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Become a Paid Life Coach Online

Jeffrey Sooey, Master Coach University

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12 Videos (5h 49m)
    • Types of Coaching

    • How to Get Your Clients to do Anything (Even When They Don’t Want to) - Accountability Coaching

    • How to Change Anyone’s Life in 45 Minutes

    • How to Structure Your Coaching Call

    • BONUS – My Secret Weapon

    • BONUS – Answers to Every Question You Have About Your Coaching Business... But Forgot to Ask (PART 1

    • BONUS – Answers to Every Question You Have About Your Coaching Business... But Forgot to Ask (PART 2

    • How to Get Your Coaching Business Started

    • How to Make Clients Fall Out of The Sky

    • How to Build a Big Coaching Client List From The Internet

    • How to Get Coaching Leads TOMORROW

    • BONUS Case Study How You Can Start a Coaching Business FROM SCRATCH & Make Over $80,000 Per Yea


About This Class

"A Step-by-Step Life Coaching Training For Becoming a Life Coach and Starting Your Own Coaching Business"

Welcome to the Become a Paid Life Coach Online video life coaching training program, your guide to becoming a life coach. This life coaching training will teach you the basics of becoming a life coach and starting your own coaching business. We'll cover all the basics you need to get started on your way of becoming a life coach, including how to get your online lead generation system up and running, how to start running coaching sessions, and how to build the basic building blocks of your coaching business.

In the life coaching training videos, you'll learn the secrets to get more coaching clients while helping people reach their dreams. Also you'll learn advanced coaching techniques (live examples & diagrams included) and how to impact globally in ways that attract a waiting-list of clients. Note: Last year, I made over $30,000 per month running my coaching business taking almost 2 months of vacation. You'll learn how I did it in these videos.





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Jeffrey Sooey

Master Coach University

Jeffrey T. Sooey is the founder of, JTS Advisors, and Master Coach University.

For almost a decade Jeffrey T. Sooey has devoted his life to providing the private attention, resources, and technology to help coaches get paid to change lives. His ability to develop immediate and lasting change made him one of the nations foremost coaches by the age of 26. Jeffrey is the creator of the Quickstart Coaching Code 30-day video home study course and the Master Coach D...

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