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Become a Successful Freelancer | The 2018 Freelancer Blueprint!

teacher avatar Nader Nadernejad, Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Start Your Freelance Career

    • 2. Make it Known to Everybody

    • 3. Update Social Media

    • 4. Creating An Email Signature

    • 5. Always Be Consistent

    • 6. Make Regular Content

    • 7. Use YouTube for Marketing

    • 8. Build Your Website

    • 9. What Is Your Purpose

    • 10. The Objectives

    • 11. Sleep and Wake Cycles

    • 12. Who Do You Admire?

    • 13. The Power of Positivity

    • 14. Freelance Platforms

    • 15. My Website Tour

    • 16. Getting Inbound Leads

    • 17. Future Opportunities

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About This Class


Are you ready to become an Elite Freelancer? 

This course is for you if you want to become a freelancer or if you're already freelancing and need some guidance. What makes this course special is that it's includes hands-on techniques along with mentorship so you can change your mindset and take control of your financial future. Not only do I teach you how to become a professional freelancer, but I teach you how to become a digital nomad and run your own business. 

This course is made for people who feel like their dreams not understood by the school system or by their friends and family. You're not alone and your dreams are possible. I want to help you actualize them so that you can become a successful freelancer and go freelance full time. My purpose is to teach you how to do this from anywhere in the world. 

Love adventure? You need to take this course!

There's a strategy to travelling the world full-time and working as a digital nomad. It's not impossible and there's no magic trick to doing it. All you'll have to do is build a small savings, remove the internal and external negative voices from your life and book your flight. 

If you don't want to travel and just want to remain put, that's fine too! The point of this course is to teach people how to master freedom of mobility and freelancing so that they can be wherever they want whenever they want. 

Who is the target audience?

  • People who want to learn how to freelance
  • Freelancers who want to earn more money
  • Digital nomads
  • Backpackers
  • People who want to quit their 9-5 jobs
  • Business people and entrepreneurs
  • People who want to learn how to make money online
  • Students trying to make more money

