. The chat is available as well, so you can just have a chat here as well. Most important thing in the live tap is, of course, the recent events and use thes a lot if your beginner streamer, if you're the very beginning of your career, if you don't have a lot of viewers, thank ALS the followers that you have some a bit of an advanced it. Thanks. All the followers and subscribers were coming to a stream. Thank all of them because you have probably do not have them at first a lot. So you have no excuse to not do that. Do that always, always do that so and when you have ah, one will have like or for one follower per minute or even more often. Then you probably will not be able to do that. So just went there after that Stop. Oh, and do do sink. Thank subscribers donators and the cheers instead. Do that and how always pay attention to the recent events. It's very important to do that extremely important. Do that. Ah, this was all about the life tap. It's actually pretty similar to the studio taboo, except it has more emphasis on the recent events. Use that for your streams. Have a music player running. If you are doing, don't twitch exclusively. Have a redemptions running. If you have a lot of us and you want to use that, I probably need to set up our attentions for myself. So this will be it for the life tap And in the next lecture, we're going to go through the theme staff. So I'm going to see you in the next lecture. See there. 6. Themes: so hello there. And welcome back to our tabs. Discussions, lectures. So in this lecture, we're gonna go through themes. This is probably another very important distinction between regular sto Be a studio and stream lap. So bs because streetlamps RBS gives you a power to customize You're a layout and your stream look very expensively and it is very powerful thing. In regular stream lapse in regular bs, you need to download separate overlay files and at them one by one, set up in the very, very meticulous manner and can be a bit tedious but gives you, ah lot of flax flexibility. But here you can just download the theme pack, and that said, you are done. So when you go to the themes a PAB you are greeted with three sections is a feasting themes . Would you themes and side themes? We're not gonna go through the side teams now because this is the themes for the stream laps website. We're not going to go through what's journalist website is actually Well, I'm going to tell you it is a website that is made by stream lamps, your streamer website. So I'm not using it this because It's not free and it is included with a stream laps. Prime subscription we didn't talk about during last prime subscription before that. What is dream last? Prime? It is a paid subscription service for Stream last, which is, I think, 12 month totals a month. Yeah, strolled over a month. For if you're doing a buying this per year, it gives you an O R. Excess, too. Premium themes. It gives access to premium applications and it gives you access to you. The website and the website themes as well. Is it any good? Ah, how if you're pretty big streamer, Yes, but if you're standing out No, don't use Don't by a stream less prime because it's not worth it. And I don't like I'm going to tell you I don't like that they're pushing. Ah, the stream laps prime like a lot. So just don't don't buy it, because if you don't need that at first, when you are going to get to the bigger streamer. But bigger numbers like having at least 50 buck viewers concurrent viewers at the same time on your streams, then you can think about it because you probably can will be able to pay this for this With the amount of money you're made from streams. So when you get to the scene themes what this does it It led to create a lot of themes. The theme that you are you are seeing while I'm I was live like that this stream and like intermission magic just transition was made. But you cannot see this year. But there are a lot of things because I'm not using webcam now. Ah, like this thing. You see whatever I see right here this This is where my webcam framed is my chat frame. All this was made through the theme shop. What you can do here is very extensive and very powerful. Ah, just pay attention that you do not. You cannot actually Bob get prime themes unless you're the prime subscriber. So just know that you can actually find a really good theme that sits for you. So in my case, I use one I'm streaming. I use the rat color just yourself from a tradition red or white color. So I want something that is red or white. So let's see that I want to think all that is red gonna press this one as against He just just filtered out all the non red themes did that does not have any right in that it actually approximate cars as well, because it's concede there in this team Facebook gaming Mean me Geo theme is there is not right. But there's purple and pinks, which is approximately red as it sees. And I want something that is animated. I don't want anything. That aesthetic Ah and I wanted includes a live scene. Politicals be right vaccine. I don't want no no fancy. I want start streaming seen as well I can actually go and ah through truths, theme categories Well, that you have like first person shooters for action massively multiplayer online role playing a real