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Becoming a Passionpreneur: Uncovering the Passion you can monetize

teacher avatar Wendy V., Follow your path & your truth

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Are you ready to uncover your passion?

    • 2. Passion Hacks that can change your life

    • 3. Passion Truths Part I

    • 4. Passion Truths Part II

    • 5. Choosing the right focus

    • 6. Your Class Projects

    • 7. Continue your journey

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About This Class

In this class, Wendy shares Passion Hacks & Passion Truths to help you uncover your biggest passion or the passion you want to monetize.

As part of her own personal Passionpreneur journey, she shares her most important learning points and insights about passion and working from a sense of purpose and inspiration.

Prompted by frustration with her own years-long quest for passion, Wendy has developed a method to simplify your discovery process and enlighten you. Her goal is for you to find clarity through self-reflection and self-knowledge.

Her materials will help you to get out of your own way and finally discover and develop the passion you can monetize.

Wendy embraces being a passionpreneur and working on topics and projects topics that lift her up and inspire her. 

She believes, that with the right information, you can do the same.

'People with great passion can make the impossible happen'

Wendy believes that you can also build the confidence you need to become a creative Passionpreneur.

Life is too short to do boring and unfulfilling work.

So why should you?

This course is part of the 'Becoming a Passionpreneur series'.  The parts are complementary to each other, but can also be done on their own. Each part with provide you with its own insights and aha moments.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Wendy V.

Follow your path & your truth


Hello, I'm Wendy.

I combine my talents as a lifelong learner, researcher and strategic thinker with a philosophical edge to help you find answers to your most important life/work questions.

I am a critical thinker who likes to ask good questions. My ability to let you marinate in deep questions will shift you from being confused to finally gain the needed clarity.

As an explorer of life, I am a fan of everything related to self-knowledge and self-development. I like to travel into the outer and inner world and I am driven by values and purpose.

My way of approaching the 'Passionpreneur journey' will help you to connect the dots that seemed hard to find at first. 
Based in Ibiza, I run an online business and specialize in self-knowledge and s... See full profile