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nader Nadernejad

Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert


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1. Start Your Freelance Career: Hey there. My name is not on, not on a dad and I own a travel block. Have also been traveling for a little while on the summer backpack. Europe going to the UK, including Scotland, England. I went to Germany State an atmosphere for a little bit. I went over to Barcelona and then toward the islands in Greece on right now, I am working in journalism and teaching courses about how people could launch their own businesses on how they could come up on top and successful as digital nomads. And if you haven't heard a digital nomads, basically just people who travel the world and bring in an income online and it's super super helpful to be able to do something like that because it gives you freedom of mobility . That means you could go anywhere in the world, and you could still bring in an income which is just the ultimate freedom and the actual, most amazing thing you could do other than working 9 to 5 job. Because if you're working a 9 to 5 job, you're limited toe one space, and how can we grow for one space? So in this course, I'm gonna teach you everything from how to launch your own freelance career toe. How you could potentially turn that into a business, how to build your own brand name and image about it and to completely change your lifestyle . There's also some mindset trading in here, so you will be able to actually feel driven and encouraged and motivated because I know how hard it can be when so many people tell your dreams are unrealistic and people may not be telling you that you may have a negative internal voice or you may just be thinking, Hey, you know what? This this freelance thing is hard. I don't know if I'll be able to do it. I'm here to put your mind at ease and teach you everything, step by step about how you can freelance and travel the world. Let's get started 2. Make it Known to Everybody: So the first thing you want to do is spread the world. Tell everybody about what you're doing from your family members to your friends. You have to tell people that you're actually serious about it. And that's the easiest way for you to believe it yourself. If you want to be a freelancer and travel the world or you just want a freelance and quit your job, you need to tell everybody you need to inform your boss. You need to tell your teachers, tell your friends, but don't make the mistake of telling people who aren't gonna encourage you. There are a lot of naysayers out there were. If you tell them your plans, they're gonna tell you you're being unrealistic on. They're gonna make you feel bad at the end of the day. What I really want you to do is that just tell people in general put it out there on make it known. Put it on your online profiles. Tell people in your Twitter and your Instagram, and when people ask you what you dio tell him I freelance or I work in this particular field. Now, if you haven't freelance before, we're gonna go through that. That means we're gonna teach you everything even if you haven't found what you're talented and yet this will teach you everything. Now, if you are a freelancer, I promised you value. So if you already know and this is a little bit, if this isn't advanced enough for you, at the moment you could skip through the course. You can go through anything. You could review the resources. But I think there's something valuable in this section for you. Even if you are freelancer of the most elite professional level. In fact, I know that this will help you. So what I really recommend you do is let your family members know. Let everybody know that Hey, I'm a freelancer now, and I'm ready to live my life on the edge. And you know what? Once you start building up some foundation for your freelance business, you're not gonna be living life on the edge. You're gonna be happy and prosperous, and you're gonna be able to do anything you want. And it's really important to really have faith in yourself and have faith in the process and have faith in this course. I'm here to help you. There's a question and answer section. Should he have any questions, comments or concerns? We can go over whatever you're doing. We can talk about your industry, the work out there we can audit things on. We could come out on top and successful. So let people know you're gonna make a change in your life. Make it no. 3. Update Social Media : as I mentioned briefly in the previous lecture to up their instagram and Twitter and everything with what you're doing. If you want to be additional Lowman, you have to think about Hey, what a my skilled in and you're gonna decide this now. And the reason why I haven't made into its own section is because I want you to just tune inside of yourself and say, What is this service I can provide that other people are going toe wants? What can people pay me for that I can provide value with and that I actually really enjoy doing? If you really like to be a writer, but you're better at video editing, do both and work on the writing. Do it if you like it and vice Barsa. So what I want you to do is say what a my skill that I want you to tune into what you're skilled at. Think about how you can provide value, and then I want you to update all of your social media platforms. If you haven't created them yet, or if you don't have social media platforms, I really recommend you do it because when you're additional nomad you need to have a personal brand if you want to maximize your revenue and your income. So if you don't have social media, you need to make social media. And if you're lacking on some of the major platforms, lets you don't have instagram where you don't have Facebook because you have a preconceived notion or you have already established idea about how beneficial the marketing will be for you on each platform. Let's say you don't think Instagram will be useful. Get it anyway. There's no nothing's gonna hurt you. I mean, if you build on instagram a building you network, it's only gonna help. You definitely make YouTube do what I'm doing right now. You don't have to teach lessons, but go out there and talk about what you're doing and document your journey. You cannot call yourself relevant today unless you're actually putting out content. So what you need to do is create that content, feel confident in it. I put it out into the world that's writing audio. If you could do multimedia, that's the best. Put everything out there, maximize your leverage over all mediums and update your social media. Tell the world you're freelancing put links to where they can hire you. Put your email in your biles and just get ready because the next step is all about how to update everything else so that the world knows what you do. 4. Creating An Email Signature: the next step is updating your email signatures. Believe it or not, we use email today depending on what demographic bar, how old you are. I think we all know that. But depending on how old you are, what you do, your use of email will. Very now I'm gonna leave the camera for a section because this isn't just me looking into the screen and just talking to the entire time. This is me showing you hands on things about how you can update your email signature about how you can really put yourself out there in the world and get ready to freelance and travel anywhere. So this is how you update your email signature