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Beginner’s Full Body Workout with Dumbbells

teacher avatar Marcelo Vazquez, Fitness & Wellness Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Beginner’s Intro

    • 2. Warm Up

    • 3. ABS:Bicycles

    • 4. ABS:Crunches

    • 5. ABS:Scissors

    • 6. Legs: Squats

    • 7. Legs: Hold Squats/Heels Up

    • 8. Legs: Lunges w/Rotation

    • 9. Legs: Lunges w/Biceps

    • 10. Gluteus:Donkey Kicks

    • 11. Gluteus:Pulses

    • 12. Back Rows

    • 13. Back Wide Rows

    • 14. Back:Wood Chops

    • 15. Chest Press

    • 16. Chest Flys

    • 17. Chest Pec Deck

    • 18. Double Bicep Curls

    • 19. Bicep Curls 3 Ways

    • 20. Bicep Hammer Curls

    • 21. Tricep Overhead Extension

    • 22. Triceps Kickback

    • 23. Triceps Press in Pulses

    • 24. Triceps Pulses

    • 25. Shoulder Military Press

    • 26. Shoulder Lateral Raise

    • 27. Shoulder Front Raise

    • 28. Shoulder Upright Rows

    • 29. Balance Leg Kick:Front Raise

    • 30. Balance Leg:Arm Lateral Raise

    • 31. Balance Leg:Biceps

    • 32. Stretches

    • 33. Thank You!

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About This Class

Welcome to my “Full Body Workout with Dumbbells for Beginners" where you will learn how to start a fitness program.

Please consult your physician before starting this or any other fitness program. All material provided in this course is for informational and educational purposes only.

I created this class for beginners and for people that want to lose weight or are new to a fitness program. By the end of this class you will have the tools to help you lose weight, get leaner, get stronger, and improve your overall health.

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Find motivation to start and stick with a fitness program
  • Avoid common injuries
  • Perform exercises safely with the correct form

In this class you will find everything you need to start a fitness program, and I will walk you through the entire workout step-by-step.

The ideal student is a person that is new to fitness or someone that wants to start a fitness program to lose weight, build muscle or improve their overall health.

You only need a set of dumbbells, a mat, and the will to change your mind and body.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marcelo Vazquez

Fitness & Wellness Coach


Marcelo Vazquez is originally from Argentina. Fitness is his love and passion and he has been involved in sports, martial arts, health and fitness for more than 25 years. Helping others get in shape is his greatest personal satisfaction, and reversing the epidemic of childhood obesity is his ultimate goal.


Certified Personal Trainer by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach by the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) Certified Youth Fitness Specialist by American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Boxing Instructor by UFC GYM Certified Kickboxing Instructor by FightFit® Certified Self-Defense Instructor by Specialty Fitness Institute (SFI) Taekwondo Black Belt by Watson Martial Arts Certifie... See full profile

