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Becoming Business Consultant

Antonio Maranhao, Marketing Consultant

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    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 02SCR YourSkills

    • 3. 03SCR ResearchComp

    • 4. Brainstorm your services

    • 5. Outline your Services

    • 6. 06SCR Website

    • 7. Prelaunch

    • 8. Marketing your Services


About This Class

Welcome to the first lesson in Becoming a Business Consultant course.

Over the next few days you will receive several lessons that
will help you learn the ins and outs of starting your own
profitable consulting business.

In this first lesson, we are going to talk a little about what is
involved in setting up a consulting business and how to know
what type of consultant you should be.

Consulting is currently one of the best business models you can
follow and it has many rewards including a nice profit margin
and plenty of flexibility.

Fact #1: Through consulting, the performance of a business may
be substantially improved.

Fact #2: Companies trust the ideas and suggestions of their
project team and staff; but most of the time, the expertise needed
to achieve growth is limited.

Result: This leads to the hiring of private consultants to help
the business achieves its goals.

Consulting is a talent. If you have the skills and expertise to
help people take their business where they want it to go, then
consulting can be a great option with excellent financial

Establishing a consulting business is not always easy, it
involves a lot of self-marketing along with a solid reputation
and expertise to back it up.

To gain success in consulting, you need to focus on selling one
product - YOU!

But, before you begin marketing yourself you should first
determine what your consultant potential is. You can do this by
asking yourself a few basic questions.

- What is the thing you are most passionate about?

- What is that thing that you do best?

Once you have determined what that is, ask whether there are
people who might need some assistance in that area.

- Now, can you help them?

Of course, you can! You are an expert on it! So why not do it as
a business? Earn money helping others with something you know
and do best and that is business consulting.

You can start small. Do it in the comfort of your home as a
freelance consultant. There are a lot of organizations and
executives out there who are in need of expert consultants and
with a little fine-tuning, you can become a high-paid advisor.

So what do you need to do next?

Well, as I have said earlier, you have to determine your area of
expertise first.

Then find out if you have the required certifications to claim
that you are an expert in that field? If you don’t, you must
secure that first. An expert without credentials is just another
person next-door, who is ambitioning to be an expert. People
believe in the written word, so you have to have that. However,
there are also professions or areas of expertise that doesn't
require certificates like fund-raising consultants. Expertise on
the likes of this area only needs experience. However, you have
to have vast experience in the field you are planning to advise

Second, your office, since you are starting small, your first
office can be your bedroom, or your study room if you have one.
All you need is a table and chair, an internet connection and a
telephone line, and presto! You are almost ready to start your
consulting business.

Almost, because you have to understand that though you are
starting small, of course, you are also looking to becoming big
someday. So you have to be organized. Consultants are advising
on management and that includes time and things management. You
have to practice what you are advising.

Third, set your goals and limitations. Why limitations? You are
only starting your business, so don’t shoot stars. Set your
goals to a realizable scale or level. Do not target too many
clients and end up failing with your commitments. Be realistic.
Do not bite off more than you can chew. Maintain your clientele
to a manageable number.

Fourth, develop and make a record of your plan. You need to have
a tangible reminder of the path you are taking so you would not
go astray. It’s easy to get distracted and side-tracked from
your goals. So it’s best to have it formally written down and
give it a professional feel. This way, you can also have
something to show possible clients, proving that you are serious
in your business.

Fifth, create your lesson plans. Of course, before you can
advise, train, or teach, you have to have a lesson plan. You
have to know what you are going to tell your clients. Write it
on your own. Think of all the possible weakness people might
have in your chosen field. Focus and write about that. If you
don’t know how to start it, begin with the definition of your
profession and everything else would follow. The field you are
going to write about is your forte, so things should flow easily
once you have begun.

We have a lot to go over in the next few days if you want to
learn all about Consulting For Cash, so make sure you look for
your next lesson soon. In your next lesson we will be going over
some simple steps that will help you start your consulting
business the right way.

Thank you again for joining, if you have any questions or need
any assistance please feel free to contact me at anytime using
the contact information below. I will be happy to help.