time strategy generic in Eire l etcetera, etcetera. You have to understand one thing that a lot off themes, it's wrong. Those opiates are getting paid a lot off themes are getting, including in the prime. So go to the most insult. I didn't I am selected here the red one here because it turns out the majority of the Reds are actually prime aunts and I un selected of the animated one so it can see there are a lot of themes that are actually free like here. The drop zone by never die which is actually really good over late. Maker is free. Ah, the talent by ah BB I is really good thing. Let me just choose one of the famous to just show you how it's done. Okay, let's go with the predator read by nerd I Let's go and see is get this the Predator stream package which includes ah ah, this dream starting soon Because you can put your user name there and you have your schedule right there. You can go and just chatting. This is this will be your life. Ah, civil scene that's showing. I picks legend. You can change this one as well and that that's it. It's It's very good, Very powerful team. It looks nice. I could install this, but I'm not gonna use that. It's actually 110,000 people have installed this. It's a shame that a lot of before that actually quite a few, um, months ago, I think all of this was actually free, which was very, very good. But now, unfortunately, it's being changed. Actually, this glitch point to the nerd by then. Nerd, I'm is actually good paid theme. Ah, you did that. You could actually buy this run. I really like this theme. You can go and get this Steve for yourself, and it looks extremely good, which is very nice. What we're doing now is we're going to seen themes. Not would you teams. But as you can see, the number off non paid themes are actually going down and down and down it just don't load the theme and have it before it goes paid. So this is my suggesting to do that? You can do the same with the widget themes. Just don't go through the I'm gonna go with most adults. Don't go with a prime once again. See, the majority are absolutely majority of prime wants, even though this one's were a free before. But I'm pretty. I use this. This was free. Ah, but now it's paid one. But you can find still a lot off free Ah, widgets as well. Just use them as you see fit. If you want to have the pain gone, If you really like the ones they're paid well, you can actually buy this or through the prime subscription because prime gives you a lot of a lot of a lot of good things. And I think, Ah, I am not sure. But if you will be able to retain this one on while you'll after you will do just Ah, your prime subscription will run out. You can just have this one for yourself now decided themes as well. All of them were primed. Just not crimes that do not make any sense because you cannot have a website without without the prime. So this is it. This is Ah, This gives you a really, really big options to customize your stream. Unlike your extreme left, like the regular Bs juleps, RBS allows you to have this powerful, powerful theme selections for yourself that will make you make your streams look pretty professional from right on from very, very, very, very beginning. It only stall the scene for you. It just put a display capture, put your webcam, put your chat and you're done. In many cases, you don't even need to stall chat because you have connected to your stream laughs account . It just puts his right away, and that's it. So this was it for, Ah, the themes. Again, it's getting a bit restricted, but still you have, you can find is a lot of a lot of things here for free. And in the next lecture, we are going to go through the cloud. But which is actually pretty powerful thing for the string laps. O B. S as well. So I'm going to see you in the next lecture. See there. 7. Cloudbot: Hello and welcome back to our tabs lectures and next have that we are going to discuss now will be off course. Cloud would probably one of the more robust features off Ah, stream laps O. B s, and probably one of the more powerful features that can be used for a lot of lot of lot of a lot of a different reason. So what Cloud bought is it's actually chat board that does a lot of lot of different functions, including the moderation, the commands, the chat games, the loyalty points, quotes, timers, cues, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera can even hold, give avoids and the used for batting and for different stuff. We're not going to go through like, very deeper detailed. Ah Cloud bought a total because probably this will be a separate course off. It's only for few hours long, so we're just gonna go through the stuff that actually does. So as you can see there, a few taps on at the top. More tools, modules, commands, timers, quotes que loyalty store polls, betting giveaways, user management and imported like all of them, are doing something really fun really important or really useful. So first things first is the multitude. It allows you to moderate your child from caps from symbol. It can block and links on me, even permit some links it can protect from different words like that you can Blakely's from to protect yourself and your check from profanity or eat can protect itself from the paragraphs already meaning that from