Beginner’s Guide to Wellness for Highly Creative and Sensitive Women | Mary R. Murphy | Skillshare

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Beginner’s Guide to Wellness for Highly Creative and Sensitive Women

teacher avatar Mary R. Murphy, Founder | Writer | Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Understanding Your Sensitive Self, Body & Mind

    • 3. Identify Your Personal Blocks

    • 4. Tap Into Your Unique Gifts for Healing

    • 5. Visualize Your Health & Prosperity

    • 6. Your Intuition & Dreams are Keys to Your Health

    • 7. Regain Your Personal Power

    • 8. Putting It All Together

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About This Class

Are you a highly creative and sensitive woman that has been struggling with your health? Are your health challenges preventing you from pursuing your creative projects? Then this is the class for you!

In this class, you will discover:

  • The reasons why you have been struggling with difficult health conditions.
  • Discover your unique personality and its light and dark qualities.
  • How to take control of your health so you can have a more fulfilling and meaningful life and career.

You will also learn how to:

  • Identify what is blocking your health from its fullest potential.
  • Tap into your creativity and sensitivity when blocked.
  • Stay mentally focused with creative visualization techniques.
  • Connect with your intuition and dreams for healing.
  • Regain your personal power!

Prior experience: There is no prior experience needed. You only need an open mind and a willingness to change.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mary R. Murphy

Founder | Writer | Content Creator


Mary R. Murphy is the Founder of Enchanted Women Network, a community for women who are in or have been in an unhealthy, controlling, and/or abusive relationship. She is the author of several personal development, health and wellness, and trauma-informed content and publications. 

Prior to her journey in women’s health, Mary was a nonprofit executive recruiter, career specialist, and health planner. Her career in the nonprofit and government sector prepared her for a lifelong commitment to serving populations in need. 

Mary has a B.A. in Psychology from San Francisco State University. She has an eclectic range of training and education in community health, human resources, energy healing, coaching, and childhood trauma and resilience therapy.

