Becoming Spiritual: Invite Spirituality Into Your Life Every Day | Liya Cetiner | Skillshare

Becoming Spiritual: Invite Spirituality Into Your Life Every Day

Liya Cetiner, NLP, Life & Business Coach

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10 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. The Basics on Spirituality

    • 2. Identify Spirituality Issues

    • 3. Understand Oneness

    • 4. Using Mantras

    • 5. Using Yoga

    • 6. Staying Motivated for Spirituality

    • 7. Staying on Track

    • 8. The Three Pillars of Life

    • 9. What Disturbs the Balance?

    • 10. In Conclusion


About This Class

  • What is spirituality?

  • How do people discover their spirituality?

If you don’t know the real answer to these questions, you need a complete reference to expand your knowledge.

Spiritual awakening can be painful emotionally, because we shed away many of the constructs, beliefs, patterns - inner and outer - that we had surrounded.

Through understanding the real definition of spirituality, you can easily say how important it is. The main question is, how you can develop your spirituality. Improving your spiritual aspects is not as hard as you think.

So, are you interested to learn more? Let's get started ...

I will see you inside!


1. The Basics on Spirituality: the basics off spirituality. What is spirituality? How do people discover their spirituality? If you don't know the real answer to these questions, let's look at spirituality. Defined spirituality has various meanings. Some books defined it as a journey off, self improvement and self discovery. Others also define spirituality as the opposite off religion for better understanding about spirituality. Here are some of its definitions 1st 1 The concept of a process off learning not only who you want to be but also who you are. It is the connection to you. Enter other people. Spirituality is personal and rooted in the connection with the people around you. It refers to purpose, meaning and direction. It helps in reaching conclusions, embracing the idea off, moving forward and searching in the direction or meaning off your life. The dispute off. Achieving beyond your limits. It maintains an open mind trying to accept the beliefs off other people and questioning current viewpoints through understanding the real definitions off spirituality. You can easily say how important it is. The main question is, how can you develop your spirituality? Improving your spiritual aspect is not as hard as you think, so let's look at developing your spirituality for better life. Spirituality provides various benefits to your life, both physically and emotionally. This is the reason why you have to develop your spiritual aspect through these. You can easily no your purpose. Figure out what you really love and a lot more. According to experts, positive beliefs can help in improving your health. If you develop your spiritual life, you have a chance to understand, to exact needs and the needs off other people For your guide. Here are some ways on how to develop your spirituality Number one Community service. These can help in expanding your understanding off what you really want, what others want and how other people differ from you. Number two Make a journal. Writing events and special moments can help in the reflecting your personal life. It also helps you in determining how you have grown and improved. Number three. Yoga Yoga allows you to make a peace within you and set up your mind for inspiration. Number four. Pray Praying is one of the most powerful ways that can help in connecting and at peace. Through considering the given tapes, you don't have to worry on how to develop your spiritual aspect. You can easily understand everything that you want to know. In this course, you just need to use a perfect guy to learn what spirituality ease and how it can help you . 2. Identify Spirituality Issues: identify where your spirituality has issues. Can you use your spirituality to escape from your problems in life? Yes, it is possible if you have problems in life, it doesn't mean that your life is meaningless. Remember that there is always a solution for every problem. You just need to search for it and learn to move forward. So where are you having issues? To recognize your spirituality, ask yourself if you can relate to any off the falling scenarios. Don't want paying attention to the real world matters. It means that you prefer to be working on your personal or spiritual development. You prefer to mingle with people who are very spiritual, like others. You don't want having friends who don't share their worldview. Prefer to have a meditating for several hours. Spend more time on how to create your vision and find it hard to accept their things. Here on Earth, you are an intuitive and grasp negative stuff. If you can relate to these situations or statements, it means that you are out off balance with your spirituality. To solve your problem, you need to make a right move. You have to start improving your spiritual aspects How can you do these? Now? Let's look at these steps on how to grow your spirituality. To improve your spirituality, you have to follow several steps. Like most people, you are probably not aware on about these multiple steps for your guide. Here they are. Step number one. Embrace your talents. It means that you have to improve your special gifts and intelligence. Your talents can lead you towards your unique path. Just follow your passion, and you can easily discover where your feet in this world step. Two. Learn to solve your problems. If you have problems in life, you have to be strong. Though problems in life affect