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Before You Sell Your Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

Rabi Ekore, Physician. Beauty Products Formulator

Before You Sell Your Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

Rabi Ekore, Physician. Beauty Products Formulator

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3 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Lesson 1: Before You Sell Your Cosmetics and Skincare Products

    • 2. Lesson 2: Scaling up Production

    • 3. Lesson 3: Branding, Sales and Marketing of Your Products

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About This Class

Now that you can formulate and produce perfumes, cosmetics, skin and hair care products, what next?

Yes, what next? Are you just going to be making products for personal use? or do you have plans to scale up production and start selling to the public?

This course provides details of the requirements for selling your products to the public, and also a bit on product branding, sales and marketing.

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Rabi Ekore

Physician. Beauty Products Formulator


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1. Lesson 1: Before You Sell Your Cosmetics and Skincare Products: todo to see online courses. My name is Dr Robert Corry. Thank you for joining me. Discourses tattooed Before you sell your cosmetics on skin care products. This is what do Warren. Oh, this is one red. What are the objectives of discuss? I did this crumbling cost give you on again off the general requirements from selling your products to the public. That is how to get you cosmetics and skin people looks skin and hair care products into the matted for public consumption. This is Lesson one because and it's tattooed before you start selling on this one. Objectives include general notes about getting started. The record precautions quite questions should take before you start selling you cosmetics, skin and hair capitals to deport me. So only genera Newt, I'll say now that you can formulate your skin care products. Oh, cosmetics. Being mind that whatever you produced should be used strictly by you, hand close Friends off remembers who will be willing to test unusual products. Please do not sell your products until you have subjected them to locally approved screening for safety and toxicity that is required tests, so assessments to belittled by loves in your location. What about you? Recite their in laws, Dad in now Assessments for 50 and toxicity off any skin or hair care products of cosmetics before you said, and make sure your products are subjected to such a laws, not I confirm its products. You should encourage feedback from those using your products. Take their comments very seriously on make adjustments. If necessary, it is advisable you compared to just that, products with the original. That is, when you take feedback, we get feedback or comments from your friends off only on you decided to just in productive comparing you just a fine apple with the original. In addition, keep records off both their Gina formula Handy New just wants the outcome of the adjustments. Take pictures of the products, make a different times on, if possible, write notes beside the pictures of each product. Right to the incidence, of course. Recording Evident. Alright, notes a body appear on this or the performance, for instance, of the products. Not I can feel it for adults. You should know last night. The possibilities are new mirrors on your endless and so many things you can do with your formula once you have a rough idea of basic from love for each product, without cosmetic of skin. Hi kay. Productive. Once you have the general, a rough idea of the possibilities of what you can do with that basic form. There are so many under endless. You only need to be passionate about making colored cosmetics, skin and headache improvements. You have to be adventurous. You have to be willing to explore. You have to be willing to try. Different things have to be very creative. Explore the incidence you are using the different classes of ingredients on their functions . Explode them really lots. Such the Internet. A role for courses to teach about different things pertaining to cosmetics and skincare product. Andi, you should feel free to combine functions. For instance, if you're looking for skin whitening ingredients, how do you shoot re? Yeah, curious enough to look for different types of indigence that give skin lightening order can clear up Dax words for his toes. You can decided to combine two different types of such ingredients. For instance, you have a look. We know you have. Ah, could it? I said you have a between that skin lightening agents. You can decide to use it up and any one of them you put up all. You can decide to combine two or three a day. The possibilities are endless. You're free combined colors and she late get the color wheel. No, it's called us Combined that which tried them. Create own color. If you want to sit your brand a see light. Also, now that you can formulate put ups with just a dash off passion, disguise a starting point. This guy's not just a limit, it's just 13 point. I encourage you to be very passionate about formulating. Productive might be quite the tasking. My take a lot of your time might be capital intensity. You need to spend quite a good amount of money to lend. So many things about to put this guy is since starting point, there's no telling how far you would go from letting your products aren't getting them into the market for public consumption. Apart from being able to