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1. Are you ready to uncover your passion?: Hi, I'm Wendy, and I help aspiring entrepreneurs find the passion they can turn into a profitable business. I know from experience how frustrating it can be to be looking for your passion and to get lost in the process. That's why now I'm happy to share with you everything I've learned on my journey and how I got unstuck. I know you can do the same if you're committed to the process. Discourse is for you. If you're looking for the passion you can monetize that have lots of doubts. If you struggled to find work you love doing. This course will really help you to see things more clearly. This course is a journey of discovery. So it will be real inspiration for everybody with an interest in self knowledge and self-development. I named this training on covering the passion you can monetize because I know you're carrying inside of you oppression that can bring you joy and an income. I understand how difficult it might be to really fully grasp how a patient might show up in your life. In this course, we are going to unravel some passion hex, and patient roots so that you can really fully understand what special released. As a result, you will start seeing all the passion opportunities that you're live experiences are bringing you. This course is part of becoming a patient per nursery. The parts are complimentary to each other. So if you want to make the full journey, I recommend you to watch all parts. Each individual course also stands on its own and we'll give you new AMA wins and lessons to explore. Are you ready to start your question, Bernard, journey. Then just start with discourse today. I can't wait to hear your insights and see your class project. 2. Passion Hacks that can change your life: Today I want to share with you a few question hex that are super important but often overlooked. They involve a major shift in perspective and truly offer you a different way of looking at your passion challenge, and at the steps you need to take to get ahead. They seem like small things, but they really influence how you would experience your passion journey. The extent to which you will take aligned action, and your chances of success. So let's get to work. In this lesson, I'm going to share three passion hex. Embracing them will help you get on the right part faster and walk it with more ease. A question to keep in mind here is, do you have the courage to walk the pot? Your passion is showing you Number one, time for a mindset check. As we then hitting worth pursuing in life. Mindset is a big part of your success. If your mindset is wrong, you will continue to sabotage yourself from uncovering and living out your passion. How you truly feel deep inside and what your deepest beliefs are, will determine how fast you will dare to walk your path. So think about the following questions and see if they apply to you. If you have fallen into the straps, do everything you can to transform these beliefs into more empowering ones that move you forward. Question, what? Have you always dare to explore all your interests? Or do you treat them as not important? A bit strange, or even stupid? Question number 2. Do you consciously put yourself in situations where you are exposed to your interests, even if those situations are unfamiliar to you? Or do you choose to stay in your comfort zone? Do you allow yourself to play and also fail? Or do you choose not to start? Because you are not very good at it yet? If your answers are mostly negative, then I invite you to take on all of these challenges in order to ease our way of seeing and experiencing passion in our lives. It's important that we look at challenges and failure differently. Failure is completely okay. It can be a catalyst for change and improvement. The people who you admire have not always immediately achieved everything you see now. They have also overcome failure to become the person they are today. The trickiest to get up quickly after you fail. That's what all successful people do. So please just do play. Fail, fall, get up, and start again. Ensured. Always allow yourself to play and have fun in the process. Passion hack number two. You cannot find your passion only using your head and you're thinking mind. Your passion doesn't lie in the thinking. Bye too much about it. You will get stuck in your own limiting beliefs. Only when you start doing what you are dreaming about, instead of just thinking about it, you will experience that feeling of fashion. By doing that, your passion for this topic will grow and grow. It is very important that you take action. This way. You will experience what happens when you transform ideas and fantasies into something real, something tangible. So don't just take action, take aligned action. Make sure that what you want to achieve and what you can do for it. Now, I will align with how you want to develop yourself. Yes, that can certainly feel a bit uncomfortable. But you know what? I feel the fear and do it anyway. Just take the first step in the right direction and all the other steps will unfold when the time is right. Because remember, passion comes from engagement's not taught. Fashion heck number 3. Passion is not something you have to find or look for. It's more about what you can start building on your foundation. But what layers do you need to be loved before you get to your core? Who are you really? Which part of you are used to hiding that discovery process? That journey is exactly what I'm aiming at when I talk about the request. Once you arrive at the core of who you are. And it's from displays that you build your passion. Department, always be smooth. A won't always feel like it's 100%, right. That's okay. Because remember, it's a discovery process. It's not a match made in heaven. 3. Passion Truths Part I: In the previous part of the question printer journey, we have busted the biggest special limits. I know how sing to the veil of these myths can really help you to embrace your true question. We've discussed at length which special advice can lead you down the wrong path and why. Today we are going to do the opposite. Today we are going to explore the passion fruits. What is special really? And how can you recognize it when it shows up in your life? And in which way can it be hiding in the most unexpected places? Let's not wait any longer and ledgers get started. How to recognize true passion or what is passion exactly? Should number one, passion brings you in a state of flow. Passion is that thing that makes you feel alive when you're doing it. It is debt which makes time flyby. And at the same time gives you the feeling that time stands still. Although you can work hard and with good concentration, he doesn't get tired doing it. And you can also remain in a relaxed state. Your excellent focus might even make you lose your sense of self a little bit. Your passion is something that excites you. It lights you up. There are some points I want to share with you that will help you come into a state of flow more easily. The first one is, the task must be really intrinsically rewarding. This means that the motivation must come from you. You don't do it for the money or for someone else. You do it for you. The task has to have also some clear goals and a sense of progress. And you have to be able to get some feedback on it to your challenge, our task must match your skill set. The task is to have clear goals and a sense of progress. And you have to be able to get some feedback on it, does well. Your challenge, our task must also match your skill set. And it also requires an intense