Begin Your Journey Towards Financial Education | Carrie Kari | Skillshare

Begin Your Journey Towards Financial Education

Carrie Kari, Do what you Love, Create Value for Others

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9 Videos (21m)
    • Intro to class

    • Your Wealth is Just a Measure of Value You Provide for Others

    • Intro to the 4 paths

    • Emilia's Likes and Dislikes

    • Sebastian's Likes and Dislikes

    • Olivia's Likes and Dislikes

    • Ian's Likes and Dislikes

    • See a Need, Fill a Need 1

    • Review of the 4 paths


About This Class


Financial education has become the key survival skill of our generation. In this course, students will take part in engaging activities that teach:

  • The power of saving
  • Compounding interest
  • Investment basics

Join Carrie Kari for this 5 part workshop series designed to teach real-world skills of managing finances, following your passion and planning for the future. This is only part one of a 5 part series. There will be more classes to come.

Course 1: Earning, Disposable Income & Investments

 Learn how to tap into your earning potential and how to make smart decisions around saving and spending.





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Carrie Kari

Do what you Love, Create Value for Others

Carrie Kari is an accredited educator and entrepreneur whose passions in life are to prepare young minds to succeed and thrive in the world of academics and business. Carrie draws upon her endless supply of energy, enthusiasm and business savvy to create a unique and custom tailored education experience. As an educator Carrie has taught in the United States and internationally, emphasizing active learning, independent thinking and individual leadership. Carrie’s conviction is that finan...

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