Become more productive designer mastering symbols in Adobe Illustrator | Kovalenko Alex | Skillshare

Become more productive designer mastering symbols in Adobe Illustrator

Kovalenko Alex, Graphic/web designer. Design instructor

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7 Videos (44m)
    • Introduction

    • What Are Symbols ?

    • Letter C logo

    • Symbol Spinner Tool

    • Dynamic Symbols

    • Create Symbol Library

    • Soap Bubble Droplet


About This Class


Adobe Illustrator is an incredible design application, one that has limitless potential for translating your creativity into beautiful graphic formats.
The sheer amount of tools and effects can be daunting, however, leaving beginners intimidated and confused without a starting point.
This class will not only provide a foundation for working with Illustrator, it will get you started on the path to harnessing the application's power!

This class, which is the first of a four part series on the Fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator, will provide in-depth instruction and understanding into the tools in Illustrator.

Do you know about 60-years graphic designer, who spent 2 hours looking for a certain icon on his desktop?
How many time spent you searching for your design assets?
In this course, I am going to show you how to create symbols in Adobe Illustrator.
Symbols are reusable elements, that help you to become more productive, organized and creative.

You would learn:

    What are symbols? How to create, update and use them
    How to create symbol library to store your assets
    What is the difference between static and dynamic symbols
    How to use Symbol sprayer, sizer, shifter, scruncher, strainer, screener and spinner tools

We also have fun creating three projects.

First is Varydot letter C. According to LogoLounge, it was a trendy logo in 2009. I am going to show you the best possible technique to create it:


In the next project you'll learn how to use  Symbols spinner tool to rotate a bunch of objects:


In the third project we'll summarize our knowledge and create this wonderful soap bubble droplet:






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Kovalenko Alex

Graphic/web designer. Design instructor

Hi, everybody. My name is Alex. I am Ukraine-based web and graphic designer, design instructor, founder of is a website where I share everything I learn about design.

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