1. Intro: Hi and welcome to the secret consulting riches video Siris In this video, Siri's I'm gonna show you how you can create your own consulting business. Now, the big question is what is consulting? Consulting covers a very, very broad in general niche. So you could be consulting businesses. You could consult individuals whether let's say, for example, that you're good at skiing, you could find people who want to learn skiing. You can find people that wanna learn specific niche, maybe scrapbooking, your craft making, you know things like that. But you can also do businesses as well. In fact, consulting local businesses is pretty much where the money is at. So if you want to make you know a couple $1000 arm or than definitely go after consulting businesses now, you definitely want to do the proper research before you actually create your consulting service. But you also want to make sure that you enjoy what you're doing. So I'm gonna cover both in this video. Siri's. I'm gonna show you how he confined and create consulting services that are profitable and that you actually enjoy. Now the big question that you need to ask yourself is are you going to be consulting online businesses or offline businesses? Now? You can do both if you want, but it's better if you can focus on, you know specifics Online businesses for much cover worldwide and offline businesses cover the local businesses businesses that are close by to you now I save businesses, but like I said, this video series is targeted focused tours of businesses because that's where the money is at. But if you want to consult not to businesses but to individuals, you can do that as well. But I just wanted to make that clear. So what do you want to do? Consulting Well, consulting is probably the fastest way you can make a big amount, a big chunk of amount of money quick. And it's great because you have a low amount of money that you have to invest because it's pretty much either service base or you're already good at it. So you're advising people on how to improve and how to fulfill their problems or needs. Consulting is all about helping others helping businesses and things like that. So, you know, if you create a business, your whole goal is to help others. So with consulting, guess what? You get to do that all the time. You get to be paid by being on the phone. People coaching them cold, consulting them, you know, helping them improve their business or improve individual needs, whatever that might be. Another question that you need to ask yourself is, Are you going to go after one niche or are you going to go after a broad niche? Now, let me give you some examples. If you're going after oneness, let's say, for example, that you're going to be a consultant. And, let's say, for example, that I'm a marketing consultant. So I can pretty much consult any type of business out there because I understand you online marketing or offline marketing so I can consult different businesses now. Niche examples would be, Let's say, for example, that I want to focus on realtors. Yeah, I've been dealing with Realtors lately, and I found that realtors they make a lot of money just by selling one house, they often get like 6%. So if they were to sell, let's say, for example, $100,000 house Well, 6% of that the listing agent in the Realtor or your real a term. They split that normally, so they get about 6% per house given take. You know, they spend anywhere from a couple days or so per person or week per person, and they find that house and they make that money. So we're time out there making a couple $1000 each and every cell, and really, depending on how big the houses as well. So if you're a marketing consultant, you can focus specifically towards realtors. And let's say you know realtors and making good money. You're making a couple $1000 consulting them Ugo into that market of Realtors. You could go deeper. You can go into a safe foreclosure realtors specific types of realtors to get in specifics . Now the good side about that is your specifically focused, so you may not have as much competition. But the problem is that you may not have as many clients, but you don't need a lot of clients to get good money. And that's what makes this business model rate another example. You could be chiropractor marketing consultants, you know, Chiropractors charged not a lot of money, but they charged a good amount of money per visit, so you could go after chiropractors. As a marketing consultant, you could do salon marketing so focused specifically on salons. Of course, there's not a ton of money, but if you go after specific salons that cater to people that you get a haircut, they get shampoo to get everything you know, especially women. You know, they get all these different hair dyeing things like that. The money can add up and it on a consistent basis. So salons do make good money with specific clients. So you can specifically focus tour salons that you are making good money or stores businesses that are making good money. Then you can actually go after that niche. Now, extreme niche examples You could be like, Let's say, for example, a marketing consultant, but you're not doing everything you're doing. Specifically paper click and what I found with local businesses. A lot of local businesses have done their research, so a lot of times they've approached me and said, Hey, I need a pay per click campaign. I've heard a lot of great things about Google hours and that I could get people you know targeted locally for my business so you could do extreme niche examples like this Realtors and or provide specific traffic methods to these businesses. Brought examples are just like marking consultant, marketing consultant, wrestling consultant or wrestling coach. You know different types of consultants, but they're a little broader. So with this, you can. Actually, if you're starting out, that's probably the best way to start out. As a marketing consultant, you could say your marketing consultant as your clientele grows and you find out that you're making more money from realtors or chiropractors or specific businesses, then you can bring yourself as the Realtor marking consultant. So the key really is to create your business, figure out either figure out originally or do some tests and figure out which one is more profitable or a website consultant, copyrighting consultant and so forth. And you can even consult marketing consultants if you want. Now, what do I mean by that? While I've done a lot of consultations with business coaches, so think about it. I'm in the marketing consultant and I consult other marking consultants, which then go out to consult business coaches. Business coaches, then go out and consult businesses so with these types. Actually, you could make pretty good money with this because business coaches, you know, make good money or marketing consultants that consultant business coaches. I know this is a a lot of stuff, but basically, if your consulting business coaches, it's actually a lot easier to dio I found over the years because they already have a good amount of knowledge. But you're just giving them specific, tightly focused knowledge to help them help their clients, which are businesses improve. Now, let me give you a quick overview of this whole video series as a whole, so that you understand what I'm going to talk about in this video. Siri's so you can expect it, and it will all come together in a faster manner. So video number one, of course, is this video video number two. I'm gonna show you how you can determine your skill set and what you're good at. There's specific methods that I use that I've found over the years. Help me. Fine. You know what I'm good at? You know what I enjoy and what kind of consulting I could do. And I've I've used us to help other people find what they're good at as well. So I'm sure you'll enjoy that video video number three, We're gonna talk about researching your market and your competition, so once you figure it out, OK, what you're good at and what your skill set are. Then you can research that specific market and research your competitions when you're figuring out OK, is this really profitable or not? And how much competition is there? Half there is competition. That's great. If there's too much competition than you might want to move to local business arena because there's not as much competition in that area, And then video number four, we're gonna do some brainstorming, figuring out your services. So of course, the video number two. I'm not really gonna dive too much into you. Figure out out your services. That's what we're going to do in video number four, figuring out what you're good at and what you can provide. Other people in terms of consulting services. Video number five We're gonna talk about creating an outline creating your services. So once you figure it out what your services are gonna be about video five. We're gonna take that and create an outline and creatures services. So we're going to talk about your services and how much you're gonna charge. You know, things like that. Video number six. We're going to talk about creating and setting up your websites, basically setting up your landing pages, your auto responders and things like that too. Get you set up so that you can begin to capture leads. Pity number seven. And we're also going to talk about pre launching phase. Why? It's important to build curiosity. So after you've done on everything you've set up your services, you've created your list. You've critic your landing pages and so forth. You still need to do some pre launching or marketing to build up curiosity. So one thing you could do is you could do webinars and things like that. But we won't dive too much in that right now. Video number eight, The last video we're going to talk about marketing. This is vital. Once you set up your system, you need to market, and I'm not gonna leave you in the dark. I'm gonna show you how to find out where your clients are hiding. Basically, where are your clients where these clients that want to pay you 502,000 bucks just to get you to console them. Now, let me talk about the tools that you're going to need. Fortunately for you, you don't need a lot of money. You do. You need some web hosting and you do need a domain name so that you can set up your website webinar services optional, and you need to record video whether that's live video or camp. Tasia can't Asia is pretty much what I'm using right now give you the ability to record screen capture or power point. And you can do live video to if you have some sort of recording device and then you need some money. But you don't need a whole lot of money. You need some keyword research tools. I'm gonna stick with free keyword research tools as much as possible. Keep your your costs low. You're also going to need an auto responder when we set up the lead capture pages and things like that you're going to need in our responders now. Recommend that use something like a weber or get response. But you can pretty much use any auto responder service that you want. Now let's talk about how it works. This is pretty much how it works now. In the quick overview, I gave you a brief overview, but this is how it works, Step by step. So you, your consulting business, you determine your skill. Set your researcher market and your competition. Then your brainstorm your services. You outline your services, basically creating a detail plan or business plan. You set up lead, capture pages, produce of pre launch and do some marketing. Now there's a lot of MAWR that's involved in this. But of course, each step has his own, and I'll go into a little more detail in each step. So with that said, let's move on to video number two. 2. 02SCR YourSkills: Hi. Welcome to video number two. In this video, you get to learn how to determine your skill set and what you're good at. Now, this is going to be a fun video because you get to learn more about yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses. So this can apply to help you find more about what you want to build your consulting business around. But you should also get a lot more out of that from this video. So how do you determine what you're good at? Now? Some of you might have some blank faces right now. Some of you might have a good idea of what you want to do in terms of consulting business. But if you you're drawing a blank and you don't know what to do, then I want to help you find that in this particular video. Now, this is not limited to marketing consulting businesses on Lee. Now, if you want to do it marketing consultant business and consult businesses, then you can do that, and I'll provide ah lot of information in the videos later on. But in this particular video, I'm gonna help you find what you're good at. If you don't already know. And this will also help you determine. Let's say, for example, that you think you're good at a website design or you think you're good at graphics or you think you're good at websites marketing and this and that. Now, this video will also help you figure out ways you can sell yourself in terms of consulting and help you figure out. Most importantly, if you are going to enjoy what you're doing, because the worst case scenarios, you think you're good at something and you start doing it and you realize that you hate it . So this is what this video is all about. So let me ask you some questions. I want you to think for a moment. What kind of learner are you? Are you an audio learner? Are you a visual learner? Are you a person that you know? If you're watching this video, you get mawr. If I do like screen capture stuff or your type of person that learns more by audio died by text, are you a hands on type person? The reason why I'm asking you this question is because when you're running your marketing consulting business, you know you could do more hands on. Do you want to do more service based a k a. Hands on. Do you want to show people how to do something more visually or audio? Would you? Or if you're an audio person, you might want to doom or advising or, you know, Webinars things like that. So what kind of law order are you? Now? Keep in mind that you how you also have to focus it towards whoever you are promoting your consultations towards. So that's something that is good to find out, whether they're audio, video or hands on and things like that. Now let's begin to brainstorm. Let's dig deep. One thing you can start out with is you can ask your friends. You can ask your friends what you're good at. Now your friends often comptel or have a better view of what you're good at, because a lot of times your friends can tell you. Oh, you're get at this in this and you think you're so wait. Really, Am I really good at this? This because sometimes it's harder to see in yourself. You know what you're good at and, you know, observe your own self, your friends and your family. I forgot that. Ask your friends and your family so that they can give you some ideas from that. I want you to create a list of things that you are good at. I'm sure you know what you're good at and what you're not as good at. So create a list of things. Do some brainstorming. You cut off the Internet, pauses video, go somewhere where there's no Internet and just begin to create a list of things that you're good at now. The reason why I say go somewhere quiet without Internet