Becoming a Youtuber - How to influence in your niche | Johannes Tvedt | Skillshare

Becoming a Youtuber - How to influence in your niche

Johannes Tvedt, Filmmaker and social media strategist

Becoming a Youtuber - How to influence in your niche

Johannes Tvedt, Filmmaker and social media strategist

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14 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Becoming a youtuber Intro

    • 2. 1. Find your niche

    • 3. 2. Be yourself

    • 4. 3. Identity

    • 5. 4. What camera to use

    • 6. 5. Shooting techniques

    • 7. 6. Shoot to clip

    • 8. 7. Music and vibes

    • 9. 8. Editing the content

    • 10. 9. Thumbnail and title

    • 11. 10. Uploading and hashtags

    • 12. 11. Share on social media

    • 13. 12. Be consistent and build community

    • 14. 13. Youtube studio

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About This Class

Welcome to the class "Becoming a Youtuber - How to influence in your niche. 

In this video series i will learn you all from hot to find your niche to make videos about, to what kind of camera to use, how to film, how to editing the video and building a community. 

Youtube is a huge platform, and is up tp you what you want to influence around in your videos. 

Building a audience is powerful, and with making videos and telling your story thru your own youtube videos, you will be able to reach out to a lot of people in your nice. 

Have a good learning session

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Johannes Tvedt

Filmmaker and social media strategist


HI :)

My name is Johannes Tvedt. I am half Norwegian and half Colombian and I am 29 years old. Being from 2 totally different countries makes me adapt to all kind of cultures. 
During my last 10 years I've bee working with my own project together with my friends. Today I do filmmaking, social media strategy, social media management and have build skills in a lot of different segments in the creative world. 
I am really looking forward to be teaching what I know and to inspire and be inspired by the members of this plattform. Everyday I have my camera in my hand ready to film the moments around me and I just finished a project about making a mini documentary series about digital nomad cities around the world. 

