Become a Successful Programmer without a Degree | Eric Frick | Skillshare

Become a Successful Programmer without a Degree

Eric Frick, Destin Learning

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14 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Why Become a Programmer?

    • 3. What are the Skills you Need?

    • 4. What Concepts do I Need to Master?

    • 5. What Equipment Will I Need?

    • 6. What Investment Will I Need?

    • 7. Where Can I get the Training?

    • 8. Java .NET or Something Else

    • 9. Entry Level Certifications

    • 10. Writing Your Resume

    • 11. Get Some Experience First

    • 12. Where to Look For Jobs

    • 13. Interview tips

    • 14. Summary


About This Class

Have you ever wanted to become a computer programmer? Perhaps you’ve given the matter some thought, then shelved it because it seems too difficult, or the competition is too great.  Maybe it’s the thought of cost or perhaps something else that’s holding you back?

In this class, I will show you How to Become a Successful Programmer Without a Degree.  I will take you through all that is necessary to become a programmer, covering all the important things you’ll need to consider, such as;

·      The necessary concepts you need to master
·      The types of equipment you’ll need
·      Certifications that are available to entry-level programmers
·      Why those certifications are important
·      The different types of training available
·      How to look for a job
·      Interview tips and more

In addition to this, I have put together some exercises that will help you put together your own plan, which will give you a head start to becoming a programmer.

If your dream has always been to become a computer programmer, this is the ideal class for you.  Designed for complete novices it will inspire and motivate you to realize your dreams and take the first steps on the path to a new career. In addition to the class videos, I have attached a complete ebook that accompanies this class.