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1. Introduction: Hi Hi, Mary Murphy and welcome to the Beginner's Guide to Wellness for highly creative and sensitive women. Are you a creative women who has been struggling with your health? Whether you're working in the creative field or aspire to be someday creative and sensitive women struggle more with health problems in the average person. Your unique creativity and sensitivity makes you more vulnerable to certain health conditions, which can wreak havoc in your ability to pursue your creative projects. In this class, we will explore the reasons where you have more difficult health conditions, your unique personality and how you can take control over your health so that you can have a more fulfilling and meaningful career and life. You will benefit from this class if you are highly creative or sensitive woman who feels like you're being held back in your profession due to certain health conditions, whether they be mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and so on. You will also learn how to identify what is blocking your health from its fullest potential . You'll learn how to tap into your creativity and sensitivity when its blocked and how to remove those blocks will also learn some really fun creative visualization techniques to help you stay mentally focused and more productive. We'll also learn how to tap into your intuition and dreams for healing and how to regain your personal power as a creative and sensitive soul. By the end of this course, you will have developed a personal wellness mantra that you can read every day to help you stay focused and creative as you pursue your passions. Remember to follow me her and scale share and please write a review at the end of the course. Tell me about your experience, so let's get. 2. Understanding Your Sensitive Self, Body & Mind: the creative woman in her sensitive body and mind. In order to understand your health and how it impacts your life, you first need to delve into the light and dark qualities of your creative personality. If you have ever taken a Myers Briggs personality test, you may have received a test results such as I n fj I s f p e n f p e n fj or I N F P. Whatever your test result was, you know whether or not you are creative artistic type. You just know it and you feel it. Being connected to your art is like breathing. It just comes naturally. Scientists have recognized that creativity and sensitivity or genetic traits that have been received from one's ancestors, the creative and sensitive person, is a unique soul not easily defined. But there are some general personality traits that most creative people can identify with the lighter personality traits of the creative person or, when you are in alignment with your true self, your true life path. Certain traits, such as being an imaginative or an ideas oriented person, a visionary being a positive thinker. Many creative people are humanitarians at heart and they love nature. Their bodies and minds are just sensitive. In general, they may be intuitive or psychic or have these tendencies to be psychic, and they usually value some purpose or meaning in their life. They feel connected to their higher Selves in many of the times there in conventional and original thinkers and, yes, sometimes very dramatic. But when you are in your dark herself or off your life path, you experience a whole host of health problems that plague your life and the ability to make important choices. These can be various different health problems, resulting in PTSD, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, Oh, CD obsessive compulsive disorder, drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders. The list goes on and on. You might have negative thinking, patterns and beliefs or feel overly dramatic and sensitive. You might feel overwhelmed by your physical environment and start eating poorly, not exercising. Sleeping bad. Many of us have digestive complaints or feel chronic stress. You also might to start to I feel just a general black of meaning and purpose in your life and feeling misunderstood from fans, friends and family and not feeling supported. Many of us have unhealthy relationships and feel isolated from family, friends and our community, or you start to unnecessarily worry about the state of the world in its destruction. I might feel a general lack of self worth in the inability to give and receive love and affection. That's a lot of negativity. If you were nodding your head and saying Yes, I have that where I feel and experience that a lot, Then just know there's nothing wrong with you, but that you're just experiencing some darker qualities of your personality that just need a little bit of shifting. In the next module, we'll talk about how you can identify where the blockages are in your life so that you can work on clearing them. 3. Identify Your Personal Blocks: identify your personal blocks. By now, you know that creative women suffer from certain health conditions when they are not in alignment with their true Selves. But you might be wondering where in your life you are suffering the most. You might have more health challenges in your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health. There are two types of ways to understand your health, and it's either through a relationship with yourself or with others, the internal indicators of your health or the things that operate inside of you, such as how you think, feel and act, the second our external challenges or things that are outside of yourself, such as your relationships to people, the environment and your job. Let's take a look at some where some of the blockages air happening in your body. Here you will see a list of intellectual or mental blocks emotional, physical and spiritual. Look in each box and look for health challenges of where you are suffering. Are you suffering from PTSD, depression, stress and anxiety, your mental blocks or emotional, such as feeling overly dramatic, overly emotional or just overly sensitive physical blocks such as being unable to receive process or filter filter any external stimuli, eating poorly and sleeping poorly and overworking or feeling spiritually blocks such as feeling that the world is against you. Digestion problems, chronic pain, fatigue. Getting sick a lot. You can access this table by downloading it in the skill share class here. The challenges when you're dealing with the relationships outside of yourself, such as your social environment like your friends and your family environmental, such as where you live, your home country culture and your occupational such as your job and your finances. Social might be just feeling when supported by family and friends, feeling this understood like nobody really gets you feeling rejected because you have different ideas than everyone else. Environmental blocks Such Aziz Unhealthy living conditions. You don't have access to healthy food and water, or I'm not being able to cope with loud noises and bright lights. And this is actually a trait for highly sensitive people on the inability toe. Filter out external stimuli and feeling like bright lights and loud noises or unpleasant, and that is a personality trait. But once in balance, it's much easier to cope with occupational stress and blockages, such as working a 9 to 5 job that doesn't offer you flexibility or lacks creativity, and just generally more on a conventional career path that is opposite to the creative personality. So here's an exercise. Go ahead and download the creative Woman personality sheet that is attached in this class and circle the areas where you are excelling in your health. Then circle the areas where you are suffering the most and take note of which category your suffering most in whether it be your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual blocks for the internal indicators and then for your external, such as your relationships with other people in your environment and job. So let's deal with the things that are are in your immediate control, such as taking care of your internal health, and we'll learn how to tap into your gifts for healing. 