professionally. So this is super fun and easy. All you need to do is go onto Google on type an email, signature crater or free signature generator. You wanna probably put email there so they know what you're talking about, and then just find a link. For example, here is male seamstress dot com. Just click around as you see you can actually put in your personal data or your company data you can put in graphics and then it correct something that looks like this. All you really have to do is copy this afterwards and then add this to your mail settings. So what you gonna do is we're gonna type in your name. My case is not her last name. Not on a jihad on my job title? Actually, yes. I'm a sales and marketing marketing director. Right now. I'm a teacher, so I'm gonna put that in on. Also put in a mental address, email here, your phone number. So this is gonna show people when you're actually doing your sales and you're actually going out there and you're trying to find business. Every time you send une email to somebody, this is pretty much gonna be an advertisement, and you don't have to use any of the resources that I actually recommend. You do the things I tell you to do. Follow closely, but you don't have to use mail signatures dot com. In fact, I don't even know who they are. All you have to do is finally that suits your liking. Obviously look for recommendations on the Internet. It's always a good thing to do. But all you really need to do is just, you know, type it in. Just type in email generator signature. Get your search terms correct. That's very important. A Z. You can see there's also my signature toe. Oh, let's see this creative for email signature. I like this one better. This is pretty sleek, and you see, if you have a picture of yourself getting professional photography done is really cool. You have picture with yourself with a white background. You can do something like this. This, I think, is really cool askew. See, you can change the design. If your company or your theme is kind of like red. You can choose red on. You can. You can really change anything you want. Social networks go here. This is an advertisement for you. Like I said every single time. So update this information and in order to add it to your email, all you're really gonna have to do is copy this and depending on what male provider you are , look it up on Google or just paste it in. If you're on G. Miller, the settings tab and you have an option. It's just a little gear in the corner. You'll have an option toe, actually, copy and paste this or even, Ah, there's there's other ways to do it. You can. Actually, depending on the generator, you can actually copy everything to a clipboard. So just look around and copy your signature and put it in your email. If you need help with this, if you can't find a way to do it yourself because it's different with every provider, that's why don't and demonstrate on my email. It's also pretty confidential, my own email. But what I recommend doing is just sending me a question and answers in this course, and I'll help you out. So after you've done this, I look the guys floating, everybody should know what you do, and the world will be ready to hire you. 5. Always Be Consistent: So your next step as a freelancer after you updated your social media after you've made your email header and you've told the world what you're doing, you're actually signaling to the universe and the other people to actually shift and understand that Hey, this is your new role. This is what you're doing. And you're gonna keep doing whatever you're doing in free lands in order to make an earning . And if if you don't know how to make an earning online yet we're getting to that part. So I don't want you to think that I'm just skimming over everything. I'm just trying to change your mindset and change the world around you to be in the best possible scenario and set up for you to be able to freelance so that you have no troubles down the road. So please bear with me. This section is about establishing consistency. Now, if you're updating under social media pages that you're a writer, you did that email and er don't start making content about video games. And this is where you need to actually start building a brand for yourself because brand consistency is one of the biggest driving it's actually I would say the biggest thing and getting customers, because if you have a wishy washy brand and I problems with this, too, I don't always follow a select format. Life gets boring that way, but what you need to do is you need to actually stay on task. If you're writer, make articles, videos, everything about writing. Make everything you do about writing posts about riding on social media, your writer in your email headers. You need to remember this established consistency early on. They keep that consistency going because once you establish in your field and everyone knows who you are, you can say and do whatever you want. People are still gonna think you're a writer if you look at Stephen King or just anybody who is established in the field, if they decided to talk about putting one day, they would still be a writer. That would still be famous directors that it doesn't matter, but first establish it before you start doing other things established consistency earlier , and it will pay off in the future. You have to have patience, but if you do that, it's gonna help you a lot. Don't forget that 6. Make Regular Content: and I talked about posting, making post on social media or writing tweets. You need to start making regular content and you may be thinking, Wow, have a make content before Maybe you make it every day. And if that's the case, then you're off to a great start. But you need to be updating Social Media every day. Posed on Twitter seven times a day. Seventh actually really good number post on Facebook two or three times a day. You can probably get away with doing a once in day, but lots of these platforms allow you to automatically schedule updates. Facebook pages for your business or for personal page will allow you to do this. What you want to do is create a brand, make all the names the same on every single social media outlet. And when people goto higher, they actually look you up. That's why you need to do this. This is what I'm preparing you for. You can't just go on freelance, period. You need to be trustable incredible. And you you need other people to see what you could do before you actually do things for them and work for them. So we need to do is make regular content right about your field, right about your journey. If you really don't know what to do, pick up a cheap camera or use your phone and film yourself every single day and put it on you to document you. Joanie. Start day One. Say, Hey, I want to be a writer. This is my freelance journey, and here are some writing tips I can share with you Day to pick up the camera again. Say, hey, good morning. Making my morning coffee, thinking about things, the right Working on a new book Here's some value. Always put value. Don't just fill yourself, but actually try to be animated. Try to be happy. Try to smile, to be genuine. Reach out to people and give them value. But also tell them about what you're doing. Document your journey, document your adventures and make regular content. Don't forget. Don't skip out on it. Those other resources you can use like a buffer. If you're just don't have enough time to schedule them, you could do it wants on Monday create all the content on. Then they'll post for you at all. The times he doesn't make. You don't have to use it. You do whatever you want. You can hire a friend. You can get your mom to do it. You can do whatever you want, but all you have to do is post content consistently and don't stop. CIA next lecture. 