Ill teach you some filmmaking and socia... See full profile

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1. Becoming a youtuber Intro: What's up, guys? My name is Yohannes and I am half Norwegian, Half Colombia. In this class, I'm going to teach you how you can become the youtuber that you want to be. YouTube is a huge platform. And I know that you know, human searching pre videos all your life and you've been seeing, like, leaders about humorous stick stuff, people telling their stories, people making two tours about what they know in life. This kids they want to share with different people who is there. I mean, YouTube is a great platform. So in this class, I gonna take you through a step to step off how you can make the videos you want to make, you know, like everything from finding your niche, which is based on, like, you're what you're passionate about, Like what you like, what you're into in your life, you know, like being proud of who you want to be in the videos, like don't being scared of like going out of your conference on and telling about what you want to tell about. You know also which kind of cameras you want to use. You know you don't need to have those huge, big, insane, like Sony cameras or stuff like that, too. To make those meetings you can use do it by your phone. You know, I'm gonna also teach you, like how you add it to the videos that are going to teach you. Like where I added my videos, which is a premiere pro. I'm gonna take you truth finding music, finding the right Wiebe. They're like editing techniques that are gonna also show you, like different acts you have. So you can kind of, like, follow up with your views against your audience. I'm gonna take you to a your anywhere. I gonna kind of try to explain you everything I know about being a youtuber because I've been there myself, and I am there right now, and I'm actually going to just teach you and learning based on my skills off how it was for me becoming a youtuber as I am today. And I'm still growing. So let's go. Let's begin with Chapter one 2. 1. Find your niche: so they were. First thing you have to think about before starting a YouTube account is what's gonna be your niece, You know, What are you gonna tell about? What's your story? What's your interested in? What do you want your YouTube channel to be all about? I mean, that that is based on, like what you like in life, you know, like, what's motivate You like what you think about daily, like, what's interesting? You in love, you know, like all that kind of stuff has to do with what kind of niche you wants to go into. It's really important that it's natural for you what you're going to talk about, because if not, it would be really, like strange. Two years, like try to speak about things that not doesn't make sense for you or that is yes, no, nothing about you. You know, like you have to find a way you want to do it and you want to. You have to find, like what you're interested in your life. So ask yourself like what motivates you, You know, like, what are you passionate about your life? Like, what is it that drives you to the next step in your life, you know, because it is based on that. I think that you can find a way off how your YouTube video is going to be all about like mine. For example, it's about that me being half South American, half region. So, for example, my videos is about like me being half Colombian, half Norwegian, and I always try to make videos about, like when I'm traveling in Colombia or even I'm traveling in Norway and I take the differences between the cultures and I also speak about the different people who are there , like the different kind of food you can either. And I tried to compare two different things to each other so I can show my audience what I like to do. And when I question myself, why I like to make readers about that is because that I'm passionate about it. It's part of my culture, like I am health and health, and I want to tell about that. I need to, like, just get it off for myself, you know? So for me, it's something natural to talk about, and that's what I mean. What do you have to find out, you have to find out what's natural for you to talk about. If you're interested in cars, for example, okay, make it channel that it's based on the car's You like you can make, like interviews about people that have cars. Or you can if you have, like a car garish with a lot of cars. You can make videos about the different cars you have, you know, or even your a traveler. Let's say you like to travel a lot, you know, and you want to begin to, like, make videos about your travels, which is pretty normal in these days, like you have to find your knees, and that's the way you're going to go. You know, don't try to talk about or make videos about things that you don't even know about make meters about something that is natural for you. That's part one. Find your niche 3. 2. Be yourself: Okay, guys, Step two. So after you being finding your niche, I think it's worrying. Burn that. You understand that if you're gonna make videos on YouTube, you gonna make video to a public platform with a lot of people is going to see you. It's important that do you know that you have to be yourself. What I mean with that is that a lot of people who starting with making videos like, actually it's like talking to the public. You know, they were so afraid of what other people are gonna think. And that is not something you can think about because then you will hurt yourself and you will not be as potential issue can be. If you just trust yourself. It's really important that you just try to be the best self that you can be, because then you will show that you're more confident in the content you create. You will also show that you don't care about what people think, because when you are in this public area, when you're making medias are promise you is gonna be a lot of people. They're gonna even make, like, positive comments or even negative comments and it's gonna be a ton of them and it's going to be a lot of them. And as long as you know that you are doing something that you're passionate about, which is in your niche, and you are being yourself than people going to love your videos, you know he just has to go that way. You can try to be somebody else. It is a lot of people on the YouTube trying to be somebody else because the best way for them to like, try to step out of their conference zone or be creative is to kind of like do what all the other people have been doing before. And I can't either say that you can copy others, but you have to find your way off copying what others do with your kind of humor with your kind of personality with your kind of yourself. And that's the most important when you are yourself. When you're making these videos, things going to be so much easier for you because you're not going to be like thinking about everything that the different people will say about the videos because you know that is your true itself. So he doesn't worry like find your nations that told you and then be yourself in the videos . And don't be scared about being it, because that's the best thing you can do because then you show your total identity directly to the camera because you're speaking to an audience, So let's go for it at the gate. 4. 3. Identity: step tree, make your identity. So we just passed through the niche, which is what you're gonna make meetings about. Then we passed through, believing yourself be yourself, which is the next step to like knowing that your niece is going to be okay because you know that you're gonna be yourself when you're talking about journeys. So then it comes to the identity because you have to make a brand out of yourself like I don't know if your video is going to be about you, where it's gonna be about the topic that you're interested in. For example, in my case, my YouTube channel is called Johannes Threat, which is my name, because I'm actually making videos as I told you earlier about my life and what I go truth and like my different cultures than widget cultures and economic cultures. So in my case, for example, in my identity, I have a cover photo, which is pretty important. I have a logo s well, I have, like, a ending picture when all the videos ants like where it says like my logo, you know, like subscribe, like my instagram channel, all those kind of things. So I have, like an identity to my channel, you know? So one of the things you need when you're having gonna make your identity is to, like, have a logo. So what What is your read is going to be about? Let's say it's going to be about do us a person, and that's going to be about the topic, or it's not gonna be about the company. So then I would like trying to find a friend. And you, for example, have that aren't that is a designer that can, for example, make a logo for you, like based on your ideas based on their personality that you want to show. Then, after that, for example, I will also fix the cover photo because, like every time someone's getting into your YouTube channels every time someone it subscribing on your shallow, for example, they will end up at your profile under a duty channel. So there is worry important that you have like a cover photo, which you can search in different you TV's hold to make where you have, for example, you logo and you have, like what you're going to make me this about like for example, in my case, I make videos about humor. How about I make Peters about culture my troubles on just like my life, You know, good life, like what I want to do in my life, you know? And it stands like in a top off the cover photo. It says, Like what I'm making me this about. And it's a picture of me, like in the sun, like having fun and like, That's my personal, you know, that's my identity. So what do you want your brand to be like? You know, Just think a little bit about that. Maybe check out through other sketcher videos there where you can kind of, like, find ideas of hope to find your identity, and then you can, like, be surprised about home, any different kind of ways you can go in your identity. Your identity is based on what you trying to find. Like ho. You want to present yourself. So it's a combination off your niche yourself and like, Oh, you want yourself to look like in a digital platform, you know, in the digital format. So just go ahead and think about that, okay, your identity. Another thing you have to think about in your identity is, for example, which kind off social media platforms you want to share your videos from, You know, like, do you have an INSTAGRAM account? Do you have, like, a Facebook page? Of course, you have a YouTube channel because that's where you gonna show your videos and where you're going to operate your videos. But you can use your different kind off social media as well to like promote your YouTube videos, and you have to make our identity around those social medias as well. But it's all up to you bed. Find your identity. 