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Become a Fearless Minimalist - Discover the Fantastic Power of Frugality

teacher avatar Thejendra Sreenivas, Author & Life Skills Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Lecture 1 -Instructor introduction.

    • 2. Lecture 2 - Learn a Unique Life Skill that No College, University, or Workplace will Teach

    • 3. Lecture 3 - Learn how to handle the Big House Syndrome and Reduce Clutter in your Life

    • 4. Lecture 4 - Learn how to handle Downsizing, Retirement, & Stop Dreaming of that Glorious Day

    • 5. Lecture 5 - Handle the High Costs of Gadgets and False Assumptions about Celebrities

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About This Class

What is this course? - In this course I will teach you an amazing life skill called Minimalism, which no college, university, or workplace will teach you. Minimalism is also known as voluntary frugality. Once you learn minimalism you can confidently handle your life's ups and downs without any fear or putting yourself and your family in trouble. Once you become a minimalist you will also become financially and psychologically superior than the rest of the crowd.

What are the prerequisites?

  • There no special or technical prerequisites for this course other than being a breadwinner for the family or someone grappling with your finances. If you are such a person, then you will find this course highly useful,

Why such a course?

  • Most executives think that financial problems, bankruptcies, suicides, etc., only happen to some other people but not to them. So, they happily lead a lavish lifestyle and increase their standard of living. Secondly, they assume that their credentials, knowledge, and friends will keep them employed forever or help get new jobs. Or they think that their good deeds and positive thoughts will safeguard them. Sadly, they are mistaken
  • Nature is nasty, merciless, and it does not spare anyone. In fact, good people suffer more than bad people. Today’s unpredictable economy, downsizing, health, transfers, reorganizations, family issues, office politics, etc., can make even the most qualified employee unemployed. What if one door closes and another does not open? You are no different and could be living in a fool’s paradise without thinking about what will happen to you and your family if a disaster strikes you. Can you guarantee that you will not die or meet with any accident tomorrow? Surely, no

What will you gain?

  • This course is designed to help you overcome such risks and become a long distance runner in life and not a short distance runner. I recommend you go through this course in a slow and methodical manner to fully grasp the fantastic life skills being explained and implement them in your life. Depending on your state of mind, some of the advice may seem like a breath or fresh air and some advice may simply blow you away. I hope you find the course useful and interesting enough to spread the word around to your friends, colleagues, and relatives

Thanks for watching and good luck.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Thejendra Sreenivas

Author & Life Skills Coach


Hello and Welcome. My name is Thejendra Sreenivas and I am an Author & Life Skills Coach. I was a technology manager in the IT industry for more than 25+ years, and have handled various infrastructure and customer support roles costing several bags of gold.

Books - I have also written 20+ books on various subjects. All my books are available worldwide on Amazon, Apple, B&N, in both paperback and eBook formats.

Magazine - I also publish a eMagazine called Self Improvement International that contains articles on personality development, leadership, workplace issues, humor, writing and publishing. This magazine is optimized to be read on all smartphones, tablets, and computers.