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1. Beginner’s Intro: welcome to my foot Body would got with numbers for beginners where you will learn how to start a fitness program. My name is stranger are set up along with my construct Sonia most I would be leading you through the entire course. I am a certified personal trainer, certified fitness, nutrition, college, author and inventor with grated cheese course for beginners and for people that need to lose weight. Or are you to a fitness problem by piano? This course we have the tools toe have been this way. Get later, get a stronger any proof your overall health and this course you will learn how to find motivation to start and mystic with fitness product. Avoid going injuries and perform exercises safely with the correct form. In this course, you will find everything you need to start a fitness product together. What we got through the entire workout step by step. The idea student is the person that is you toe fitness or somebody that need to start a fitness program to this way. Build muscle any group they're a little health students on. Lee knew the second light office math in the real change their mind and body. Please take a look at the course of the scripture and I would see you inside 2. Warm Up: now. I was beginning to warm up match any place, anything that great, they were going to start up. Does he see in Temple? More or less at us, The push away with Remember these Dawson need to be coordinated. Just saying what? I think it will be. 432 Now Britney's that same arm movement. A Senate more. All right, four, three Teoh. Okay, so now let's start with a small case. Really low. Six, eight nine in question. Wait. Are swept to three. Your No. And now that march March accepted just running arms. That's okay. Good job. That that That giving before six. Excellent. Five. Good. Please, for three. That's going to turn into kicks. We're gonna keep me out of Here we go. One easy. Six, Five more. Four, Three more times. Peacetime throughout Our remember, he's not about coordination this time. We are just warming up. Push away from you. Good. That's it. Three for a good job now, next part. But not those that get what shoulders Roll it. Roll it. That's it. Reach over and see that they want to. Three floor six said Okay, nine. And we're gonna rich forward. Hey, guys. Day eight six by four. Three to you know, they only let me up once. 234 56 a nine. Old outside me and reach 12 three, four, 5678 nine. Lock clicks again. Forward, Cross freeze. Get three. Four. You know what? That's it. Three Teoh and one secret and job, uh, entries and shoulders. And that was that was a woman that we are ready to work out. 3. ABS:Bicycles: This is a better for bicycles, for this one has behind your back. Protecting your Italian every time the storm tore your stomach or your chest from my post. Leave. There is no need to touch what we need. Give us clothes us. You can. Let's go for 20 talk. What? 234567 A Why dead more. Two great. 45678 Right. So All right, that wasn't for bicycles. 4. ABS:Crunches: This is a victory for crunches. What's going on? We stay. Please, That we look our niece instead. Look straight out. If you know this, look in your case, you might put tension in your neck instead in your doctor. So always people you straight up your next straight in concentrated dollars vassals you get above most with arms for you. You're trying to reach the sky by bringing your upper by your shoulders All grab this hope 20. And what to 34 i six. So Hey, all right. More. One to three for five, six, seven. Okay, not and okay, I wasn't deterred or crunches. 5. ABS:Scissors: This is a deterrent for Caesar's. For these one. I want you to get your arms heads under your heat. From here on your heels up. Finances from the ground. Keep your legs straight. Two versions up here would be less challenging that down here, closer to the ground, the war challenging is going to be most cover. Mistakes are released. Our have. Make sure that your head is always touching the ground when you leave your head, you might put your intention in your neck instead in your enormous This is specific exercise. I want you to concentrate the lower section of your the second most all of the states Is that instead of your less strict we've been niece and we're finished doing this type of Caesar's. This is not the right one, right? Wise to give your legs straight in a few short kids. Okay, let's go for 20 talk. 1234567 A. No, that Why 234567 a night. And, uh, okay, that wasn't so bad for CSOs. 6. Legs: Squats: This is a report. What? The mosque along Stags are letting your niece pass your talk. Please don't do that. Just always for your back. And keep your body weight on hell. You lost the second gone. Mistakes is any over with this? What? Trying to let