4. Tap Into Your Unique Gifts for Healing : tap into your unique gifts for healing most of you because you are creative. Know that you practice your art because you love it. The process of your creativity is something from your heart. There is no other thing that you love to do as much is when you are engaged in the creation of your masterpiece. Artists keep hearing that they need to suffer in order to create art. Think of legendary artists such as American artist Georgia O Keefe and poet Sylvia Plath, who both suffered from depression. The list goes on and on for both men and women. Art and suffering have long been thought as to interconnected entities, but what has been missing in this thought process is that are truly comes from the heart and our hearts are connected to our higher Selves. When you are creating, you are connected to your heart in any pain and suffering that you have experienced is extraneous junk that has accumulated in your body and mind throughout your life, particularly if you have experienced trauma in early childhood. Sometimes the first step in clearing out the gunk and taking healthy steps towards your goals, you will first need to connect, and he'll with yourself before you can try to connect and he'll with others. Look at the self care tips here under each category. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and see what activities you are already doing. Are you meditating on a regular basis? Are you thinking positively or you journaling? Are you expanding your mind with new activities? Are you engaging in activities that make you feel happy in saying no to the events and people that make you feel unhappy? Creative people thrive on positivity, and we need to be around people that bring us up rather than bring us down. Are you exercising? Are you eating healthy food is sure to get plenty of rest and relax. Ation. Are you spending time with other like minded people, whether it be in religious or spiritual environments, if you're interested in healing your relationships to your external world, also, while working on yourself, we hear some other self care tips that you can work on. Are you volunteering in your community? Are you connecting with other creative artistic individual individuals were spending time and in nature and limiting your exposure to crowds and loud noises, really creative and sensitive people are more sensitive. Toe loud noises, scary movies, unhealthy relationships defects us more. So are you eliminating limiting your exposure to these kinds of environments that stimulate your nervous system for your job? Is your job supporting you? Do you have a flexible work schedule? Where are you stuck in a constricting 9 to 5 job? Are you doing something creative or is a completely opposite who you really are? Are you taking frequent work breaks or are you working yourself too much? So for an exercise, download the Creative women's Self Care Guide sheet. Look in the category where you are suffering the most. See what self care tools you can start implementing or go ahead and think of your own up. Next, visualize your health and prosperity. 5. Visualize Your Health & Prosperity: visualize your health and prosperity. Now we can get a little deeper into some of your health issues. By now. You know what areas you are stronger in with your health. But one key area where creative women suffer the most is in mental health. Having good mental health is the first step in your recovery. When your mind is clear, you can stay focused and be less distracted. Many times, the creative mind is scattered with too many ideas. You are being constantly inundated with inspiration, which is a good thing when contained, but it can often keep you off track and, sadly, never completing projects. Instead, procrastination becomes your friend. But this is not what you want. You want to pursue your creative dreams and desires because it makes you happy. Your thoughts are simply energy, but your creative inspiration comes from a higher place. We simply need to focus your mental energy so that it knows what you want and how to be productive. I'm not talking about productivity tools yet just some strategies to help you stay focused and keep you on task with your creative dreams and visions, a great technique that you can try to help you stay mentally focused is to create a vision board. Most of you have heard of the law of attraction or also known as the Secret. Essentially, the idea is that, like attracts, like whatever energy you are putting out into the world is the energy that you are going to attract. So the idea is to change your thoughts and beliefs so that you can bring in more of what you desire. Ah, Vision Board is easy to dio. Think of what you would like to manifest in your life. Maybe you desire to have your own business own a new home, Be the creative director of an ad agency author, a book. Be an actress. Whatever IT ISS, you are going to visualize what you want by creating an art piece. The good news is that creative women are naturally good at visualizing, so this should be easy for you. Grab a piece of paper of large construction paper, go on the Internet or grab some magazines and print out or cut out photos and pictures that reflects the vision that you are creating tape or glue them onto your vision board. However, you like each day, look at your board and visualized having the life that you desire meditate for at least eight minutes a day. Research suggests that at least 8 to 10 minutes of meditation is beneficial to help reduce anxiety and stress and clear a cluttered mind. You can set your phone on a timer, light some candles and sit cross legged on a small pillow for a short meditation each day. This can be morning, noon or night. I even enjoyed meditation, APS and meditation YouTube videos right before I go to bed. But the best kind of meditation is when you are silent and with your own thoughts and breath. Number three. Cleanse and protect your energy. Being naturally sensitive, you more easily pick up other people's moods, emotions, thoughts and feelings. Many creative women experience physical and emotional symptoms because they have picked up other people's junk throughout the day. Cleanse your energy several times a day by saying to yourself I release all negative energy and emotions from other people out of my body. Imagine the energy moving from the crown or top of your head all the way down and out through your toes. Do this at least three times several times a day, then the need to protect your energy by imagining a white bubble in the shape of an egg surrounding your body. In keeping you safe, imagine other people's energy bouncing off of your bubble or an exercise. Choose one mental focus strategy or come up with your own to implement into your daily routine. Up next, your intuition and dreams are keys to your health. 