is because Internet is distracting . So you just want to get away from all the distracting stuff and create a list of things that you're good out get at. Even you can go towards things that you enjoy and start jotting down those things. Why do you enjoy those things? What makes those things interesting and you can jot down You know, why are you interested in those things, or why are you good at those things? What kind of person would be interested in those things? So you're thinking to yourself not only what you're good at and what you can create your consulting business around, but you're also thinking about the customer. You know why they needed problems that if do they face what kind of solutions and what kind of money will they be willing to pay? You know, to fulfill that problem or fix that problem or learn from you or improve themselves, Then you want to think about OK, do you know your strengths and your weaknesses? So I want you to jot your strengths and your weaknesses. Now this specific method I'm about to show you will reveal to you deeper. So that's what we're talking about digging deep. We're digging deep into your strengths and to your weaknesses. Now, how do you do that? How do you figure out your strengths and weaknesses? Because sometimes if you think about it, you might put a strength that is really a weakness. Or you might put a weakness that is really a strength. So there are a couple ways to go about doing this, and one of the ways is to find out what personality type you are now. How do you figure that out? There's a test called the Soc Onyx Test and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to my computer and show you step by step, how you can find out your personality type, then how you can figure out more about your strengths and more about your weaknesses so that you can figure out, you know, is this consulting business going to work with me or not? Now, the purpose of this video is not totally dogo out and figure out the services that you're providing. I'm going to talk about that in the later videos, but in this video, I particularly want you to understand more about yourself, more about your strengths and more about your weaknesses. So once you take the so psionic test, which is only four questions, we're gonna google your personality. So with that said, let's move on to my computer and let me show you step by step, how you can take the test and how you can find more about your strengths and weaknesses to make sure that the consulting business that you go into is something that you're good at and something that you're going to enjoy because think about it. If you're good at it and you enjoy it, then When you sell your product, you sell yourself. You sell your consulting service to whoever that is, is going to be more believable. They're going to see that you genuinely actually care. And that's the reason why our system here will work well with creating your consulting business. So let's move on to soc Onyx test. Okay, so what I want you to do is get a google dot com and then type in soc Onyx tests. That's S O C I o N I. C s space test. So if you click search, you're gonna get the top. This is air, basically just a bunch of tests that you could take. Um, if ugo here and you click on the soc Onyx type assistant Turbo, As you can see it says the shortest test ever. It's a four question test or it's actually Yaya. You read this? He basically it says, Which population can you relate to the most? Are you involved in what is happening outside and around them? Are you open often talking of basically what this is? It's a personality test, and what it's going to give you is if you answer them honestly, it's going to give you a four letter word. Now, I'm not gonna go through this. I'm gonna let you do this on your own. But mine is an E S f j. So what you could do is you could go to Google. The second step is go to Google and type in that four letter word. Now, the four letter words basically admires Break. If you've heard of Myers break, it's pretty much the same thing. What this allows you to see or your strengths and your weaknesses So you can see you know what kind of person you are. Most likely you know what kind of person you are. But what I have found over the years is I've showed people this and they they read it and they read your profile about themselves. This is nothing to do with astrology or anything like that. This is actual personality profile. So this is really you. So if I gotta es fj, I usually pick the top few and look over them. So for example, the S f. J is a caregiver, and you can read through basically, you know, SF jays are people persons. They love people. So I know that I'm a people person, so I would much rather deal with people out front, and I would actually much rather I've actually enjoyed doing consulting work in terms of just giving advice service bases. Okay, I'd rather outsource that kind of stuff, but I rather deal with people. Person, face to face. I love it. I like to talk to people on the phone. That's that's why I enjoy now. Some of you may not enjoy that. Some of you actually may enjoy doing Service base consulting more so than giving advice on Lee. So that's why I say Figure out who you are, what, your strengths, what your weaknesses are read through your profile. And one thing I like is if I go to this page and I strolled down the bottom and it's his careers for yes, of Jay's. And it also says he s FJ relationships now under its FJ relationships. It shows me the strengths and the weaknesses. So as you can see the strikes here, it says, put forth effort to fulfill their duties and their obligations. LABA bothers service oriented, not necessarily in the service projects, but you know they want to please others, and they take their commitments seriously. Ball of law. But then I can also see my weaknesses. And if you do that, says you can also see your weaknesses, too, because if you build your consulting business and surrounded and make sure that you know the services that you provide because of your strengths, you don't focus too much on your weaknesses. But you can if you want to. But just keep in mind that you can increase your efficiency rate by focusing on what you're good at already and you'll mawr so enjoy doing that, too. Now, if I look at the careers for yes of Jay's, I scroll down to the bottom. I kind of see the different types of things here. Possible career paths for any use of J. But here's the kicker. This I'm showing you this, not really to show you. Oh, you can go do childcare teaching and stuff like that. I'm showing you this because a lot of times you can get along with these types of people because you're in SF J. You think like these types of people, these types of people can be your potential customers, you know because you think already like them and you can relate very, very easily to them. I've found over the years I grabbed this and go after. Teaching is not necessarily a the best client necessarily, but I can go after councillors, councillor, psychological counselors, you know, counter counting accountants See P. A's you know, administrators, things like that. So that's what I wanted to show you and show you how easy that was. Simply take the tests step to, you know, type this into here. Click on the 1st 1 or first few you see, find your strengths and find your weaknesses. And then you can build your consulting business. And I guarantee you once you for have gone through this video and you have learned more about yourself than creating a consulting business and finding opportunities out there that might come out towards you is going to be so much easier 3. 03SCR ResearchComp: Hi and welcome to video number three. In this video, you get to learn how to research your market in your competition. Now, in video number two, you learn how to determine your skills and what you're good at. Now, we didn't really talk about, you know, different types of markets. Now, in this video, I'm gonna talk about potential markets just to give you some ideas. But we're also going to talk about researching your market in a little more depth and how to find your market and how to find your competition. Because you want to make sure that if you do go into a market, there is competition. But there's not too much competition. So there there is a difference there. So let's go ahead and get started now. I briefly mentioned this a while back. You want to think of Is it online or offline? Online basically means that your clients are worldwide, because if you think online, you think worldwide less money, most likely, but not always. That doesn't always mean that, you know you're gonna make less money, especially if you get into a tightly focus niche. But let's say if you're the best of the best. Of course, you can charge more money, but let's assume that you're not the best of the best, and you're just getting started. If that's the case, then with online consulting, you might make you know 297 14 97 to 997 which is not bad in most likely with online, you can get more clients with offline. You got to do a little more convincing. But most likely your clientele has more money, and they're not necessarily wanting to do, Let's say, for example, marketing. So when you come in marketing consultations, you can charge a little more money. You know, a couple 1000 here and there. So it's basically a give and take. You gotta figure out you want to go online. Where do you want to go offline? It's okay to do both online and offline, but if you're starting out, you probably want to stick with one or two and tested out. See which one is more profitable for you, and then go with that specific one. You want to keep a balance. More competition, the better. More competition basically means that there is, ah, buying market if you go into a market where there's very little competition than I want you to be aware that there might not be a lot of people purchasing or buying, so that might be an issue as well, because you don't want to educate your customers. And that's something that I did one time and I made that but made that big mistake by having to go through thinking, Oh, not a competition. But, you know, years later, I realized that I had educate the market. Now the market is good now, but at that time there wasn't a lot of competition. So you want to balance. You want a balance between a little bit of competition versus too much competition. Now what I want to do now is give you a possible clientele. It's like people that you could possibly do business with. Now, keep in mind that this is focused tours marketing consultant ations. Now, if you're doing other types of consultations, will say website consultations in business related consultations, this lists will actually help you. But if you're doing something like skiing, you're good at skiing or you go that wrestling, you know, consulting stuff like that this clientele less probably won't do. You bit of a good, but I just want to give you some ideas. Possible clients in terms of business clients and marketing business clients. You pretty much wanna target people who have, you know, a customer clientele that are paying them a lot of money. For example, plumbers I know plumbers make a lot of money because every time they come and fix a house, it's about 203 $100 per visit. And recently, you know, they fixed up a house. Plumbers. They fix up one of my rotors house. And because when my relatives lived on a slab foundation and one of the pipes, the sewage pipes were like leaking or something, so the plumbers hadn't come and drill the foundation it cost, like 3000 bucks. So think about the type of money that these clients are paying your business. Clients of Palmer's definitely a good niche to go into Electrician's. Definitely as well. Think about, you know, houses they have to replace lots of, you know, wiring old houses have bad wiring, you know, So they replace that kind of stuff. They earn about a couple 1000 more contractors. You got loan brokers Low broker's specifically when they, you know everybody is looking for a house, not everybody, but a lot of people are still looking for a house in this market. In fact, loan brokers they earn about 1 to 2% origination feet. So what, that is is for every person that they find, they learn about think about anywhere from 1000 to a couple $1000 per loan. So if you think if you're a marketing consultant and you're bringing leads to a table, let's say 10 of those leads out of the 100 leads. Convert. You know, these loan brokers are making about $10,000. So think about what kind of fees you could charge them. Dentists. They make good money. Lawyers, especially. Yes, definitely. You could go into niches. Lawyers like cosmetic lawyers. You know, things like that. Ah, litigators, trial lawyers, attorney of wall and criminal lawyers, real estate lawyers, specific niches. Roof companies make really good money. Bathroom remodelers, realtors. Definitely, because realtors, like I talked about earlier, that most of them take about 6% cut, especially the listing agent. So if you have a listing agent and Realtor. They get 6%. They cut that. So each realtors bringing to the table. You're bringing home about a couple $1000? Chiropractors, mechanics? No. Car mechanics definitely make good money. Just cause cars are always going to be breaking down, you know, they're gonna have a consistent amount of money. You know, I consulted a mechanic, company, mechanic, car mechanic, and, you know, at the time they weren't doing as well. But now they're just so packed that even I when I go there, they're having to book me, you know, appointment and stuff like that. So they're making good money with car mechanics, counselors, different types of councillors, psychological counselors. They make really good money. Landscapers do as well Window repair replacements. They definitely make good money. I could tell you that because each window, especially the new energy efficient Windows, they're earning about 300 bucks per window. So imagine if you get a client over, one client could pull in, you know, 34 $5000 house repair types, moving companies, carpenters and more. So that's just a brief list of people that you can potentially go after. In terms of business, consult ations marketing consultations or anything like that. Now, what are people buying? So this this part of this video is going to help you figure out what kind of services you want to provide because you already know what you're good at. So you want to figure out what kind of services you want to provide. Now, one good way of figuring out what people are buying is by going to amazon dot com books. I like books because books is a great way to figure out, especially do it yourself books. But books in general, books audiobooks can help you figure out. Is there a big buyer's market out there for that specific niche? Now, of course, you're doing consulting work, but think of the books like they're sort of like consultants, so they're consulting these people. But of course, your consulting the business is therefore the businesses are, you know, helping these people. So think of books like a way to figure out if there's a buyer's market. Barnes and Noble's books is also good. Barnes and Noble's. If you don't know it's similar to amazon dot com, but it's basically a bookstore. Apple Books. You could go to the the iTunes store Apple