very lengthy messages, and it can protect you from extensive use off emotes. It is very good and allows you and your moderators to have just a bit more fun with the chatting to not just be very vigilant and to every little small details and club, but allows you to do to like a tick away, some of them more difficult tasks that from somewhere tedious task from a moderate just on a few more yourself. Next is, of course, modules that this is the probably one of the more important parts off the cloud body care ideology to have a chat alerts inside your chat. Like someone who subscribe. Some who donated etcetera that's right, can have some many games, which are incredibly fun and a bit difficult to understand at first. But it's actually not that hard, and your role of yours might have a lot of fun. Like a heist or Campbell. Many games it can be used to share some media like, Ah, what I thought What a sure Let me show you what I'm talking about. I like to put it or right here in the life tab. Ah, let me just loaded like a music player. It allows you to queue some different music using a chat but like your viewers can actually someone something different types of music. And you can't even check and have, like, moderate thesis types of music as well. Like do not have something that is ah, ridiculously small views or something that is not music related. Or did that have a lot of dislikes etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Ah, plus it have. The dual is the duels that can have an emote permits. It can emote, compass, etcetera. It has a lot of functions that can make a chat chat just tiny beat mawr fun for you of yours. Then you have, like, really small amount of yours. These are custom and, uh, the fold commands getting used for any language. By the way, you can change. Ah, any commence and just give them permission and variables and setting, etcetera, etcetera. We can do a lot of things with this by and create your own commands. Timers. Temer Cyber Basically a ah commands that can give you is by the Georgian script, So I had don't freak out. It can be used for, um, different chat messages that are being typed like, Oh, after a certain amount of time coats that can be stayed by your viewers. Sad. It's not used extensively. Queues Ah, that you can pick some random users in order to queue for something probably to play with your next or to do something I don't know. Whatever you do, it's all about your fantasy. You can just open the Q and open Cuba right here cannot seat OK, let me just show you. You can open cure like wouldn't button right here, And people will just add to the Q. And you could just pick a random user etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Loyalty points are extremely powerful things that allows you to, um, let's say support and reward your most loyal viewers because the people are actually gaining a lot off points by viewing your stream or just by typing different messages. And you can see here I have an availability to see how much time the people are actually spending on my stream like what's in my top off. Yours spent, like 69 hours on my stream, which is extremely good, and I know that he's very loyal viewer. Do you will be able to see who are your loyal viewers? You could set up a store here where you can just I have an ability to buy some things like , let's say it different alerts or by some sounder effects or different stuff using the old point. I don't have this set up, but probably should. You can have pulse here. Ah, like set up different pool like in purple, provide probable profiles and just start different pools and getting betting profiles here as well. Like, um, we are playing some different games like, say, a fortnight or APICS legends or your several different games. You can have a like pull batting pull Ah, bring profile with Willie, go to top 10 and just different people. Bet on this stuff like if you will go or if you'll not go, etcetera, etcetera. It's which is extremely fun and gives if you are so a lot of flexibility with different stuff. Ah, you can set up your worries from here or look merchant different stuff. You can manage users from here and, like adding regulars, etcetera, etcetera. All you I do not use that, but you can. Actually. An important you can just import different star different settings from different chat bots . It is very robust. It could kill out. You tell you to have a lot of a lot of different settings and what is most powerful. If you have a have a few ah streams alive, it wants, like I have, like a YouTube twitch and the mixer at the same time. I o. And I think even Facebook gaming as well you are you will be. It will be possible to, uh, load the chat about the cloud, but in all of this chat at the same time. And hey will moderate everything for you and just used command, etcetera, etcetera. It's extremely powerful, too extremely useful tool, and it makes your chat just a bit mawr fun and plus it because it's integrated stream lap, so bs it allows you to have this things available right into the softer without launching anything separately. One downside is that if you want to use different Salter, let's let's say, if you want to use, the regulars will be a studio. You cannot use Cloud daughter, and you will have to use the