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Becoming an Instagram Influencer | ULTIMATE GUIDE

teacher avatar John Valentine, Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. How to be an Instagram Influencer - Introduction

    • 2. Growing your Following

    • 3. Finding your Value

    • 4. Finding Brands and Companies to work with

    • 5. Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class I talk about becoming an Instagram Influencer. I give a breakdown of how to start influencer marketing, grow your following and start working with brands and companies. 

Meet Your Teacher

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John Valentine

Digital Marketing, Social Media Expert


Hello, I'm John.

10 Years experience in digital marketing. Always looking to stay ahead in the newest developments of social media, online business and everything to do with digital marketing.

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1. How to be an Instagram Influencer - Introduction: Hello and welcome. My name is John Valentine. And then this video, I will talk about how you can use Instagram and how you can start to make money off your Instagram account. So this will be a small introduction to influence and marketing, but also I'll be talking about how to actually utilize that in sort of account. So as you can see on the screen right now and table of content here, and these will be the topics I will be talking about. First, I'm going to talk about just grow your following. And then if you've already done that, we've been talking about finding your price. And then finally I'm going to talk about how you can actually find brands and companies to work with in order to receive free products, money, or whatever is that you desire. At the end, I'm gonna give a conclusion, some summary of this video and some final tips and tricks. So make sure to stick around towards the end there. Feel free to follow channel. And if not, we'll then just look around on the side here. You can jump around on the videos. But other than that, let's stay here and go right into the first topic. Thank you for joining me today and let's get right into it. 2. Growing your Following: So first let's talk about growing your following, how to actually grow your follower, but also talking about how many followers you actually need in order to start working as an influencer? Well, first of all, let's face the facts and the bigger you are, the better it is, of course. But there are also micro influencers here. You don't need 500 thousand followers, a 100 thousand followers to start making some real money. You can definitely store it, be in a micro influencers. So you should have something like a 1000 followers, for example, would be a great start to start actually working with brands. Now, this will vary from all types of brands. Some people would just give you free products. Some people will actually give you money. And, but of course, you do have to start at some point, and starting with $1000 would be a good idea. Now this may seem more than you think, but it is actually easier to do on Instagram. Then you might also think so. These are definitely a sort of opportunity for any signs of influenza. Just started making money. Like I said, of course the bigger the better, but don't get discouraged if you don't have and 98 thousand followers right now. And second of all, how do you actually grow? Well, some straightforward tips on pneumonia. Instagram would be to pick a niche, be in as specific as possible. You know, if you have fishing, if your football, maybe you have fishing on the East Coast of the US. If you have fishing in a specific state, the more nice JAR, the more opportunity you will have to create a tight-knit community. And also the more opportunity you have to actually utilize companies that are also in the same niche. Now this may also limit you to the amount of followers you have, but the followers that you do get r will be more involved and which will result in you having a high engagement rate, for example. And then also getting the opportunity to work with brands that are also in that niche. And so this will definitely be a good opportunity for you to do that. So pick a niche if you want, and then of course, create high-quality and height the sharable content. But don't get too tied down on that. My philosophy of mind infants and marketing is also, it's sometimes better to do a 100 pieces of content that a good rather than ten pieces of content that it great. First of all, because sometimes you might think something is great and others don't really like it. And sometimes you think some content is just okay and it goes viral on social media, you honestly never know. So the best way to do that is just to produce, produce, produce a lot of content. And of course, this takes some time, so you don't want to spend hours and hours on one video are in one photo. If it doesn't translate to that amount of followers. So of course, perfect your craft but don't get tied down and perfectionism and then of course, use relevant hashtags and caption that this is almost the given, but I do have some videos on how to specifically grow your Instagram and use sram like a pro. So make sure to check on my palette for that. But these are the basics of growing following. And at the end you can also collaborate here. Auditory following story for stories, shout out. You can work