7. Use YouTube for Marketing: now in terms of posting content regularly views you to my Senate last section, but we're going to go a little bit more how you should use YouTube. Don't just make videos entitled a block one block to block three. Actually, I recommend you don't even title him by days and weeks until you've established a brand and you decide to make the Siri's. But even then, it can be hard to actually stick with a theme. So what I recommend you do is to actually make YouTube videos and tack entitle them effectively. What you want to do is title them by search terms of keywords people are looking for, and I'm gonna let you into a YouTube secret before you start freelancing you need to establish. Your brands will start doing this stuff first before you start making money. Use YouTube to gain that exposure. What I want you to do is to make an account, and you should. Recently, as of 2018 January, they rolled back a lot of things for new creators, and we can't make as much money on AdSense anymore. I think I have about 12,000 minutes every single month of watch time, but I don't have 4000 hours of watch time within the whole year because I just recently started getting more views and it's not a ton of views, but I can't make money with YouTube anymore. But that's not the case, because by using you to, you will make money because you'll gain notoriety on the Internet. You will become popular. Some people want to be with their vice. Some people agree with your advice, but the thing is by titling videos, life Top 10 writing tips, putting a little common writing, writing tips for students within the same title and then in the description. Also right Top 10 Writing tips. This is why I think these air Top 10 writing tips keep using the same keywords title description and tags and find numerous different ways to write them. These air called keywords on or key phrases. You can't just right editing and expect to rank anymore. You have to write, like editing four students editing on Premiere pro while on a beach stuff like that. But people have to be searching for it, so what you need to do is put it in your title description and tags as much as you can without looking spammy. Write lengthy descriptions. Used your keywords, I would say 3 to 5 times minimum if you can squeeze them in their eight times you're doing really well. Update your thumbnails and upload consistently. If you need help, you can just. It's really easy to find how to the YouTube if this course had more time in it, if I could just talk about YouTube, I would do it. But I want to get into the making money part. So let's move on the course and I wish you the best with your YouTube video making with your brand creation and also with the future, because we're gonna make some money. 8. Build Your Website: now we're getting very close, I promise you. But in order to make money, one of the best things you can do is build a website. Now. When some of my previous courses I mentioned using weeks is a website provider, you don't have to again. You can use squarespace. In fact, you don't have to use a builder. Because if you can actually develop websites yourself or if you could use WordPress Perfect . Absolutely perfect. Because you gonna be saving yourself money on by doing it yourself. You're gonna know money is tight at the beginning, so I don't expect you to go out there and buy a website. But when you have time when you could set aside $10 for a domain £5 for a domain, sometimes their deals going on. So if you download a toolbar on either chrome or Firefox will actually find these deals for you and get your coupon codes. But try to buy domain and try to build a website. And once you do this, you build your platform and people start looking you up. They're gonna find you title it by your name with your bread, whatever you want to freelance with If you're going by, go by daughter on all my platforms. My company is not in the jack. Media have accounts for my self and for my company. You being a freelancer. If you don't build this into an actual company and incorporated, you could do. Business is your own name, so use your name and do that to build your website. Make yourself a personal website. You can put your full name dot com if it's taken. Just keep looking just to clarify things. I'll send you over my computer. We'll agree. Website to uses godaddy dot com Because you can actually search for your website name. Let's say your name is Carlo White. You could look for carla white dot com. Chances are you could actually buy a premium for three grand. Your goal is to find an extension and for example, Carlo White Dog Club is 1 99 You're getting a discount here, which is great. Um, or Carla pale dot com is only 14 99. So, as you can see there different domains available. If you go over to go Daddy, you can search them, and all you have to do is added to cart on purchases and you don't have to get domains here . There is 100 hundreds of different places to get them, so don't limit yourself here. But go around in search and try to find a domain that's affordable and something you could build a website on. That's investment. You'll ever make freelancing, I promise you. 9. What Is Your Purpose: Your next step is to find your purpose. Why you're doing this? Why do you want to make money? What is the goal? So instead of just saying Hey, what a freelance. Maybe I could travel and get a shiny thing. Try to actually dig deeper. Why do you want to do this? Why is it special to you? What I want you to do is open a notebook notebook. I said that kind of funny, but over the notebook and what I want you to do is write down wide support you. What are your goals? What is your perfect life? How much money do you want to make? Be specific. How much money do you want to make every year? What you want your house to look like? Ideally, how much would you like to travel? Who were the people you would like to surround yourself with? Right down to the finest details. I want you to be specific. Go and check that out. I'm gonna release these assignments or actually just notes and resources towards the end of the course so that you can actually agrees through this. And you don't have to stop and interrupt yourself But I think this exercise would be really important. Get a notebook and write it down right now. Pauses, lecture. Go on, Do that now. Provide more resources at the end. But I really think you need to do this. I'm trying to get you to be specific here. This is gonna be more comprehensive. Start a quick and easy get get rich fast technique. This is going to help you build money over time. And when you get specific now, you're gonna have amazing results in the future. I promise. Find your purpose. Everything else will follow. 