store. Figure out what kind of things people are buying. And you want to ask yourself, Are there a lot of books being bought on that specific subject matter? So, for example, if I was running a marking company, Air, a marketing consulting company, and I was specifically targeting with, say, plumbers and I want to consult, I want to be the marketing consultants of plumbers in a specific area you could do research on, you know, plumbing your things like that. Now there are two views, two different perspectives. You could study the plumbing in different types of plumbing. So understand, You know what kind of needs they have, but primarily for yourself. If you're creating a list of services you can do research on, you know, is, Is this marketing consultant service going to really work? Or is this skiing consultants service going to work? So you get to see it in different two different lights. Okay, so right now I'm located at amazon dot com, and what I want to do is basically do some research, so I'm gonna go look in their book department and let's say, for example, that I want to do some sort of consulting in the market of Let's just Do marketing consultant for now consultants. Now the good thing about Amazon is it lists what it sells the most from the top to the bottom. So, as you can see here, guerilla marketing for consultants, getting clients and so forth. Now another thing you can do with Amazon is if you type in the work consultants. Utkan kind of get a good idea of what kind of consulting gigs and consulting subject matters are out there. So if I put it put in consult, it also gives me different services and things like that that are provided by consulting. And another good thing is, if you want to do some research, let's say for your client, then you can say like plumbing. What kind of plumbing category? What what is selling from top to bottom? So what is the highest? Demanded things from top to bottom. So Amazon is a good tool to use Barnes and nobles Barnes and noble dot com. You can do the same thing here as well, just to do some research to see if there is a buying market out there and study their customers. Like I said, you know, if you're going after a plumbing business owner or a realtor or electrician's or specific type of plumber specific type of lawyer, then study their customers. And when I say their customers, I'm talking about, Let's say, for example, your consulting a business owner. And then you know, the business owners, the business owners, customers, so study their customers. How urgent our their needs. How much are they willing to pay to fix their problems? Like I gave you the example of the plumbers plumbers? Their customers obviously have urgent needs. I mean, think about if you're sewage pipeline just broke than your house is going to smell like sewage. So definitely your your urgent. You're very, very have very urgent needs. You're willing to pay good money to get it fixed. Otherwise, your house is gonna really smell so Okay, so right now what I'm gonna do is basically spy on the clients of your business clients. And to do that, I wanted to get a google dot com and type in quant cast dot com. So this is what Kwan cast dot com looks like. Basically, this site is a research tool, it's free, and it allows you to find information about more about the audiences of a specific niche. So, for example, if I want to type in plum plumbing or plumber what I've been plumber and you'll notice that quant cast gives you data about these sites and then from these sites you can. If you go down to the about the bottom area, it will show you a little bit about the client. Each client in a 57% are male, 43% of female. The majority are 35 to 50 years old or some are 18 to 34. Caucasian seems to be a make sure. No kids, you know, it basically gives you an idea of what kind of person you know the client is. And being that most of the clients are about 35 to 50 probably means that they have good money or at least, er, at least stable income. You can see how is they earn and things like that. So this will give you a good not exactly exact data, but it will give you a good impression of what kind of clients your client has. So if your client is ah high earner like it hasn't has a job and their clients are able to pay them good money, then most likely that means that when you get into that niche, then they're going to be able to have that budget to afford your consulting services. Now, if you get a quant cast and you go do research on a specific niche, you come out to find that all of the people viewing that nature like teenagers and younger than 18 you might not want to go after that niche because you know that they're probably not gonna have money, or they would have to convince their parents to buy, you know, the consulting services and things like that for them to improve. So this is just a good tool to use for that purpose. So think about that. Who are your customers and who are their customers and what are their needs? Are they willing to pay good amount of money because you want to focus on clientele that is actually doing well, making money and willing to pay you good money to do consulting or service based projects and things like that? to improve their sales or to improve themselves. Now a study. The Let's talk about the competition analysis Now when you figure out who your competition is, there are different ways to go about this. If you're going online, you can go online. You can pretty much use the same method online or offline. You can use keyword tools like you would spy and look at their pay per click ads. So let's say, for example, that I am running a let's, say, a video marketing consulting business so I can figure out I go online. Go to Google, type in, you know, video marketing, consulting or marketing consulting and see what kind of pay per click ads come about or go to keyword spy and see how much competition you have. You can use other tools, like market same or I'm not using that in this video. Siri's just because I want to keep everything free, but personally, I use market samurai cost about. Think it costs about 97 bucks at the time when I purchased it, but it tells you a lot about your market in your competition analysis. Now, in terms of offline, you can also use keyword tools. You can also find pay per click ads, but you can also look at newspapers, niche magazines, niche newsletters and so forth. Now, while you can use all the fancy tools like market samurai and other keyword tools to find your competition, I'm gonna show you a simple way to research your competition. Now, if you want to dig deeper, you're going to have to use the keyword tools. But this will help you get an idea of what your competition is selling and get an idea of what you can sell as well. Now this is a two step process. The first thing to do is, of course, is to go to Google. Now, when you're in Google, the first thing I want you to do is there's too two key words or to Google what we call Google operators. If you put this into Google, for example, and all entitled what were basically searching in our websites that contained the keywords video consulting or video marketing consulting? Let's say video consultant. So this shows US online video consulting network, video consulting, streaming video consulting, video production, digital so forth. No, I'm gonna change this to online video consultant because everybody wants to know how to get their videos on YouTube. How to get their videos toe. Do you have to use video marketing to market their products and things like that? So as you can see, when I put online video consulting, I see a whole lot of different types of online video consulting. So what you could do is you could go through here and just take a look at what people are offering. So obviously we can see that this site provides video consultations for business owners marking professionals and so forth. So basically what I want you to do is just browse it looked through it, see what kind of stuff there providing this side here. Online video consulting, online video strategy, online video consulting So you could go here and just get some ideas. Once you have figured out one or two sites that you feel like are very close to you, let's say, for example, the viral pulse or let's say the see here, um vid host dot c o dot nz because this was actually an online B consulting. It looks like an online video consulting firm, so let's say that once you have figured out websites that are closer to you because not everyone is going to fit something that's similar to you. But once you found that next step is to find the related sites Now, if you put related colon and I'll do that in just a minute, I go back to Google, open a new tab type and related colon. Basically, after this, you want to type in the web address. So in this case, we have www dot bid host stott CEO dot nz, and we're gonna put that here now. It doesn't really shows anything anything. So we're gonna try this over and over again until we see a bunch of results so I could try this one. So you try the viral polls. Usually the ones at the top are better or the bigger companies. So, as we can see here related, basically, what Google does is it goes out and find sites that are related to viral pulse dot com. So essentially it basically picks out the competition of this site. So because this site is somewhat your competition, anyways, their competition is your competition and so forth, so as you can see net video consulting, digital video and consulting so you can go through here and get a good idea. They opened the website. Look at what they're offering. Obviously, this is network security, so that's could be a little different consulting. But it gives you an idea of what kind of different types of video consulting that you could brand out or branch out into. So online video advertising in security video, different types of video and things like that. You could do the same thing with other things like, let's say, for example, that you were providing purely Facebook advertising. So Facebook consulting you can change it around. You could do Facebook consultant. You can do Facebook consultants in consultants with an S and just go through and just use the same method I showed you. And what do you find that site then, of course, do related so that you can see not just that site but other of your competition just looked through it and get a good idea of who your competition is. You don't have to worry too much about all the statistical data, but figure out who your competition is, what they're providing and get that idea of what you can provide as well 4. Brainstorm your services: Hi and welcome to video number four. In this video, you're going to do a little more brainstorming, but you're going to figure out exactly what kind of services you want to provide. Now, on video to you found out about your strengths and what you're good at. Video three. We talked about, you know, doing some research about your competition and your market, and now you're gonna figure out what kind of services were going to provide and what they're going to cost and things like that. So let's go ahead and get started. The first question that I want you to ask yourself is this What type of consulting business do you want to run? You want to run purely a service based consulting service, or do you want to just do advice or do you want to do both? Now, it might be a good idea to start with one of these two before you do both, because you don't want to overwhelm yourself. So when I talk about service base, well say, for example, you want to help a Realtor build their list of clientele list, So are there prospects, So what you could do is help them set up an auto responder and elite capture page that would be service based. Now you could consult them along the way if you wanted to. But if you're just doing consulting than consulting would be just giving them advice. For example, lawyer gives a person advice. You hire somebody, let's say, for example, an accountant or c P. A. A. C P. A. Is a certified public accountant, somebody who can advise you in terms of taxes and accounting and things like that. So that would be a consulting on Lee business. But you can do both if you want to. Let's say, for example, you're in the marketing consulting business or the copyrighting consulting business so you can offer people services in terms of like writing their copy, running their ads, you know, writing persuasive contents. But you can also advise people who don't want to do your service base service. But they want to take you up on your consulting, and they want to do this themselves. So in this case, you can just coach them and consult with them. Tell them what to do. Look at their you know, copyrighting. Look at their ads tell them what they need to do in the future to improve their current ads . So that's something to keep in mind now. From video number two, you learn how to determine your best skills. Now what I want to do now is I want to show you some examples that derived from them, So these examples primarily focus on marketing related consulting businesses. So if you're looking to start your own, let's say, ice skating, consulting or wrestling, consulting or accounting or lawyer consulting business, you can use these ideas, but you can pretty much ignore these next few slides. But what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to help you to show you how to dig deeper. Once you learn to you what you want to dio, you can dig deeper and find what kind of services you want to do. So let's talk about graphics. Remember how I talked about in video number two? What kind of learner you are. You got audio, got visual and got hands on. Well, graphics tends to fall under the visual slash hands on type of person, so if you found that you're good at graphics and you know you're good at artists and designing, and you have a good eye, I for that. You may not be the best right now, but that's something that you know you've done designs and things like that. Then this might be something you want to go into and believe it or not, graphics has a lot in terms of consulting businesses, because a picture is worth 1000 words. If a company's logo is not that great, it needs to be improved, and you have a good eye for things. You may not be a great designer, but you have a good eye for things. If that's the case, then you can outsource. You could do outsourcing can find somebody who is a good graphics designer. Hire them, have them work for you on a consistent basis, and you can act as the broker so you could take a logo that's not as good and improve it as a service based project. Many side designing no on online businesses have lots of many sites, so he could do many side designing Could do graphics logos website designing website designing is big in terms of offline consulting because a lot of businesses offline just don't know how to build a business. They don't know how to build a logo or design a logo and things like that. So, like logos, for example, you can charge 203 $100 for a logo. All you have to do is find somebody to outsource it to. You can get a really good logo designed for less than 10 to 20 bucks. Have it designed. And guess what? You're pretty much consulting in that manner. So graphics concern into company logo's branding brain marketing So you could become a brand marketing