Become a Great Speaker: Learn Public Speaking & Presentation

Mr L.

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19 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction: Why This Course Exists

    • 2. Conquering Common Fears Every Speaker Has

    • 3. What Does It Mean to Become a Great Speaker?

    • 4. Introducing The Expressive Leader 3-step System: How It Works

    • 5. What's Possible With The Expressive Leader System

    • 6. 3 Questions for Choosing the Best Topic

    • 7. 2 Easy Steps to Understanding Your Audience

    • 8. Tips for Organizing Your Speech or Presentation

    • 9. How To Tell a Story

    • 10. Grabbing and Keeping People's Attention

    • 11. How To Inspire People with a Strong Closing

    • 12. How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation

    • 13. Why Practice Doesn't Make Perfect

    • 14. How To Use Your Voice

    • 15. How To Use Body Language

    • 16. Use Notes: Yes or No?

    • 17. Successfully Giving Your Speech or Presentation

    • 18. What We've Learned

    • 19. Next Steps, Thank You, and Congratulations

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About This Class

This class includes 19 step-by-step videos in which you will learn exactly how to make a speech or presentation, how to give a speech or presentation, and how to speak with confidence.

The class is most suited for people who want to become a great speaker, speak more confidently and effectively, get more credibility, spread their ideas and leave a legacy.

Your class project will be to create and deliver a speech or presentation.

I understand you hate “information overload”, so I keep each video short and simple. You will receive key ideas and tips in every video, with quick explanations and examples.

In this video class you will discover how to:

  1. Make a great speech or presentation
  2. Speak with confidence and inspire people
  3. Become a great speaker
  4. Choose the best topic
  5. Understand your audience
  6. Organize your speech or presentation
  7. Grab and keep people’s attention
  8. Tell a great story
  9. Inspire people with a strong closing
  10. Make a professional PowerPoint presentation
  11. Use your voice powerfully
  12. Use body language confidently
  13. Use eye contact and notes effectively
  14. Give your speech or presentation successfully

I will keep updating this class all the time, and once you join the class you will get updates for 100% free.