Beginner Brush Lettering & Watercolor | Create Your Own Beautiful Greeting Cards

Sherry L., sherletters | lettering + watercolors

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9 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools + Materials

    • 3. Brush Lettering Basics

    • 4. How to Create Bounce Lettering

    • 5. Simple Watercolor Circle Background

    • 6. Basic Watercolor Wash Background

    • 7. Basic Illustrations to Enhance Card

    • 8. Adding Lettering + Illustration to Watercolor Backgrounds

    • 9. Full Project Demo


About This Class


Welcome to the brush lettering and watercolor community!

In this class, we’ll be going over beginner techniques with brush lettering and watercolor to create beautiful homemade greeting cards. By the end of the class, you’ll be able to put your skills to use & easily create unique greeting cards for your family and friends!

We are all artists at heart.

Anyone and everyone can create beautiful artwork! This class is for anyone who dreams of creating their own unique greeting card. You do not need any prior knowledge of brush lettering or watercolor. I’ll be guiding you through each step of the way with tools and lessons on the basic elements of creating a greeting card. With the creative and technical skills you’ll learn in this class, you’ll be able to build your own style and design beautiful cards.

Share your progress & final product!

As you progress through the class videos, I encourage you to share what you create! Each video lesson following the ‘Tools + Materials’ is designed for you to follow along and practice the skills. Once you finish watching watching ‘Brush Lettering Basics’, create your class project and share what you produce after each lesson. At the end, make sure to take a picture of your final greeting card product to post to your project. I’m so excited to see all of your progress and final greeting cards!

Get inspired & support others.

As well as sharing your artwork, take a look at what other students are creating! Chances are, you’ll find inspiration from what others are creating. And one last thing, let other students know that you’re seeing their work! Comment and respond on other students’ projects! We’re all part of the creative community, after all. Let’s show some support!


  • Brush letter words by using different pen pressures and practicing essential brush strokes.
  • Add whimsical lettering with bounce lettering.
  • Use watercolor to create greeting card backgrounds: a simple watercolor circle & a basic watercolor wash
  • Illustrate simple doodles to enhance the greeting card


Listed below are the materials I’m using in this class: