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Beginner CSS For Designers

Frank Luongo, Designer & Developer

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7 Videos (23m)
    • Beginner's CSS: Introduction

    • Beginner's CSS: Lesson 1

    • Beginner's CSS: Lesson 2

    • Beginner's CSS: Lesson 3

    • Beginner's CSS: Lesson 4

    • Beginner's CSS: Lesson 5

    • Beginner's CSS: Lesson 6


About This Class

  • This class is about teaching CSS basics in a way that’s easily understood to those with a design background
  • No prior knowledge or experience will be required
  • Explain what CSS is, what it does and what it stands for
  • We’ll go over text editors for writing code in
  • Cover CSS resources like CodePen, W3Schools and
  • Explain CSS Language Syntax
  • Explain CSS Selectors (body, .class, #id, etc.)
  • Show how to modify elements using CSS





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Frank Luongo

Designer & Developer

Hello! My name is Frank Luongo. I'm a designer and developer currently working out of Philadelphia, PA. I love to use principles from both UX and Graphic design to build great web products in a wide range of development languages.

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