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1. Lecture 1 -Instructor introduction.: Hello and welcome. My name is Dave Sandra and I'm an author and life skills coach. I was a technology manager in the I T industry for more than 25 years, and I have handled a variety of infrastructure implementations and customer support roles, costing several bags off gold. I'm also an author and everything more than 20 books on various subjects. All my books can be found on sites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Apple in many other states. In both paperback and e book formats, I also publish a digital magazine called Self Implement International, which contains articles on useful topics like personality, development, leadership, workplace management, stress management, self help, humor and other topics like writing and publishing. It also has a Children section, then create kids to become writers. This magazine is fully optimized to buried on all smartphones, tablets and computers closers in discourse. I'm going to teach you an amazing life skill called Minimalism. Minimalism is also known as voluntary frugally. Once he learned minimalism, you'll be able to confidently handle your life's ups and downs without any fear. Are putting yourself and your family in trouble want to become a minimalist we'll also become financially and psychologically superior than the rest of the crew. I recommend that you go through this course in a slow and methodical manner to fully grasp the fantastic life skills being explained. Depending on your state of mind, a particular concept may seem like a breath of fresh air. Arm a completely blow you a bit. I hope you'll find this course useful and interesting enough to spread the word to all your friends, relatives and colleagues. Thanks for listening. Please proceed to lecture one to continue. Thanks again. 2. Lecture 2 - Learn a Unique Life Skill that No College, University, or Workplace will Teach: have learned. Welcome. Lecture one off. Become a minimalist. Please give me a few seconds to are just the video camera so that you can see me good again stuck Hello and welcome to lecture one have become a minimalist discovered the fantastic power of frugality. I am David Ruffin was learn a unique life skill that no college university our workplace will teach you handle life's ups and downs without fear or worrying Become financially and psychologically superior than the crowd He who knows how to be poor No. 70 and fantastic code by Jules Michelet A little bit about me I have already given the introduction in the previous section so I think we can skip this. I also have a small homemade website contagion there dot com where I list all my books and magazines. Please have a look at it when you can First some thanks. Only major send videos used in discourse are from sites like pixels and on splash full credits. And thanks to the respective artists let us say hello to your new friend and begin. I presume you heard such a time when you were doing in case you still have it somewhere in your house. Please get him out, lectured one who is the audience for this course. The audience for this court consists off sole breadwinners for a family. Salaried employees in high pressure environments are risky jobs. Those who work in unstable industries that frequently don't say that outsource those who feel that life tell is going out of control. Those were dependents to maintain and are worried about their future. Those horrible 40 years with periodic health problems and increasing medical expenses. Those who spend money to match the rich neighbors, co workers, friends and relatives those who are grappling with their finances debt are just wondering where their money disappears every month. Those who want to have better control over their income and expenditure. Let us start the lecture with the shocking news. This is actually a true story. One Mr Kee was a rich and popular businessman with several properties in the city. He also won the big mansion in one of the most expensive areas in the city. The picture given in this light is for representative purposes only, and not Israel hope. But he was recently arrested for killing his wife, then trying to kill his three Children and then commits suicide. Why did you do that? Police investigations revealed that he had incurred a huge loss and was indeed that here taken massive loans from multiple banks and several money lenders who are holding him for repayment. He wanted to clear his loans but selling his partials and other properties, but could not do so. Why couldn't? He said the main reason was his wife prevented him from selling the properties and just let toe bitter fights frequently. Soon the argument escalated and the situation went out often as he was under enormous pressure and threats to repay the loans. Then what happened? Due to his vice stubborn refusal to sell the property. He went berserk and charter dead. Later he attempted to kill these Children and then commits suicide but could not do so. Now let us understand. Why did this wife refuse her reason? Waas. She did not want to reduce their standard of living and moved to a small house. No. Is this some routine use are a lesson for all of us. First did this new shock you Definitely. It would have shocked any normal person. Now, when you read such news. What do you are most people normally do? Do you just say it is terrible and more, although you actually sit and discuss how we will handle your a first if you get hit by the businessman's plate, most people will say his case were different. I am not in that situation. Are that businessmen? And this wife should have taken precautions before the situation went out of hand. How they will say, Hey, they should have saved money when you do take so many loans Hoca Nicholas, one family and so on. Now my last come tough questions. But suppose you do meet a similar fate at that businessmen and suddenly lose your job or income tomorrow. Will you still be able to afford the monthly expenses and repay any loans, our commitments that you currently help? Suppose you don't get another job for several months? I'll get a job in another city that you can't go. Then what will you do? Some were tough questions. What if you don't? Tomorrow are meet some terrible accident and become bedridden? Who can guarantee that you will not die or meet with any action tomorrow? What if you get some terminal illness and day one year from now, now somebody made questions. Will your family still continue their current life tail and all the luxurious and amenities that you're currently enjoying? Will your family instantly don't great their life? Once you're your income disappears well, they agree to don't use their lives. Do they know how to, Don't you? Have you asked him any time, pause for a minute and think our play a small shagging Go home and ask your spouse and kids if they can give up their smartphones, iPads, cable TV, Internet car, gadget and other nice things that are custom toe, then experience the fireworks at your home. Now let us look at some confidence or ignorance that most people have. Many executives worldwide think that such financial problems obra bankrupt the suicide. Serious health issues, difficulties, etcetera happen somewhere to someone, but not with them. So when they're earning, will happily lead a lavish lifetime and gradually increase their standard off living. Are they think they're highly qualified, so they will always get a job off? The skill will always be