sell your product to the public, you are going to enjoy your very own brand off colored cosmetic skin and head they pollute , made tailored to suit your own it, thank you that will be all for listening. One in the next lesson is titled Scaling Up Production Really neat. Now we're going to talk about finalizing on validating your formal out for any cosmetic skin or hair care product we're going to talk about. Put up testing 50. An assessment would discuss a bit on profit unless they should be very important to financial experts. And also to you, the small business owner who talk about this couple. Discuss how to calculate because of production, how to price of products and then we will decide depends on your calculations. I'm praising. Without to scale up production or not, you would want to decide whether it is worth increasing on the quantity of production on going public with their products. Thank you. I'm seeing the next listen. 2. Lesson 2: Scaling up Production: Oh, but come back. This is a lesson to off because iTunes before you start selling your cosmetics and skincare Good. The name is Doctor Robbie. Inquiry under touching this. Listen, is scaling up production. You know what is the objective when objective of this? Listen to Eastern from your variety with the steps required to scale up production. Don't get your good looks into the market that is getting your product approved for public consumption. We're going to discuss finalizing on body, detain your formula pulled up testing 50 assessment. Who will decide whether I am making profit on us? How to make that decision? I know how to determine what I am making profit to help us. Yeah, going to talk about copulating the cost of production either your product and finally deciding whether to scale up or not. So let's start with organizing your formula. So after you have there come up with a formula and produced something what I cosmetic, productive always came like a productive Wow, you should decide whether you like what you have only dead on. If you like it, you should know. Go ahead and the for that steps, you're going to discuss. But if you don't like Katie, should would be fine for tweak it until you're 10. Desired results. Consistency for function It is very important that you avoid burnt or known harmful incidence. Check with your new car collisions or international Amy So Sense of England end that hasn't declared on safe four years on the skin. Okay, please. On the face or lips is a void is in such incidents. But this time some lip some Carlos my car Big green calls that I've been declared one safe for years only. So make sure you do not in groups such quantity in any. We put a bomb call you stick what my anger dance you're using. But what about former? You have grabbed that finally, depending on how you looked. The units, it's important to convert you use to percentages to make it easier for you. They showed it to top dissented. Your fuel from this one equals 100 isn't shouldn't be more than 100% and it shouldn't be less than 100%. Let's show it is the court 100% Well, you should ensure that all the England quantities on wouldn't allow glutes again. I will say check which the new account authorities party regulations within your country for every internationally. Usually you can get a safety shit from you. So plans off incidents they're using. You can check their websites Sometimes the safety she it comes with the package. Just a shaking guidance to you. Make sure you stay within the announced quantities of training. Hard evidence. What I have good Do you have no matter hoping if you show you think that do much is a lot on the allowed wanted to next We'll talk about productive city. You find out about nukes It projects by yourself come Yuste in different with baby stadium You kind of builds personally. You can have friends and family members use your product. I can get them ready Commissioner used that it's selling them to the public for these thought is well did them? I'm approved for commission use. You will need what is called the cosmetic safety boat. This is a little requirement on it showed at the start of a few Venture better get this for any utility plant. Phil to do public, you're a quietus now appear to get a cosmetic secretary put can be done through. You can get out through them yourself using stand that this kids all continue to the services off certified chemist. So and I split up feminists. If you want to go commission again, it is better use that defiant mr on this. But I know one. If you want to get a good idea, a rough idea of how good information is, I can understand that desk. It's understand this at home before getting them certified the lists or on a list. What are the types of this that can be or should be conducted scheme? Or take a few tips by doing this? Bulldogs What's included, not mention, if in so far so that patient centered body products you should also be tested for 15 and toxicity. So the types of tests that oh should be conducted has toe beauty. This safety assessments for microbiology, Shootist microbiologist says Jenny also commander safety assessments, not remind them separately. What a stability test. Yeah, tests that before it tends to perform myself in your conduct. We went to a lot of time on the appropriate conditions, for instance, under the usual storage conditions. Usually we have our cosmetics. Instant heritable. Look start! I told the room when the storage on in commission stores there no kept aware, have not started unique found. Usually the temperatures off the environment is usually so that one more sin temperature ranges, almost