you emotionally and mentally, it doesn't mean that you will easily give up. You also need to learn to ignore your future problems. Step number three. Be responsible If you commit mistakes. Don't blame it to other people. All this be honest about the things you have done or said. We also need to concentrate on how to solve your problems, then expecting changes from other people around. You, therefore accept reality. This is all about love and happiness. If you love someone, you have to accept the fact that you have to say goodbye. Not all relationships last forever to give compassion and love to the person is the most conscientious thing you can do. Step five Except change. Accepting changes is not as easy as you think, however, You can do it in a gradual way. You just need to practice yourself that a certain thing or person is no longer existing or already changed. Step number six except delays, frustration and impatience will never help you in any situation. To combat these feelings, you have to learn on how to jump into a new field. You have to know when to wait and when to move forward. Aside from the mentioned here, another thing that you can do is to learn on how to love yourself. Your body will help you in growing your spiritual aspects. To do these, you need to pump for your body exercise, fight your illnesses and practice a healthy lifestyle. In addition, you also need to learn and understand that human body. All this expires in case you lose someone you love. You need to be strong and face the reality 3. Understand Oneness: understand oneness and come your mind. Everything that exists on Earth is connected to each other. The connection is oneness and wholeness. Most people understand oneness as complete. A whole made off two or more parts. It means that there is one God. It is true that it is hard for a man to understand that life could be oneness on. It is nothing to separate from it, including God. The reason behind this concept is that man their beliefs and convinced by his viewpoints that everything is separate from him. So here is oneness defined oneness is quite hard to understand because humans were so engrossed in a world off things. People can stimulate oneness through the part off themselves that knows the silence where there are no things and no names with these people can begin to feel their connection to the earth, to everyone and to the universe. Oneness is the concept that all things and phenomena are connected. All of these apparent separations are illusion on they are more than just a philosophy. The concept off oneness is not a theory or a personal opinion. It is an entry to understanding reality. This idea maintains that all things regardless off form state energy, duration, density, etcetera are one boundless being. So now let's look at learning how to embrace the oneness. Embracing oneness is not too fast and easy. The glory of God is within every person. In case you feel separation. It is the separation from yourself that you feel embrace oneness. You have to love yourself first. You also need to recognize your worth. If you love yourself, you will love every man and every creature on earth you will love without any objection. If you did, then you will love oneness next. Coming your mind to embrace oneness fully. You should learn to come your mind first. Trying to keep up your busy schedule can be very stressful. Once you find yourself in a very stressful situation, you will notice how your mind reacts. You will be more hyperactive and can't easily focus on the things that you need to do. If you want to have a peaceful mind, you need to learn on how to be calmed. Fortunately, there are several ways on how to come your mind. If you don't know these multiple ways, this is your chance to explore and make a great change. So here are effective voice on how to come your mind coming. Your mind can be done in various ways. Depending on your choice, you can follow one almost strategies in solving your problem. Here are some guys you need to consider deep breathing exercises. If you have a hectic schedule, your mind tends to become tired after a long day. If you're stressed, your mind can't easily think intelligently and creatively. You will also be anxious, and your mind keeps on thinking negative things. To solve this issue, you have to practice the breathing exercises. This will help you get more oxygen that enters into your bloodstream on to the brain. Then take a warm shower to fight stress. You have to come your mind and through taking a warm shower, just mix water with a spoonful of baking soda and salt. These substances can help in taking away back toxins in your body. Through this, you will feel more rejuvenated and energized. Next, listen to your favorite music. This can make your body and mind fuel at ease. Depending on your preferences, you can play ballots, classical or modern songs. There are also some people who feel it is when they play heavy metal or rock music. Whatever types of Jonah you want, it is essential that music can sue with your mind and mood. Then visit a massage center to come your mind. You can go to spot or massage center. Simply have a full body massage. This can help in promoting blood circulation and oxygenation, depending on your preferred center. The massage treatment may last weeding one or two hours. Aside from these mentioned points, you can also practice meditation. Since you have lots of options to choose from, you don't have to worry on how to come your mind. Simply follow these tips and you will feel better soon enough. 