Beef up your Videos using Audio - H5 & H6 Zoom Field Recorders & Lav Mics

Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

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8 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Gear Overview

    • 2. Audio Overview

    • 3. H6 training

    • 4. Essential hands on h5

    • 5. H5 audio enhanced

    • 6. H5 course setup

    • 7. Lav mic cleaned

    • 8. Agile summary


Project Description

Create you first Audio or video project using your zoom

This is a simple exercise to make your first audio recording using the zoom. You can use the built-in X and Y mic or connect to the Zoom recorder using a Lav mic.

After you make the audio recording you can upload it to soundcloud or youtube and share a link share. You can load it in a program like audacity to remove the background noise.

I'll probably get a video covering this process sometime but for now you can follow this youtube video

Lets see how clean of an audio recording you can make. If you want to take it a step further you can share a video project with your cleaned up audio file using the field recorder.

Here is my example, which is actually the corporate overview video.


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