5. 4. What camera to use: great. So we're pretty much ready to actually take the next step. You know your niche. You know that you have to be yourself when you make the videos on. Don't be somebody else. And you know your identity. No, you're ready to, like, actually start filming and making your videos. So, no, I'm gonna talk a little bit about, like, what kind of cameras you're going to use. And to be honest, ah, lot of people think that you have to have, like, the most amazing and crazy and like, expensive cameras to make the best videos you want to make. And of course, it depends on whole crazy. You want your readers to go, you know, like you have cameras and cause a lot of money, but you don't need all that stuff. I think the best way you can find out which kind off camera you want to use to your videos . It's about like, thinking a little bit about what you have. Like you don't need to start with the most expensive camera. It's all good enough with an iPhone because, I mean, all the iPhones are all the phones today, you know, like the things that we have in our like pocket. You know, they're more than good enough to film with, you know, But it's all about, like how you use your little phone to film. You know, like don't make it shaking. Suffer that. Or, for example, you can use what I like to use when I make my blog's, which is this small action that yes came into the market with a huge great seven stabilizer like and this is more than get enough. I just take it up with this. I speak to the camera and I'm like, making the videos. I said told you, I don't know what you are going to make your business about, but my videos are kind of flogs like video blocks like off what I do and my culture and stuff like that. So I used speaking to my camera, and I divide like everything in different sections of We're gonna fill myself of that. And sometimes if I don't have this camera, I even have my Sony Camera. Was is a camera filming with right now, which is this camera, but the most important when it comes to like what camera you're going to use, he said. You're comfortable with using the camera and that you get like, stabilised image. You know it's not cool. When you see different YouTube videos or videos of people like having those video there, you can see everything like shaking all the time. That's not what we want to see today. So just think about that when you're going to choose what to film with. And as I'm telling you, start with your phone, then go over to Osmo action. I mean, this is pretty sheep thing, you know, and it has this settlers as well, and it's like it. You can hold it, you know, when you can turn it around and you can do whatever you want with its and pretty awesome, you know, and you can like, start the record, and then you can stop the record and you have different frames. You have like four K or HD, but that's that's too much. You just need to start to talk to the camera, and I be confident about told you being yourself and making the best out of it. Don't buy any huge, expensive camera. Start with what you have, of course, if you have like the amazing Sony or, I don't know, like Canon camera go for it, start film with it. But the most important is that you you start with what you have and then you build after that because it's not about the camera uses about what you telling about this about the content and it can't It is you providing like information to the camera is not the camera trying to to make you look better, you know, because you look as your look and the content is about the content is about, you know. But it's about what you say to the camera. So if you even have a gorilla part, like to hold this up like something that days, and then you film yourself like this, you know that's smart and get enough. And that's the way you can start making your first YouTube videos. No problem like yours. Go ahead like that 6. 5. Shooting techniques: everybody have different ways of shooting, you know, like techniques of ho. To get the object that you're going to film, it is yourself. It's another thing, like ways of like actually being a good video graph, capturing that the right moment or the right object, you know, like having the right frame and all that stuff, you know? So it is a lot of different ways to fail. So I'm gonna talk a little about my techniques, you know? So I want to start with, like, a technique. I know that a lot of people use, which is like, what is called cinematic movements, you know, like cinematic shots. So what is cinematic shot? You know, when you typically, like, see a video on YouTube or in a television and you see those clips off a car behind the car , like going in slow motion stuff like, you know, it looks like awesome and beautiful. You know, you don't need to have it in your videos, but it is just that way off making the video look even more sexier. And we're like cinematic, which is like, more grateful is pretty easy. Actually, I'm going to tell you about the cinematic shoots. You know, I've been seeing a lot of videos about this and duty best well, and the only thing you need to think about when you're doing your cinematic shots is to try to halt your camera. In this case, the iPhone as stable as possible, you know. So actually, if I want to fill my most more action camera instead of like going too fast, I will film slowly around, you know, because it's all about the movements. So as long as the object that you're filming are moving a little bit, you know, like, let's say this is moving this way and then I'm going around with the camera. This way I would have a cinematic shot. Cinematic shots, its most used like B ro wishes clips that you use over the main content. For example, if you're making a vlog on a beach and telling the camera how beautiful it is to be on this beach, then after you don't with speaking about in 20 seconds about ho beautiful, it is to stay at this beach. You will have some cinematic shots that you take from the waves or from the people who are at the beach, relaxing and she relaxing and stuff like that, you know, so you can put that over like your content, like the main content, what you're talking about to the camera cinematic shot is really like getting to do because it's make your videos look much better. Like much more professional and cinematic shots does need to be so difficult to make it just about your imagination. But just remember, always like Samoon movements, small clips like nearby the Object or far away from the object. You know, just be creative and have it from different Angel's. That's what is all about in a cinematic shots. Another a shooting technique that is really great to know about is who always try to center the object. You know, Ah, lot of people who begin with making videos are not into that kind of stuff. You know, they're going to film you and then send anywhere you see the shop after your friend has been filming you. You will see that your hand is like on the right top off the off the frame. You know, that's not the way you want to be, you know, like you want to center it a little bit, you know, so you can be in the middle, actually off the content. I know people have different ways of what they think about this. Some people, some professionals. They say that you should be like a little bit on the left side off the center. But I like to center because that's when you're like, in the middle off what's happening, actually, and that's a cool. This all small action that I yet bob is that it has a like a screen on the front so you can actually see what you're filming. So when I'm feeling myself, I can see the frame I can see, like where I am in the frame, like where I am in Victor, in the image you know, which makes it so much easier for me to control my own blocks and know where I am, like, know what I'm talking to, you know, and that's pretty cool. Just look at this. Another cool thing is to do slow motion clips, and actually you can use the same cinematic clips that you have and make in slow motion. It just depends on the frame. You're filming it so For example, when I'm editing my contents, I like to like edited in 30 frames. That means that I can go, for example, up to 60 frames turn it down halfway and make the clip half slow motion. You know, if I, for example, filming 120 frames