4. Using Mantras: using mantra as most people ask, what is a mantra? This is a phrase or a word repeated over and over again during regular meditation originating in Buddhism and Hinduism, Montrose hold mysterious properties. This can help in promoting the healthy shift from body to above. Throughout the meditation, mantras can also be used to help in balancing the day. They are also perfect for boosting power or change your daily habit. One of the main benefits off mantras is it's healing property through connecting to the mantra, as you can easily re program the disease and affected areas. They can also help in influencing the body and mind connection. Through this, it is easy for you to replace unwanted sensation with positivity and love. Now let's look at tips on how to use mantras. Since most people are busy, they often neglected to meditate, to meditate. You don't have to spend more time. 50 minutes will do provided if you do it accurately through the use off. Mantra is, you can easily meditate if you are new to mantra, so this is your chance to understand how to use them. So let's follow these tips. Number one. Memorize your mantra. Depending on your choice, you can use a traditional mantra, such as at the Buddhist Oman NEPAD Um hum. You are also free to use phrase that is personal and will help in boosting your confidence and mood. With these mantras, you can meditate well and expect positive results number to search for the best please to use your mantra is you have to find the right place. However, it doesn't mean that you have to travel for several hours. You can pick a spot within your community or local area has advised. Choose the silent place for ultimate meditation experience. You can also use the space for meditation every morning or late in the evening. Next, one, sit comfortably to start your meditation. Using mantras. Sit properly. This is essential. Then close your eyes. You also need to stop chanting in the last minutes off your meditation. This can help in absorbing the mantra. As you have been repeating for the best results, use your monstrous regularly. This can help in alleviating stress and bring clarity and peace to your mind, the power off mattress comes from letting go outwardly connection and driving your attention to dive into the deep Mariam's off consciousness. Therefore, you have to focus on the mantra to have a peace of mind. So here are the top five countries you can use. Depending on your choice, you can personalize Your mantra is for meditation. Like others, you can also use the following mantra is as you guide number one. I'm present now. Number two. I am free from sadness Number three Love is my experience Number four I love myself. Number five I am stress free, connected and feel loved. Apart from these mantras, you can also make your own mantras For more guys, you can check other people who keep on meditating simply asked them what is the most effective monsters that feed for themselves? Then if you think that they're Montrose can help you a lot, you can use them to 5. Using Yoga: next. Using yoga. Yoga is a body and mind practice with historical origins in ancient Indian philosophy. Similar with other meditative movements, yoga involves physical posters, meditation are breathing techniques and relaxation. The term yoga refers to a Sanskrit word. It is defined as joining or union. This term has caused a great confusion among health conscious individuals. Yoga combines a range off purely spiritual and purely physical disciplines. When you talk about yoga, the word asana will be never left behind. Asana is known as one of the eight variety off yoga. It focuses more on mental and spiritual well being. At present on modern yoga, practitioners claim that yoga and asana are the same. The two terms have the same concept off meditation and relaxation. Yoga meditation brings complice, better health, tranquility off the mind, better relationships and better life. It also helps in improving personal insights, philosophical ideas through essence, off wellness and spiritual insights. If you want to get the full benefits off yoga, you have to know how to practice it. So how to practice yoga? Practicing yoga is not a complicated task. You just need to know the exact procedures and tips to guide on how to practice yoga. Take the falling tips as you guide. First and foremost, I'll find a comfortable place for your yoga practice. Depending on your choice, you can practice yoga at home or other places. Just make sure that you find a place where there is a quiet and peaceful environment. Then get your yoga accessories. Before practicing yoga, you have to prepare a non sleep yoga mat. Depending on your budget, you can purchase organic mat in buying these accessories. Don't forget to check their quality. Since you have to use these accessories regularly, you need to pick the best one in the market. Next, keep safe and prevent injury. While practicing yoga, you have to watch your boundaries. If you feel any painful sensations, don't force yourself for the best practices you can ask assistance from experts. This is often observed. If you don't have any knowledge about the exact procedures off yoga, meditation, then choose the best yoga routine. If you want to have a perfect yoga meditation, you can join to any yoga class or program. You can also use any guide and try to apply it at home. If you want to practice yoga at home. All this insure that you consider the instructions off your yoga kite. The yoga guide can be a video one or return one. Enjoy practicing to improve your health and spiritual aspects. You have to enjoy what you are doing, though you want to get the best results. You don't have to overdo it after doing the training. Take time to relax. As you can see, practicing yoga is too fast and easy. If