descent. That whole industry distorts us. Where this the temperature that get one. My dad in almost all the houses, except they have goods, air conditioning systems that would control the temperature. So, under appropriate conditions, the stability tests. You want to see how you but not before tweet if build for essential lipstick is the bomb I didn't note in normal routine, but stills. I didn't need to gain the fridge constantly to be insulting booty. For if you have liquid tradition for these times, would the different parts of Brits obvious only to Britain? And what I President Abou? But the customer buying to customers is to different parts. SunnyD aren't and then you cost. Um, I'll have to shake to mix very well. Do your products penned up like that established it Just world subject You, Prue notes to setting challenges, know whether they would disintegrate it off. Ah, spoil of metal Mattila, Sean de Melo conditions under if they don't perform well, do not stop for this tablet test. Usually the advice to one review from love Change some things and then represent you who looks for distance, the baby test and improved physical can. You can no biological tests with his face. Qatar's. They want to get out from under a 1,000,000,000 temperatures from your stance, chemical tests and we want to add Combine. Don't if you come chemicals of senses and see how many perform. For instance, when you face, you may want to use more than two or three different types of skin can produce. Before I did, you spent it. I didn't want to. Just if any of the incidents in your constancy cosmetics skincare conducts had the tendency or the contention to reacted. I'm not angry. Dent Keeney, regularly used on skin, can predict, so I'm micromanage. Protests from disposal test for cognizance where probe ISMs. That's buzzy. I'm injured. Teoh Skin. Hey, got a body Safety assistant, like I said, is don't insured. Look it. The safety assessment is don't ensure the product is safe for you, and we're not cause harm or injury, such as Bob's attention to the skin, uh, mentioned any some of the products running off formation may and what I can do that in I know that cosmetic A is in mourning the skin care products, the even skin care. So active ingredients like salicylic acid, for instance. Oh, and clank folic acid. I'm quite a strong because bones, So if you presented just is quite high in your poodle from your stance end up causing injury guns. But you had drained this to, uh the danger is that and unit booed off. I'm not work result And because infections on the skin when you feel so ahead of the engine So the safety assessment is very, very important. Safety assessment is usually don't buy cosmetic. Miss Wasit final Nisus assists off seven genitalia, then self death cater also dealing. You have the option of testing you produce yourself to see how they performed, um, reversing for mission and then take anyone you have finally satisfied used to, you know, since that sizzles so as to save yourself. Um, some money not to use with yourself does gets you. I'm more likely to present e pro belt that does the hatches. Well, I seem to see consistent before we'll have the chance of bus passengers Safety assessment, thereby saving you some money if you have determines. So you're willing to eat on self testing looks before so But in the final from yesterday Strangeness, microbiology tests and mention they got that They're part of you. Think assessment intestine, micro museums, especially bacteria. Okay, Uh, usually to measure of the efficacy of the presentment years using your fully that maybe that would preserve it. It is not good, you know. Okay, Distance some visibility. Student betters returned for really productive. Why somebody doesn't did for from. But, uh oh, What? I based condoms. Some of the possibilities do not have them. White coverage. Article Broad spectrum, the only efficient against setting group off glistens on. Do not provide comfort for others like fun Day. So somebody present it is. We need to be combined with other preservatives to give them the balanced A coverage. So it's very important that microbiology tests and Donald product you have productive the market. I was very fast, thereby causing you so much love. Oh, you poor adults who end up having people causing them toe have skin infections or burns and things like that. Hyundai. At the end of today, we have somebody. If it's litigation because of your problems. We don't want that because it's going to cost you a lot of money. It's It's metta to be well prepared from this that next we'll talk about packaging. But, um, for meeting your products, I'm producing them in your comfort of your home for your stars are swollen Bookshop. You have to packaged in. I have to use on the appropriate type of packaging. There are different types of packages. Package to be plastic metal, plastic glass paper. Would our even with without extend this to usually, it's not possible to use a familiar for cosmetic products. Step off packaging you use who depend on the nature of the product making. Find Apple don't really quit. They are dance until it is any form of gospel food. Don't use it for you can have your packages customize for you to make it unique. To run. This may be in big cost little your journey liquid products and best package in like Bhutto's that tops feels that send it to this cups to convince Nick World come partum put those countries also be starting the packaging bottles. Perhaps if track over us fully down product Jellicle you packaging and just you're flat, shallow jazz or cubes that after we stop Nick reasons this