older virgins off stream laps bought and lunch it into different software. You have to have it running the local unit computer, which is not a way thing. But if you're fine with that, no problem, you can just use it. I use it a lot, and you could use it as well. So overall, great piece off software like Pop Great part of Dr Probably It can be used said that it's a separate software from the O. B. S very powerful and very, very useful. So in the next lecture, we are going to go through the store section and we're gonna talk about what store is all about. So I'm going to see you in the next lecture 8. SLOBS Store: So hello and welcome back. And we will go now through the last tab for the O Bs slops for Susteren left RBS Day One after that is just a APS that you can install from here and you'll see what after and still there. So, basically, what store is the store tab is? It is an a sore for the extensions for the stream laughs or bs. One disclaimer, though before that before ah, for not a long time ago. Majority, if not all extensions in slop store was completely free to installing to use. But ah, from now on, I think there are no mawr tools anymore that can be sold for free without any price of griffin. So you need to have a slopes prime in order to install any off the zap unless you have installed it before. If haven't told it before, then there find you can use it without any problem. But you haven't just told this before then, while you have to pay for prime in order to use this. So what? This APS are actually for what they do. They have quite a lot of different functions and actually can be very powerful things. If you are doing streaming full time and if you want some additional options, let's say or one of the examples here is a defensed overlay maker by nerd. I hear it allows you to have a very powerful overlay creator with ah powerful library off, different widgets and overlays available right there it can. It gives you basically a full Um, let's say, Ah, theme shop right there, but and you can just mix and match different types of widgets with each other. It's very powerful and very, very good tool, but again it is under the prime paywall. Next is the security can have a different takers. As you can see, this is the shows you Ah, lot of different things. You can have a pretzel music player can have music, right, integrated in to your stream, which is again, very powerful thing. Ah, and allows you to have no copyright music running all the time for your streams, which is incredibly good, incredibly powerful. Think to do next is probably street design factory as well. The same is prop, practically the same as the advanced overlay maker, but it gives you different types off overlays Unlike the Notre dies, it's practically the same. But be different. It can give you an apex overlay. So if you want to install this like have ah, you're kills your match setting your much information available as a separate widget, it can do the same for the fortnight, including it had. It can have a chat board while on ah, your chat and giving information about your fortnight on etcetera, etcetera. There are a lot of different things, but not that many. Let me count just 6 12 18 19 different tools. If you have a stream laps prime, then yes, there are a lot of good tools there. But unless you don't have a stream loss prime no, it is not worth just for these tools to buy stream laps prime. This is just my opinion again, If you want to use that, you can buy it by herself without a name problem. Unfortunately, all of these old ah applications are behind the people and which is not the great thing, which is probably one off the biggest down side of stream laps O B s. I have to be honest. This is full course. I'm taking you but I'm giving you all the things that you have to be very off. It's probably the biggest down sites off stream lapse or B s. It's still very powerful tool. But this prime people is not the great thing unless you are using Ah, this extensively. If you're a pretty big streamer again, as I said 50 plus concurrent viewers on your streams, then buying a stream less prime is pretty good thing because you are gonna have a all in one tool for overlays for the Thebes, for applications, even for your website, which is really good wishes worth of it off its own price. And this will give you probably a bit of an edge, maybe a zbig streamer. But for the beginners No, I do not suggest you to buy prime and use thesis applications. Well, you cannot use this application unless you have a price. So the last thing that you have here is well, I have only one widget installed, one applications told, which has I installed before treat you Everything went under behind the people so that you don't need this one, John, to see this one. So this is just it and we went through everything here and what you have down here about down upon the blood bottle. Left side of the taps are the studio mode, the log out help and settings. That's it. So basically, we went through all of the available options for stream laps obese. Congratulations. You have Bob Will not just idea. You probably know how to use dream leftover. Yes, already on your own, which is pretty, pretty great thing. So when the next lecture, we are going to compare stream left O. B