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9 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. Celebrating With Light: All Year Round

    • 2. How To Make Light With Watercolors

    • 3. Make Candlelight Soft And Glowing

    • 4. Celebration Cards With Candles

    • 5. Felts Can POP your Cards

    • 6. Adding Watercolor To Finish Your Card

    • 7. Popping Penguins All Year Round

    • 8. Working With Pastels And Watercolors

    • 9. Celebrate With Mood Magic


About This Class


Celebrating With Light: For Every Occasion: Watercolors, Pastels, Colored Pens

A seasonal class for all the year... you can access the FREE HOLIDAY TEACHER PACS from my website and pop in the proper colors and themes for the season you are in. 

We all need to celebrate and it happens all through the year. So why not have a class you can pull out and find some great ideas to celebrate with.  Ron Mulvey has designed a class that will give you the skills and creative ideas to draw and paint your life celebrations throughout the year.

Light is the best way to start a celebration. This class will show you how to 'Let your light shine'.


We will be using colored felts, pastels, pencil, pen, and watercolor in this 'mixed media' class.

I have used 140 lb. arches cold press watercolor paper,  2 ply matt board, and regular cardstock paper. Use any good quality art paper that is heavy enough for watercolors and smooth enough for pastels.


Bring the magic of candlelight into your artwork. Birthdays, Anniversaries, and special Holidays need the warmth of feeling that only candles can give.


This class is an all year class. You change a few colors and switch a theme or two and you can make it fit any occasion you want. Just download the special Holiday Pac and you will get all the ideas you need.


Cute is OK when it comes to doing something special for kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids and even adults. Spread around some cuteness when you are celebrating in your artwork.. Get all the characters you will need from your Creative Holiday Artwork Pacs right here. These Holiday Pacs were designed for Elementary School and Middle School teachers around the world.

Take what you need from them and use your candlepower to light them up for the Holidays. There are dozens of original holiday characters, themes, and projects to choose from. 


Class goal - Learn to make your candles glow and then add some characters that will describe the event or holiday you are painting.



Learn The Light Secret


  George de LaTour knew the secret for candlelight painting.

Can't wait to celebrate with you.

See You In Class / Ron / Special thanks to my son James Mulvey for providing the guitar mix during the intro movie and in other sections of our classes.