Become an Amazon Kindle eBook Publisher

Nicklas Kingo, Author, blogger and online entrepreneur

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12 Videos (57m)
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    • Introduction To Amazon Kindle Publishing

    • Finding A Profitable Topic For Your Book

    • Hiring A Freelancer To Write Your Book

    • Naming Your Book

    • Getting A Cover Made

    • Formatting Your Book

    • Uploading And Releasing Your Book

    • Promoting Your Book

    • How to Obtain an EIN (TIN)

    • Put your book on Createspace

    • How to optimise your book description to boost sales


About This Class


In this class you will learn the easiest way of getting started with online passive income; publishing Kindle eBooks on Amazon.

The best part is you don't even need to be able to write at all. Interested? Great, read on.


There are so many different ways of making online income now but as I found out myself, the majority of them require a lot of work before you see any return on investment.

The delayed gratification makes a lot of people give up before they start making any money online - myself included. Kindle eBook publishing is by far the method that requires the least amount of effort, time and money. In fact you can get started right away without spending a dime.

In this class I will give you a step-by-step plan to building a portfolio of eBooks that will provide you scalable passive income.

The methods I teach in this class currently make me +$1500 a month in passive income.


You don't need to be good at writing or know anything about publishing at all. I will teach you how to pick out topics that will sell books, and how to hire writers to write these books. Many of these principles are also extremely useful if you choose to do the writing yourself.

Follow along on my blog and click here to sign up to my list. I've got a challenge going where I have to reach a full time monthly income alongside my studies. So sign up to follow along :-)

58 of 59 students recommendSee All

Great class to have when you're considering publishing a book in Kindle and earning some extra income
This is a very well put together, thorough and easy to understand course on Kindle Publishing. I really enjoyed it and feel very confident about going through the process from start to finish. Thanks!
Michael Suppo

Your Superhero on Skillshare -

Good course for someone just wanting to start writing Kindle books and hasn't a clue where to begin or what it entails. Instructor skims over entire process of Kindle publishing and has some very good points to share.





Nicklas Kingo

Author, blogger and online entrepreneur

I'm a full time model who decided I wanted to establish an additional source of income. After playing around with different ways of building an online source of passive cash flow, and giving up on every single one of them, I finally discovered the Amazon Kindle platform. I found out how relatively simple it was to make money providing quality content, while still keeping a day job and a social life.

One thing I want to make clear is this requires work, not as much as other methods, but it is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. With spending a few hours each week I established enough passive income to cover my monthly groceries expenses with six short eBooks on the Kindle store.

I'm no Kindle publishing wizard making six figures on this, in fact just months ago I knew nothing of this, but I now have a small steady source of income that I can scale into something bigger down the line - which I will. I have now grown my passive income to +$1500 a month.

I'm a blonde male model from Denmark - if I can do this, you certainly can too.

​If you're unsure whether to take this class check out what some of the students are saying:

​Nicklas has put out a great Kindle authoring resource. He's transparent and uses his own account, experience and numbers within the course. Nicklas also includes thorough information on getting an EIN for non-US authors as well as signing up with Kindle as a foreign author.

Thanks so much for offering a very helpful course, Nicklas!

- Eva

I just started your course and find it really information packed, doable and interesting. Will definitely be going through the entire course and publish and eBook soon. 
- Sharon

​So gain instant access and start publishing ebooks on Amazon Kindle!

Remember to follow along on my blog where I regularly blog about leveling up in all areas of life. Hop over and say hi :)