consultants or a branding marketing consultant. Logical. Let's say you're the type of person that is very logical, you know, you're good at Let's say, for example, programming. You may not be a programming, for example. I used to program, but I found that I was really not that good and programming. But I'm very logical. So I have the ability to create really good software programs in terms of taking an idea in creating a software product out of that. So I've done this before where I've taken an idea I've created, you know, the software specifications and help people create software projects So that's what I'm trying to tell you. I'm trying till you hear that you may not necessarily be good. Add something you may not even know how toe design graphics or do programming. But if you know how to get around that in your logical you know how to create website programs, you know you're good at computers or you know things like that. Then you can go into the website slash marketing consulting area, the website consulting area, the programs, these software development consulting area. So these air ideas and I'm just showing you that you really don't have to be. You don't have to know how to do it in order to make money from it. You just have to find that somebody who is good at it make sure that they're doing a good job and give from that point writing. Not everybody is good at writing, but if you're kind of good at it and you have a good view of copyrighting writing sales copy, press releases, article writing, persuasive writing ads running and so forth PPC as riding in all that other stuff, then you cannot get somebody to do copyrighting for you or you can do it yourself, and you can read a couple books on copyrighting and testing. Tweak and make you improve yourself in the area of copyrighting and advise people you know right sales copy. You could write press releases. You know how many companies are willing to pay you to write a press release and get it submitted to giggle news? Well, let's say, for example, it's press releases you can get. Somebody didn't write a press release for less than 2030 bucks. You could use sites like Web wire and you know other sites on Web wire. There you could do article marketing. Cement them to sites like Easy articles on lee wire dot com and, well, actually, only wire does social book marking. But you know, in a way in directly, you can use article marketing and submit articles as social bookmarks. But I'm not gonna get into that right now. The point is, companies, local businesses are willing to pay you anywhere from $502,000 if you can get a press release written, and if you can get that press release submitted to Google News, you can use Web wire. You can use PR web dot com Web wires. Only 20 bucks. I think it's 1999 but technically that 20 bucks. But you cement them and they can get you that press release into Google News. Now most offline businesses don't realize. But when they hear Wow, you can write a press release and get it submitted to giggle News. I mean, think about Google News. When I first submitted a press release to pure web dot com, it cost me $169. But in a matter of hours, I was submitted to Google News. In a matter of weeks, I was getting thousands among thousands of back links. So imagine you telling an offline business. Hey, I could write a press release for you. I can get it submitted to Google News, and I can guarantee that you're going to get hundreds and hundreds of back links to that press release. And just that alone, you know, cause you less than 50 bucks to produce and submit that alone. You can charge a couple $1000 to do sales copy article, writing articles. Writing is another powerful thing in persuasive writing and things like that. Now I don't want to go on and on and on and talk about this, but classified as runny. As you can see, you could become a copyrighting consultant. So if you're copyrighting consultants and Ugo into this specific niche, you can see that within the specific niche, you can become very, very popular, so you could even go after Realtors. You could be a realtor copyrighting consultant. You could be a plumber, marketing slash copyrighting consultant. You can make pretty good money just with writing alone. Like I said, you don't have to be able to write. You may be a guy or person of male or female that you know you don't know how to write as long as you know how to outsource. And as long as you know how to read through, make sure that it is indeed a good press release. Then you could become a copyrighting consultant or poor persuasive ad copy consultant. Now let's move on to general Internet marketing. This is pretty broad, but you can do pretty much everything that I showed you. Writing graphics, many site designs, logos, brand marketing, auto responders, online marketing, Lee generation, different types of traffic like surgeons and optimization paper Click Marketing, which is a big one among offline businesses, article marketing and so forth. So in terms of general Internet marketing, there's so much that you can offer in general Internet market like, for example, PPC s CEO. If you do just one of those, that's just huge than PPC marketing. If you can do, um, Internet PPC plus ad copy for PPC, that's actually very, very big with offline businesses with dealing with offline businesses. And that brings us to offline marketing. You could become an offline marketing consultant If you want to. You can you get their ads submitted to Yellow pages. In fact, I had a friend that all he did was sell yellow page ads as he said it was a couple 100 bucks. 2000 bucks. If you're an online marker, you go to the offline arena. You can tell people you can say, Hey, you know you're spending a couple 1000 bucks with yellow pages. You know you can pay me a couple of dollars and I will do a much better job for you. Then Yellow pages can't. And with the online marketing in PPC and everything like that you can actually help offline business owners. Ah, lot more than Yellow pages can help them, so you're really helping them. In the long run, you can do print ads. You can do direct mail, postcards, trade shows, PR and more. In fact, I have a friend who's an offline marketing consultant, and she does very, very well because she knows, you know, trade shows and things like that. It only took er, I think about a year to learn off line marketing Now. She actually worked for an offline marketing company as a consultant, but now she's her own consultant. She's doing very well with that. Another thing you can do is you can act as a broker now a briefly touch base, You know, on graphic design and things like that. Acting as a broker is basically like you're like a middleman, but you can outsource everything and you're just making a cut. So, for example, of a graphic design logo and brand marketing, even if you don't know how to do graphic design or logo creation and things like that, you can offer that as a service. Now, how do you do that? Well, you can now source by using different sites like Oh desk dot com, script lance dot com, rent a coder dot com, goober dot com, fiber dot com and more. Now, I will say, in terms of graphic design, I've found people that can design primarily on oh, desk and I would say, scribblings dot com. Even though stripped Lance is primarily a programming site, I've been able to find really good graphic designers there and ods dot com script lands dot com. I've found you can also find really good programmers. So, for example, you wanted to be a software consultant. You can you strip lance dot com, but one thing you have to make sure is when you're a broker, you don't want to. Let's say you give a deadline to the client. You say, Hey, I'm gonna get this done in two weeks if you don't have a good relationship with somebody already. Whether throughout Askar plants were in a coda google dot com or fire dot com. If you don't have a good relation ship with some freelancer, designer, programmer or so forth, then they may not stick with that day, so you definitely want to give yourself double the amount of time to give yourself enough wiggle room just in case somebody comes back. You know, two weeks later, Now, we'll say graphic design is generally fast software programming. Generally, I give them double the time so that if the programmer comes back to me says, Hey, this is gonna take a month. I'm gonna go the client, tell them it's gonna take about a month and 1/2. But, you know, since or I'm going to say it's gonna take about two months toe develop the software. But what I'm gonna do is knock off some a few couple 100 bucks offered cost just to make the client a little happier. Fiber dot com is a good site. The site that you could go to to pay people five bucks to basically do just about anything on article marketing. I found programmers on their programmers Not that great. It's OK, but, you know, graphic design and article writing, I found to be phenomenal. Pay five bucks. It's pretty amazing. So give it a try. So, like I said, the advantages of being a broker as you save time, you save money, but the disadvantages is you If you find bad workers and you don't have a relationship with somebody, you can decrease your reputation and your credibility. So the best things best to start out with is to build around your consulting business, something that you're already good at. Eventually, as you get more more clients, you can outsource that work. Or you can act like a broker and find somebody who is good and build a good relationship with them and then build a consulting business around that. 5. Outline your Services: hi and welcome to video number five, where you get to learn how to create your outline and create your services. Now we're also going to be talking about how to figure out what kind of services to provide to your clients and your customers. Now, before we talk about the outline and figuring out what your services are going to be, let's talk about the client. The first thing you need to understand is your client, because guess what that is. Who is going to buy your product, your services or your consulting. Now what I've done here is I've laid it out into a step by step process so you can see that you create a project outline for clients first, because not all of your clients are going to get all of your services. Some will have some of your services. Some will have some of your other services, so there's no one size fits all outline or service outline. So you're going to give your clients a specific, customized project outline. You're gonna figure out what their goal is, what is their ago? Most likely, it's just to market the products and you have more money things like that. But yeah, that's pretty much self explanatory. But what are there specific goals or what are the goals? What are the specific goals? And then you need to figure out OK, how can I get that client to that goal by using specific strategies? And then how realistic are these strategies? How long is it going to take? And, of course, what do you need to do to get this client to their go Now? Keep in mind that not all clients are created equal, and not all of their businesses are going to be the same. So, really, there is no one size. It's Oh, so that's just pretty much a general view of understanding your clients. Like I said, there's no one size fits all plan. However, if you understand you have your outline created, you have your services created and you try to figure out all the services that you can provide. Then you can customize it, so the first thing you need to do is you need to meet with your customer. That's pretty much the primary think so you need to meet with your customer first. You need to ask lots of questions, see them or questions. You ask the customer, and you can even give them free advice. That's fine. You don't want to give too much advice, but you want to give enough advice toe. Let them know that you actually care about home, and you're sort of building that relationship with, um, as you meet with them because you taken time, you're giving them some advice up front. What possibly they might need to do? And you might have a free consultation first, and then you can get a good view of what they need. What do they do? Are they a potential prospects? For example, in the consulting world, generally you want to reach the type of customer, like lawyers, accountants, people who have clients that paid him a lot of money. So if the clients are paying them 102 103 $100 an hour, you can expect that these types of clients will most likely take you pretty seriously. So these types of clients generally would rather you do it. You knew it all, So if you think about it a very small mom and pop store, you're running a restaurant. Most of these companies, mostly small businesses, do not have time to do everything. However, there are some people that have time to do that. So you gotta think, Do they need consulting, or do they need done for you services now? Generally, what I found is, if you find a customer that has a mix, they want you to do services. Plus, they want some consulting, then this is a good customer. So the question is, Can they afford to pay you now? And can they afford to pay you in the long run? Now, if they can afford to pay you now, that's great. But if they're not getting consistent income theirselves themselves, then they may not be the best customer. So if they pay you, let's say 5000, 10,000 front to do don't for your service, that's fine. But if they want ongoing services from you, that's the ideal client. And you've gotta think to yourself, which clients can you take in? Which clients must you walk away from? Because you can't take every single client. Otherwise, you might miss out on clients who are willing to pay you a lot more money. But at the same time, you want to view of customers who want to deal with you as well, because some customers will not take you very seriously, therefore, are not willing to pay you much or they're willing to pay a lot of money, but they expect a ton of stuff. So you want to get somebody who's here. You can help. What has a realistic feeling of what they want or they know what they want and they know it is realistic. Ask them questions about their business. Get to know their business. If it's a plumbing business, get to know what is their business all about how to their customers coming, find them and pay pay them and things like that. And what are they doing now? For example, right now I'm consulting a realtor, and I've asked her I said, What are you doing now? To get people to your website and to get referrals? Well, a lot of what she's doing right now is primarily offline marketing, flyers, business cars, things like that. But in this case in point, she's not doing a whole lot of online marketing, and that's the key. What are they missing? Well, in this case, the Realtors missing a lot of online marketing. She's not doing video marketing, which can really help offline businesses, And I can see so many potentials and so many things that I can offer her if I know what is missing. So what are they doing now? But what are they missing? Because this is a great opportunity to for you to write, promotes everything that they're missing out. You've got to realize that you only want to give your clients what they need, do not sell them something that they do not need or they feel like they do not need