focus on the present moment. All these things will get you in a state of flow more easily. So contemplate this passion fruits and consider the following. Which activity brings you in a state of flow? Which activity brings you joy? Which Diem activity or interests guides your life? Short number 2. Passion does not equate to talent. Don't make special with talent. To feel passion for something. It doesn't necessarily have to be a talent of yours. It are two totally different things. You can be very passionate about something that you want to learn. And from that desire to master it, passion will arise. Talent is a different thing and also completely separate topic we can cover. Of course, you can also have talent for something you are not passionate about. But more often than not, when you're very talented in something, usually you become passionate about it. Not always, but it is quite common. The moment you can combine your passion with the talent, then you have a winning formula. So please just play, discover, and ask yourself what always attracts my attention, whatever I'm good at it already or not. What always attracts my attention to it? Number 3, fashion is not always fun from the start. I know it's a bit contradictory, but passion is not always fun from the start. And it doesn't really have to be in order for it to become a passion of yours and to lead you to a lucrative and successful business. In reality, many passions arise from something that one has felt really unhappy about. An example. Think of a young woman who has struggled with her weight. She felt ashamed and at low self-esteem. The day she finds the answer she's looking for to transform her body and her health. She has turned these undesirable situation into a possible passion for ourselves. Achieving something you have worked hard for it can give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment and drive. Or think of a young man with a chronic skin conditions. For years, he searches for information on alternative healing methods. Imagine the power and inspiration he will feel when he finally capable of healing and self naturally. So this is how passion can emerge, something you really don't like at first. And even then, it has the potential to grow into something that you become an expert at and brings you lots of fulfillment by focusing on something for such a long time, you know more than the person who is just starting its search for answers. These are typical examples of turn your shit into passion or make your mesial message. This is a little bit like my own story. I didn't feel I had any passion for anything. But still I read, study and get her all the information I could find about how to work from a sense of and get more fulfillment out of work by starting your own passion based business. I actually got totally obsessed by it in the process. So this passion of mine had been there for years. I just couldn't see it because it manifested as something that I was once a very unhappy about. I hated my job, was very demotivated. And I really didn't think I had a passion until I discovered that this most definitely was one. Only not the way how I used to perceive fashion and how I wanted it to be, or how I thought it should be. Once you start sharing your passion with the world, there will certainly be times that feel really challenging or even just freaking heart. That is not a sign. That dispassion is not your thing. Trust that your passion is growing steadily. The better you can follow the fire within, the more clearly you will feel the direction your passion is. Taking you in. Important reminder fashion must also be encouraged by you. Once you feel something, don't hide it there to share your gifts with the world. Because that is exactly the reason why you have been given that passion and not somebody else. So my question to you today, can you turn your shin into a passion? Are you more inspired to make your mass, your message? 4. Passion Truths Part II: Trick number for your question might be right in front of you. You may have been working on a particular topic for years and not even realize it's a passion anymore. Your question might be so intertwined with your personality that it is very normal to you. Be aware that something that you do almost every day is a seat for a real passion with potential, you know, and can do so many things that someone else dreams of having or being able to do. For this reason, it can be necessary to zoom out and look at your situation from a distance. Your patient might have becoming visible to you, but someone else might help you see what you are totally driven by, let others help you. Because what seems ordinary to you might be invaluable for someone else. An example, I have a friend who thinks she has no special passion, but she's always concerned about the welfare of animals. She volunteers to rescue kitten, goes for walks with neglected dogs, or joins animal welfare associations. To me, this is a sign of a pair of something that really drive her to her. This seemed just a normal thing. But to the rest of us, it might be something really special. So consider for a moment. What have you always done? Who have you always been? And why is this special? Because you know, your passion might be right in front of you so close that you don't see it. Short number 5. Your passion follows your needs, beliefs, and values. What do you think you need in your life to be happy is something you will automatically spend a lot of time on. So what is it that you need? Do you want to learn a lot and keep growing? Well then probably you will often study new things on your own and you will find a feeling of passion in this. Do you need to process your emotions in a creative way? Well then this can invite you to explore whether creating beautiful art can become a true passion of yours. Not everyone has the need to be creative or to continuously learn. So take each needs seriously and give it a chance to show its treasures to you. Your beliefs determine which path you choose in life. They make you go in a certain direction. If you believe that work should be fun, then you will put extra effort into finding work you can enjoy and still gives you freedom. So your interest may lie in entrepreneurship, discovering what you're good at, and sharing that with the world. Someone who believes that family live is the most important thing of all. We'll probably focus on having children. They might explore innovative ways of raising children and can later share that with people who are looking for the same. If you believe that traveling is important for your personal development, then this will influence how you organize and plan your life and career. What you believe about the saliva about yourself determines what you will be drawn to, what interests you will explore, and what you will ultimately become passionate about. Trick number 6. Your purpose will amplify the passion you feel. Passion brings fun and pleasure to your life. Purpose gives you the direction, a goal. Your question is more about you and your own interests, your purposes about what you can bring to others. Let's say if you had to build a fire with passion and purpose. And passion is like the flames. It is the fire and purposes, the woods. It is exactly that thing that keeps the passion burning. Their combination is absolutely invaluable. I will tell you more about purpose in another course. 