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Become an Effective Time Manager 101

teacher avatar Jami McDonald-Brumfield, Design Your Desired Future

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Time Management 101 Commitment

    • 2. Time Management 101

    • 3. Time Management 101

    • 4. Time Management 101

    • 5. Time Management 101

    • 6. Time Management 101

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About This Class

This course will cover the essentials to creating a habit around building a daily schedule and completing that scendule. You'll learn where you are now in your process of managing your time daily and you'll learn an effective time management process you can use daily to keep you on track. 

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is time. Click enroll and learn how to become an effective time manager today.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jami McDonald-Brumfield

Design Your Desired Future


Hello, I am Jami McDonald-Brumfield. I'm a certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practictioner, Reiki Master, Life, Career and Relationship Coach. I like to jumble everything together under the title of Transformation Coach because that is what I focus on when working with clients.

I am also a published and self-published author in multiple fiction genres with over 20 current titles.

My training videos will include real life exercises you can use from multiple modalities because everyone is a little different. You're going to find tools to help you work through whatever the class objective is and learn techniques you can use in multiple areas of your life.

I look forward to seeing your projects and feedback from the trainings. Pick a class and lets g... See full profile

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1. Time Management 101 Commitment: uh, one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is time. This time. Management training is for anyone who has said, I really wish I had more time. It is designed to help you find more time to complete the necessary task for success in your life. In the first course of the three part series, you're going to learn how to analyze how to use your time. The skills you'll learn in this class will help balance your life and time and personal and professional arenas. I highly recommend both components are included in this process. Your day doesn't stop when you get home in your schedule shouldn't either or vice versa. Now imagine having more time to get things done at work being less stressed and when you go home, have more quality time with family members while achieving your daily tasks. Another great advantage to effective time management is that you can design your daily schedule around achieving your dreams and your goals. That sounds great, right? If you're asking who I am, I'm Jamie MacDonald Brumfield. I hold certifications as a hypnotherapist, life coach, master NLP practitioner, Law of attraction, coach, raking master and confidence coach. I have training in leadership development, relationship coaching, strategic intervention, career coaching, business success, coaching and time and organizational coaching. I'm also author to over 20 paranormal romance and mystery books, and I have my own line of adult coloring books called Color Yourself Relaxed. I've been coaching and empowering individuals, employees for major corporations as well as in my private practice for over a decade. The number one thing I've learned is that time is the one thing everyone needs more of, and becoming an effective time manager is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself. There are very few things you'll need for this class, and you won't need any prior classes, knowledge or skills. Now I do have other classes that complement this class, but again, you don't need anything else to take this class. You simply need your self determination, commitment, paper and pen, and to dedicate a little bit of time to learn the process, the class project will be done in steps each step. You upload data into the project form you create in the Project gallery. This class is going to teach you the basics of effective time management and if you follow all the steps, you'll have a good foundational process to build upon. The first step is to head over the Project Gallery. Now, after you click and roll and start your project, make your commitment to work through the process and tell us why time management is important to you. So again, if you haven't already, click and roll. Let's get started on making lasting lifestyle changes in empowering yourself in your life by finding more time and using it more effectively within you is the strength to fulfill all your dreams. See you in the next video. 2. Time Management 101: Welcome to the class in congratulations on taking your first step to creating effective time management in your life. By now, you should have created the project in the gallery, made your commitment to following through with this process and posted why you want to become an effective time manager. If you haven't done that, make sure you get that completed and let's get started on the next step in the process. Analysis and record keeping this step is about record keeping and analysis. You have to have a starting measurement of your success and opportunities in an area to be able to measure your success. Once you've built the process, start by analysing how you spend time in your day the challenges to record what you do for the next 3 to 5 days. Keep a daily log of how you spend your day hour by hour. This step will open your eyes to your daily balance. How much time you spend on specific tasks and how much time you spend on personal and professional tasks? How balanced are you with your relationships, what is working and what isn't working? You'll even start to see how you might procrastinate and perform tasks to take away from your goals and dreams. The goal is to do this during two work days and one weekend day at the minimum. Simply write down everything daily, hour by hour, and once that is completed, you can start the next step before you move on. Though, once you've completed the record keeping for the least three days, pop on over to your project gallery and mark the step complete. If you'd like to share any takeaways or lessons learned in the gallery with other students , you can. But the only requirement here is to mark record keeping an analysis part one step complete . Once this is done, join me for the next step in the next video. 