Begin Creative Watercoloring

Ron Mulvey✏️, Artist / Art Teacher

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11 Videos (1h 25m)
    • Begin Creative Watercoloring Intro

    • Good Materials Make Great Pictures

    • Getting Your Project Ready

    • Watercoloring Techniques That Work

    • Developing Your Sketch

    • How To Transfer Your Drawing

    • Creative Effects With Watercoloring

    • Dry Method Watercoloring

    • Character illustration

    • Watercoloring Your Character

    • 7 Minute Watercoloring


About This Class


Begin Creative Watercoloring

I had so much fun doing this class and getting it ready that I am already setting down some more ideas for the next one.

If this is your first Watercolor Class I am convinced you will feel successful right after the first project.
If you are already familiar with Watercolors I know that the joy of simplicity will revisit you after a few of the projects are completed.
If you are well advanced in the Watercolor experience this simple approach to Watercoloring will freshen your style and provide you with some new approaches to the 'quick sketch' in watercolor.


What This Class Will Do For You

  • Give you a successful Watercolor Technique that works every time
  • Allow you to explore creative approaches to Watercoloring.
  • Acquire the confidence and ability to explore Watercoloring.

I will be showing you all the materials you will need and how they work. You can confidently complete as many of the short projects as you wish.


We will be completing some quick sketches with an Ink and Wash technique. The one below takes 7 minutes from start to finish.


See our Basic Watercoloring Kit below. Simple and cost effective.


I use Tube paints but Pan Watercolors are handy and portable. Make sure you get good quality paints. Do a little research online to find out which are worth buying. My choice is Winsor&Newton for Pan Paints.


Here is a short outline of the content in Begin Creative Watercoloring.

  • Intro: What is Watercoloring? Why is it so effective and simple to master?
  • Why do I need so few materials to get started?
  • 5 projects of short duration that you can complete at your convenience.
  • Creative examples to follow step by step
  • Opportunity to develop your own material. 

Hope to see you in class, and I am here anytime to answer questions.

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A great place to start with watercolors if you don't feel ready to take on bigger projects. I managed to actually get started and not get discouraged if my sketch didn't turn out exactly how I wanted. The focus is on the coloring. :)
I can´t find the right words to describe my happiness. This kind of class was exactly what I was looking for, now I´m ready to star with confidence and practice over and over again. Great teacher !!!! Thanks :D
Lil O.

Impatient for learn !! Artistic spirits released !

A nice little class for all levels of painters to enjoy,its fun to paint along.





Ron Mulvey✏️

Artist / Art Teacher

Begin Creative Watercoloring OUTSIDE is all about getting fresh ideas from nature and then polishing up those inspired little sketches in the studio.This class is now ready for some keen students who want to get started Watercoloring outside with Ron. When you have this one wrapped up we will be ready for the next class which will be all about Watercolring Trees.


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