always keep your back straight. Shoulders back chest. Just get down straight in straight now I wish. Or you the right way to do it. I would utilise light offers to great and a little warmer seasons. You get residue all it's on your shoulders form. You can hold it on this right in front of you toe or your visors at the same time. So this go for 12. Remember? Push back. Your mother went heels. Watch. Your legs are finally to the ground. And then you might happen yet I was one. And to three, four, five, 664 So Hey, no. 11 and 12. Okay, I lost 24. Squat 7. Legs: Hold Squats/Heels Up: This is a battle for hearts. What weight heels you're going to be is what position and hold it for the entire time. Make sure they released in the past your soul. So you should keep that. Keep your body white heels from giving up and down with those heels. Cap it off the ground. Let's go from 12 to only the novels you burn Just great I received this time I'm working my biceps or with your time, many times as you need today is allowed to do it. 66 or seven a nice Well, all right that wasn't holds what with heels. 8. Legs: Lunges w/Rotation: this editorial off. We're going just with your patient Most a moment stakes business. He's leaning forward after performing the excess with you. Go down. You should You're not helping your go down and boys going for the other side. You want to shoot your boy? Let me have your bandit keeping my clothes as you keep your waist, your body less You want to try and break them away? Let's go over 12 petitions. Step forward, Down and listen, that's what. Okay, three Where? But that's like Victoria Flora Largest we thought patient. 9. Legs: Lunges w/Biceps: This is Victoria for Sonia's With cross. Most common mistakes are bring in the knee joint poses. You go not stepping or dropping the hell down as you go. I want to keep in mind. Two separate. It's what, enough great, I'm going on muscles When you go with a curl, you should not sinking from the shoulders, shoulders pulling your apples, and we are going to go over 12 issues going down in boxing. Prove one down and curl. Remember, three. Get war that you is always that by six. Why not go down and why, at least twice with off your back before yes, by and it's that was launches with us girls. 10. Gluteus:Donkey Kicks: This is a lawyer or don't case. I wanted to keep in mind to keep on straight after Bender me. And when you go out, you wanted to kind in mind there. Someone had even think that person in the face to go even higher. Want to ban the opposite? Ever? Right and left left. That's 12 you know, one to three, four, six city eight. Nice, then and more you never They go on the other side, remember our straight as you bend your knee and then you go as you go up. He had what? You three so six said Okay, no dead you have in. That's in Victoria for documents. 11. Gluteus:Pulses: This is four posts Now most governments Stace these exercises that you might want the musical that I've been down. You came in the next trick. Raise abdominal and don't drop chest or face force less than 20%. Really shortening total. Not one, 34 six says eight. No, hey, what to three, 456 said eight. Then in 20 suite on the other side, saying I like Easter hit, Extend. That's your foot and it down one short to control three No. Three Forward six said eight 98 In that sense, Victoria or forces. 12. Back Rows: This is a lawyer for rope. Most come on, the space only exercise is to give the leg straight or punched back. Once I do that, when Bush chest out, bring your shoulders away from years shoulder blades back and keep one separately shoulder with park police in three ways. Be sure that you are way are going to do 12 1 begins well, eight seven. Yes, I four three And this ball to the other side sink less hit with a big knees. Let's go back, chest out, shoulders who he is, his toes. And with 12. Yes, yeah, yeah, a seven six, five, four, three. And thats well, now we're going to do it with sex. This Hubert H tickets after three cans toes and go for 12 1 three, four, but six. And who are in heaven? That's his audience for Rose. 13. Back Wide Rows: this editorial for growth. Multiple mistakes are around in the back or jewels. My one brain and hand course. Chest out days engage when you go down your arm. 90 degree angle. So you are aligning the edible for the shoulder and your hands. Let's go over Well, on one side gets in front of toes and you one, three, four. It's said Okay. Hi. 11. And with this on the other side? Well, yeah, Yeah. Night. Okay. Okay. Where three. Anyone? Yes, Ago, kids. Three. Four break. No. Okay. You know, a That's a part of for why Rose? 14. Back:Wood Chops: this editorial for which is also mistakes are when you go out, I want you ever shoot straight. You don't know H and you're holding with the right way and let's hold it at the end. No, as you go down issues not leaning for watching your that one of your shoulders are back on the ISS and a straight Let's go over 12. We're going to hit and one in hell three Control five, six, seven. 