Become a Master of the Universe: Five Steps To Awakening Your True Self | Douglas Butner | Skillshare

Become a Master of the Universe: Five Steps To Awakening Your True Self

Douglas Butner, Live in Love

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8 Videos (24m)
    • Becoming a Master of the Universe: Introduction

    • What is Lovelight

    • Step 1: Conserve Lovelight

    • Step 2: Balance Lovelight

    • Step 3: Transform Lovelight

    • Step 4: Increase Lovelight

    • Step 5: Manifest Lovelight

    • Thank You and Here's Some Light


About This Class

You're a wizard, Harry.

To embody lovelight and become a master of the universe, we align ourselves with source and become a channel for unlimited reservoirs of lovelight, cycling life-force directly into our mind, body, and spirit. Connecting to this source love allows infinite energy to flourish, removing us from our self-imposed limitations, and letting us become our true self, love.

In this course, I will outline the 5 steps to becoming a master of the universe, following the 5 steps outlined by Mantak Chia in his books. Merging Mantak Chia’s steps of the 5 steps with my explanations of integrating love and light into the body, I will show you how to let love balance you, transform you, and unlock your chakras as you release your shadow self to become the purest force in the universe, lovelight.

Following these steps is very important to safely deal with the energy of the universe. Without learning to first conserve and balance chi, you will have many problems as you increase and start to manifest your energy. Avoid the complications and do it right from the start!!

The Steps

  1. Conserve Lovelight (energy)
    • Stop wasting your energy. 
  2. Balance Lovelight
    • Let love heal you.
  3. Transform Lovelight
    • Turn negative into positive, dark into light.
  4. Increase Lovelight
    • Get to Super Sayain Level 1.
  5. Manifest Lovelight 
    • Let your love overflow into constructs, healing, and more as you unlock your chakras and realize your destiny as the one.

I will show you the way, but to walk the way is up to you. This is not a workbook nor a walkthrough guide to becoming a master of the universe, it is an outline of the steps with brief explanations. It is the first step in your journey, the map to your higher self. The most important four words in this course are “love is the key”. When you turn on your love you will be brought to the light that will guide you on your journey. Trust no higher than the light, seek no greater than love.

If you are new to Chi, and need help feeling it and understanding it, here is a more basic course I made on the topic. 





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Douglas Butner

Live in Love

Hello Beautiful People!

I am a small-but-infinite fractal slice of a collective consciousness dedicated to service of all life.

I love to teach and learn. On this channel I teach about many things; selling art, (I have sold over 15,000 products/copies of my art), energy work, music, happiness, and marketing.

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After years of working on the concept, I started Current X Change (cXc). In addition to creating the world’s most universally...

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