just put out some part in euro zone. For us, The last continuance this May Shannxi customized really could customize a package to make it unique to your brand. It's made calls to quite a lot of money because moves have to be especially created for you . Just more to do. I want the admit we used continuously for you long term. But initial cost of producing the new this quaint I could be. If you want a unique package for your brand, go ahead. You can afford it if you're customizing your potential enemy to consider treat matter. Okay, if you just you it's innovative. Thanks about packaging. You should consider this person. How do you get your packages? This is a very Christian aspect of for production giving. Before you selected package to usually choosing package it. Sure it is affordable. Make sure good quality. Make sure himself History name. We go out to your supplier so I didn't Wouldn't shock what you did to continue supplying depravity. You know not to reduce the cost of the package unit costs. And I want to consider buying them in book. Show you ahead of the freeze chip. Obaidi doesn't. The more you buy it cheap at the price constant on that bench allude resulting you don't know he disliked creatively. No one, no reduction because they let me know what President off. Improved lying so singly. Package. Remember the hidden costs. Um, something when you're president. He didn't cost such as custom duties she was in The package is if you're bringing them from the different country, for instance, everybody should bring fears on the region's trees and host all for that because you peed to get a quick engine destination. They want to include some talking. You butted. You sure it's simple. We should unique to your brand it permission? The core of the actual too should be similar to Doesn't feel burning Fracked Really cool. If you right in designing the actual with a package, it is. Um please do not play the rest. Do not copy somebody's at work. Gorgeously group village now Onda and whatever you do, especially if it goes probably cannot be thinking. Try to be as innovative and creating us possible on Do you do not steal somebody else's idea or design? Andi claimed him to be us. Did you have clearly printed on the actual considering the actual call your package? Don't make more about this. Discussing label your next little Come back a 1,000,000,000. Uh, I'm sure you know what Libellous, right? I can't be so for people won't about. It s so given information I won't. We'll put up in years of I didn't for your good. The requirements. Very big country. Just I'm ugly room visually should include the following from if you have your burn name if you have one. I didn't. You have one on this. Burning should be trademark. You ready? Stayed passive person out of luck. The motion also contended product me That animal product Is that the liquid foundation? Is it your bomb? Is it? Oh, the big stink blush. You have the product name on in description To ensure description. Need any what stands you can see. Oh, ex wives. That liquid funds Shannon. Um good. Full. How can any on my list? Oh, you can see Do you see a bow down made for sensitive skin and then it doesn't just end description. Underlayment also issue had a list of being Jergens. Generally, the could get dancing. I name off any of your impudence on its do you have special one in soft cushion off any ingredients or sometimes that as a parting shot to cause injury like it's an allergy. If it is a book in shot, of course. Adverse reactions Venue of ginger identifies potential wasn't and so on so far stuns well, buttocks that continue to be. This looks for people, don't you? We're doing Oh, yeah, Jimmy Police. They have the potential to cause on the energy pretensions of people who are allergic to B and B put it in to get any special warning its history. Those who are allergic to so far so sounds, for instance, being active, you know, product is so far compound Oh, if it continues, saw for as a new. So you have to put a special winning continues so awful in front of a different of the label on the front right myth he put up a Then this indicates in the active ingredients in your blender, for instance, salicylic acid. It's not to be redundant that Oh, you skin, it would be have a skin like me. Agendas are not to be done. Get so and in jail you for the active ingredient, you have to the big quantity sentence stance continents Soliciting 2% is only for extending guidance. You start with injured into the largest proportion. First I'm then, um, list them in decrease in order because in order out of proportion, these included production and expiry dates. Or use your flags. That is the beard off that will be the manufacturer has information should also be on the Libyan at the backside of Bluebell should include the name of the manufacturer address into any country production in unit of contacting commission on then, but not to us. Contract manufactured off perfectly burns for you is he also include manufactured for you for this time on Fractured my them. You see, um, there was a liability company. New York, you see, follow ex wise age cosmetics asking Kapron looks Yeah, thank you. Cost of production. How do you know what it cost you to get your production defined now? Instead, which country consumes into it can be used sont i temptation coach, we should cost Imagine the cost of production include the ingredients cost of each incident showed complete how much D quantity unit constituted incident is and then which right by the total b going back It was played by the amount of just a quantity called that ingredient used