and gonna edit internee frames, I can't slow motion it up to four times. But the pets of the camera you have, like so you think about that because slow motion is really cool when you're making movies. You know, of course, it depends what kind off YouTube channel you have been like for me as a vlogger who makes videos about culture, about my travels and stuff. Letta, I like to like speak to the camera, tell about things, and then it's have some cool cinematic, slow motion like clips over the counter as well. So you can kind of get the feeling out of it. You know, that's yes. That's a great introduce. Slow motion is always a winner, so many people ask, like also like, should I film in HD, or should I film in four K? And to be honest, like off course for K is so much better because you will have, like, so much better resolution. But HD, it's morning good enough to make your YouTube videos, like most people there make the video in four K are people that make commercials for huge brands worldwide. You know, like but what you want to make a normal due to video. It's okay to make it in HD. And a recent that I'm saying that you can make them in HD 1080 is because when you come, in fact for okay, you're gonna take too much space. You know when it's going to be even more harder to edit because it gonna take more space in your computer. So I prefer to film in HD. It makes it so much easier for me and Stan. It's a pretty good at quality. Actually, it's morning Good enough. The last technique I want to tell you about is the way I'm making this video right now. That is that I have my camera on my sunny camera right over there, and it stands on a stabilizer and it's filming me in still, you know, I'm sitting here. I'm talking directly into the camera. I'm not having a self is taking my hand. I'm not having my phone there for filming me. I just have the camera, put it on the table and it fills me by talking about what I'm talking about. Which means that if you're for example, going to make YouTube videos about you, Julius learning stuff or where you just want to talk to the camera without moving around this is the last way to do it is yes, I take the camera up film yourself, tell what you gotta tell. Tell your story, be passionate and just come. 7. 6. Shoot to clip: Okay, So I know you have some shooting techniques. You know, you're gonna feel with, like, a GoPro steak, like or what I call us more action. Which is gonna have if you're gonna film with a like an iPhone, is you conduce cinematic clips or whatever you're gonna do, So no, it's all about, like, filming what you're gonna film, you know? So you're, like, ready? You have the story. You know, your personality, your identity. You know, like everything. You have your nation, you know what you're gonna do and you have the kidney, right? So, no, it's all about case of how to shoot it. And to be honest, how way that I like to shoot my videos, you know, because ah, lot off people that make videos through the Internet or tree do tube. They put so much effort into it, and you have to put effort into it is not what I'm saying. That you're not have to do that is years that shooting the clip is about your imagination. Like the story that you already made his shoot. It was you're going treat, you know. So for example, in my case, let's say that I today wanted to make a video about my city Burry and Harry Norway on. I want to show them the event of told your braces who was here for like some days ago. And I wanted to, like show. So it was around. I wanted to talk with people about what they felt. I wanted to show the different boats. I wanted to interview some people and interact with them. And I asked him about what I think about Bergen. I wanted to film the tourists. I want to take my drone like, have a shop over there. Sadie as well. Then I always shoot to clip, you know, because if you have too much content in the end, when you're going to see an added your video, you're gonna have pain in your head like I have a lot of times when I gonna edit my confidence because they're going to be too much to work with, you know? So the best thing you can do when you're all filming, which is why I always do when I'm on filming, is that if I want a shot, that is about a specific thing that I want and I can see that the first time shooting it. It does work. I would shoot it into I have the perfect keep that I want to use, you know, And then I will actually the leader orders while I'm there because it makes it so much easier for me when I collect all the different pieces of content later to make the story like to put it into my editing programming and face it, you're gonna makes it so much easier. And this is actually something that I learned from a youtuber in them South American when I was there and he told me, Just shoot to clip because it makes it so much easier for you. And you know the story. The only thing that sometimes you're like, Oh, I don't know if that was good enough and I don't know if that was gonna when I did that shot, you know? But the problem is that this go back to Step two, which is you have to be yourself, and nothing can be perfect. You are as perfect as you can be. And that's the most important you know. So the only thing that you have to know is that. Okay, I'm gonna talk to the camera. Going to say what I want to say to the camera. I don't think about that. Oh, I went wrong right now, like okay. Or if you did do it again, but do it to treat four times and mortar that. And then you know what kind of piece of content you want to have A pretty what you're gonna add it, The content in it off. Like actually to say in another way. You have to shoot based on the story, because I said told you know the story. You know what you want to tell about. Maybe you already, like, wrote it up in a book like Orrin notes on your phone. And you know what? You want this story to be about. So yes, like film what you want to clip afterwards? Because then you know that you have the right clips. And of course, in between them, you do what I told you in some steps ago. You make this cinematic lips. So what you gonna do there? Is that based on what you told or what you made a video about? Or a clip about in that second or in those minutes you have some cool cinematic shots around it and some cool, strong motion eclipse around it as well, so you can combine all of those things together. But don't make it complicated for yourself, because if you want to make videos like daily or weekly and you want to like, stick to it and you want to like how routine around it, you have to be honest, your stuff, and you would have to know that nothing can be perfect to you. The most important is to you just push content. But of course, you have to be satisfied with what you're making. But a lot of people, they think too much, and they're so scared about what they're gonna make and what they're gonna published that they even don't publishes. So that's what I'm trying to tell. You know, I don't want you to falling to that kind of whole because that's a whole where you going to stay and you're gonna, like, go crazy. So just like be yourself should clip and think you're ready, you know? Yes, like, you know what you're gonna do 8. 7. Music and vibes: Okay, guys. So you just being around your being, shooting the content, you're gonna add it like you have everything ready. You know, you're, like, ready to start the creating ways of thinking when you're gonna edit it. So for me, like one of the most important things one before I start to edit videos is that I want to find the right me Z You know, I want to give it the right. Why back in my old skater boy from back in the days And like, to be honest, like music is everything for me. I listen to music all the time. You want to see different videos through YouTube as well, Like especially, you know, like cool Wiebe videos about people around their music they put into the video has so much to do with the feeling that I gonna feel through all the video because to be honest, music is feelings. And like people, they do daily choices based on feelings. And if music can attack like feelings to your videos, that means that people will relate, Morton, because you will actually give each sort of your video like I identity again. You know, because you're gonna show that you understand, like the combination about using music and like the clips that you have to make, like the relation you want to make with your audience that's so important. So, for example, you can have different kind of music, two different kind of situations if you, for example, have like, an inspirational shot when you're under mountain that say you have a cinematic shop when you're running through the month and you have, like a voiceover you're telling that every time I run through the mountains I just love to see the sun on the sunset and all the flowers You have to have some inspirational music. You know, you have to have, like, some music that make the people feel the wire that you're going through, because without the music and we just be a sad story, you know it does. It wouldn't be like so cool, I said. Can be if you find the right music. If you, for example, have a humorist IQ part in your video there. You, for example, are laughing a lot. O are something that that you might find some, for example, some sound effects because you can also use some of their face began, for example, don't like different sound effects where you have people barfing like those typical hubristic like, You know, all that kind of soft exists on a big Internet, and this takes me to the next step not the next up, but about how