with others. You can be, you know, build connections. You can tag each other and stories. I'm sure you see this all the time. And these aren't great way to have a win-win situation with someone else. And it also helps you become friendly with other users and influencers and become well-known that had seen. And what you also can do is become known in the common section. If you have a specific niche, you definitely want to create a connect with other creators and consistently comment on their posts. Other people will see your name often and my check you out and then follow you. And you will become sort of known in that niche or even in just a specific area. I'm sure if you follow some accounts to our counts that you don't even follow in the common section that you see over and over again. At some point, I bet you have clicked on them just because, and that is basically the idea behind it. And also what you can do is find indium user-created content accounts. Meaning that you can find it counts that are bigger than you, that it just have content created, curated and you can send them your posts, for example, if it's a main page and you create a funny meme, you can send it to them for submission. They will post it and credit you that way. You can also gain a lot of followers. So these are the basics of growing your following on Instagram or even on any social media platform when it comes for that matter. 3. Finding your Value: Now let's talk about finding your prize. Finding your price is a very complex topic when it comes to influencer marketing. Just because it is so volatile, your prices, whatever people are willing to pay for it, some people might be paying less. Some people might be being more. You know, if you have 10000 followers, some people, Mencius send you a free t-shirt and others would give you $500. And so this is of course, very well-timed that are general, you know, measures of how much to charge for things. As you can see on the right here, how much is infants American cost? The general ideas to be $10 per 1000 followers or 250 to $750 per 1000 engagement. And this is just for Instagram. You can also use this for YouTube. $20 per 1000 subscribers, $5,200 per 1000 video views. Now this is for sponsored content and combined. This is not for Google ads or medieval ads and stuff like that thesis for integrated product and integration. So that price, of course, you won't be much higher than the, just the ads click. And for Snapchat also, $10 per $1000 or a $100 per 1000 views as a very general and good idea for when it comes to influence and marketing. So again, this is just a general tip and guide that you can use in order to create your own price. But you definitely want to research, compare yourself to others. And this is also where that relationship comes in. If you have other influence of friends and just reach out and be like, how much do you charge? I see you have 10000 followers. How much do you charge for this? In order to do that as well, you can also do is just pretend like you're a business on an email and just asked him how much would it cost for you to do this? Of course, some people might think the shady, but this is just a good technique. You can definitely do that. And that way you can gauge some, some interests and find some consistent data. Message 20 and people at 20 influx of like how much would it cost for me to foreshadowed on your Instagram story? And you can get 20 different answers and then you can go from there and adjust your followers according, accordingly. Of course, what matters is your engagement rate and your followers. So it doesn't just go buy all followers they gave array is very important as well. If you have 1000 followers, but you get 900 likes and you get 800 comments, well that engaging raise insane. Of course, your price will be much higher than someone who has, you know, a 100 thousand followers. But think of ten commons and 25 likes because you know, that fallen was either aborted or just they're all inactive. Engagement rate is very, very important when it comes to finding your press as well. You can, as I said, you have other influences, act as accompany or inferencing. Just gain that research by yourself. When you start interacting with companies, see how much they offer you. If you have really no idea where to start, I don't even want to do any of that research. You can just go with the flow. Of course, this is not very recommended because then you have no leverage and no point of discussion or any kind of wiggle room when it comes to that kind of cost. Because then you just say, okay, take it or leave it. Here's a free t-shirt or he has a $100. And it's definitely, definitely useful if you know what the going rate is, even if it's very general. So keep that in mind. Finding your price is very important, but also don't get too tied down on it. It can go back and forth. So if someone office, you know, $500 for this, but normally we charge $8. If you think it's okay to do that, then you can go ahead and do that. Of course, you don't want to devalue your brand to a certain extent. But keep in mind that you can definitely be flexible because there isn't a lot of back and forth and up and down when it comes to prices. So don't get too tied down on a specific number. Just do your research computer self, compared to other influences, see how, how that works and you will get a feel for it. 4. Finding Brands