restaurants if used in 10 grand so far um, Sara Side, for instance, your cosmetic unique quit foundation Use local s egy This 100 grounds of seaside A world citizen It's equivalent to on your left. You're going too much blame to buy 10 to the last times 10 grams. So that means yeah, Not so to the last day. Hundreds Branson's the 100 rounds of suicide cost $200 for that cosmically production for that liquid from addition. So you do the same for each each and every England in that prudent It's also caught today the cost off the packaging and label separately. It cost you're included. Question mrs. I don't like electricity speaks the cost of the truth. Oh, the man hours How many hours it took you? We should You're harmony. You know about that. We employed to that production. Find out how to cause this on imprudent in completing the cost. Something production you're consider the costs of transportation on delivery, a few pretends equipment and you find out good of data. These store way to be instead, I'm belonged. Shelves food. Talk to the warehouse for storage on often. Feel it. You should consider the cost of put up the assessment of distances. The safety assessments. Ana, do you remember to include taxes? The state tax season starts value added tax insurance premium. You're paying for that product, Ensuring your business insurance. You're paying for your beauty. She remember that? Feels like where House indeed. Final pulled out Fulfillment cause marketing Trademarking on that easement salami stuff. You saw me things. U boat became producing cosmetics, skin and hair care product. So many steps at which money spent bounty booed off. This was the suit. Is your something cough, including the costs we'll rent for the office of Show off the house. On current that you used in your production, you actually talked about looking present? How do you fix? That's what you get. It's a standard formula generally cost praise If you put that what the label last in my tears has talked about that just now in prising the girl your mantra that after costing a booth ingredients the materials that he used That is the Casa crest off you put up the sign out front. So if you're going to sell out Jose praise standout cost is the cost price Times two If you return your selling, you surprises horse a praise times two Danny Huge. You want to calculate your professions well, Can't usually is. You feel price. What? I will see me too. I enough you cost, But that things look so at the end of you talkto question you put up on fixing the breast. You have to decide When are these products? The end product is profitable to me. Who? Uh, it's not If you want to know whether it's posting good or not, community conspires. How much are you planning to send it? Compared to how much similar products have been sold in your region? What, that fixing the same president, telling you profit profit is selling price when us cause Oh, you can say the revenue from the product. These cosmetic asking Capel does my nuts because of authenticity. So at the end of the day, you will decide whether you're making a profit on Newt jail completions and see for yourself is being choked profitable? Is it perfect him to make this set of cosmetics and skincare products they're making or not ? Finally, you need me to know the difference between grass perfect and net profit. Ah, beautiful. Find out tomorrow. But that doesn't really have to do with in this cause words an important thing for you to find out. So to scale up production or not after decide if you do your costing price vaccine When you feel that this profitable, then yes, it would be ideal to scale up production. Yo, ordinances. Three things as touching commercial. It's not profitable. Give me want to go back to the driver you costs. This is your Virginia cost into says off how much it is costing you to produce, get it and find a product off. Your cosmetic was going get Look out! Give you goose bigness issue changes, for instance, you might want to look for alternative sourcing avenues that basically more cost effective . We want alternate expensive consumables for message. Do you want to decided against getting customised packages from sons. We want to look for more. Oh, keep about less expensive this expensive packages that are still high quality. We want to, for instance, change type of package reasons for liquid foundation. You want to use our a que to, uh, go to hell. So something we did no grab on dispenser instead, off on a list on dispenser. The response to Spend Size writes. Consider standing, reckon Apple. So it was that kind of things that we want to use in Jack or import instead of interest, don't you? Finally, if there's nothing Condra body cost, we want to welcome to criticism to find out products. If this history, for instance, if you're encouraging up because this five you know what it's far below. D accomplished his off cosmetics in the area, and we wanted my contract prices until a bit higher on the new place. So does that for this Jew. Once we're going to talk about branding in produce sales on marketing, thank you very much seeing the next 3. Lesson 3: Branding, Sales and Marketing of Your Products: Hello. Welcome back to Discourse. This is Lesson three of recourse tattooed before you sell your cosmetics on stinking products. My name is Dr Robbie A career. This is lesson three because this is listen three of because on the lesson started with Brandon Trade, Martin says on marketing, I just want to do the general idea off things to do after getting your product, uh, approved for sale to the public, the things you need to take care off. So