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Become a Great Speaker: Learn Public Speaking & Presentation

Mr L.

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19 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction: Why This Course Exists

    • 2. Conquering Common Fears Every Speaker Has

    • 3. What Does It Mean to Become a Great Speaker?

    • 4. Introducing The Expressive Leader 3-step System: How It Works

    • 5. What's Possible With The Expressive Leader System

    • 6. 3 Questions for Choosing the Best Topic

    • 7. 2 Easy Steps to Understanding Your Audience

    • 8. Tips for Organizing Your Speech or Presentation

    • 9. How To Tell a Story

    • 10. Grabbing and Keeping People's Attention

    • 11. How To Inspire People with a Strong Closing

    • 12. How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation

    • 13. Why Practice Doesn't Make Perfect

    • 14. How To Use Your Voice

    • 15. How To Use Body Language

    • 16. Use Notes: Yes or No?

    • 17. Successfully Giving Your Speech or Presentation

    • 18. What We've Learned

    • 19. Next Steps, Thank You, and Congratulations

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About This Class

This class includes 19 step-by-step videos in which you will learn exactly how to make a speech or presentation, how to give a speech or presentation, and how to speak with confidence.

The class is most suited for people who want to become a great speaker, speak more confidently and effectively, get more credibility, spread their ideas and leave a legacy.

Your class project will be to create and deliver a speech or presentation.

I understand you hate “information overload”, so I keep each video short and simple. You will receive key ideas and tips in every video, with quick explanations and examples.

In this video class you will discover how to:

  1. Make a great speech or presentation
  2. Speak with confidence and inspire people
  3. Become a great speaker
  4. Choose the best topic
  5. Understand your audience
  6. Organize your speech or presentation
  7. Grab and keep people’s attention
  8. Tell a great story
  9. Inspire people with a strong closing
  10. Make a professional PowerPoint presentation
  11. Use your voice powerfully
  12. Use body language confidently
  13. Use eye contact and notes effectively
  14. Give your speech or presentation successfully

I will keep updating this class all the time, and once you join the class you will get updates for 100% free.





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Improving Public Speaking was founded by Jonathan Li, public speaking coach.

After giving several presentations in corporates and events including HSBC, Morgan Stanley and TEDxHongKongLive, he’s refocused on what he loves most: Improving Public Speaking Skills Effectively.

You’ll find that his approach to public speaking is effective, practical and inspiring. He developed it over the past few years, and it has helped him create and deliver a few great speeches and presentations, one of which attracted more than 12,000 views in days.

More specifically, he uses the perfect blend of practical advice, inspiring case studies and personal experiences to help professionals get over their fear of public speaking and improve their public speaking skills effectively.

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