and Companies to work with: Now next let's talk about actually finding brands and companies to work with. Now, first of all, in the best case scenario, of course, is if David come to you, sometimes brands will approach you for finding and you kind of products for you or running influencer marketing campaigns. And of course to be are the more likely this will happen. But if you have five K fall, our step might not happen sometimes, but if you are big enough, people will approach you and you can negotiate that price, as I said in the previous video. So you can go from there. Second option is to, of course do cold messages. So you can just DM me an e-mail brands you want to work with. You know, keep it concise or introduce yourself. Let them know who you are, what kind of influenza or at least your key stats such as, you know, I'm a fitness influencer. I do this. I have 10000 followers. I gained more. Let's again 909 thousand followers just in the last month. My engagement happens is I get this mini store views. I really think I would fit with your brand image because of this and just keep them hooked, give them some kind of reason for them to work with you. And then you can go from there, build that relationship and of course discuss price and so on and so on. But running a successful DM and cold message is definitely important, but definitely just keep it concise. Introduce yourself and give them a reason why you should work with them. And of course listed key stats because at the end of the day, That's basically what matters when it comes to influence and marketing. And you can also, lastly, use an influencer network. You can either use websites that utilize brand connections. You know, you can sign up as an influencer. And there are websites that will connect you with brands. And it's basically like one big pots of influencers being thrown in a pot and then brands will come in and pick out whoever they like. And you can sign up and all these different websites in order to find the companies that want to work with you. And some of these websites will allow you to reach out to companies and other websites just allow companies to view you as sort of figure. And then they will look at your staff and be like, okay, this person is probably, probably appropriate to work with. Let's look at them and see how that works. So that will definitely be very, very useful. Some of them are very saturated, so keep that in mind and they are a little bit more full because if they aren't big websites, then there's going to be people like that, like, you know, 1000 of you. If there's fitness, it's RAM influencers and there's going to be as 1050 is influenced. So it is very saturated and the competition is very fierce because there are a lot of people that will be similar to what you do unless you're very, very unique. So of course, again, don't be too down if you don't have to see a lot of success because some of these companies just go for the top picks and some of these websites will have, you will have to pay in order to look more on the permanent sites. So see what works for you. But some of these websites are actually very useful. And of course, you can also have a DMM, dm that can sometimes stand out. So if you send these cold messages, you might see more success than someone who's just listen on a website even if your quote, unquote, a not as successful influencer, just because you have that stand out email and that message that they might not have seen if you just list yourself. So some of these examples would be, for example, Busby influenced at Coe tribe to have influenced football muse find. You can Google all of these and find some websites that you can definitely send it with. Again, this is not sponsored or it's legal advice or financial history, anything like that. These are just some examples that you can look for, but you can just google, influence your website network or influenced her website. And you will find these websites that you can sign up for. 5. Final Thoughts and Conclusion: So this is basically going to be it when it comes to making money off your Instagram account as a basic introduction to Instagram influencer marketing. Some of these, of course, can be applied to other social media sites as well. So keep that in mind. But just to summarize, conclude, you want to grow your following as much as you can obviously. And then you want to find the according price through research, through connections, relationships, messaging, and so on. And last but not least, you want to find the brands and companies that you want to work with through websites called message and so on. So there are definitely ways to do all that. So I hope this video helped you a lot. Feel free to skip back to any positivity on the side here they are sorted by units. Make sure to follow me to channel and follow my channel. Here. I will be putting out in one video a week fall of 2021, that is guaranteed. I've already put out a bunch of videos and all census of digital marketing. So feel free to check this out. You know, Instagram, YouTube, snapchat and Tiktok, interview tips, networking and so on. So I'll be posting all kinds of video content, digital marketing and business. So feel free to check that out, but thank you so much for joining me today and I hope you enjoy it. Here is the hope to see you in the next class. My name has been John Valentine. Thank you so much and goodbye.