in this lesson, we're going to discuss product burned in Unseal. Specifically, we're going to discuss Brandon on no go to sign trademarking business registration, funding, production storage. So central feelings marketing stopped again on bookkeeping. I'm going to say a little bit about all of these topics. So Brendan and trademarking, after deciding on what you want to produce, what a cosmetic skin hay que productive perfume. And after getting you final formula validated lucre docks tested and certified safe for use , I should round your loot, she branded. I pro. Don't tell your company, Stanish, you should lock your brand. You have a sigh mentioned. Just now you can treat mouth with Tom done to your company you can use it. I accord opinion name or get a brand name for your cosmetic. I just shoot us an imputed. Yoko should have a logo idea. Well, um I believe all your prudent you should trademark this name. She dramatic brand name the company or the local Andi Audie local ideally, trademark everything so that you don't have them. People infringing on your dialect Your property Here's an example Off local from this is my brand name on This is very good Zeins mr for me than it used registered Yeah trade for May brand of cosmetics and skincare products If you think you're productive Oh, you're packaging It's innovative. You can play forbidden for it Please find out details about these are you It's quite a expensive. It's quite time consuming boat If you think a product is innovative towards giving it a try before selecting the company name brand name logo before going from to a playful trademark used to you and shut due diligence Make sure it is not existing, so make sure it's in name Well, you look good. That is unique to you not being used or not already being used by somebody else, Uh, not belonging to somebody else. Use and please, always thing. Careful. Well, major reason that can cause you a lot of embarrassment can cost a lot of money to for you to repair. The damage is done if you're accused. Well, if she has seemed to have plagiarized somebody else's brand name, company, name or logo Oh, item. You should register your business. Your company, for instance. Let's avoid she business plan. Decide on what you want to do it till productive cosmetics, Skincare products, uh, should know why you're doing it. You should have before cost. You know the direction in which you want to go That business templates available online. Some are free, some paid, so get a template. If you don't already know how to prepare a business plan, you can also engage service off the next parts. You have people who are experts, the business registration services. They can also write your business run for you. She read. You say company in new to register a company in this ideally should reflect well productive or service for its not smiling um, open and productive me more. Brandon is to see I've already started radius of business if you're ready. Cider Brand name to If sometimes the brand name is the same as a company, this against you reflect your productive sameness, at least a word or phrase in your business. Name off brand name should reflect the kind of thing you do. For instance, my own business name has beauty you know as part of feet, because I make cosmetic skin and they can produce, you know, go to shoot, reflect your product or service. They tried to make sure the company and a brand name and logo in harmony. If you have a business address, this address can eat every few zika or virtual fiscal addresses can be home based. Could have a room in your home by calling your home. Is your home office your business gun be situated in an entire beauty in if you have one, you could rent on office space in an office complex. You couldn't go for a shed off coworking space. There are many companies that offer such services and make sure your business is located in a strategic place such as on a busy street. Yeah, look up Post office, a train station. I'm so Roman. So near school near university. Compose things like that. Make sure this light human traffic off the high human traffic or vehicular traffic in that area so that you have many people seeing your business on potentially patronising you. You could also go for that child address only Rachel address, and you could use it at the address. Only the virtual address service put by that who also, um, when that is everybody happy to receive just meals on phone calls or use the address. Plus, they receive emails and phone calls and get me up in this settlement divestiture address. Provide us. Also have. The fascinating is for you to come in a once in the weeks you die alone over your team for meetings for a specified period. Say, one of two hours in the week coming in Houston space for meeting. Next. We'll talk about funding. I say this is a bad burn off your cosmetics on skin capable of business. How do you get? Morning. This is a potentially capital intensive venture on. You need lots of money to get started at this, you need morning for your evidence of packages. You need money for your safety assessments, my disability tests and more that you need morning to design your logo to register your company. So from the very from the onset, you have to start planning on how you get money to fund your business. There are different ways of getting money to fund your business. You could go for Could decide on seven money personally could use a personal savings on to be successful year. You have to be very disciplined. It's important to set a target. You take that amount of money you want to save Andi no to the purpose for which