because most clients don't like to be sold. If they feel like you're selling to them, then they are going to walk away, and you're going to say But so year are in this business because you want to consult and you want to help your customers so Onley offer them what they're missing, but what they need. And can the missing items be fulfilled by your services and consulting, which is pretty much what I talked about earlier. Now let's move on to the outline for your services and writing up your proposal now. This is basically a template. You could have all these templates for your own creation of your services and your outlines , things like that. So I'm gonna give you some ideas so that you can understand this in a better light. The first thing you need to do is you need to figure out what your goal is. What are you aiming to achieve? Like, what kind of service are you going to create? Then you need a specific strategy. How are you going to get to that goal? In general, it doesn't need to be super specific, or it could be in the middle of general and specific. But you need a strategy. You know how to get to that goal. How realistic is that going? You gotta ask yourself, how realistic are these goals and all of these strategies? Are you shooting for the moon or are you shooting for something that's closer? That is more achievable because if you shoot for the moon, guess what? When you promise too much. I've learned this in the past. But if you promise too much and you charge will say 5000 bucks or something that you're shooting the moon for, then your customers going to expect a lot more when you don't fulfill it. Guess what? They could just either get their money back or harm your credibility and reputation because you did not fulfill promises or they could see you. So you definitely want to keep in mind. You gotta do your research beforehand and you gotta do brainstorming beforehand before you go all out. Then you need to figure out what are you going to do? What are the exact steps that are needed to take to fulfill this goal? What do you need to do? And it all makes sense when I give you an example. Then you also need to figure out the turnaround time. How long can this take? And be sure to give yourself at least 1.5 or two times mawr worth well over. So, for example, if you feel like you're doing video consulting or Facebook marketing and feel like an ad takes about an hour to set up, I would give yourself 1.5 hours or two hours to set up the ad campaign because very a lot of times when we estimate services that we do, at least I do you got to know yourself? Of course as well. I know that I tend to estimate a lot smaller. So if I tell somebody I haven't done in about two days, that's usually Ah, whole week for me in reality. So I found that I knew myself in high estimation is a little off, so you've got to give yourself a little bit of wiggle room. Let me give you an outline. Example. Let's talk about ago. Let's say that our goal is we're going to set up in online video marketing, consulting for or service. Now you could go all out if you wanted to and just offered tons of marketing services of you want to. But I will say that I recommend that you pick one service. Whether you're setting up a list auto responder, anything like that, you want to bring yourself as the specific marketing consultant because if you're dealing with online offline businesses, everybody out there I found. There's so many people out there that are offering marketing consulting services, so you gotta figure out How can I stand out among all the other people who are selling marketing consultations? Well, if you spy if you go towards a niche and you're very, very specific, then, for example, online video market consultant, You know you can help people market their videos or content, but at the same time, when you meet with them, you say, Hey, not only do I do online video marketing Hey, I could set up a Facebook out campaign. I could do a Google pay per click ad campaign and all these other things, but you can sell yourself your services when you actually meet with person. So in this case, I'm doing all on video market consulting. I'm helping businesses market their products and services through online video. Now, what to do? What are the exact steps you need to take to fulfill this goal? So let's say, for example, someone approaches you. They say, Hey, I need online video help. But once I got this cool content, I provide this product of services. I want to get it out there. I don't know how to get it out there. Well, as you know, with online video marketing, all that consists of is first, you need to keep where the market research. So you need a market research. You need to do keyword research. And I like to use market samurai because I can do proper keyword research and market research about the person's business about their competition and things like that. Because you want to know what kind of competition is already doing online video so that you can take a different approach and have a unique selling proposition. So you want to make it so your client stands out versus the other cop competitive. So your keyword of market research, the evident creation you've got to create in the video after you create you do the market research in Q research. So what does video creation entail that could entail? You know, there's different types of videos. Like, right now I'm doing PowerPoint video. You got screen capture video with Can't Asia. You have live video and other types of video. So you gotta think, Okay, what kind of video can best express the products and services of my client and what am I gonna have to do? Do I have to rent a camera? You have to buy campaign? Gia, do I have to know? What do you have to do? So I like I said its not one size fits all. You gotta figure out your client, you gotta understand them what they need once you create the videos and you got to do proper the U. S. CEO, for example, when you upload it to YouTube, they asked for a title description, tags, keywords and so forth. So you need to make sure that that video will be able to rank in Google and be search engine friendly. And, of course, once you've done the video s CEO, you've got upload the videos to video sites. You could use traffic guys or you could use pixel pipe. You can use other types of services, and of course, you're gonna have to track. Now, most of these sites provide tracking to mogul provides tracking, you know, things like that. So you also want to think Okay, how can I do what my client wants me to do without having to spend too much of my money and too much of my time? And, of course, what can be outsourced if anything can be outsourced. So you want to think Okay, how can you save time and what's can be outsourced? Then you want to think about turnaround time. How long can this take? He where? Market research. In take a couple hours. Generally I give I'd say about half a day to day for proper que research. Just because for each client, I do a lot of research system. Make sure I understand that competition, everything like that. So a day's worth, you gotta think. Okay, this is what be consulting or the service. If I'm doing the work than that, of course, that's going to be a service. But if I'm just consulting them and I'm telling them, Hey, you need to do this this this you need to cure market research, video creation, video S e o la la la Blubaugh. Then that's consultant. However, I will tell you most of your clients they don't really want to learn about video marketing . They would rather pay you money to do video market. So for most cases, I found it tends to be done for you services on rare cases. If somebody wants consultations, I'll give him a video that maybe I created. Or you can go online and find video marketing videos and training and just took him out with that by the same time. Generally I would I would recommend that you do the don't for you services because of you do consulting and you just send them to view Marketing page or somebody else's site. You're pretty much sending those people in those clients. Teoh site. So you want to do that? You want to keep track and you want to keep that customer so that you can help them one on one and, of course, research your competition that showed he had a research competition briefly and the previous videos. But I cannot emphasize this more than know you've got a researcher competition so that you understand what they're doing, what kind of prices they're charging. If you understand your competition, then you can understand what you can provide and what you can provide more. Now let's talk about your prices. I'm going to give you an overview of your prices, and then I'm gonna give an example by using the video marketing consultation prices. So when your figure out your prices, you gotta ask yourself what are concerned those services and what are considered consultations now, preferably, I prefer to charge serves vase per project, so you've got to know yourself if you're going to charge any price. For example, if you're going to set up an auto responder and you tell the client I'll set up the auto responder, I'll stop your list for 2000 bucks. Or what? If you said 500 bucks, we'll just use an example. Let's say you say I will set up your auto responder and all these other things for 500 bucks. You don't want to over estimate, but you don't want to underestimate as well. So some people think, OK, well, I'm going to just charge per hour That way. If I work two days work, let's say eight hours per day, 16 hours, then I can make money from that charge. 50 bucks for now. Wow. Yes, the thought in the concept and you might be thinking, if I chart 50 bucks and I worked the whole week, I'll make a lot of money. While that is true, you're missing out on clients that you could possibly have at the same time. If you're only charging for the bucks and you do it all in two hours, you walk away with 100 bucks. So that's why when you charge per project. That is generally best just because then you don't underestimate and then often you don't overestimate and you don't want to discount or give people discounts or give people freebies or bonuses. Otherwise, that takes away from your value. So if you feel like OK, you can do it under 1000 bucks, and it takes you less time to do that, you could over deliver and give them more. Consulting generally is paying by our you can offer Hunter 200 bucks or whatever prices, depending on your track record. And I found consulting its consulting at to do less work because I just consult them and tell them you know what to do. And I found services tend to be better. But if you have ah, services and consulting, it's a lot more fun because you have a variety of things to do that you got to think what can be outsourced in terms of the service based up now consulting. Of course, that's just face to face, so that can't really be outsourced unless you have somebody working with you. But with considered with services, you can outsource services, and that's not hard to do. And in fact, if you want to set up an auto responder, you could have your virtual assistant do that, and you can take on more projects that way. Now, let me give you an example. Prices. You want to ask yourself, Do they want consulting or do they want a done for your service? Like I said earlier, most businesses would want you to do it for them. They don't have time to do the marketing because they are too busy working on the restaurant, their business, their clients and so forth. So let me give an example of video consultant, So what you need to do is you need to break it up. You need to break up. So keyword of market research would be one thing. Video creation, another some video market research. Like I said earlier. Usually I give it about a date. So if you were to spend, let's say, eight hours a day, charging $250 an hour eight times to under $50 an hour or even $200 an hour. Yeah, that's 1600 bucks or more. So that's a day's work, so you can say OK, If I charge 50 bucks an hour, get this. But if you're doing services, that's why I say charge per project Cured Market research, Bidding creation, video CEO, Uploading videos. Too many sites with traffic, Kaiser in tracking. And, of course, there's a lot more that entails with video consulting. But these were pretty much the primary ones. So you want to figure out OK, what are the specific goals and what it does it take to complete the video consulting and done for your service? Which one takes the most time will keep where market research probably only takes about a day. Video S. CEO Once you've done your keyword market research, that should be easy. Just couple hours, I would say if I said an hour, I'd give it two hours. If I say two hours, I get four hours just because I don't want to underestimate. But of course, if I overestimate, I'll tell the card and I'll usually give him some running back or discounted. Biddy Creation takes the most time Besides Cuba market research, Benny creation tends to take a lot more time because depending on what type of videos your think of Okay, what kind of video am I going to do? You gotta prepare the content. You got to edit the videos. You've got to render the videos and then you got upload them. You have to have a place no host on. But of course, we're using YouTube, so that would not be an issue. You gotta upload video sites, traffic, guys. Air takes time to set up. But once you set it up, then you're pretty much set. But you need to be able to outsource this type of stuff. Tracking YouTube, All these other sites provide tracking to mogul provides tracking. So that's good. You want to think? OK, which site provides tracking the easiest so that I could just grab a report, create a report, and that's it. Because you also want to think, How can I make it easy for myself? But how can I make it easy for my client? Because the easier it is for the client, the happier they will be. Especially you provide the results as well 6. 