10. The Objectives: next within that same notebook when I want you to do is list your objectives. What are you going to accomplish? So your purpose is to achieve certain things your objectives air separate. Your objectives are to be healthier, their direct to be happier, to get the fastest car in the neighborhood. It could be anything. I don't need to feel bad about it or feel shallow for your wants and desires. Whatever comes to you is good, because, hey, you know this is your life. You can do what you want with your life is one life and you ask yourself here, What are my objectives? Water. My immediate goals set immediate objectives. The thing about your purpose is that it's it's why you're doing what you do. I write down why and the things that you want to dio been accomplished. But now write down your objectives. What are the direct things? Short term and long term you want to actually you want to actualize you want to bring to life you want to surround yourself with, So write down your objectives. Let me know if you have any questions 11. Sleep and Wake Cycles: I wish someone told me this When I first started, what I wanted to do is set up a wake up and to sleep time. And it sounds really silly because you're not You're probably not 10 years old if you're taking this course. But by setting a wake up in a sleep time, you don't have to ask yourself Hey, should I go to bed now? Should I wake up? Now you're automating the process and therefore save yourself time and energy. You need to calculate how many hours you need to sleep. Most people need between 67 or eight hours of sleep. Some people need more depends on age. Depends on how much you work during the day. If you go to the gym and your body build first like full time, you're going to sleep more even more than 678 hours really more. That all depends on how much are, um, sleep you're getting. But because we're actually gonna change your whole life, I want you to maximize your time. My goal is to actually, once you started doing this when we get on the road and you build these healthy habits for a lifetime, you're going to see the income come flowing. This is when I actually started making thousands of dollars a month when I started going to bed on time. And you know it's falling apart lately, and as it's falling apart, parts of my business have become harder, and sometimes you fall off the wagon you get back on, but overall, that should be your goal. That should be what you're striving for. So sap asleep. Time I go to bed time set alarms when you should wake up and go to sleep so you don't forget them and don't break them, OK, don't fall out of your habits. Advair is in the Maryland. See, or you haven't seen a friend for a long time. Go ahead, do it once in a while. But really don't fall out of your routine. Don't. Even if you're on holiday, Don't do it because you're gonna feel bad about yourself afterwards. Trust me. But hey, there's just advice. Forward as you can will help you. You don't have to follow it. The whole course will fall apart if you don't follow that part. But if you incorporate all these different elements, I promise you're gonna be more successful. Do that. Set those times. Let me know if it helps, because it definitely will. 12. Who Do You Admire?: this part is very short, cause I wanna ask you Who do you admire? It was hard for me to figure that out. I had no idea who I admired. I mean, I respected people around me. I looked up to people around me, but I never had someone I admired. I never had a mentor. And I hope to be a men towards everybody out there. I hope to be able to mentor you and help you be positive. And I want to be that person for you and allow you toe Let me be that person. Because I never had that. It doesn't have to be me. I mean, I'm just showing you to me. Instructor. Come on. Go ahead and find somebody out there that inspires you that motivates you That gets your heart going. If you don't think they're out there, you just think there's negative voices out there. You're wrong. There are people out there when they talk. You will just feel like you're floating. Go out there, listen to music. If you have to do that, could be a source of mentor ship. But you need to find out who you admire. And you need to tune in tow what they say in order to project yourself what they say, we'll give you energy, night and day. It'll be like having a friend there. You can pick up a book and you can read a book. That's my notebook, By the way, if you can read a book about somebody with the same principles who was a more actualized version of yourself? So they have the same principles, but they become super successful on those principles, have been amplified by their success and go ahead and read their books. Consume that material because when you find somebody you admire, you know who you admire. You get real with yourself and the success comes, The next step is really hands on. It's it's super hands on. It's what we're gonna be looking at in terms of surrounding yourself with more positive people that that's important removing. We've moved past a lot of these stages now to build healthy habits, find who we admire to let people know where freelance saying and there's no very fast. This is how you make money techniques cause that stuff. I have a whole, very dense hands on section because It's super simple. People overcomplicate how you make money. It's It's hard. I can't make money. You do specific things super easy. It's you who's gonna teach yourself out of the money. I'm gonna teach you how to get the dollars rolling in the beginning, on time in teaching automated and compound it to make a ton of money. But what I need you to do, they say, Hey, this works, This doesn't work. You need to audit yourself and new need to look around and find out after I teach you those steps how to make more and I know it's gonna help you. 13. The Power of Positivity: our next step on going this course is to surround ourselves with positive people. Just remember what I said before. That's it. Do not surround yourself. People who are gonna be looking out for your best interests and believing in your goals. I mean, you're gonna freelance. You gonna travel the world in the very next section is getting into the financial aspect of generating the in common where you can go to generate that income. So what you need to do is actually to out all the negative stuff now to one of the positive and get ready to launch your freelance career. 14. Freelance Platforms: so welcome to the hands on stuff. I hope he really appreciated everything else when it comes down to really having the correct mindset and just building the world around you to accommodate your freelance career . Now I'm gonna recommend a couple of platforms and the 1st 1 you can use whatever you like, but I recommend fiver five or is a place where you can make $5 sales for whatever service you're doing. So if you do a voice over, for example, I have a mic down here, right here. Do voiceovers own have sold him on five run have made anywhere from $502,000 a month just doing voiceovers anywhere from 100 board projects for $5 or 60,000 word projects for two or $3000 which isn't very much for the honest. You could do that for five grand if you're good voice over artists. I made money there, so I'm gonna put that link right here. I want you to check it out. And I also want to check up Freelancer. Freelancer is a marketplace that connects people who freelance and who provide services. But buyers and people of businesses, and you could make a lot more money a lot faster on freelancer. All you have to do is register and you get a certain amount of credits. But there is a trial, and there's also free credits. Before you start. I think so you'll actually be able to make money without paying anything. Upfront fiber is totally free. So I recommend you do that. You also try up work out. Pork is sort of like freelancer. With a