city should have targets for a different aspect. Off de venture, for instance, you can start saving money to lend to do an online cause on making cosmetics and skincare products after you accomplish that or descent and we could start seven money to buy your ingredients on packaging materials when you cross that level, you could start seeing you could save money towards the cosmetic and skincare. Put up safety assessment Onda and so on and so forth. You could save money to register the business and us you're going on stage by stage. It's a accomplish one and saying, Going to Judah, What? Please. You need to be very, very disciplined. You could also get money from Lynda's, which could be friends or family. We also have a credit union, some cooperative's or pail Indian groups that would known your morning for some interest. You could approach the bank if you have a good credit retained, or if you you were able to demonstrate that you can service the loan, your bounds can give you money and then sometimes depending on your country, some countries have a national program. Similarly, support small businesses for your stones. You could apply. Get some financial support from such. You could go for equity financing on Angel Investments. Uh, angel investors. I just do willing to in the fund all a part of your project for the on agreed upon amount of profit. Oh, and because of that we did financing. They find your projects, get a certain percentage of your company In return, you could use customer financing whereby where wise ordering the product. Here's an advance for, uh, whatever it's going to cost you to produce whatever they want. Give Somebody, for instance, wants to buy 10 cartons of liquid tradition. The person pays in advance and he used their money to produce and keep to profit from himself. You could go for crowdfunding. We have lots of crowd from the funding platforms now, like go from me if you feel up to you to me. Good day on a plane for actual donations from people on different platforms Have yeah, specific rules and regulations. So I'm gonna fund you. Crowd 20 for free song for SOM You'd have to send them something in return for its stance and we send them some quantities of the products. At the end of the day, you could go through the Albany of but a financing whereby you exchange um, services of goods with another person off interest. Well, it started So good Decide to make an arrangement today, not let store whereby the supply you with, say, 10 patterns off coconut oil or 10 drums off olive oil to use to make your products. You're going to get them five cartons of your finished products in exchange. So that's better financing. And it's all of you have been musical used to fund your cosmetics and skincare products business. Next we'll talk about production. If you decide to scale up production, how you go about it. There are different ways possible, all of them convenient. Depending on certain circumstances, you can decide to produce yourself. You could have been disconnected place to produce maybe a small and share the cottage factory your garage aware of us along as the place has been inspected by the regulatory authorities on approved Hateful. Some approved it and said Fight. It's safe for production off cosmetics and skin camp adults. You could go for private label in which a company already has their own product with the package it and put your only the formula belongs to them. Define are productive, meant doctor product was made by them using their own formula. But package. I'm about to Oh, but to your own taste your own specifications and put your name. We accompanied him Where your Brandon delivery For your fear. Of course, you could go for custom formulation during which, which why you get a company or an individual to formulate a specific product to your own. The requirement. You tell them how you want to put up to appear. I wanted to function, ending from late. The formula belongs to the form later, but if you want that form last year, you would have to pay for it usually the church and quite a good amount of money. For that. You goes off contract manufacturing, which you have your own formula validated safety assessment. Don't for each, you ask a company to manufacture on your behalf. This is very good. If you want to take off the stress off, having only in the factory and you're running the factory from yourself for contrast, manufacture in some of the companies. Also. What if our services like getting your product City insist they They're not only contaminant for Joe for you. They get a formula, send it to safety assessors and do the preliminary requirements getting reports on licenses and then manufacture for you and then contract manufacturer. The only money factual you need to take care of everything from on city assessment to live in packaging. So what you get is the final packaged product. I want to give it not off one. In a question here. If you're going to use a contract manufacturer, it means you're giving them your own form before you give them your formula. Make sure you signed a non disclosure agreement with them. That is, they're not going to disclose their formula. All a part of you to 1/3 party on You should also sign a non compete agreement with them, especially if they have down brand off products. You There are some of manufacture, cosmetics and skincare products for themselves. So the most signing non compete agreement with you because chances are that if your own formula is very good, then we want to produce user from lamb produced products of themselves on never last years , and that will be competition