06SCR Website: Hi. Welcome. A video number six. You get to learn how to create and set up your website. Now, keep in mind that you really don't need to set up a really fancy website. You technically could have a one page landing page or squeeze page if you wanted to. However, for the sake of time and assuming that some of you may not be Web savvy, you may not know how to set up a website. Therefore, in consideration of that, I'm going to be using WordPress because WordPress is very, very easy to set up. It takes just a few seconds and literally a few seconds, and we're going to be installing a professional looking website theme. We're going to say no to block themes, and I'm gonna show you how to do all of that in just a minute. What I want to do now is quickly show you how to set of a WordPress site. What you need to do is you need to log into your C panel, and I'm not gonna talk about setting up a Web hosting or anything like that. You could easily do that by going to host gator dot com getting hosting and getting a domain name. And who's Gator will give you information on had us up your website initially and get C panel. Once you're at sea panel, all you have to do is stroll all the way to the bottom. Click on fantastico, which is blue smiley face, Click on WordPress and then click on new installation. Now you'll see how fast and easy it is to install war. Press in just a few minutes. First you need to create your user name and then you need create a password and then you need to enter the site. Ning. In this case, I'm using a site that says Best job interviews, interview answers dot info. So let's say, for example, that I'm writing A. I'm running a consulting business that deals with job interviews and things like that, and I help people get high and jobs like CEO jobs and things like that. So if I were to target that niche, then I could create it site like this, and then I would need to create aware press site so forth so I could say something like interview, uh, discover help to kids, and you basically enter the description and whatever the password is, click on install. Then all we have to do is click on finish installation and you're done. Now, I would recommend that you enter your email address here so that if you lose the information, then you can always go back and get the information, your user name and password and stuff like that. Now we're done. We pretty much set up the WordPress site. In fact, if I g o to this page here and I refresh the page, I can see best job interview answers dot info. So this is by default what WordPress installs. And this is what it looks like. Now we want to change the look of this website because right now it looks like a bog. We don't want it to look like a blawg. There's nothing wrong with it. You can make it look like a blogger if you want to, but we want to. In this video series, we're gonna do this. So I'm gonna go to woo themes dot com and you don't have to use woo themes. You can go to Google when you can type in WordPress themes, business related themes and There are tons and tons of sites out there that can make your WordPress blawg look like an actual theme, like a professional thing, as you can see here. So these air sites there's we things here. But there's also other sites that provide the same or similar type professional website designs, which is what we're looking for. So once you've picked it out, some of these moves themes themes are free and some of these themes you have to pay for. So you really have to look at your budget and see what you can pay or or you can pick and choose. Now, in this example, I'm just going to pick a random theme, and I'm gonna show you how to install that theme. So you understand how to do that. So really, you can pick anything you want, but while this is loading, you're going to need to upload the files. So to do that, you need to go to file Zillow dot com and download their FTP program. It's not file Zillow dot com is file zilla. Yeah, OK, it's file Xylan Dash project dot org's. Apparently somebody had taken that domain name, but it was Ugo here, you download the client and this is what the client is going to look like. And what you want to do is you want to log into your web hosting and then you want to go under public, underscore html or you're a Steam O folder. Then you want to go to WP Dash content and then under themes. That's where all your themes are located. So right now you see one theme, right? This is the same theme that you see right here. So as you can see for just showing you how to do this, I've downloaded this by clicking download, and I'm going to go to the zip file and unzip this file. I'm gonna find the folder and I'm going to drag and drop this over here. So while that's uploading, I'm gonna go back over here and I'm going to log into the administrative panel. So if you go to your website slash WP dash at men, you will be afforded to the WordPress dashboard. I'm gonna go ahead and log in and you want to go to the appearance section and then you'll notice. Here's it says available themes. This is the theme that we just uploaded and all have to do is click on Activate. You'll see how easy this is and I'm done. So have a good the main site. You'll notice that it has been changed and the lay it has changed everything like that. So installing a theme is actually a very easy thing to do when dealing with war press. Now the question is, well, how do you set up a post? And things that were a page and things like that while setting up a page is very easy, let's say, for example, that I want it. So when somebody visits this page, the first thing they see is this. Now this is the default post, so to change that you need to go under posts. And, of course, you should delete that existing post move this trash. And then what we're going to do is add a new brand new post this free video on video work, and what you would do is here. You can upload the video and at a video by clicking this and then choosing the file and uploading video. Now keep in size, it says. Maximum upload size video can only be two megabytes. So in this case, you probably want to upload a video to YouTube and then just post the code here. So if you post a code, you click on HTML. Input the code here and then I'll just say video here just so that you can kind of get a note that the videos there, once your domain click on Publish getting back to this page and click on Refresh. As you can see, the first thing you see is watch this free video on video marking the video would be located here. Now you can do this, and you can say you can put right underneath it a subscription box and say, Hey, you've watched this free video. Here's another video that you can watch as well, and then you funnel them into your list, and then we must keep in touch with them and follow up with them with several more freebies , free videos and free stuff to build their relationship. And then you can offer them a consulting offered now that you know how to set up a website and you saw how easy that Waas Let's talk about auto responders now in relation to your consulting business. Of course, you're going to want to build your list. And you want to do that Because if somebody gets to your page and you provide some valuable information, then you want to be able to follow up with them up to the point where you've helped him enough and they've realized that you are the go to person for this area and they go out and seek out your consulting or done for you services. Now we're gonna talk about an auto responder in order to set up an auto responder with WordPress, you're going to need either a WordPress plug in or a Weber will get response or anything like that. Now I'm gonna show you how different ways you could either use a WordPress plugging that integrates with a, however, or you can use a WordPress plugging that I'm about to show you that will allow you to build your lists, have an auto responder and have a newsletter. So you have two different choices. But before you actually set it up, you're going to need to give away something for free, something valuable but something for free. Think about something that you're going to pay money for consulting wise, but you give away for free because people think, Wow, this person is giving something that may cost 47 90 some dollars, but they're giving away for free, and they're doing that that usually catches your eye. And once they have read over, washed over your information, you've pretty much build a relationship with um, and they will either come to you for consulting and done for you services or so forth. So the point of the otter Sponder is just to get them on your list so that you can follow up with them. So, as you saw earlier, there were two different ways of going about integrating a list or building your list using WordPress. The first way is to integrate with your existing auto responder, which could be a Weber get response. And so, for now I recommend that you go to Google and simply type in WordPress and a Weber. If you do that at the top, you'll get this link. You get to that link, you'll see how easy it is to integrate it all. You have to do well. You could watch this video, but I'm gonna talk about it. All we have to do is you create a Web form with a well first. Once you're done with that, then you can go to the WordPress control panel under appearance. So if you go to parents and then widgets and then go to text and says on the witches pays, locate the text option under here and drag it to the upper right under sidebar. So as you can see sidebar here, you basically dragged and drop it over here, and that's it's smaller. See, you're gonna drag and drop here. And actually, it's his available widgets and inactive widgets. You'd actually have to click on the inactive widgets for text and then drag it. As you can see, it has moved over. This is after that, the text widget will automatically expand into the text area. Simply paste your scripts, which is this into the text area, and that's it. So you can see how easy that was. If you choose to go with a Weber or get response and you can do the same thing if you're using, give response to everything up until here and then you when you enter the code. You can just enter your gear response code, your eye contact code or any other auto responders system that you're using. Now, if you want to give the route and you don't have you ever get response or anything like that, go to Google type of WP auto responder and newsletter. Plug it now I'm gonna show you right now had install in plug in for WordPress. Now, when you get this, you want to click the one at the top here, then the next thing you want to do is click on download. As you can see here, it says with the are responding, you can create email newsletters, follow our responders and provide subscriptions to Blawg via email. Now to inst only plug in. It's similar to installing a theme. All we have to do is find this zip file, unzipped that zip file and then, of course, go here and then instead of themes, you want to upload it to plug ins. So I would go here and drag and drop it over here. And then, of course, I'd waited for it to upload the files. Now, as that is doing that, I'm gonna close this I'm gonna pauses and we're gonna to activate the plug in in just a minute. Now that we have uploaded it, all you need to do is go back to your WordPress dashboard, click on plug ins and then find the plug in, as you can see here and click on Activate. As you can see, usually these air not really air messages. Some of them are. But some of these will tell you what you need to do. It says you must set your address and the newsletter Settings Page. So basically, you would need to enter your address at road whatever city State Zip code kind of thing. So because of the can spam act needed, enter that first before you do anything else. Now the WP responder very, very easy to use. In fact, it's going to automatically shoes and email address. However, if you want to change this email address, which is basically the notifications will come to this email address. If you want to change it, you just click on this and then enter your email address. But I'm gonna leave it as is email limit. I'm gonna put this zero, and I recommend that you do the same because if you put it at 100 you send it out your emails out to, let's say, hunt 1000 people within a 10 hour span, those people will receive those emails. However, that means if you're sending out a time limited offer, those 1000 people will not receive it at that same moment. So put it at zero and click on save settings. Now, I'm gonna briefly walk you through on how to use this newsletter plug in. But most of it is pretty self explanatory. Primarily, the first thing you need to do is click on newsletters. That really depends on you. Are you gonna create a newsletter or are you going to create in our responders so you have two options, But before you can create an auto responder, you need to create a newsletter. So that's the first thing we're gonna do is create a newsletter by creating clicking that button, and then the next thing you'll need to do is you'll need to enter your name, and, as you can see, enter your name for your newsletter. This will be shown to subscribers on when they unsubscribe, and I would put your name here as well, and then the from email, we're gonna use this and then you have a reply to email, which basically means if somebody wants to reply to you, are they going to send the emails here or are you not gonna take any reply so you could even do something like this? No reply and the public description is optional, but I'm just gonna click on create newsletter after you create your newsletter. Then you can create auto responders, and then you can import a list it so, as you can see creating auto responder if you like, you can go down here and import existing subscribers. Let's say, for example, you have a list of 599 subscribers. You could go ahead and import them using this feature, But in order to do this, you need to create a newsletter first. Once you created that newsletter, then you can import. Then you can create all responders, and then you could do other stuff. You could also create subscription forms as well. And as I showed you earlier, if you create this, it can appear in your widgets section so as you can see, It says click on create new form button below to place the newly created subscription form . In the sidebar of your blog's go to the woods, it's section. So let me show you how to do this real quick you go. So creating a subscription for is pretty easy. You need to name it. You need Teoh, select the new letter. The return Urals. Basically after somebody subscribes. What were they going to see? So what we've done now is we've created the form and this is the code. So what you could do is select all the code by right clicking and selecting all copy. And then you can go to the Widgets section, which is located under appearance and then widgets. You're and you see the text here, right? You could enter the text here if you want to, or you could just drag and drop is over here. So if you wanted to get rid of his text because we use this for the a weather, you can just drag dropped over, and that's it. That's how easy it is to ad an auto responder to your site. Now that you know how to set up a auto responder. Let's talk about images. Once you set up your WordPress website, you have an auto responder. You definitely want to have some sort of images you could outsource. And if you want to, you could go to rent a coder script, lance dot com or go desk dot com to outsource your image designs and things like that. Or if you want to make it simple, you can just go ahead and go to a site like big stock photo dot com or x x c dot asian you , which is a royalty free site and provides you with professional images. So including images with your post or your landing page. And things like that often will help increase your conversions because the picture is worth 1000 words. Now you know how to set up your website. Let's move on to the next video, and I'm gonna show you how to pre launch pre Lodge will help you build up curiosity and build up some momentum so that whether you approach somebody about consulting or so forth, you have a higher conversion rate 7. Prelaunch: hi and welcome to video. Never. Seven. In this video, you get to learn about pre launching and building curiosity. You see building curiosity will help you build momentum and increase your conversions and your sales. And that's why we're gonna talk about this in this video. Siri's First of all, let's talk about pre launch. Now. This works for both online and offline, and I'm gonna give you some pointers at work offline and some pointers that work online. But generally, this whole thing