you find his museum. And actually, it is a lot of different websites where you can find his music. I personally haven't account at epidemic sound music dot com, which is a platform where you pay and you can dollars all the music you want. The cool thing about that platform for me is that I concert true exactly what I want to search, you know. So let's say, for example, I want a music with high bpm like I did read him like wipes with some Let's call it Deep House. I can search it, I can put up the BP and even that I want, like the beats of the music. And he would give me a lot of eternities for me to download totally for free, because if you really gonna work with making beauty videos, you have to download the music from different platforms that gives you the opportunity to use the music without you getting notified about you, too, because you can just use music that all the other people has used. You know, you can't use use music from Rhianna or from I don't know, every name or whatever. Johnny Cash you have to download the music are not away. You can also find in music is that duty in itself has an own library and that's a library. It's also pretty good as well. And it has a lot of different choices you can choose from, you know, But just give it, give it, give it some soul, like find the right music because it has so much to do. You know, I guess you like if you want to make you the videos, I think you already know about this, but yes, like, go into those platforms and finding music that ghosts in with that kind of company. You're mate, because that's going to make your video look so much better. So, no, we have music 9. 8. Editing the content: Okay, so basically, now we are in a part where we're gonna add it. The content we're gonna, like, make the video We're gonna, like, added the music into it. We're gonna put the clips into it. We're gonna like sorry up in, like, the way wanted to be. We're going to, like, go up and go down with the music as well. In the middle of the video, we're gonna insert some D effects, some logos, whatever, you know, like we're gonna add it. The video and a very important thing for me before I start editing the video is to have control over all the content that I'm gonna create. Because if you don't do that, you're going to get a little bit crazy when you're anything, it because it's going to be too much to try to find a piece is so like one of the most important things for me is to always, like, make different folders off all the things you want to having a video like I will always do a folder off, for example, clips that I would divide in in different sections that I filmed. Like, for example, if I wasn't a beach on my was filming a section where I met some people and interview them . Then, for example, I have a section where I speak by myself to talk about the weather, and then I'm hope in the end of the night and I'm talking about like hold Today was for me . I will take all those clips and put him into different folders and, like name every folder. So I know, like where to look after eclipse when I'm in their editing. Another folder you also have to do as well is the folder with the Dfx, a site called, which is like the logos like, I don't know that the the pain things you want to have over. I mean, it's a lot of things you can put in there. It's up to you how you want to edit it. Like a lot of people. I don't know, different P and G's with cool files that they want to insert to the YouTube videos, you know, or like maybe some sound effects. So, like make different folders. For example, one folders it's not named content than the order folder is named Music, and you I already have the music. The turn folder is named, for example, G effects. And then you go on, you know that that's the most important. So, like you some hours or like an hour. I mean, it depends on how much continue but you some time to, like take all the kind of pieces you want to make the whole movie and actually divided up in different folders before you start inserting into the program you're going to use to add it. So when it comes to wish kind off programmer like software you want to use to at its I, for example, I prefer to use Premiere Pro because that's like where I started to anything. And that's like where I like to read it off course if you're not really into it. If you're not like a pro off creating or like editing videos, you can always start that movie maker, which is a much easier place to edit the video. Or you also have final copter, a lot of different ways of editing it through different programs or software's. But what I'm gonna show you right now is hope. I added my content when I edited and I edit in Premiere Pro. So I gotta jumping. We're gonna, like, go into premier right now. We're gonna screen records. You guys can see a little bit of hold my anything processes when I'm editing my BDS. Okay, let's go. Okay, so now it's time to actually edit the content at it. Video will bring talking about. So I'm gonna dip directly into right now, so you can see right now I am at my dashboard at my Mac book pro, and the first thing I'm going to show you that I already have inserted my external hard disk. Where have the different clips I want to work with? Why not go to do at the same time? Is that I gonna open up the mere pro, which is the program that I'm using to edit with. We might go directly into to see how added accounting, like actually Hawai'i put in the music to the timeline. How I use it, different clips so they can make out with each other. I can insert a logo or put attacks over a video who to put over clips over a video when you're making it on how to actually Yes, like, make make that one minute or five minute long video and then exported in the end. So we're gonna make a new project right now, and I'm going to call the project, be calming, uh, do tuber, which is the name off the course. So as you can see directly in that, everything wishes were like to be inherently left on the left side. Downside. There you can see that is the area where you can import the media. So what are normally going to do then? It's like that. I'm going Teoh to my external hard disk and we might go directly in to see what we want to insert. So what I'm gonna do first here is that I'm gonna make a folder. You've been wish I go on the coal one and food touch. Then we're gonna make the 2nd 1 wish. I am going to call you sick, for example. Then I'm gonna make the 3rd 1 which I gonna called g f X, which might be logos and that kind of stuff. And then you, for example, can make footers as Luo, sir, Voices like the pence, but this is a tree we're gonna work with today So when I go directly into footage that say , today we go in and edit on some stuff that I have Joanna's YouTube videos So gonna find some footage that I don't when I waas in Colombia. So let's go directly into Helicke Indio and, for example, this content that I have from when I waas doing paragliding in Colombians are gonna insert folder with a different content. Harris the content So we has drag it directly into premier broke. So then we have it in the folder footage rights. It's gonna take some time to no two footage into the program. Okay, Says you can see we have Sarah Penton. How we have all the clips are from when I was doing this thing. I also have a little for within it, But there's some GoPro clips from I wanna when I was actually in the air, because this guy who learned he was actually having a GoPro camera with him when we were paragliding. So what I'm gonna do now is that I'm going to go right back again and then we're going into the music folder that I going into music. There we go. Music music in religion. And we, for example, going to find some cool music. Let's do some beautiful music that I have. So I'm gonna, for example, used dose too. Songs right here. And I'm gonna drive them directly into my photo of music. Right? Then we have two things they're gonna pick. Yes, one somewhere. Let's go to the chill here, pop on. Let's do this for example. So I dragged this song in and this is a tree, since I want to use in this video. So we already have footage, we have music and we need g effects, which is two little girls and stuff like that. So I have my own folder rather here, where the she's called you hundreds of log. And here I have my G FX. So this is the kind off PNG files like logos of instagram Facebook and like bells and due to blow one subscribe logo that I use to put in my content. So I'll take all this high mark them. And I dragged him directly into Dfx at my premier pro program. So here we go. No, I have everything organized. So the thing right now is that if you see that line over here. Drop media here to create sequence. This is going to be the timeline where you're gonna create eight Compton like that, content from So what I normally like to do is that I always putting music on first, you know? So, for example, I going to music. I pressed music and then I can listen to music up here. Where to go but on and theme. Yes. So I stop it. And what I'm gonna do is that I gonna then dragged the clip directly in to that timeless American. See, the clip is right now, like 2.5 long. But I can actually like fit better into the title so I can work in seconds because the clips are about seconds right to make this music time on a little bit bigger drag down so I can actually hear go up and down in the volume off the music so I might go a little bit down because I will be speaking over the video. So here we go. It connects to the music. It's a little bit lower another before it waas around here. Thats is too high. But this is what I wanted to