15. Chest Press: This is a but for chest press they're going to do on the ground. Make sure that I was always started touching the ground from here with numbers trade up in that slow controlled motion. We're going to 12 speaking up one to three or five. Six. So my 10 or 11 and 12 now. 12 from the older up. 12 four, five, six, seven. Hey, no, I 11 and 12 Now, do both arms at the same time. Bring it over Australia. Kiss them and back to the starting point. Let's go for 21 23 for five, six, seven A. My, that's 2 11 and 12. Okay, I wasn't for chest press. 16. Chest Flys: This isn't a term for chest flies. We're going to start with the office right in front of you. Make sure that they face palms are facing each other. We're going to start with 12 1 arm and then 12 on the other. Pretend they are going to fly. All the why. What's your will is in line with your shoulders or barely functioning round you backed cap to start important. Why? To starting point. Let's go for 12. Uh, what to three, four, five, six seats? More what? So free for five and six. Now who seeks on the older side? Open? Why do you ever doubt very thought to be wrapped in line with your shoulder and back out? What to Great. Four 56 seven a nine. I had to walk 11 and none of the with both arms at the same time over. Why pretending you're going to fly Once a year? I was barely talked to be brought back to the point that was one to ready. Four five, six seven a nine 12. That was a total for chest flies 17. Chest Pec Deck: This is a deterrent for Pec deck. We're going to start with our arms in shape. Most of mistakes are that people drop yet was mentioned that you dropped the animals. We don't want to grab a down you letter shape. We want to break L their shape with our arms. Second cover we stay is that when we close our arms, he will try to join Dahmer's instead bringing the close as close to each other past we can . All right. So let's begin with 12. Those what? To three, four, five, 66 more one three, four by Air six. It wasn't for that. 18. Double Bicep Curls: this is for bicep curls escaped. We're going to bring ball. Tomba's all the Web all the way down. Welcome on States are swinging every time a boy and trying not just wait for visiting your shoulder with a bicep curl. Always give your shoulders and black and enables girls to your But let's go for 12 all the way up along the way. Not what to great four by six more so a okay, I lost bicep curls about both of these in time. 19. Bicep Curls 3 Ways: This is a determiner for bicep curls. Three wets were going through three different exercises to time. Different apples, whole our bison. The 1st 1 was going to be after my girl number two. We foretell begin bicep curl in this game would bring it all of us in our chest and number three is going to be hot only halfway. Measure before our voice lead. Do not or moving your I was back in four. Always keep your next to your body. You are going to pray for up And that s a boy. If your shoulder there always keep your shoulders in life And let's begin with the first more off 12 repetitions after made my girls all the way up all of the way now and this for you. Three for five, six, seven A I then no and 12 without stopping you. Moving now in chance The animal and it Remember those always goes to your body. Who seeks more what to three four by and six last 12 is going to be hover. Make sure they bring your arms in a pill. Shaped it down again. And then six more to complete. 12. What? To great for five. Six. That wasn't for Bison. Carl's three ways 20. Bicep Hammer Curls: This is a day for hot girl. In this case, we're going to bring numbers. All hat weigh in As you can see, a rotating my palms facing each other, I will halfway into my arms, making tell shape And now slow motion. This one is even slower than regular bicycle girls because we both on the half way now, remember, always keep your table struggle to your body, you know. Sweet this. Go for 12 halfway swap to boy four, five, six, seven A night, 11 and 12 for our girls. 21. Tricep Overhead Extension: it. Is this over extension? Most someone stays for this exercise that you might want. Oh, Drew. Arms, shoulder. You sure you are edible? Short. Now, be sure that you are no friend out for our clothes. And when you go up, should not pushing with its race. Whether patients over every one three said Okay. Nine last year 14 in the GOP, over side again. Extend over head three five. Thanks. Okay, nine. Okay. The last off this week with both arms over a four for one three, six a. No. Hey, you, Lord, Living in the last and I was always extension. 