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Become a Social Media Expert, Organic Groundswell

Nanci Arvizu, Author, Artist, Dreamer

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    • Organic Groundswell

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About This Class

This course focuses on creating Organic Groundswell around your big news. By sharing relevant content to your audience and connecting with the audience of your network, you will grow your reach online, ensuring a success social media experience.





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Nanci Arvizu

Author, Artist, Dreamer

Since Facebook was "The Facebook" I've been working with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and authors to create social media profiles, pages, platforms, networks, websites, messaging, and marketing plans, measuring results and making adjustments along the way.

Having an online business means being able to work anywhere I have an internet connection. Being able to travel the world and do work I love - no matter where I am - has made life an adventure.

Now I want to help anyo...

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