6. Your Intuition & Dreams are Keys to Your Health: your intuition and dreams are keys to your health. Because you are a sensitive, creative woman, you are also naturally intuitive. What is intuition? Intuition is knowing something on a gut level without any logical reasoning behind it. It's a strong feeling that comes from your subconscious mind rather than conscious thought . Sometimes intuitive flashes can come in the form of a mental picture, a strong feeling felt in the stomach or an ah ha moment. They can also come in the form of your dreams. If you are tapped in, enough dreams can help you. Four. Tell the future. See the past and help you heal and better understand yourself on a subconscious level. If you have a specific health question and want to know more about it, try this exercise. Look for information that is connected to your past, present or future. Do you have health and elements that are related to your ancestors? Family history? Is it your current health state, or is it a future prediction about what is going on with your health at this moment? Remember, nothing is written in the stars per se. You can always change your outcome based on new information, that you have now for an exercise, grab a small notebook and a pen and put it next to your bed. Write down one question every night before you go to bed. Jot down your dreams while you're still half asleep in bed. This might happen in the morning, so right before you before you even open up your eyes before you even roll out of bed, I want you to still be in that halfway dream state and write down your dreams on your note pad. Write down anything that you can, whether abuse symbols, colors, animals, people, feelings, textures, whatever it is that you can remember that in the fragments of your dream, go ahead and write them down because they're gonna be fragments first. And then, as you do this more and more over time, he will start to remember your dreams more much more easily. Even if it's in the middle of the night and you wake up at like one o'clock two o'clock in the morning and you're like, Wow, that dream was pretty crazy. Write it down, even if it's in the dark, write it down and then go back in the morning and you can try and interpret what it is that you were trying to say and edit your notes. But the more you do this, the easier it's going to be. And those dreams that you have will start to make sense based on the question that you asked the night before, You can start to see patterns happening in your dreams, and those dreams will be giving you clues and answers to your questions. Up next, regain your personal power. 7. Regain Your Personal Power : regained your personal power. We learned about your intuition and one source for tapping into it through your dreams. Your gut instinct is also your power source. So when you are tapping in and listen into your intuition more often than you are also activating your personal power. When you have a strong sense of power in yourself in over your life, you are more likely to make positive, good and healthy decisions for your mind, body and life. You first need to understand where your personal power is going so you can heal it and then use it. We tend to give away our power, whether it be in time. Money resource is energy and so on. We also learned how to give away our power from our moms. Grandmother's sisters, aunties Women are natural caretakers, and we're more prone to take care of others needs before ourselves, therefore giving away our personal power. But we don't need to be angry about this. It's a beautiful thing to care for others, but you must care. Take yourself first. You can easily be diverted from your life path when you're caring for others in neglecting yourself. Take note of the times in your life when you are caring for others and neglecting your own needs, particularly when it comes to creating your art and caring for your mind and body to keep it healthy. So we can often also give our energy to our or if we're creating in the creative process. And we, you know, get lost in in time in space because we are creating and we're loving what we're doing and it's heart centered. But we also are human beings. We also need to take care of our minds and bodies and give ourselves the fuel and the energy that we need in order to keep going. So not just in giving our time and energy away to other people having having to be protective of that, but also when it comes to creating your art. So stay focused. Don't let others take you off your path. Trust your natural instincts and believe in yourself and your talents. If you haven't already done this exercise from the earlier module, pick one self cure technique from the Creative Women's Self Care Guide sheet and implement it into your daily life this week because the more you give to yourself, and the more you take care of yourself, then the more that you can give to others, and that's truly beautiful up next, putting it all together. 8. Putting It All Together: putting it all together and final thoughts. The final piece is for you to write your own personal positive mantra that can help guide you every day towards peace. Happiness and success mantra are a great way to re program your subconscious mind in a subtle, yet effective way. Here's an example of a daily mantra that I wrote for myself. I am a strong, healthy and powerful, creative and sensitive woman. My greatest gifts are writing my imagination, intuition, sensitivity and connection to others. I fully embraced my natural talents every day. I am loved, guided and supported. So for your exercise, I'd like you to write your own personal mantra. You can download your personal mantra worksheet first, then choose one natural talent and four personality qualities from the Creative women personality sheet that's attached in the class. Fill in the blank spaces with the positive words about yourself and your natural talent and printed out. Print out your mantra and repeat this to yourself every day. Hanging on your bathroom mirror your car dash. Put a reminder in your phone whatever you need to dio so that you don't forget. So there you go. You now have the basic knowledge and tools to improve your health and wellness and be more successful in your career and life. I wish you good health, prosperity and much success until next time.