be Okay, so then I gonna keep this part because we don't need this. This is not music, so I just Pressey and then I presby and then I take it away and go back again. So what I'm gonna do right now is that I going back to footage on going to start to import the content. I want to import the video clips oppressed for a Penta. And here, for example, that first clip it is a clip where I'm actually my sister, which is already sitting in the car, which is going to take this opportunity mountains. So I'm gonna, for example, I used wanted from B to From. So, for example, you wanted to be from, like, this point At this point, what I do here is that our present I to make a in point and I go all the way over there, for example, and press co. And then we have all point like it out point. So, you know, you can see that this is them area off the clip that it's smart is gonna be in the video. These two buttons there are different things like this is if I want to have the image. This is if I want to have the audio. And if I drag it directly from here, I'm gonna have both audio and, um Kip. So what I'm gonna do is I was gonna import They clip, So I gonna drag it. This is whole longer club is gonna be. But then I have to go in here and gay to frame size. Yeah. So there, you see here is the beginning off the clip, right? No, you can see this is the first clip. I already put it in my time. So let's do the next clip. Which is, for example, this one while we were going up. So I want, for example, from this point, Procida again to case point press so again. And I put it directly after here, right? So that means that right now it's gonna be like on then It goes terribly over there, right? We do the same again, we go into the clip and we scaled to frame size, and this is how it goes way. We're going to do one more last clip. And this might be this guy talking because he told me a story, which is the guy off there Paragliding, which told me the story about this place because I was actually making a movie. That was about he learning us to. You do paragliding. So I make my point there. Now, make eye point here directly before start talking and they're gonna say a lot of different things, sir. But make no point, for example, here and since this is actually like audio and tips together, what I going to do is that I got a dry hole. The clip overthrew time. But first I have to take the music line and drag get down a little bit so I can make space because it's going to take these boats spaces off the time. So what you're gonna see right now is that when I'm starting here, But first, I have to scale to frame size when I'm starting here. Now it goes directly over to this point driving up the mountain and then way go directly into I started right out to the area where me and him is talking about, You know, you have music and and clips and audio at the same time. So let's say, for example, here in the beginning, we want to insert a logo. When I will have to do then is that I'm going back in and I'm going to my father wishes called G f X. And then I, for example, once my logo to come in the beginning Here is my logo is Johannes that she's my name. Then I'm going to drag it directly over here, and then you can see that it's right here. But right now it's a little bit too big. So I go on a double press where I'm making the logo, and this part is gonna come up and we're going to go to effect controls and what I'm gonna do right here, in effect, crunchers that are going to scale down the logo a little bit. So here you go. You can use drag it up and down. Or you can't, for example, press seven and then it's gonna be like that, right? So this is how I wanted to be. And then I want the logo to be the same as length at this clip on her hair. So I'm gonna drag it exactly to their We're gonna look at this, right? So Now, for example, if I want this transition to be a little bit smoother, I can assuming it a bit more. And then I can double press here and press apply default transitions, which going to make it smoother gonna drag this part a little bit for up. So it's gonna happen right now. Is that it gonna be a transition that is much more smoother when my lo is coming in? You seem right. For example, Right now, we want to percent my name here or he's nameless. Say this name of his guy. You're right. There is Oliver. So we can, for example, going to file. Then we do new and we make a legacy. Tyler. Then this is where we make title. So for liver his name, okay. And here we're then gonna mark the area. Want to put his name on how it was like to take text to the middle. And now we're gonna use ride with big letters. A lever, right? You see that? So you can, for example, Mark, this is again, and then you can find another fund for it, right? So let's say we're going to use this from this front is a front that I used to use. So it's a little bit for a rub right now, so I want to size available down like this, and then I have to position it at the right time. So I might take a little bit to the left right here. Then I might take it down this way here. So it's these two hairs that's gonna make the text change where it is an image. So Okay, let's say that I wanted to be right there. Then I can just exit out because Texas gonna be here in my left side on where I actually have all the content that is supposed to go into the video to the time. So gonna drag this again and then they're gonna put it right here. When I start to meet him, I'm gonna do the same up with the logo. We're gonna press here that WordPress applied the full transition so it smoothly comes in, so no, it is going to be like this. You see that you had a Saddler was coming in. Then I'm going to speak with his name is coming off those ghost. Is that what we supposed to do. So let's say that we right now we've been talking about another stuff. I mean him, and then we're gonna make some cool footage from when I'm actually a paragliding. So I'm gonna go into my go pro video section and then I gonna find some of the clips when I'm actually in the year. So I'm gonna press here and look at the kid. Yeah, this is cool. So I'm gonna make my point. They're going to make a point there. I'm gonna drag this clip without eating audio because I don't need are the right here because it's so loading, and I'm gonna put it right here. But what I want to do right here is that, you know, in a video when I was going from someone, it's talking. And then, like, you want to show some cool shots and you don't want anybody to talk. You want the music to go up, right? So what I'm gonna do right now is that I'm gonna press P on the timeline. They're going to make up point here, then I'm going to make another point there. Then I can actually drag this point where I want it to be so I can drag point out pairs of what you looking at right here now is a musical from being down here to going up here. So it will. Sounds like this way, Theo. So, as you see, right now, we have inserted in total 12 tree for clips on and we have put some music on. And let's say, for example, to end this section right now where we're anything, the company before we exporting it, we want to make ending part of the video. It's another long meeting right now with issues to show. Let's say that right here we want to actually put in what I call my ending card, which is something that I already signed, which is this the right hair business. And right here, which is my name. I like Columbia, Norwegian flags and instagram and, like, subscribes. They're gonna drag it directly in here. I'm gonna make it a little bit longer. So what's gonna happen right now that is gonna go to start. So what I want to do right now, for example, is that I want this to fit in, so I have to press it again. go up to effect controls and scared it down because it is to be right now, uh, whatever example one is to be like this. So that is hold my video ends. So then I want to take away this last part because I don't need all the song. So I'm gonna slip away from here and here, and I'm gonna take this far away. So this is the length of the video is going to be one minute and 30 seconds. So then I need to render it. I go with this. Drag this timeline line here left, press I. Then I go all out to the end off where I on the video, which is right here on then right here, making Po Dr this part over there. This is the area I gonna render. So right now marked this area and we want to export the video. What I'm gonna do then, is that I'm going into file. I'm gonna go down to exports export media and, uh, the format that I'm used to explore two videos in is age to 64 and that's like what I prefer to export in on the rest of the information that is cool. What we want to call the clip when it came into my computer. When it comes into my computer, let's call it be coming. Jew tuber, Right, Andi. Then I want to use maximum render qualities of the quality is good and this is a size is gonna use 112 megabytes. Right now I can press export and it's gonna begin to export my video when it's finished with exporting. The video's gonna lay at the area that I wanted to be wishes in my folder ATS, my Mac book, where it can actually use them. Be uploading it directly to do too. 10. 