works pretty much online and offline. Let's talk about free vs paid content. Now you're probably wondering, How does this all fit into pre lunch? Well free contents helps build curiosity. For example, if you think about if I had a online video marketing consultants business and I had a free video that showed people if he tips on online marketing in relation to videos and what people could do, they gain enough that they know what to do. But they just don't have the time to do it, so they hire me so this type of stuff will help you build a relationship with your prospects. You don't even know you, but after you teach them stuff, then they'll feel like, Well, I've learned a lot. You know, I could have paid somebody else, but I got this information for free. And now I have trust with this person who's giving this content. So that builds curiosity so you could have a video, two videos, three videos, four videos You could have e books and so forth. But I will tell you this video's definitely do help, especially nowadays, with so many people watching YouTube and things like that. So videos is a lot easier than having to read content. However, the content is good and it's a short report, then you can write it in a short P of file. Now the content has to be something that people are willing to pay money for. If people are willing to pay money for the content will give it to them for free. That is valuable. Or if you're going to sell something, you could sell something that's worth maybe 500 or $1000 for 90% or more off if you tell them that if you say I normally charged $1000 for this consultation, but you're getting it for free in this video and you're building a list from that, then you're building moment of your building curiosity and doing a pre launch for your consulting business. Now Prelaunch does not have to be like a one time thing. It could be an ongoing thing, depending on the person who gets to your site. There are several ways of going about doing this. You could have something that's for free and after maybe a few videos of free, valuable stuff. You present them with an offer that adds that like consulting. Let's say, for example, that I have several videos on video marketing, been consulting, thinks video marketing. You know how to do this? How to do that? However, I'm specifically targeting local business owners that don't have a lot of time, so they're not really looking for consulting. They're looking for kind of consulting, plus a done for you service. So in that case, I can have a video specifically targeting these types of people. So, as you can see here, that's another tip. You can have different videos for different people. Another thing you can do is you can have a valuable low price product, you know, like a 17 or $27 product. And then, in order for somebody to improve to increase their sales and increase their marketing, they need to seek out consulting. But because you've already given them a pay product at a low price, they're going to seek out your consulting advice were consulting. Then you can offer them either a done for you service or they could do it on their own. Let's talk about the power of Webinars now. I'm not gonna die too much into had a creature webinar things like that. But I'm gonna show you different webinar software. So technically, what I'm doing here is consulting you and showing you that you can use webinars to do pre launching and to build curiosity. As you can see here, I've created a mind map charge, and in the middle, you see a blue circle that circles prospects. Now these are the people that come to your website. What do you do with these people? Well, the three different routes in terms of webinars that you could go for now, they could be actually two parts go for webinars. One part goes for free content pay content and then consulted So we've previously talked about this, however, with Webinars, if you don't know what a webinar is, it's basically like you go to a conference. But it's online. And with Webinars it's great because once you create your first webinar, you can you could do a re run over and over and over again. Okay, so let me explain this in a little more detail. A prospect comes to your website. You can offer them a free webinar, but they have to sign up for this date and so forth. They sign up for that date they get to the webinar. You're teaching a webinar. It's pretty much like a video and teaching all this valuable content. And at the end you say something like, Hey, I'm only letting this amount of people in my consulting services or you've learned this much. Now I can help you go further with this consulting services, and you can provide a done for you service as well. Or if he just wanted to make it really simple. You could have a free webinar, plus a limited offer consultant could say. Normally I consult people for 500 bucks. But for the next 10 people. I'm gonna console to you for an hour for only 250 bucks. So in that case, you can really use these webinars as a means to prelaunch build curiosity and, most importantly, convert prospects into clients into future clients. Now let me get show you a little more detail about the power of weapon ops and you see, you can create webinars one time. We'll say you create that one video with at one time. But after that, what do you do? You have to renew the webinar. Do you have to stay there and do another webinar over another webinar? No, you can create one webinar, and you can automate that same webinar over and over again. Now what kind of webinar software should use what kind of webinar replay software can use to automate your webinars? Well, in just a minute after the slide, I will show you the type of webinar software that we recommend. The type of weapon are replaced software that we recommend and that is available for you on the Internet. Now there's not a whole lot of replace software out there. There's a few, and I'll show you different options that you can go to now we recommend that you use. Go to webinar dot com. You'll be afforded to this page, and you can easily create a webinar within minutes without I t support. So creating webinars is actually very, very easy to do at doing to webinar dot com Now What I would recommend you do is have that women are run for the first time and have as many people come as questions and so forth. Because, Julie, the questions that people ask are the same questions that other people ask. Would you have that you've recorded this webinar? You could do what we call a replay so you can automate your webinars for the feature and one side our recommend. You go to this live webinar replay dot com. It's a software that was developed by Russell Bronson, and his software is actually very good. So I'd highly recommend that, and you can actually check it out for 4.5 trial as of now. But this is a good system to use. If you want to automate your webinars now, don't want toe automate your webinars. That's understandable, but you're losing out on money and you're losing out on a lot of time as well. If you don't automate your Web in arms, once you have your weapon are created and you can figure that out, go the Webinar site. It's pretty easy to create a webinar. Once you have that webinar you need to promote your webinar. There's several ways that you can promote your webinar. Now, if you go to these sites and create the webinars, they're normally going to give you a subscription form for your webinar visitors so that they can sign up for a date and watch the webinar at a given time. You can go on craigslist dot com and post Craigslist ads. Now you might be thinking, Well, how do I do that? As you know, Christ list doesn't allow you to go and span their network, obviously, but you have to do it in a way that's discreet. So let's say, for example, that you were offering a service, a marketing service so you could go into Craigslist and look under either video editing or video marketing and or look for people who are that have a business and that are promoting their business, and you can contact about their business and not sell them right away and then find out more about the business and do that. Or if you want to skip that route, that's fine. There are other ways that you go about promoting your webinar like video marketing things like that. Now Offline edge newspapers are a great way to promote your webinar, especially offline. Niche newspapers are offline niche magazines. Let's say, for example, that I'm targeting real interns if I'm targeting a realtor. One cool tip is to focus on niches like Realtor magazines or magazines that your high end market reads. So if I'm focusing on Realtors, lawyers, accountants, plumbers so far, I'm going to figure out what magazines they read or what magazines these small business owners read so that I can target them, offer the valuable content for free, offer them valuable videos for free and use webinar replays to automate the process So you could be setting up two webinars per week and having created one webinar spent that time automate the full process and make money through just purely webinar replays. In automation. I know consultants that make a lot of money with webinar replays and they save a ton of time just because if you think about it you created once you do it over and over again, you don't have to have an off online conference or an offline conference every time you do a replay of that Webinar. So that's the beauty of Webinars, as you can see, so you can use that to pre launch and building curiosity, and I can say that they are very powerful and really will help you increase those conversions. 8. Marketing your Services: hi and welcome to video number eight marketing. So you're pretty much done with this video. Siri's. But you need to find out where your clients are hiding so that you can get the clients to your site or you can approach the clients. Now. It varies because it differs between online and offline. In terms of online, we're gonna do some key, were research by looking in forums, and you can use tools like market Samurai. I might show you just so that you can see. But I'll use other cure tools as well offline local businesses. Marketing. Finding clients. The secret for offline businesses, even online businesses to is, is to look for businesses that are already advertising in PPC. Now, if they're already advertising in PPC, that tells you that they're already interested in marketing. So if you've approached them, you know you there probably have been lots and lots of other people that have approached them as well. So you generally want to do you some offline businesses as guinea pigs. First, build your case studies and then approach more businesses. In fact, what I've done over the years is I have pretty much taking a few local businesses, people that I know that run businesses and say Hey, I want to do some marketing for you because I want to use you as a case study. So what I did was I took them, did the research and started marketing for them and brought in some customers, brought him some leads, and then I use them as case studies. So when I approach people in that same niche that I can say I did some marketing for so and so who is in the health insurance broker business? And then I go approach another person in that health insurance brokering business, Or I do something for a realtor locally. And then I use that as a case that you say, Hey, I did a case study for your or I did a ah marketing for your your competitors over here, or I did it for your colleague or so forth. Generally, if you find people who have a large influence in the market, that's the type of people that I try to go after, because if they have a large influence in the market already and you do marketing for free for them and you use them as case studies, then everybody else is probably gonna want to use your marketing consultation services, and that makes you stand out. So that is the key for having a unique selling proposition is to go out there, do some marketing work for free. Yeah, that might lose you a couple weeks, but in the long run, it will gain you. You know, more money. It'll help more people to be convinced of your services. So with that said, let me show you, by going to Gugu will do some tactics on finding clients for online and offline. I'm gonna show you two different ways to finding clients, and you can use this method for online clients and offline clients. What I want you to do is go to whatever Internet browser you have. Go to google dot com first, then open up another tab. And if you're in the United States, I would recommend yellow pages dot com. Yellow pages dot com is pretty much like a phone book. So if you're in the UK or Asia or anything like that, you probably have some sort of thing, like the Yellow Pages Now, first of all, I'm gonna show you google dot com. I'm going to stick with the plumbing or let's say plumbers and then you want to put thesis ITI and state that you're located in Greenville, South Carolina, and then at the top, all of these at the top or pre. Most people that pay most of the money you'll notice that it's filled with as on the bottom . But the people at the top usually pay a good amount of money. So says I'm in Greenville mr ruder dot com roto rooter dot com slash Greenville Service Magic These air Good. These are people that I can go to now. I definitely don't want to click on their ads because otherwise we're gonna have to pay money. But just go to these websites below. So these air good clients, because they're already paying money for pay per click advertising the fact that they're already paying money for advertising, they're more open to marketing consultants and for you to help them versus somebody who you just contact out of nowhere and beginning to talk to them and things like that. So you're aiming for people who are already investing money in Google AdWords and yellow Pages and so forth. So another thing I can do is do plumbing contractors. Columbia, South Carolina or Greenville, South Carolina. See Greenville, And then I'll see what kind of things I get. As you can see, I got roto rooter dot com at the top, and we saw there earlier. If I start all the way down to the bottom, you'll see some ads here as well. And these air usually adds some of these ads are local. Some of these ads or not local, um, but sometimes Ugo here you'll see some ads as well inside here. So road, a reader wrote. A reader, wrote a reader. And most likely, if they're here, that means that they paid a good amount of money verses over here to be listed on this side , to have their image shown and everything like that. So this is a good starting point. I can guarantee you some of these people have people already, you know, going after them. So I recommend to penetrate the market is defined one of their competitors, use them as a guinea pig or even and go after these guys and do it for free. Some of these places have their own marketing consultants in house and things like that. But you know, that's a great way to penetrate. The market is to find a big competitors or another one of these competitors, use them as a getting paid, create your case study, and then show them that you are the plumber, marketing consultant or whatever consultant that you're going after. So those are two methods very, very easy to use. As you can see, fine the companies that are already investing money, and that's your key.