you practice to meditate regularly, expect that you can easily build your mind, body and spiritual consciousness. Now let's talk about these factors to consider in choosing the best yoga program or teacher . Do you want to practice your gum? Then you have to know how to find the best yoga program or teacher. You can do this through considering the falling factors. The certification. This is one off the essential factors you need to check your preferred yoga program or teacher must have a certification. Through this, you can easily determine if they are effective and reliable to the bent on next style of yoga. Not all yoga programs are the same. Some yoga classes involved special training, while others do not to look for the best yoga for meditation. Don't forget to ask the authorized stuff and ask on how they work. You need to clarify this style off yoga. For that experience, the best yoga teacher has a white knowledge and experience in the field. Therefore, make sure that you check their backgrounds before dealing with them is advised. Take time to compare one yoga program to another to ensure that you will do the routine constantly. Start making a journal, then don't make any excuses and just follow your routine and try to get the best results you want. 6. Staying Motivated for Spirituality: staying motivated. For spirituality, motivation means that you are animated by your spirit. People who are motivated act with integrity, and they are true to themselves. Motivation is a natural part of a person. If you're not motivated, it is because you are not allowing your creative and spiritual site. Motivation defines into several ways. Here are some of its meaning you shouldn't miss to grasp or understand it. Motivation provides with a reason to act. The reason one has for behaving all acting in a certain way. Motivation process that guides initiates and keeps goal oriented behaviors. To stay motivated, you have to discipline yourself. You also need to know what you need to do to ensure that you are on the right path. If you want to stay motivated for spirituality, you can do the falling tapes. Dream high. Like others, you can start dreaming big dreams. If you did, your level off self esteem and confidence will tend to increase. You will also feel more powerful and have the ability to deal with your daily in undertakings, then established a vision for your life. The term motive defines as the reason toe act. This is the relational or cognitive side of motivation. If you have a vision in your life, he will be forced to the everything to achieve it right. Your vision can be in any aspect like spiritual, physical, mental or financial. Then rejuvenate your vision. It is undeniable that motivation doesn't last. Therefore, you have to renew it. To do this, you need to remind yourself off your vision every day. You also need to maintain your vision and mental picture often ideal life. Increase your passion. Emotion is considered as the most powerful force. When it comes to emotion, Passion is the strongest one. To fuel your passion, you have to set yourself on the course to ensure that you will fulfill your vision. You also need to do whatever you can to increase your emotion and use it to reach your goals. Then think positively to avoid stress and develop your spiritual aspect, you need to think positively. You also need to feel your mind with good ideas from great minds. Depending on your choice, you can get more hints through reading books, guides and a lot more and lastly, enjoy and take time to rest. To stay motivated, you have to ensure that you are doing what you really want. You also don't need to force yourself to do certain things. Make sure that you take time to rest. Most people claim that staying to be motivated is quite tough. Life may be filled with serious off disappointments and failures, but though you are suffering from any extreme problem, you can get away from it. You just need to know how to do it. If you are motivated, you will get what you want to achieve. So make a right move and see how it helps you in chasing your vision, both in personal and spiritual aspect. 7. Staying on Track: staying on track. They have a big dream in life. Then you're probably trying to do everything you can do to achieve it, right. Whether it is physical or spiritual, you can easily get what you want. How can you reach your vision, though the answer is very simple. You just need to stay on track. So to stay on track with your goals, you have to follow these steps. Here they are. Number one. Focus on fewer goals. Every goal takes effort there. 400 more than two goals at the time is not advisable. You have to start on fewer goals and proceed to the next one. If you have lots of goals, you have to know your priorities first. Second, plan ahead. The main reason why goals get disrupted is because people fail to plan ahead. Planning is too fast and easy. If you find it hard, get your journal. Then write down what you want and start listing on how to achieve your goals. After that set milestones. Let's take an example off a spiritual being spiritual. If you want to develop your spiritual aspect, you have to start planning to own how to meditate for example, since there are several ways on how to meditate, it is also best to know their exact procedures and methods. Then build good habits through developing your good habits. It is easy for you to make progress. Say, for instance, if you can control yourself and inspire to meditate every day, you will get its positive results, then a track your progress through these, you can easily know if there are improvements or not. To do these, just get your journal and start tracking. You