Beginner Bookbinding Class: Making Simple Notebooks Using the Hitch Stitch | Carolyn Eady | Skillshare

Beginner Bookbinding Class: Making Simple Notebooks Using the Hitch Stitch

Carolyn Eady, Bookbindiner / Owner of Sprouts Press

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10 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools You'll Need

    • Materials You'll Need

    • Preparing Materials: Sizing & Cutting

    • Preparing Materials: Folding & Punching

    • All About Thread

    • Sewing the Hitch Stitch

    • Embellishing & Finishing Touches

    • Next Project: Ideas & Inspiration

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class


Join book artist Carolyn Eady of Sprouts Press in this online beginner Bookbinding Class for some paper fun! You’ll learn the simple step-by-step Hitch Stitch method to hand craft your own notebook from scratch.

First we’ll cover the basics: tools, materials, and prep work. Then we’ll jump into the main project: a 1-signature notebook that showcases the gorgeous stitch of this method on the spine. Then get creative and explore how to embellish your notebook and make it your own!

No experience is needed, beginners are welcome! By the end of this 40 minute class you’ll have the skills needed to hand craft your own unique notebooks!






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Carolyn Eady

Bookbindiner / Owner of Sprouts Press

I'm Carolyn Eady, owner/artist of Sprouts Press, a Toronto based bookbinding company. My love for making books by hand, the old fashioned way, began at art college.

With the intention of studying drawing and painting, I fell in love with papermaking, printmaking and book arts. After winning student awards for my art books and studying fine art overseas, I followed her dreams: Sprouts Press was born!

Currently, I'm a Bookbinder/Book Artist and I teach bookbinding workshops ...

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