2d number 7. Passion can arise from an emotional trigger. If you're still confused about what you're passionate, it can help to pay attention to what triggers you in your daily life. Are there things that you always react strongly to? It can be something positive, but also something negative. Emotions when to tell us something, they are messengers. So stopping knowing them, everyone gets strong emotions from different things. So pay attention to what the triggers are and what they might mean. You might get triggered by people who don't communicate well, by messy offices and productive colleagues or pollution, for example. So if you follow that feeling, be open to what it wants to teach you. You may does govern that it is a clue to an underlining passion that you can explore. So remember, passion can express itself as an emotional trigger. What are your triggers? Should number 8? You can be a multi passionate. There are people who will never be able to embrace one passion. Not because they have no passion, but precisely because they have multiple patients. We call them the multi passionate. If you are a multi passionate, Then you have lots of ideas. One hasn't been implemented yet. And you already have another ID. You like variety in your life and work. If you don't have that, you get bored really quickly. You'll get lots of energy from learning and creating new things. Once you know how it works, you get bored and you start looking for something else. You adapt really well to new situations and can quickly move from one subject to another. After all, you've already done and tried so much. You get inspired very quickly and see possibilities in a lot of things. You are curious by nature and you end up with all kinds of domains because you want to discover, experienced, and learned so much in this life. And that's completely fine because you can absorb a lot of new information very quickly. You have more than one specialization, or you would like to have you develop so fast that your interests change completely after awhile. And you know what that is, okay? Because a passion doesn't necessarily have to be fixed or forever. So this will help you to take away the stress of having to choose one thing. If your interests change, just flow with it and let your passion flow with how you evolve in life. If you are a multi passionate, you probably hear things like, are you going to do something else again? Just pick something and stick with it. Why are you so quick to give up? Don't worry. You can and want to do a lot of things. And I would say, it's about time you show all your beautiful colors to the Wilds. Embrace being a multi passionate. It is allowed to make it colorful mix out of all your interests. You certainly can achieve success with different fashions. Really. Just go for it. So what are the takeaways from this lesson? What do we need to remember when we are trying to recognize our question? Number 1, what brings you in a state of flow? When do you lose track of time? Do more of it. To fashion and talent are different. Don't let the lack of talent stop you. Play, discover, and follow. Weigh your attention. Thank you. Turn your shit into passion. You'd be surprised how much satisfaction this can give you. Your passion might be right in front of you. Ask yourself, what have I always done? Who have I always been? Is there something I do that is special to other people? Number five, what do you believe need and value will bring you closer to your passion? Number 6, purpose works as an amplifier. Your passion is the fire you feel. Purpose will give you a sense of direction. Number 7, passion and the link with emotional triggers. What really triggers you on a regular basis? Explore that emotion and figure out what it wants to show you. Number 8, Who knows? You might be a multi passionate. Don't embrace it fully. You will never have to decide on that one. 5. Choosing the right focus: Before we start our class project, I would like to share something with you because it's really very important when you get an idea about what you would like to do. Don't start thinking too much about how you're going to do it based on the situation you're in now, thinking about the how before you really fully embrace that passion is actually something that can quickly turn your excitement into anxiety and will stop you from taking any real action at all. The how will keep you stuck in fear and uncertainty for too long. The what and the why will give you the strength and the drive to take baby steps on your part. Focus first on what you want to do. Start brainstorming about it with yourself, with others. Notice how it makes you feel and what effect it has on you. Only later when you have more confidence, you can start thinking about how to go about creating your projects. The what, and why you want something is much more important in the first phase of your project. 6. Your Class Projects: And now we have arrived at our class project, the pension puzzle. I would like to invite you with everything you learned today to go completely with your gut feeling for now. And leave the what if, take your aha moments and insights of self-knowledge into your answers. If you had to choose something now and you realize that your question is not hidden away, but really right in front of you. What could that passion be? If you know what your question was, without knowing how to make money from it, what would it be? Fashion puzzle is very simple. It consists of four pieces, each in a different car, which fit together perfectly because they compliment each other. For the first piece, you answer without self-doubt and without limitations. What do I really want? For the second piece, you answer the question, who am I going to do it for? Somebody you also feel a reason, an urge. Why you would like to do this? So therefore, the third question, why do I want this? And you can do something in many different ways. But if you're honest with yourself, what role would you like to play in this dry or pension puzzle and put all the pieces together nicely as the summary of your mini passion quests. Don't make it too difficult. Take FAR cars, draw puzzle with them. And intuitively answered the four questions. Share your project with the community to inspire the other students. If you still have doubts, if you're stuck in your thinking process. Or 12, go a layer deeper. Make sure to download the introspective passion questions. I have carefully compiled them to support you in your process of discovering your passion. I am sure that your patient is waiting for you, but you just need to uncover. It. Takes some time for yourself to think about these questions and write down your answer honestly and without doubt. Go for it. Because, you know, passion really is a fire that lights your way. Good luck and enjoy the process. 7. Continue your journey: I hope you've enjoyed this part of becoming a patient printers series. This is only part of the patient partner journey and there are many cold other things I want to share with you. I am convinced that fully embracing your question starts with really understanding and accepting who you are in your core. There is a lot more we can talk about, and that is exactly what we will do in the other parts of the series. If you've enjoyed this course so far, make sure to review it and recommend it to the other students. In my next course, we're going to dive deeper into what purpose exactly is. We will explore how it is so different from passion and why it is really important to know your purpose, to continue on your patient partner journey joyfully. I hope to see you there. I wanted to end the course with the following March and I hope they will also resonate with you showed for making a difference in the world that you are uniquely able to make. And the question will follow you. See you soon.