can also write at least off key achievements every months and finally get encouragement To stay on track. You need a supportive friends and families, using them as your inspiration. You will strive to achieve your vision. In addition, you can stay on track if you reassess your goals every two weeks in case you commit mistakes, don't lose hope. Instead, go and chase your dreams. Then you will soon realise that you are on the right track to stay on track. You don't have to pressure yourself. Remember that you can do it naturally, especially when you enjoy your everyday activity. And now let's look at these top five things toe open your heart spiritually. Number one pulls and get centered. Whatever you do, stop at least 5 to 10 minutes, then close your eyes. Breathe deeply and ask for willingness, guidance, strings and grace. Then listen to other people. If you find yourself losing concentration, stop and learn to refocus. You also don't miss out on receiving essential insights from other people. Number three. State positive. Challenge yourself to smile and greet as many people as you can. This is an excellent way off, attracting positive energy. Number four. Reach out to others. Take time to communicate with parents, child elderly. Oh, others then recognized their qualities that you want to foster in yourself. Number five Right about it. Keep a journal as a way for creating insight. It is also a way off changing your perspective and planning action items. Through these, you can move through painful experiences towards a path of spiritual growth and healing. Was these tips You can easily stay on track. As a result, you can achieve your personal and spiritual goals in life easily 8. The Three Pillars of Life: the right balance, our spirituality and our physicality, other two components off which we are made off. If we could strike the right balance between the concrete and the abstract parts off our being, we could definitely turn ourselves into better people. So what is the right balance between our physicality and our spirituality? When do we say that it has been struck? Now, today will talk about the right balance. Buddha says the secret off health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, No to worry about the future or no to anticipate troubles, but to leave in the present moment. Wisely and earnestly, Man is a complex compound. He's made up off one part mind and one part matter. When the two parts are harmlessly joined, he sparkles like a diamond and with a joy off life. But when the two part conflicts or are unbalanced, the result is a dismal lump off court. In normal life, we tend to forget that we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings undergoing a physical experience. The spiritual being needs the human body to explore life to the fullest and to propagate life on Earth on the material body. Six. Dispirited to motivated higher beyond the baser instincts off animals, that balance has to be struck between our physicality and our spirituality. There are many ways and aspects to this quest. So now let's talk about the three pillars off. Life gurus and holy books have reminded us off this message, the message where we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, but instead where spiritual beings undergoing a physical experience. This message have been reminded us by holy books from the beginning of civilization. We tend to focus on the needs off our bodies all the time. And when we feel empty and desperate, we turn towards spiritual fulfillment. You may be a fine, healthy young man or woman, but if your spirit is depressed, your body will soon begin to suffer in the worst. Off the Buddha, the mind is everything. What you think you become to achieve a balance, mind and, in turn, to leave a balance physical existence. Three qualities have to be in perfect equilibrium. These pillars are wisdom, benevolence and courage. A balance off these three qualities ensure start you achieve your goals in life with zest on discipline. Ah, while also being compassionate to your fellow bangs, guided by wisdom. If you only have passion without wisdom and compassion, you may become a cruel and foolish person. Benevolence alone without will power and wisdom will make you a useless romantic idealist. And wisdom alone, without action in kindness, will turn you into a reclusive hermit. Theosophy teaches that when thes three futures are kept in equilibrium, man can become fully effective and happy in the world. Just right out, make a list of your friends and take away in coal in three columns against their names. You will be able to see one or two off these qualities missing in them, and you will find that he or she who has all the three v Attar's in balance, is the best human being among them all. Similarly, the Kabbalah teaches that life has three pillars judgment, mercy and compassion. When the opposing instincts off judgment and mercy are tempered by compassion, a balance is struck in our spirituality, and this, in turn, brings equilibrium toe our physical world 9. What Disturbs the Balance?: what disturbs the balance. Kurt Cobain Kurt, a singer off Banta near Wana, says drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory, your self respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem. The fact that the man who said these lines to come to a drug overdose is a sobering thought . It reflects the deadly power that narcotics are called tobacco and other addictions have over their victims mind. The most important thing to remember in the quest for a physical and spiritual balance is that your body is a temple in which your mind is the high priest. Allying destructive forces like