22. Triceps Kickback: he's going for both of those me states where you are from size are the one who wrote the arms back or extend issued your families and your both your hands in front of us. What you're arts away, though you are proud of the ground as it stands Now that's worked well. You don't want one. You're working in the Advil four a. Nine. What more? It's on the other side. Safe thing. Sure, baby. Any source goes back in front. Stand around three from you, but a Okay, that's too one more. Now, going with both aunts. Be sure. Began in course Coast. Go up just in front of your labels and moved from the three before 56 said no. Okay, that's it. Okay, for 23. Triceps Press in Pulses: This isn't for breast skin posts. Most Thomas days are going to be present. Next issue. Benny's big race abdominal muscles. Chase is out and be sure that you are not drove in your arms as you go. Push. Don't push forcing Here you're passing each other and we're gonna go with one. Our first in 12 issues. One to three four five six, setting a No. I 11 and 12 on the other side. Been these chases out, elevate and Pushkin be joining its two three four 5678 No. Can you have in 12 now? That's still with both parts. Spit out Every 812 three, four, five said Okay No. 10 11 and Dallas in Pretoria for try sit. 24. Triceps Pulses: this is the editorial or Holtz most common stays for many services that you might want to stay in place. And when you go over my one punch issue chases how Benji's horses and when you bring your honor that we should not drop as to perform the excesses. Really, shortfalls really keep your abdominal last time and we're gonna go in one port in well, it three six said a 9 10 with the older arm. Same thing. Binny's Raise abdominal muscles when you're chased down and out. Extend and full. Stop short, one to the shoulder. Three four Why 678? No, thank 11. And now this week with both our Sanchez babies and go up. One, 34 56 said eight. No, a war last that. See that wasn't Vitoria for forces. 25. Shoulder Military Press: This isn't Doria for me. Mostly stays. Are any one drop the shoulder to you, or you might want to go just happily over hit. Just be sure. Your arm night, please. And go all the way. They should not swinging your hips as you go race. I don't number. And let's go for 12 on one side. Uh, what to three, four, five, six said eight. No, I Okay, you mean more and well, it's going the other side now degrees angle or one to three, four, five. Thanks. A nice 10 in last 11. Let's look for 90 degrees over 12 three, four. Well, I six said in eight. No, I staying ends or he let it and, well, 1000 Victoria for me. 26. Shoulder Lateral Raise: This is Victoria for Lado Embrace Most of all, MySpace are, too, but we join the shoulder level or either one swing from the yet level. You want to give it strong. Dominus retired control, and there's going one. Arm dishes one to three four five eight No. 11. A list on the other side. One, three, four, five, eight. No king in tow. A notice student with both arts shoulder level, getting down, reliable arms to and three store by six said a No. OK, do you live in ends? Well, that was in Vitoria for little on race. 27. Shoulder Front Raise: This is a story on race. Yeah. Also, mistakes are the Bring your arm way too far, judicial level or past. Soon you'll be joining the hips. To avoid that, you want to keep your hands in front of your tights. And you sure that you are going Children able as you go about this arm for dishes in the one to three. For what? I've six A. No I Okay, seven and the other side. Sure. Down to three for but six City. A nice stand and for 11 listen with full on staff after shoulder level. Down one to three four by six bedded eight nine Dan in, a lawyer for our race. 28. Shoulder Upright Rows: This isn't a lawyer for a red Rose. Most camo mistake on your organization is that instead of going up with the shape you want to train just Syrians out with waste, ready another race, be sure that you're not doing it because that's going to put a strain on your racing in my first, Surely not this with one are for fish is a fish and to and three over. Why six said it. Eight nine even Lester your side dishes. One, three, four, 56 said eight. No slim. Now that's going full on. Remember, it was a V shaped one in June three five. Safe A I okay in 18 1000 Victoria for Revco's. 29. Balance Leg Kick:Front Raise: This isn't to turn out for front race with back kids. Most of mistakes are that in strange numbers on the side that just for the nomis in front of your thighs above shoulder level stuff said almost all mistakes is passing the struggle with that. Just bring it on the stop shoulder down again. Let's begin with 12 at the same time that I'm really office straight up, I'm going to keep back