9. Thumbnail and title: Okay, guys. So yes, went through the section off editing the content you saw a little bit off like Hawaii inserts my different clips. How I go up and down in the music. Hawaii, for example. Insert a clip without audio are our insert a clip with audio as well, Hawaii insert logo Or like how we actually put a title on the guy, for example, that I show you. But right now we're dipping into the next point, which is that you have to find the right term nail and the right title. And believe me, that is so important. You know, when you're searching through your favorite YouTube videos or like the search words that you're searching for when you are trying to find the videos that you want to see, you will always see that this picture that you go through, they have always like a logo on it or they have a Texan it and it's describes what this video is all about. So I'm actually gonna dip directly into YouTube right here, and we're going to try to analyze a little bit what kindof term names and titles that that is out there. So let's for example, search directly into how to be come a youtuber. And then we're going to see hope people tired it. So if you take this one for assemble here, you can see this guy and putting a tax on his terminal, saying, Starting from zero, you can see the guy is trying to film himself like someone took a photo of him with he's gear, like with his try pardon with his ready make and camera. And he's title is how to start and Grow Your duty channel from 07 tips. So then we understand what his videos is all about. It's like Ho to actually making YouTube video based on his perspective. And he's seven tips to make this video, you know, and I Still, when I'm searching through this, this makes me, for example, trusted in making videos and make videos by myself. I want to press on this video because like it's kind off hating me because you see the guy he smile is like, want to learn, You know, he's like standing there, like with his camera watching that rhetorically to the guy who took the photo of him like saying like, Yeah, I'm gonna learn you like ho. You made this video. This is a cool way of doing it. If he go more down, you're going to see that it is a lot of different ways of thinking. Look at this 1 10 reasons. You should start YouTube Channel in 2019 and it's like 10 reasons to start. And then he has, like Insert is due to play bottom. And then he's like watching on his side like into his own title. No, I mean his own like title in the terminal, which I also think is a pretty good idea because like, it's communicate better, what you can expect of the video and which is really important because it's about what you see at the first that's gonna try to kind of like hit what you want to see, because without to get Tom Knight without a good title, you want, like be so interested in this here because it's a lot off different people and creators out there trying to attack you as a person to see their video. So it's a lot off competition in all the different search words that exists out there, so you have to But thinking about that when you're making the video try to make it like, not so big, not so long, not so heavy is like something straight to the point. And I mean the picture that you're gonna use in the temple it doesn't need to be like I clipped from the video that you may like if you, for example, made a video out of you jumping heart of a plane. Like if someone took a cool picture of you with a growth pro can when you were directly hitting out from the airplane and you can see your face like Wow. So, Grace, you know, that will be the perfect picture to use internally term nail. And then you might, for example, use a title like I thought I was going to die when I jumped out of the airplane. And that is also going to make you want to see this video because it's like of course, you know he didn't die. Betty almost died. And maybe the story isn't so much about that. He was actually dying, but like how cool it thought it was to actually jump out of this plane and like getting down there. Bad people want to see it because title and the terminal wish was like communicating something that make you feel because we people, we take different choices every day based on our feelings. And our feelings are based on psychology again, you know? So just think about it is really important to find the right time, night and the right. I'll just make it simple, sure and direct to the people you're talking to. 11. 10. Uploading and hashtags: Yes, Next section. We're almost done right now. Guys were like, really like getting near the end off this course that we have some things left. So the next up right now is like uploading the video to YouTube and find the right hashtag so you can be like more now, in tribute to when people search like the words you want to relate you video with. You know, eso. One thing I want to go true first is that you might find the right time for you to upload your videos. You have to make your audience known. Would like what kind of time you want to opera videos. Maybe in the beginning, you're not gonna upload them so often because you're like starting. But when you're really taking a little bit off when you may be at least are doing one video a week. You should, for example, tell your audience that every Sunday, for example, 6 p.m. Which is a pretty good time to operate a video because it's like, No, no one is doing something on a Sunday evening, at least, and then they can understand and they can get note with that. You are actually operating your videos on a Sunday afternoon, which makes people wanna be there and, like, wait for the videos to come. That's a good idea. And another thing is that you should use right hashtag X. So, for example, let's said we go back to the story about this guy that was jumping out of the airplane to, like, make this super cool thumbnail and texts. So the hashtag sigh would, for example, use there is like jumping out of a plane like skydiving, something about like airplane, like scared to death. You know, you have to, like, try to get the words you would actually search after if you were going to find a media related to what you wanted to see a video about, you know, So based on the topic off your video and use your own head and brain to try to understand what kind of search words people would search after To see that kind of content that you are putting out to the world, you are applauding to your YouTube account. My image is not good, but it doesn't matter because the most important is that I'm making this course with my languish The cool thing on YouTube is that you can use up to in total 30 hashtag, which makes it like, cool for you. Because then you have, like, more opportunities to reach out. And you can actually try to put different words or sentences into your like search area at the like keywords and ash tax, which makes it easier for you to reach out to, ah, much bigger audience mason your words or your sentences that you, Brett put in there as well. So when you're ready with that, you are actually ready to upload the YouTube video. And right now I want to show you a little bit off so you actually do that part. So let's young directly into it right now, okay? So as you can see on my screen right now, I am at my SHALL right now on what I'm gonna do right now is that I got on a president's like right here, which is like, loud up a new video. I gonna pretend as I'm learning enough I'm not going to load it up bad. Then what I'm gonna do here is that I have to find a file and my files are in documents they aren't in dope. You see here on how we got them so I can actually get into this is some BDs that already done So this is for example, the video that I edited before from the paragliding project that I was doing very goes is applauding eso I want to for example call days video Yeah par rocked the living over the hills in Colombia. That's actually what I just did. And I think for me this title is good enough Based on what kind of Venus I do. Then I come for example right here like this on this is a video I made when I waas in Colombia And I can, for example, put in my instinct ramp right here. So I will actually go into Instagram and I will search up myself and I will actually copy my Instagram and put it in right here because that people can find my instrument well And Harris where you put in the hashtag So I can for example go in here and press like Perak living Colombia. I can do for example Ah, my name, which is I want when people search mint you do want my name to be there, Colombe, Uh, nature like And you have to find out your own words that you want the years right. But here you can feeling with 30 different Tash takes. Then it comes to the toenail. This is the tom males that the area where you can actually make your own tonal. So I'm gonna press there, and then I might find my thumbnail. Right now, I don't have a time nail, but what you do is that when you already have your time and you will upload it, which is gonna be the picture you're showing on your you tube shadow when it comes up, then you're gonna press publish, and your video will be here as a new video. But, um, that's how it works. So, Tom, nail and hashtag really important before you upload the video when you upload your videos out. But you are not finished yet. 12. 