3. Time Management 101: Once you've completed your three daytime logged, the next step is to review how you spent your time. What are your strengths? What are your opportunities? What is working? What isn't working? Are there holes in your day? Are you making the most of your time? Are you doing things that achieve your goals and dreams? Are you procrastinating? Are there specific tax that you're missing? What kind of balance is your life in? Take some time to analyze your timekeeping. Post the biggest Take away on your project in the Project gallery under time log analysis or simply mark. This stuff is complete. I mentioned in the intro video that one of the great things about being in the effective time manager is you can really focus on going out for your goals and dreams. Are you doing this now? Or you living in the moment, taking care of situations as they come up with little time to plan the next step in achieving your big goals and dreams? This analysis will tell you if you're making strides towards your dreams or if you're stuck in the putting out fires mode or the heads down mentality. Neither one of those modes or mentalities are a good place to be. You want to be in the mode where you're actually looking towards the future and you're making plans to get there. I also mentioned in the first video there are no other classes needed to take this course, but I do have courses that complement the material in this course very well. If you're not sure of your goals and dreams, check out my design, your desired future training Siri's. This focuses on changing dreams into goals and creating action plans to obtain your goals. It isn't necessary to take these classes to continue on with this time management training , but there are plenty of amazing tools you learn in those four videos. Once you're ready to take the next step, join me in the next video, where we'll discuss the value of a to do list and creating a daily schedule. Once you've completed your analysis and updated your project in the gallery, it's time to move on to the next step. Actions create four motion, which brings results. See you in the next video 4. Time Management 101: I want to take a minute to discuss to do list. This is a very important part of effective time management. In is the first step to planning your day on effective to do list is one that covers both long term and short term goals as well as daily tasks. I talk about creating long term and short term goals in my design, your diet desired future Siri's, which I mentioned in the previous video. If you don't have these mapped out, your first step is to simply take things day by day and add the short and long term goals to your time management and future. If you do, make sure you are completing one task daily to achieve one big goal or dream. This will keep you focused on forward motion. Your challenge from this video is to take out a piece of paper and write down a to do list . Once you have this in place, click the next video 5. Time Management 101: now that you have an understanding of how you typically spend your time, have analyzing made plans to create to do lists, which come from daily tasks and long and short term goals. It is time to talk about the action portion of time management creating a daily schedule. This step is about planning your day. I suggest doing it in the morning before the day begins, or at night before bed. If you struggle with sleeping because of worrying or you're not able to turn your thoughts off, planning the next day before bed is a great way to create what I like to call a data dump, and this can help you to have a more. Rest will sleep because your mind can relax. Knowing things you'd normally spend time worrying about are being addressed. Figuring out when you want to do this will help to create a habit. Now psychology believes that it takes an average of 21 days to create a habit. Decide on a time to complete this task and do it around the same time every day. It will become a habit in no time and taking time out to plan your day will become as easy as brushing your hair or teeth daily. Just a few things to keep in mind when creating your schedule. Make time for many breaks throughout the day. Try to balance the amount of time that you spend on personal and professional tasks. Have many tasks on your to do list that can be completed during times you might have open. And don't overdo your schedule. Be realistic on the time it's going to take to complete a task. All of these tips will help you in creating your schedule. Once you completed your schedule, the key will be to follow it and mark everything off as you complete transfer things that you didn't complete from the day to the next day. See how well you did it keeping to your schedule. For now, I'd like you to pause its course and do your schedule for tomorrow. Be sure you have things planned out for each and every hour of the day. Complete the schedule for tomorrow. And when you completed that day schedule, you've marked everything off and you've done your following day schedule. You're ready to continue. Join me in the next video 6. Time Management 101: Welcome back. How did you do on following your schedule? Did you move the incomplete items from one day to the next? Were you realistic? In the timing of your tasks, were you able to adapt to the schedule when emergencies came up and took you away from the tests you had scheduled? Update your project on the project post in the Project Gallery. Mark this task as complete. And if you feel like sharing any takeaways with fellow classmates, do this now. You're now ready to take the final step in this process. What were your successes and what are your opportunities? Take some time to analyze how you did at scheduling and follow through. You've learned a very effective way to manage your time. Step one to do list. Step to write out your schedule. Step three. Follow the schedule. Step for analyzer results. Do this every day and you're going to find great success in this area. Congratulations for completing become an effective time Manager 101 Now, please pop over to Project gallery and update your project with your biggest take away from the entire class. What was the number? One lesson you learned in regards to effective time management. I'm also looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Please be kind and review. Share this class, especially if you find it helpful. If you haven't already taken my design your desired future, Siri's Check it out. You'll find all of my classes on my profile. There will be at least two more classes on becoming an effective time manager, one on procrastination and the other on overcoming roadblocks to effective time management . Join my newsletter subscriber list to get updates when new classes are available. The link is located in the Project Gallery Description Tab. Thank you again for following me and allowing me to teach you the basics of time management Have a wonderfully successful day.