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Become a freelance web designer without coding

Samantha Lewis, Communications at

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4 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction to websites

    • Introduction to web design industry

    • How to create websites using

    • Start a web design business


About This Class

Start your own design business selling websites to businesses and other clients.

Build a website in seconds and learn the basics of selling websites to customers in this course by Web design gives you the freedom to travel the world and grow your business, all with the stability of a monthly paycheck. lets you build from the simplest website to the most advanced application, in seconds and without any coding experience.

In this class, you’ll learn how to maximize your success with your web design business. Some of the topic covered in this course are:

  • Learn the basics on how a website works
  • Learn the basics on the web design industry
  • Learn about types of customers and how to reach them
  • Building your first website using
  • Connecting a domain to your website
  • Transferring the ownership and make it self-manageable

After taking this class, you’ll have an arsenal of strategies to generate consistent income building websites, giving you the flexibility to build a lucrative career.


Start creating stunning websites ready to sell for customers on is an white-label platform that allows anyone to create websites, e-commerce and advanced platforms without any coding or design experience.





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Samantha Lewis

Communications at is a platform that allows freelancers to create websites, stores and apps without needing to use code. We help entrepreneurs to build their own businesses selling websites to customers.

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