11. Share on social media: using social media to reach out with your content. Is this topic about so It's like I'm saying, like you already done with your content. You're done with your first video or your second or third. I don't know how many videos you'd be making or of this one is your 1st 1 bad guys. Right now you have to put effort to sharing your video. You have Facebook. You have instagram length and even Twitter, even mailing list. I don't know. Maybe you have some people around this different kind of social media's. I mean, at least you have some friends and Facebook, and you might also have an instagram because you might be in the same age that I am. So we are already into that kind of stuff, and that's the different channels you have to use to reach out. But your content reach out with your story. Another cool thing that you can do as well that I was doing in the beginning, like where I still doing it is to reach out to order kind of content creators that are in the same niche that you are because they might be willing to help you out because they might kind of, like, relate to the count of content that you're making was going to make it like cooler to interact with them. You know, like reach up with that people and maybe they gonna share your video. You might share their video and you might build each other up because that's what it's all about. We have to collaborate, you know? So use social media to reach out. I would not recommend to announce on a piece of content that you may, because you would really look like you're like, Oh, I need those views. And that's not a cool way to go on social media just like make it authentic and make it the way you're making it. The views is not gonna be a lot of them in the beginning, but it doesn't matter, because you are. As I told in the beginning off this course, you are doing what you love to do and what you're passionate about. So as long as you are doing what you're passionate about and like making videos about that passion, it will grow because you were kind of like explain and you people will see what you're all about what? Your build off. So don't worry about that. But do social media like build and build and build and build? I mean, for examples, I daily get, like some new subscribers from a YouTube channel that I get from my instagram account because of my INSTAGRAM account. I have like, for example, the YouTube link in the biography and in the same with my instagram accounts. Get a lot off new followers every day because, like on my duty videos, I always put up like a subscriber bottom in the video. And I always tell the people to follow me on instagram as well so they can be following on different platforms so they know much more on me about in a total with a little bit of bad English. But it's OK, social media really importance. You can reach out to the people you want to reach out 13. 12. Be consistent and build community: So you already reached out. You already did. So marketing through your different social media channels and you might be thinking, Oh, no, it isn't growing. So this takes me to the next point that is, that you need to be consistent and you need to build a community. You have to remember that the followers you are growing or in subscribers that you are growing their like following you because of the content you're making. So they're like your digital friends. You have to engage with them. So at once, like someone's gonna comment on your videos and someone's going to, like, interact with your or like comments and engage with you. You have to show that you're there. You know, you have to be like a relationship with them because that's what they expect from you. And since they already came to your video and they're commenting in your video, you should at least understand that this guy or this girl is trying to give you some attention because you actually are talking with this person. True video. So you also need to, like, talk back to that person where the person is asking about something, and that is really important. If you're not doing that like, people will not subscribe you so much anymore because you're not like active with them. You know you have to interact. You have to show them love and like be with them all the time, you know, So they get fans of you. That's how you make yourself a fang group, because the truth is that it doesn't grow but self. And that takes me to the next that which is that you have to be consistent. I told you earlier you need to be doing at least I'll say, a video a week like the hugest YouTubers they might be doing like, for example, three videos a week. I'm not at that level, but I'm still trying to, like, evolve in making the videos as well and like, at least going for one video is weak as I am doing it. But you you need the media. You need to be consistent because people are waiting those videos from you. Do you know if you tell them that you're going to make a video each week and you Sunday don't make a video in a month, they don't going to believe in you anymore. Then it's gonna be more difficult for them to trust you to believe in your content that what you are as a person because as they also told, earlier choices are made by feeling. So if they feel that you are not like giving them what you actually said to them that you were going to give them, they don't gonna trust you anymore. And it's gonna be a little bit different then and it's not gonna be, like, so cool as you thought it was going to be. So just think about that and take care of that. When you're like in this section off building this community, for example, you can ask them questions, you know, in the end of a video, for example. So let's say, for example, in this thing we were talking about earlier with this guy that, like, jumped out of his plane in the end of his video, he might be asking his own person when he's like vlogging there. He might be asking like, yeah, guys. So it was amazing to jump over this airplane, and I'm really wondering if you guys would do the same. Like what would you think about jumping out off our airplane? Would you do the same common below? I want to, like, share this kind of experience with you guys and indirect with you. So So, come on, let's go comment and I'll be there for you guys. That is a way to interact with people in the video. So So make a dialogue, you know, makeup thing between you and your subscribers. That's how your subscribers as well is going to share the video through their friends because they can see that you are building a relationship with them. 14. 13. Youtube studio: Okay, so right now we are at my last part of this on a curse. And what I wanted to do right now is that you can actually don't load an application called Eat Studio, which is like YouTube studio. I'm gonna show it to you right now. There is where you can actually like, follow all the statistics off your content. Like the Jews, like the subscribers. Even if you're into, like, making money on due to you can see how many how much money you've done. You can see your audience where they from what hdr it and let's dip directly into right now . So this is YouTube CEO. As you can see, you can see that I have, like 5103 subscribers the last 28 days I've been having a watched minutes off 39,000 minutes, which have been giving me 11,300 views in total, I've bean going up 245 subscribers in those 28 days. I've been having a revenue off $9.54 for the last 28 days. If I press view more, I can see this that this Dix. I can see that I have been having 700 views the last 48 hours and you can see which kind of videos are trending right now. You can also see the minutes off the different videos you have there. Andi, if you go back to desperate again, you can also check out all the videos. So you see it a green dollar science. That is the videos that I'm actually making money on. But as you so I'm not making so much money on my YouTube videos, but it doesn't matter as a whole year, because it's my passion. So I like to do it on the side of what I normally do. And, ah, Hurricane see the views and the comments and the likes and unlike from the different people have been watching the videos. If I just go in right here now to this video, which means this is how the Colombians are. You can see all the comments and you can actually go directly in here and answer the questions that they ask us. Well, if you go back to the dashboard, we can also go into analytics on analytics. We can go. Garrity to audience, and Harry can see that. For example, the last 28 days I had 51.2% males and 48.8% females. Like my friend H is between 25 34. That's where I have 24.5% off my audience, and the next biggest one is from 34 5 to 44 years old, which is 23.9 points. Like I have 55.7 off. My subscribers are from Columbia and 10.8% are from the United States. And then it goes down. This is a really cool app where you can, like, figure up all of these different informations and statistics that you have to know to, like actually follow up your your YouTube account and see how it actually goes. Harry can see as well traffic sorts types like suggested videos. It's like 47% off my last 28 days, Bro's futures. 32.6%. You see most people come in by YouTube. Some people buy Facebook, some people will bite. What's up on the Harry have everything? This is a really cool app, which gives you all the information that you need and you can also, as I told you, talk with the people, directed their guys that waas the course I had about becoming a youtuber. I hope you learned a lot about the course and that you liked it. If you want to, you can actually subscribe to my YouTube channel as well. The videos I do there are in Spanish, so you might not understand so much. Have some videos in the region from back in the day before as well. But I may be making some and English speaking videos there as well. Even my English is bad. Um, yeah. And you know, you can also, for example, follow me on my instagram, which is my name, you harness threat, Norwegian, Colombian, and Yeah, I hope you had a great time with me. I hope you learn something from this online curse that I just did. And you guys, like I said, told you my English is not perfect. But I've been really trying to do my best out of this course. So I hope this course were something for you and that you learn a lot. Thanks for me and see you around