with my right neck. It is no. Soon you get time on the ground unless you get a call with trying to keep the violence and not and this for six more. What great four by and sit toward one side this morning with the same number of usual, their level at the same time. Keep back before 12 and one to free or by seats sits for a while to three for five. Air sits. Okay, listen up front. Race with back kids 30. Balance Leg:Arm Lateral Raise: Hi. This is torture for our and, like latter, race of years were to bring my arm to the side. Most of mistake is to past shoulder level. Avoid will just bring your arms straight up, shoulder level and at the same time group in that race, I'm going to keep the opposite leg to the side. Back to starting point that over Drive to keep the violence in one side of your butt. In this go for 12. What? To three, four, five, six. So Okay. No, I that war you and 12 out the other side. I'm going to bring my arm up shoulder level. At this time, I'm going to kick to the oldest of my body and let's go for 12 1 three, four, 66 more seven. Hey, nice to 11 and 12. OK, that wasn't before the four arm. And like a lot of race 31. Balance Leg:Biceps: I This isn't about us with body and curls. Must mistake are swinging, Dominus. Ring in their arms Doing that. So don't miss Frank for of you. Like your it was against your body. Bring it off us all the way up and all the way. Now at the same time, we're to advice. It crawls. I'm going to cover my leg back in the starting point, you get around or as you get there, you are going to be able to keep the violence without stopping on the ground. Let's go for a 12 plan to great four. Remember, they started finding talked up on the ground and start over. Six more off one to great or and see what? Not just move to the other side. Yeah. Your body published from you and this begin for 12 getting type of ground to or you get called for the world. You're going to get round and cute violence on one. This is six more happy What? Three. Four by and seats. Okay, Now listen out for ice it and neck curls 32. Stretches: Okay, now let's begin with stretches. We're going this time with the muscles waist down. But I want you to just put one arm in front of you and one ankle. If you support for these, you can grab the back of the chair. Place your hand out. Gays wall Stretching your plots this strong. 10 123456789 and 10. Now release same side. Pull your knee your needs over your chest. Shoulders back just up through the stretching hand for in this camp until 10. 123456789 and 10 is now this move to the other side one from of you. Your ankle. Keep the bias previous fridge in your quads. This content. 123456789 10. Release inside. You just stop to stretch before release before about chair. Place your arms Your head against the wall, Miss. Begin for 10. 123456789 and 10 are not from your fit together without bending your knees. Get us low us you can You don't need to touch the ground. Get a slow us you can once you feel the stretch in the lower legs, hamstrings and glutes and then you get the count. 12345678 and 10. Now that's more to the muscles way. Stop! This Begin will try it. Why are straight up then? Metal? How to stretch? Tries to bring it back. Once you've been this tragical tries it. That's being the count. 1234 by 6789 and 10 Now same site from across can help me. Yeah, To bring your arms close to your chest once you feel this pressure on your shoulder and then you read in the camp. 12345678 10. Now this one to the other side are straight up and help yourself in your hand apportioning back and want to 3456789 10 You front with girls. Help yourself. Just once you stretch your shoulder, you get the count. 123456789 and 10. Now that's more to the muscle of the neck. One side first. This case wrapped one side of your head in four toward the same site off your ear and shoulder slow motion once you feel the stretch in the count. 123 or by 67 a 9 10 Release the other side se year toward the same shoulder Been stretched and begin the camp. 123456789 10. Now interlace your fingers. Place your hands behind your head slowly pushed down until your chain here, close to the chest. Once you get stretching the back of your neck, you gotta count. 123456789 and 10. Now I want to go deep breath. We're going to help us. We go down and exhale us, we go up. So let's get down to help and excel as you go up and exhale. Not one more time. Deeper down and exhale. Alright. I wasn't for stretches 33. Thank You!: Thank you for your participation. Don't forget to follow me so you don't miss my next class. And if you enjoyed this class, please leave me a positive review. Share with your friends. And for more information about how to get leaner and stronger, visit my blawg at trainer marcella dot com. Thank you. Have a healthy they buy.