Become a logo designer with just few minutes. | Sui Yoong Ong | Skillshare

Become a logo designer with just few minutes.

Sui Yoong Ong, Learn anything is never too late

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3 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • Getting Started and ideas

    • Let's make a beautiful logo


About This Class

Do you need a logo?

Do you want to be a logo designer but don't have any ideas to make it? Let me show you how to do it.

In this class, you will learn:

1.How to get more ideas to design your own logo.

2.How to make your logo without any skill and software.

3.No need to know Adobe product also can design logo like professional.

4.You also can done to make mass logo in just few minutes!

5.You even no need to prepare any file to start your design.

6.It is FREE!

Enroll my class now, see you there. =)

-LC Design-

Sui Yoong





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Sui Yoong Ong

Learn anything is never too late

Hi, I am Sui Yoong. I am a online lover and I love much of new things like design. Since I knew I can learn much of things on internet. I started even old. I believe anything can be done from heart.

Now, I joined skillshare to ready tell you guys you can learn so easily like me. It can be success if you ready want to.

So happy to joined a big family, and I also happy to know you all guys. =)

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