s with O B s studio. And actually well, understand, we'll go through it again. Ah, how or why you should choose one over another. And why? What? It what are powerful said one softer. And what are downsides to them and what is powerful side for another in downside to them as well. So I'm going to see you in the next lecture. See, there 9. Who is SLOBS For?!: so hello. And welcome back to our one lecture before before the last lecture. So in this lecture, welcome ago and go through some advantages and disadvantages off the stream labs O B S and O. B s studio over each other. So let's go and talk about why. First, let's start about some older guys about, uh oh Bs studio. Why would you need to get an overview studio over soon? Lapse. Okay, so just what you need to get what it is will be a studio good for first things first obvious to do is far more simpler on farm or light weights dreaming soft rate. It allows you you to get up and running as a beginner as fast as possible. Have as a little stressed on the computer as possible. And go just stressed after me right away without any problem, just for the absolute beginners. What it is good for as well is for more advanced users who have more understanding of what all release does, how they work. We can install them, how we can install summit, add on some additional stuff. This allows you to be a farm or advanced as well. So as you can see for obeah studio is for of really beginners and really advanced really advanced. Like Chula completely distinct. The people, the types of people s 40 Bs Stemmle actual b o B s to slops. It is great for someone who has understanding off how o. B s streaming and recording works. But does not that advanced to you go for overly creation and installation and finding different? Always it's instead rested. It's for more like middle ground, that way to stop, not a way to bottom the middle ground where you want to find the best. Like all in one sorter that can include a overlays, alerts, chatbots themes. It's saturated everything all in one place events, everything. These is what stream lapse will be. This is great for form or intermediate medium users who are just getting into a popular streaming career. Basically, for the ones who had streamed before, just for fun. And now they're getting into a twitch stream, like having a 50 or 100 followers and getting real deep into D Stream lapsed software and Justin just getting deep into streaming career for that, I highly for that people, I highly suggest music stream lapse or BS for the very beginnings. Beginners, I suggest using an obeah studio. But for advanced users who are doing 100 plastic 100 plus 200 plus concurrent viewers at the same time and who want to control every aspect of this and who doesn't want to be tied into one ecosystem that might change something and drooling for you everything. I suggest you to go for MAWR, a divided software, which is obeah studio and use a different software. Different service provider for the alerts, different service provided for maybe four chat difference. There is provided for payment options for donations. It saturates it just It allows you to be more diversified and be far more safer when when your big streamer s for the people who are having look before, like 100 or 200 concurrent viewers like around 50 to 100 viewers, they can also get a stream laps prime as well. These are for the people who download the do not want to go and research bunch of stuff themselves, and to include all of the things that are added by soon. Let's prime by themselves, because a majority of the things that are added by stream. Last problem. You can find this for free. It takes a bit more work. It takes a bit more research, but you can get this for free as well. And if you're Maura de Vance streamer, you probably have idea how to do that or if you're more advanced. Rumor. You can have this overlays and stuff paid and done for yourself. You can just pay someone to do more personalized overlays. Now you can pay someone even to code for you something some widget or Sam chat command or some different alerts, etcetera, etcetera. You can pay someone to do that which personally customized for you, and you will not be even tied to any software or any service provider. And if you don't like South Stream laps does go to stream element. If you don't want. Don't like extreme elements does go to moxie, etcetera, etcetera Year will have more flexibility, but if you don't want to do that, if you're if you don't want like just to go and pay for something etcetera, etcetera, you throw it all in. One thing just done for you. Then go for three less prying with a website and everything, etcetera, etcetera. But if you will have 100 plus of yours on twitch, you're probably you probably understand twitch, a streaming or YouTube or whatever platform. It is well enough to have a source of income in order to pay for someone, to someone, to do everything customized just for you, and not to have something that is available for a lot of all of the people who just pays the same amount of money. So again, for the very beginners, let's say for the people for having around like a start, just started a streaming or have, like five maybe concurrent viewers, or even less go with over your studio, like