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16 Lessons (2h 14m)
    • 1. What you will learn

    • 2. Setting up a free account

    • 3. Create the app

    • 4. Change the logo of the application

    • 5. What are objects

    • 6. The infrastructure of our application

    • 7. Food inventory object

    • 8. Customer Object

    • 9. Orders Object

    • 10. Creating Master Detail Relationship

    • 11. Including quantity in order

    • 12. Validation Rules

    • 13. Workflow Rules

    • 14. Calculating value of order

    • 15. Summary Report

    • 16. Review


About This Class

Summary: This class teaches how to make a SalesForce application and in the process students learn about some of the key functionalities and components of SalesForce. This class is an ideal 1st step to start your learning on SalesForce. No prior programming knowledge or experience is required to take advantage of this class.

About: Based out of San Francisco, SalesForce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that is used by companies all over the World.

Demand: There is a Global demand for SalesForce consultants. As a SalesForce consultant you can work form anywhere in the World and expect to travel to interesting places around the World to meet with clients.

Freedom: Since Salesforce is a web based application, you can work from anywhere in the World as a SalesForce consultant.


Make a SalesForce application in less than 3 hours


Class duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Format: Online video training

Timing: Start right away – self paced


1. Setting up a free account

2. Create the App

3. Change the logo of the application

4. What are objects

5. The infrastructure of our application

6. Food inventory object

7. Customer Object

8. Orders Object

9. Creating a Master Detail Relationship

10. Including quantity in order

11. Validation Rules

12. Workflow Rules

13. Calculating value of order

14. Summary Report

15. Review





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Startup Saturdays

Learn valuable and practical skills

This class is the result of working with over 100 startups and advising venture capitalists on startup investing. It is also reflective of extensive auditing and due-diligence work that has gone into assessing the valuation of startup investment opportunities.

The knowledge and thought framework imparted through this class is fundamental to any startups success.

If you are only going to take one class ever, then make this the class you take.

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