addictions and bad habits to occupy the temple is to weaken and finally kill the high priest. Some drugs induce an elevated state off altered consciousness. Unfortunately, the fantastic perceptions that drug user experiences do not last very long. What last long is the terrible addiction to device a very heavy price that off loss off control is paid for an illusion off power and enlightment food determines our spiritual outlook to we say he is like a tiger. She's like a sheep. They behave like vultures. All these archetypes emerged from food habits and their implications for our spiritual nature. Red meats, alcohol, tobacco fermented and stale foods weaken the temple off the body. These foods stress the digestive circulate ary and breathing systems. Vegetarian food that has a balance off carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins is easily digested, assimilated and exerted. Remember certain foods, affected neurotransmitters, chemicals in the brain and affect our daily functions like memory, muscle coordination and sleep. Bad food can also change your moods and the way you perceive the world it, don't you? Hence the same you are what you eat. Eating a balanced meal with plenty of water and exercise and staying away from toxic habits can keep the temple off the body clean and shiny. So search within your mind you can achieve an altered consciousness just by meditation. Where is the need for drugs and alcohol here? Fasting periodically on correctly can clean the body off undesirable toxins and free radicals that cause ageing, consuming, minimal or no food. It'll for a few days can give your body a chance to excrete the accumulated waste products and rebuild their stressed out body. First thing combined to his meditation is an excellent way to give your body a break and to allow it to acquaint itself with its spiritual high priest 10. In Conclusion: In conclusion, I would say we all wish to progress forward, better ourselves, make better life for our loved ones and developed a citizen's off this planet. They have test element off season. It's gratitude is the way it keeps you from sleeping back into disgruntled thoughts. The thoughts off scar, Snus and deficiency. A different way to avoid this is to quit drifting into the past or fretting about the future. The past is over. You can't alter anything that has secured previously. Therefore, going over past errors or Soros is pointless. Keep away from the peat falls off the shoot half could have with half mindsets. Eder's off the past are only crucial as long as you've learned from them. Equally, purposeless is attempting to foresee the future and fretting about what will a cure in the years to come. That's not to say that you should not make some plants are simply don't carve them in stone . You might have to go to Plan B at times. Among the crucial things you may do to embrace for abundance to come your way is to clean your household literally on figuratively. You have to reevaluate what crucial in your life, cut out a needed mental clatter that keeps fresh thoughts and opinions from being able to get into your mind. Eliminate old bad habits, those that keep you in the scarcity mentality and then make way for fresh, great habits those ideas and emotions that are dragging abundance into your life instead of chasing it away. The greatest block keeping abundance from your life is jumble. That's right, I said. Jump. All look around to today. Can you see a little destroyed furniture, damaged clothing, the crumbled beats and pieces that make up your house? The more Debra's you have encompassing you, the less room you have in your life for the great things. Remember that. Replace that destroyed mess with pieces of beauty that fire your soul with the necessities off life that make you comfy. Who is the music that thrills your heart and makes your green? You have to clean out the old and ugly in order to make room for the fresh and amazing. What criteria should people follow to choose what goes and what stays? That's the question. It's actually very easy. Anything that's actually useful right now, not those that could be handy someday, all to stay. If they can't find use for a junk right this minute, then they ought to get three off on. They ought to keep it if they find the item really beautiful to them. Not another person's notion of beauty. However, there's so if it's truthfully useful right now or sincerely beautiful right now, it should stay. The item should stay otherwise loaded up and eliminated. Now perhaps you're asking, what does a house clear off unneeded clatter have to do with abundance? It's simple till you clean out the clatter, the broken, washed out, stained old stuff from your life. Harmony abandons. Find you. There is no room for it till you clean your household mentally, emotionally and physically. If your household is cleared off the clatter, then you are able to bring in what fuels your soul delights your brain on thrills your heart. Bring in the meaningful objects, the genuinely beautiful pieces. It's crucial that you decide what you wish in your life according to your own personal values. Then arrive at a decision to take action involving those values. By leaving simply, you invite abundance into your life story as long as your household and your brain are cluttered with stuff. There is no room for the flow off abundance, so simplify your life. Not only will you start to feel better about yourself by simplifying your life, it will also begin to show in everything Accomplish. It will show in how you interact with loved ones and friends. You will be more at ease happier, less stressed on much relieved in your heart and in your brain.