when you don't need a lot of advanced options, go with over your studio. Start with that when you see that when you understand what I'm talking about, people who are reading chat from the stream itself, like there when they are turning on the stream, like on their phones and reading chat from there. I'm talking about this kind of people. I'm talking about people who are who do not have alerts like separate alerts. This five minus 4/5 minus concurred. Viewer people, you have, like some kind of active community, like little community. Oh, very little community. Like having like 5 to 5 plus concurrent viewers on every single stream, like on average. Then I suggest you to switch the stream lap. So BSO you would understand what? Actually, what? Actually, over all the things like overlays like alerts and, like other things do so you don't understand more. Get more into it. If you have, like 50 plus concurrent yours, I would suggest you to either go for a completely or be a studio route. If you're making enough money, I have something customized for you. Or buy a premium overlays like from never die, etcetera, etcetera War. Just purchase a dream lips prime subscription and just have all in while actor website Have your, um probably how have your themes have the widgets have your applications all in one, and do something like that. And if you, before having 100 plus 200 viewers go for a completely obvious studio, you you don't need to have slops anymore. You just don't need to have that. Plus, In addition, tool that obeah studio is far more stable, softer, far more stable software. It requires far less Resource is because you do not have do not have a runny You didn't have to run. Ah, lot of different things like stream left. So be it starts when you run a string laptop? Yes. It basically runs few different software at the same time. It runs O. B s. It runs stream labs, obeah skin above O BS. It runs Cloud bought separately. It runs live events separately. Any two runs all the applications separately. Basically, it's a lot of things all at once, and it stresses your CPU and ram quite a lot, which will be a studio. It's way last on that, uh, comparing that I did all the same stuff except for the cat. But I duplicated my stream. That's O. P s overlay into the obeah studio completely. Exactly the same thing except for the Chadwell. I even had a, uh, event list running there and chat running. Everything was there inside RBS and O. B s a streetlamp. So Bs was eating 2300 megabytes off Ram while Obi Estudio was eating only 500 mega matter from. Imagine like almost less than half off what three left obvious does. And it's it's It's a lot. It's a lot like you do not have a very powerful computer. It's a lot. So I highly suggest you to switch off screwing up. So bs when you have, like, a lot of things stacking on the switch just really obvious to do. Want to have a lot of the things stacking all at once. So basically, this was it for Ah, the comparison off soon left CBS again for beginners and advance or be a studio for middle ground stream laps all be Yes. So thank you for being here with me. And I'm going to see you in the next lecture. We're gonna We're gonna conclude everything. See there. 10. Conclusion: hello again and welcome back to the last. A lecture off stream left Serbia's congratulations. First of all, for being here for so long with me and learning a lot of different stuff of ultra left O. B s last words about Truman Apso Bs. It is very powerful and very great software for the medium two large, not large medium to large streamers to get up and running and having professional looking streams. It is amazing suffer to do a lot of stuff. It's a shame that a lot off the great content is being locked behind the pay wall, which is the stream laps prime. But still, the things that are available is very, very, very powerful. The ability to have your stream, you're alerts and your chat running at the same time and event least while you're streaming is very powerful and very, very good thing to have, because you don't need to open different chrome browsers and different the brothers other roses to just change a lot of different stuff. You're just having all at once all at the same place, which is pretty pretty good thing to do with the downside. Is that you again looking behind the people. And it's very, very computer like resource Eat 10 sieve. So, again, as we talked in previous lecture, it's all up to you software you will choose. So again, if you want to go through the obeah studio as well. To understand what obvious to do is you have separate lecture for this, but for more advanced users that want to have all off these stuff, Aunt have, like, really powerful control over everything they do for the streaming. We're gonna have a separate lack. Separate, of course, for this as well. This was before the people who are like mawr deep into the streaming and want to understand and learn a lot. A lot, a lot more. So thank you for here for being here with me. I hope you like this course, and I really I really liked making this. I thank you for, for the ones were who are here and watching this. And I hope to see you in the different courses or somewhere else. I don't We're probably gonna meet somewhere, so thank you. And see you