Beginner’s Guide to Retouching Old Photographs in Adobe Photoshop | Evgeniya & Dominic Righini-Brand | Skillshare

Beginner’s Guide to Retouching Old Photographs in Adobe Photoshop staff pick badge

Evgeniya & Dominic Righini-Brand, Graphic Design & Photography

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11 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Introduction & Class Overview

    • 2. Prologue: Where It All Began

    • 3. Non-Destructive Retouching Workflow

    • 4. Clone Stamp

    • 5. Spot Healing Brush

    • 6. Healing Brush

    • 7. Patch

    • 8. Using Curves to Enhance Your Images

    • 9. Using Different Colour Modes

    • 10. Saving Your Photographs

    • 11. Final Thoughts & Conclusion

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About This Class


Master a range of Photoshop’s retouching tools and show some love to old family photographs, dirty scanned negatives or those digital pictures you took with a dusty camera, so you can proudly showcase them online or get them printed!

I am Dominic Righini-Brand, a professional photographer with a passion for chemical photography and film processing. During my career as a photographer and teacher of photography, I have retouched a huge number of photographs, perfecting the way I use various retouching tools in Photoshop, and I am excited to share with you my tips to help you get started with retouching old photographs, master a range of Photoshop's tools and ultimately speed up your retouching workflow!

This class is designed for beginners and anyone who wants to learn about how to retouch and restore images in Adobe Photoshop. It is also suitable to anyone who is interested in digitising Lomography photographs, students and anyone starting out in photography who has been experimenting with chemical photography and now wants to digitise their work. All of the tools which I’m going to be showing in this class can also be used on digital photographs, so if you have not got any scanned negatives, don’t worry, this class will still be useful.

For the best experience possible you’ll need a Creative Cloud version of Adobe Photoshop, but you’ll still be able to complete this class using older versions. You can download the latest trial version of Adobe Photoshop CC from

In this class you'll learn:

  • how to use the Clone Stamp, Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush and Patch tools to clean and retouch your photographs;
  • what each of these tools works best for;
  • how to retouch your photographs non-destructively to have more flexibility and a more streamlined workflow;
  • how to quickly and non-destructively enhance your photographs using Curves;
  • what different Colour Modes are best used for;
  • how to save your image for use and archival purposes.

So grab something you want to retouch, and let’s get started!


G I V E A W A Y :

To celebrate the launch of this class we'll be running a giveaway of 1 Year of Skillshare Premium Membership! To participate:

  • watch this class;
  • post a project in this class showcasing at least one of your own retouched photographs and the original;
  • leave a class review;
  • and follow us here on Skillshare.

Entry deadline is at noon EST on Monday, the 8th of June 2020.

The winner will be drawn at random and announced the following day via stories on our Instagram account, so be sure to give us a follow not to miss the winner announcement!

I cannot wait to see your entries and good luck!


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