little bit more transparency. You will be able to work on up work and share everything you're doing on the progress that you're achieving For your clients at upward is a great place. This is just the start of adult. You may print of these platforms before you may have never heard of these platforms. But you want to get on these three create profiles with the same consistency that I taught you in previous lessons. And within that, I want you to be able to actually describe the services that you're going to offer within up work within five er and make us many gigs. You can start off by making gigs all about, you know, like writing. If you're doing writing or if you're teaching music, talk about music, but try to make everything around one Brandon one theme and work on these three platforms on find other ones as well. You can still progress through this course without working on any of those platforms, but always try to find as much as you can. If you can find 20 platforms, put yourself on all 20. Use the same email address to register, and every time people find you and they want to hire you, you're gonna beginning emails. So when you want to do is you want to start building a reputation on these platforms, getting reviews and looking up online lessons on how other people have done this is, well, the really good websites to start off with. So give them a shot and also look for other platforms in our next lesson. We want to go beyond this using freelancer platforms because we want to start bringing clients into you. So I'm going to show you a bit of my website and how I have got clients through my own website by using search engine optimization to be able to find people and to bring them into what I'm selling. Now, if you listen to the previous lectures, we talk very briefly about creating website. Why it's powerful and why it's the single best investment you can make in your own business . So we're gonna talk about that. I'm gonna let you preview my website. But really look for some freelancer platforms and find ones where you can ride services on and do your best to pitch people on it trying to get work. If you try every day, you set your sleep schedule like I told you to. You wake up at whatever time a m 9 a.m. where whenever you want, whenever you said it to you, decide what we'll give you the most time on leverage you make up, then you promise that you're going to try to find clients for 34 hours a day within your second or third day, I guarantee you'll find a client. If you follow my other steps and you Brandon yourself and you're making content, you'll be able to find clients. In the second you make your first bit of money, you're going to really hit the ground running. And now if you're wondering right now, if you're already using platforms like that, you want me to go more in depth for that. That's what I'm sure for. Ask me questions in the questions and answers Page. I'm always available. I answer within less than 24 hours. I'm here for you. But if you're using freelancers up work fiver. But I recommend you do is create the Max gig limit on five. If you haven't done that yet, you're missing out. You will double triple your income on fiber. If you can do that, you search engine optimization. Do the things I told you to do in YouTube videos by using tags 3 to 5 times instead of just once. And do that in your gigs, you're going to reach more people. So those are some tips for people who already advanced and then also tips for you to consider. When you go about lunch in your freelance career, I working from anywhere within the world. If you follow these steps, you register on different sites and platforms to provide free land services. They're going to supplement income because they're going to bring clients to you. Those networks will do some organic promotion for you, so you don't have to do it so highly recommend. And I hope you have fun doing that CIA next lecture. 15. My Website Tour: So in this part of the course, we're gonna be talking about the tools that I use to create my own website. But we're gonna be talking about how to get people to visit our website and how to pitch people on these freelancer platforms that you're joining. I mentioned joining five or up work freelancer dot com, but people are gonna want proof of things you do. If you look at my website, I have another travel blow, so I share that. It shows that I know how to write. I wrote a published letter than used to the leaders of the Paris Climate Change Summit. That social proof it was on season one of Canada's smartest person. This links to a news article about me in the Siri's I also showcasing if my interview with the first Canadian toe walk in space. So that's huge as well, and have a marketing agency which works instead of directly me with me with a client, I hire other people to help me out. So I had that automating making me income every single month, and they have this for individual consulting and for just freelancing on the side. So let's under the site. So what I find doing with your portfolio site in order to find more clients is listing your recent projects. And not only that, but by listing reason projects, you're gonna actually be able to create really good content. I'm going to show you an example. And when I actually go and search my name, you'll notice the first thing that pops up is my official website that I created. I also have production services. Google seems to have aggravated that I'm aggravated aggregated that I'm a producer. That's actually where I was born. I think this is coming from I'm d B. If you see the other sources, people are gonna trust me toe work on their their Siri's. And you may be wondering, Hey, Notter, I don't think that I'm going to be able to just have I'm D B credits or court credits here for national television. You know what? I'm just a regular guy. It's not like it's not like these air credits on national television. Nine. Super Special. I actually accomplished most of this from the comfort of my own home. I applied to the show from the comfort of my own home. So we're gonna be talking about getting opportunities. But you see how all the networks are down here as well. So it's really easy for people to find me if you go on, enter the site again. I also have testimonials from other people who have used my services. I have all of my news reports and news outlet requests. I also have a contact form that this is a really important thing I want to talk about. This contact form is how you're going to get a lot of people because when you send people from those real answer platforms onto your site and I just want to say a quick disclaimer as we go on, I really don't want anybody trying to contact me through this form through you. To me, especially of you. Timmy has organically shown you my course. Um because you know me is giving me a service to be able to provide you with education. And if you need help, I really suggest you contact me on the U Demi platform instead of using a contact form like this. This is for my clients. And by being extremely transparent with you guys show you everything I do telling you who I am letting into my personal life. I expect that student teacher trust and respect of each other. But speaking about a contact form. Make this on your website. If you need help with it, asking me the questions and answers, it's very easy to find out how to do something like this. Have a first and last name. You want to capture this information? I put this here. Where did