for your product, so to important around documents to sign for contract. Mint Fracturing a non disclosure agreement Andi known computer agreement Next worked up about storage. I can start producing different pieces. Ideally, make sure conditional sand that's good optimum to stop cosmetics and skincare produce you still you can start products in your home there not too many mixture of the temperature is controlled like room temperature. Um, you can and they have a personal story. Separate beauty using where us But I belong into you. Oh, printed. Usually wear design look larger, and they continue because house a lot off Lots of notes of your prudent. You feel warehousing Like I mentioned the products on a journey So many you shoot managers talk vigilante. Watch out from theft. Watch out for, uh, you don't dancy. Watch out for products that close expiration and anything's got that. How do you say your product? Talk about serious on from film? You know, there are so many ways off selling put up to concern directly to consumer. Uh, he that in store for the fiscal or brick on Modesto, you can stay at home on because said or nine through online stores. We could say through opinion Salazar market. Does they sell your products? Getting percentage off? Uh, you still they get a percentage of the selling price. Usually this prayer agreement before you take on a side on feel it, you can sell through full friend decision goes with wells, their warehouses that not only story or put up for you, but for fuel cells owners. So if somebody does in all I know, yes, we shall be online. You can getting warehousing and people to locate and shoot to the buyer. You could say no it was self through deal eyes or distributor's reality. Buying very large quantities on DSO on the deal isn't distributor's sometimes want to be the only ones allowed to, so you put up so decided under an entry to you produce on to take everything. Usually Daddy wants up. Fix the selling price you could sell through Franchising. Who have people who are interested in you put up rip leakage You, you're still they'll sweet. Whatever idea, Go have you same. Come your company name on Brand what's owned by them to the Replicator story exactly the way it is. And they sell only a product to most of the time you could go for multi level marketing said. We're sailing on marketing to whereby people encouraged to recruit more sellers. And you we have on everybody gets some incentive or some bullets selling you. So let's talk about marketing just briefly. Different ways of marketing products could be through one of mouth. Alright for Alice Paul, electoral frauds through my own landing Sunday, a few leads, uh, should, uh, it could mark a to put a threat that his means on social media Mr Graham Place would be interest on really quite popular now. You could advertise on billboards, too. I could use radio and television advertisements to use models on influences. Influence as I very popular, I think, you know, on to get many off the people who are their friends to buy your products. Once a mention your product, you could advertise in magazines on newspapers. We could you know that ice. Do the marketing yourself. Or you could engage the services of professional marketers jelly for you. Feel it would also marketing producer enhances through such engine off position. That's a very quite effective, especially if you have online presence. Next, talk about bookkeeping. I'm not the next part here. What? I just want to make sure that shoot keep records. Keep records of your stoke your entry. How much put up to need, how much you have soared. Have a good record in there. You should be able to calculate your profit and loss. Very important not to determine what I should remain in the business or not, or what you need to go back to the drawing board. You need to be able to create and managing balance sheet, especially for your company, not just for your product should be familiar with invoicing and payment receipts with a two crucial on documents will be handling us. Uh, Sela. When people are dying, productive, sending invoice supplied produce and when they pay, give them in a big amount on that embody agreed amount. You give them receipts off payment. Finally, should be familiar with filing off dances, especially in certain parts of the wound. Should be for me there with Theo Kind of tax, and she collects when you sell your product and keep good records. EPS When you start some countries some states in certain countries have sales tax. It's tell a consumer by something they paid tax. There's also value added tax. It issued the responsibility of the Cella most of the time to include this taxes in your selling price. And make sure you deduct then on re meat to the relevant authorities because at the end, off each year you would have to fire the Nazis. Andi. So meeting you have to give a counterfeit Christie. So that's that for Lesson three on the end of because I hope you find information discussed . Various food It's, uh because is a useful not only for people who are making cosmetics and skill cape adults. It's also useful for business owners. It's also useful for those who managed the books. If financial aspect off the product, manufacturers or the business will miss someone was going 200 books Lee Financial Aspects from History. You have to know which factors which tends on which features. I need to be, uh, accounted for financially and take off and then make sure you include them in the records. Thank you very much. Uh, feel free to contact me. I'll leave my details in. Well, my profile. Thank you. See, you know, because