Beef up your Videos using Audio - H5 & H6 Zoom Field Recorders & Lav Mics | Greg Hung | Skillshare

Beef up your Videos using Audio - H5 & H6 Zoom Field Recorders & Lav Mics

Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

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8 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Gear Overview

    • 2. Audio Overview

    • 3. H6 training

    • 4. Essential hands on h5

    • 5. H5 audio enhanced

    • 6. H5 course setup

    • 7. Lav mic cleaned

    • 8. Agile summary


About This Class

In this course you will learn get an overview of gear you can use to create a professional corporate video especially with minimal gear. After the overview there are deeper dive audio lessons using the H5 & H6 Zoom recorders. I also show you how to use a lav mic setup with the zoom recorder

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Greg Hung

Travel Videographer

Hi I'm Greg. I'm a South African Canadian Travel Videographer currently based in Asia. I first got into video filming with a sharp camcorder in high school. After I graduated with SFU in Vancouver I went on to have a successful IT career working 13 years as an IT manager. I went onto pursue my MBA at SFU and found Entrepreneurial inspiration to start my own business and travel and film in 2011 during the DSLR video revolution.By the time I had completed my MBA in 2011 I had found my passion t...

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