you hear about us? This just shows that I worked locally with other people. And like if a business promotes me, I want to know. I want to give them an incentive. I want to thank them. So I wrote that were partner with local businesses. We helped shape the better community. Please let us know what you heard about our services so we could make further contributions to our local friends. So lots and go back. And I'll say, you know what? You brought me a high paying client. The client paid me a few grand and that's what I'm saying. Like when people actually contact you that your form on your website, you don't have to stick with fibers rules or regulations or freelancer. You will be able to actually do this organically yourself because he's that your clients that are finding you organically. You could send friends to this site. You could set anybody of the site. Look up. People on classified sites will be talking about that more in the next section. Use Craigslist to find people who were looking for marketing services, and this is for events when they used to do videography, if the event that needed me to cover their put it here email addresses, subject lines and messages. So this was what was rial real big and helping me launch my business when I first started, and now I've branched out and created other websites around. But make a contact form, showcase your information. Everything you do I have. As you see, some verified Twitter celebrities have actually reached out to me, and I was also thinking about adding this to the course. But how to get people to do this? But I really wanted to each other make money first. That's what that's what I'm here for. Do something like this is very easy. This is very easy to host. Very easy to do I have calls to action? Technically, it's not a call to action, but I have blurbs. So I have my blawg clicking here will take you over to my block. Just really create a brand for yourself. And like I talked about consistency, you see how I did multimedia and travel. It's a little strange, but I'm really obsessed with travel. It was able to travel and writing things on my mind that really helped me discover who I waas. So I want to help you do something like this to you can host blog's. You can do everything you want. I want you to know that the possibilities are endless that I worked on all these projects without even realizing and 1/2 the time. I mean, I just look for opportunities. We're gonna be talking about opportunities in the next section 16. Getting Inbound Leads: So we're nearing the end of the course, and some of the really important parts of this is just really getting ready to launch a freelance career and making that change. Because once you get into it and you start joining these other platforms, you want to make sure that you're ready to do this and that people around you're gonna take you seriously. And now that you're on all these different platforms and hopefully you've built your own website, you've included a lot of things that I mentioned. If you go online, you pitch, you're gonna be getting money every month. You're gonna be getting clients every month. Pitch writing, services, pitch whatever you dio pitch marketing services, social media management, pitch coding and development. You could be a WordPress code, or you could do JavaScript and python. You could do some pretty cool things, and you get paid for it. So find people who are looking for those services offer everything you can. If you don't think you have a talent, you definitely do. I know people are five for whom, making thousands of dollars just making testimonial videos about brands in front of a camera sort of like what I'm doing. Just talking to a camera, but talking about products and services. I really recommend doing that as well, if that's what you enjoy doing. Um, so give that a shot. Try doing that. Um, And also do this because you don't really want to be pitching every day. You're gonna be busy. You're gonna be tired some days. And although we haven't gotten to a strategy of selling products or supplementing your income or drop shipping group or freelancing year, we need to be available for our businesses. The function, that's the truth. But once you build some income, you can actually branch in a drop shipping and doing different things to make more money. Now, this sections all about Well, this individual lecture is all about inbound leads bringing clients in even when you're doing nothing. I told me I was gonna get your freedom. Didn't know. What you're gonna do is you're gonna go on craigslist, you're gonna go in classified ads. You're gonna running Facebook ads, but $20 a day in the Facebook ads. But a facebook dot com cited your account. Hit the gear icon, go to Creighton at if not go to your page. Click on Boost post you won't be able to do in a personal profile. You'll be able to do it on a page, so create a page. Once you do that, you should start getting clients rolling and saying, Hey, I saw your ad on Facebook or O. I saw your ad on Craigslist, which is free, by the way. If you're in Canada, use could you G If you're in India yet services to for in Australia and use that if you're Nepal Bangladesh, where else are made students from I got 1000 enrollments in a day on I noticed that people can create prosperity so easily, But no matter where you are, these services are available to you, so don't let your location hold you back. Make as many classified ads is. You can make 3 to 5 days because the nature of classified ads is if start up at the top and then they drop as I get older. So you want to keep replenishing them or even hiring a virtual assistant or friend to keep punishing him for you to picture writing services to people in your area or even outside of your area that can contact you online and pay you and especially if you're traveling. You want to launch classified ads in different, different places, different countries. But be very careful a ghost because on Craigslist, if you've launched an ad on Let's say, I'm in Canada launching hat in New York, my dad might not appear. It's called being ghosted because Craigslist could tell that my I p addresses a match. Manhattan. So be very careful about that. Generally, if you're working with the same country it works. Otherwise, try to download a VPN or something. Well, obviously I p addresses that haven't been blacklisted and do that, and then you will be able to launch ads in different places. So now not only are you have you told everybody that you're creating your freelance career , the only Jewish professional social media, you have the email header, but you're registered are freelance platforms. You know how to optimize your YouTube videos and your content to reach more people. You know where to get clients. Now you know also know how to bring in inbound leads. And as you're going through this, believe it or not, you're picking up marketing skills. You're learning how to market yourself was a brand. You may be one of those people who have just write down things, step by step and try to follow them directly. But I want you to actually trust your instinct on this. I think you can bring in business. I wanted to go in search for people and I want you to relentlessly tell them. Hey, I do something really good at two things. Really well. I want you to hire me and I will show you results. Pitch them if you can get them on the phone, and you could be convincing. Speak to them like I'm speaking to you. Now. You could make