Becoming a Highly Paid Freelancer in 2016 - Complete Guide to Freelancing

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About This Class

In this class, 5 figure marketer Howard Lynch will show you the easiest, fastest method to generate an additional (or full time if you work hard enough) income through the means of becoming a paid freelancer.

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Freelancing is an increasingly popular way to work. But what is freelancing, why do people freelance and can I make a career out of it? This article answers the 10 questions you always wanted to ask about freelancing.

1. What is freelancing?

Freelancing occurs when someone offers his or her services for an agreed period in return for a fee. Freelancers (also known as contractors or service providers) are independent of the businesses or individuals that hire their services. Generally, freelancers work on jobs of a short duration although contract periods do vary in length and can be and are often extended.

2. Who can become a freelancer?

The short answer is anyone. There are no restrictions as to who can become a freelancer. As long as you have a skill or service that a business or individual needs then you can offer your services and be a freelancer.

3. Who hires freelancers?

Freelancers are hired by individuals and organisations, including micro enterprises, small and medium sized enterprises, large companies, like Tesco, charities, local and central government, e.g., HM Revenue & Customs, and public bodies.

4. What services do freelancers offer?

Freelancers offer a diverse set of services. There really isn't a fixed list. Some services offered by freelancers include:

  • event planning and management (e.g., weddings, birthdays, etc.)
  • book-keeping & accounting
  • car valet
  • virtual assistance (e.g., email & diary management, call answering, etc.)
  • IT support & customer helpdesk
  • Website design & development

As a rule of thumb, if an organisation or individual can micro outsource it, then it can be freelanced!

5. Which services are in demand?

Demand for services varies but research has shown that the demand for freelance workers increases during "times of economic uncertainty". So this is a great time to freelance! Job information sites such as itjobswatch or just searching and counting the number of freelance opportunities can provide useful information on the demand for freelance services.

But don't be discouraged if your service doesn't appear popular. In fact, offering a service that has low demand also means that there is less competition and that's great for your future earnings!

6. What are the advantages of being a freelancer?

There are many advantages to freelancing. Some of my favourites include:

Being your own boss. Freelancing is one of best ways to start your own business. Being your own boss also allows you to decide how many hours you work, when in the year and in which locations.

Getting paid to travel. If you enjoy travelling, then freelance work can take you around the country or further afield. What's more, you can travel at someone else's expense!

Working from home or remotely. If your preference is to work from home then freelancing offers this flexibility and freelancers can enjoy a successful business doing just that. The Internet has created remote working possibilities that businesses across the globe are keen to use.

Earning money quickly. Freelancers can be paid not only more quickly and frequently than permanent employees but they can earn much more in a given period than a permanent employee doing similar work.

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I have taken a million online business and blogging courses, etc. None of them have been this helpful. I feel like too many teachers hold the really practical information back, but Howard didn't. I feel totally equipped and confident after learning from this course!





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