more sales, so try to get them on the phone. And if you have any questions about that, check out my phone course. If you can purchase it. Great. If you can't purchase it. I'm not just trying to make more money from you. If you really can't purchase it sent me a little blurb. Tell me why you can't afford it. I'm not looking for people toe Be embarrassed or anything that you have to tell me that. Just tell me what you're looking to improve, you just tell me anything. I want to communicate with me. That's all I'm saying. You, Demi, communicate with me and I'll give you my phone course for free. I'd be happy to do that because you're already taking this course. So I'm so, so appreciative that you stuck through so many lectures with me. And even if you skip to this point, I'm honored that you're here. I'm humbled that you're here, and I really hope that it giving you the motivation to go out there on even if I haven't, you need to search for that within yourself. You need to look and bring it out, and you need to believe in yourself. It's very easy to do this. This is no hard. This is very realistic. It's very realistic to bring in $8000 a month. It's ultra realistic to bring about one grand two grand of extra income a month. You could do this, And if you're in another country where your currency is lower, I don't need to be held back by that. I talk a lot in my marketing course about about it being easy to actually create an address in any country in the world by buying virtual mailbox. I've just told you that. So you don't need to go look at that course. But if you're in India, your goal should be to get to charge in in the best currency. If you can charge in U. S. D. A. Nothing that the best currency. But if you can charge in the higher currency, do that. Don't be limited by that. I don't want people just outsource to you and make you feel bad about yourself. Even if you're in India, you should be able to bring in your bringing $3000 a month. I don't see why you cut in, see what it can bring in five grand. When you get really good at this and you retain clients I don't see why you can't bring in 80 grand 100 grand a year traveling the world. Do whatever you want. Don't let people hold you back. Take this as an opportunity. I can't tell you how excited and for you in her life lecture will be talking about endless opportunities, the next steps and how you can take what I've taught you here today. Tonight, and make some amazing things with it. Make a future you're proud of. See you next lecture. 17. Future Opportunities: thank you so much for taking my course. I am super appreciative, but I just want talk about abundance and the fact that there's endless opportunities. You have to realize that there's a lot of money out there. Do you know many people there on the world? There's a lot of money out there, and if you're not finding a way to get it, you have dreams and you want to do things. You'll have enough money. You need to understand there's something wrong and it's not necessarily a bad thing. But this room didn't prove I mean, how old you are. If you understood this lecture, you've understood the plain English I told you on. Do you get you? Get this like you understand the new shop. No problem making money. If you don't understand, clarify with me. It's not that hard. I'm here. Reach out to me. I want to help you. Fact. I'm here to help you, but there's so much abundance out there will feel guilty about saying, Hey, I really like money or I would really like success or really like traveling where I really like cars don't feel bad about that, because if you could do things that the fill yourself. You can help other people. What we stop helping other people is when we feel like we fall short. When you feel like we're not doing things, we want the world out to get us. We're not successful. Don't do that. Get things you want. Go after the things you want. Once you do this, make a savings. Start saving this money that you're making. Don't go spend it in the bar. Open up a savings account. Stash your money in there as much as you can. I'm not talking about 5% your goal to travel here. Staff 90% if you can. It's not. That's not the case for a lot of people. You won't be able to do that. But when you're generating enough income, if you don't increase your living expenses right now and you start building your ready come up, you'll eventually be able to put 90% in there because if we making enough to do that, 10% of your income will cover what you're doing that step back some of your expenses. If you can. Not drinking coffees outside actually not to enjoy yourself, don't be a penny pincher don't count coupons, and you don't have to do that stuff, but don't spend. Don't be silly either. Be careful with your money and be careful with your business opportunities. Working people you can trust don't work with really shady people are gonna give you a hard time. This is really about getting your foot in the door and starting to freelance without letting anybody else tell you what you can do it. This you're ready to do it now. You've been to the course. You're ready to freelance. Go ahead and do this. Go. You have your plan. Hit the ground running. You have any questions? Let me know. But always remember abundance. Remember, it's important to keep a positive mindset. Remember those endless opportunities? If you're not breaking into the industry right now, if you're not making money right now, keep trying. And if you follow my steps and you're not making money within a few days, three days, seven days, send me a message, cause I'd be amazed on, Well, audit everything that you're doing. And we're gonna go through why you're not making money and how you could make money. My goal is to. I want you to see money in the bank account for the first time, or if you already, if you are already making money freelancing, I will help you grow that. So semi questions and keep saying that because I really want to help you not just say it, um, but abundance, endless opportunities, mindset. I provide you with just a dense section about how to make money is real. That's all it's about. There's not 100 different steps is not a repeat strategy. There's no huge investment you need to make. That's only have to do. It's a freelance business I haven't taught you had to build a big industry that's bringing in the revenue of a $1,000,000 a year, cause I haven't done that yet. But I have really figured out the freelance industry have to branch out and dominate freelance. Right now, I'm building the business side of it. Have my freelance is a personal public figure. I've done that part, but building the business and getting the business to chart a large income and building the accounts. That's what I'm learning right now. That's the next step. Have a course about launching your own marketing agency, which goes over the business stuff. And I'm kind of at the low mid range of doing that right now. I'm not a large business owner, but I'm branching out doing different things. And I'm teaching people like you so that I could find new opportunities, never stopped looking for new opportunities and give back talk to people. Teach people share your experiences. And being a person in this life, you only get one you're gonna do. Amazingly, you are doing amazingly. I can't wait to see what you do. Update me with your successes and good luck out there, this competition. But you're only gonna add amazing things of this world. Thanks for taking my course.