in demand. Secondly, they assume that their credit chills, knowledge and friends will keep them employed forever or help them get new jobs are they may even think that their past good dudes and positive starts with safeguard audience adjustments. A retirement is far away where you worry about too distant future. No, I'm strong and capable of maintaining my expenses. Now you just come to the harsh reality. Reality is that which, when you stop believing in, it doesn't go of it. Nature is nasty, merciless, and it does not spare anyone. In fact, good people suffer more than bad people. What if one door closes and another does not open? Today's unpredictable economy can make even the most qualified employees unemployed next, regardless of hope, confident or capable. Oneness, health issues, family and Children issues the age, travel off his politics. Traffic customer has a etcetera can gradually break the spirit over time and turn his star confidence into fear. Now you may be no different and could be living in a fool's paradise without thinking about what will happen to you and your family if a disaster strikes you. So what can you do? The only answer to control your fear. Set to begin some gradual, too drastic changes in your life today and become a minimalist and move from chaos to simplicity before it is too late. This is a pictorial representation off your chaotic life, and he will have to move from this life. So this life and this course will teach you how to achieve this. Now you may say, What can one do in this ruthless dog eat dog world? It's impossible for this. What I say is many things often seem unachievable until you give it a try. No, you mask what is a minimalist? What is minimalism? Extreme simplicity less is more someone having real freedom, less clutter. Desire to live with this understanding when enough is enough, under attached to materialistic positions, fewer obligations and responsibility, a method in which the simplest in fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect. Look at this picture. It has the fewest items, and all of them are very simple. But the effect off this is maximum. No way. Become a minimalist. Once you become a minimalist, you can control and take charge of your life regardless of what others around you think or do, you can control unnecessary costs and simply for your life you can resist are just to spend unnecessarily escape from the pressures of consumerism and obsession for useless material things. Next, you can lawyer your stress obligations, debt and improve health. You will experience less cleaning, maintaining and repairing the house. You can survive Lenti periods off unemployment and tackled retirement fears. You can also control jealousy and we hit and inferiority complex regardless of the millionaires and billionaires around you. Finally, you can become financially and psychologically superior than the crowd. So what do you say? No, I can guess what you're missing. Sounds interesting, but I don't want to become a monk or dissent and go to your first. Has Robert First ID have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep? No, what I said. Well, this is where you are mistaken. Most people think minimalism is just another fed like becoming a saint and remembered where Forest and some people think it is plain stinginess and lived like a destitute. But they are all mistaken. You don't have to embrace saying toe stinginess to become a minimalist. Minimalism is not leading a life of poverty. When you are able to afford things, it did not about quitting your job becoming a saint and remember to her first. It is not about living in an empty hole. Start a tent without electricity, phone, tv, computer, etc. Who did not preventing your family and kids from having essentials like good schooling books or proper clothes did not. Double stinginess are becoming a penny. Pincher did not about eating low quality cheap food. Remove your kids from school are taking butts, etcetera. Finally, minimalism should not be viewed as a punishment you need to endure because you're one poor are committed since in your previous life. So what is minimalism? Insured? Minimalism should be viewed as a life's discipline that will sail you through good and bad times. It can prevent you from being held hostage. The load mode marketeers, jazzy advertisements being extra for unnecessary fills, etcetera. It's a long distance thinking off 10 to 20 years and aimed at achieving a lifetime that you can afford to live it for the rest of your life. Please read the sentence. A couple of types. It is a long distance thinking off 10 to 20 years and aimed at achieving a lifestyle that you can afford to live it for the rest of your life. The key word here is afford to live it for the rest of your life. It can also help you learn the difference between need and greed. And as you implement minimalism, it will also make you lighter and stronger. We'll also gradually let go off. You're inevitably envy and jealousy created with constantly comparing yourself with those materially richer than you. No, what you may say. Okay, sounds good. Let me give it a try. Now. How do I become a minimalist? And how long does it take now? The journey. Becoming a minimalist is a gradual process that involves various changes in your life till over a few months and years. It should be done in a slow and steady manner and cannot be done abruptly. You're and your family's mind, body and spirit must be made Really moto The Minimalism Lynn. For this, I'll give an example of a highway that has low, medium and high speed. Let's suppose you're driving in your your card in the high speed Lynn. Then you must maintain a minimum speed in order to be under too late, any other up slowing stopping off. Switching to other lands will definitely result in an accident. To enter the low speed lane, you must plan properly. Look at the mirrors, which on the indicators radio spirit, the appropriate location on the highway and then glade toe this slowly. This is called the right basin time. In other words, you need to gradually switch over the lake and not do it abruptly. Minimalism should also be done in a similar and gradually. In practical terms, minimalism is mainly about gradually learning to important with stumps in your life. The 1st 1 is the system to control obsession with material things in your life. The 2nd 1 is the wisdom to control money in your life. Hell, explain what there shortly. This is the first system, the wisdom to control obsession for material things. Practically everyone, including me. How weird is it? Toe have all these kinds of luxurious in our house? These are the material things that most people aspecto have Nice furniture, their big hose, fancy cards, ability to shop whenever they weren't for whatever they want and sort. The second wisdom is the wisdom to control money in your life. This can be either paper money are electronic money, our credit card payment and sort. I will only explained how you can achieve their two systems and what mindset you need to cultivate to switch to the minimalism. Lead for this. Please watch lecture toe. However, please note 20. This course is not about recommending which really estate mutual funds or stocks to invest . But actually a financial mindset Change that you need to begin in your life. This brings us to the end off lectured one. Thanks for listening. Please proceed to lecture toe to continue the course. 3. Lecture 3 - Learn how to handle the Big House Syndrome and Reduce Clutter in your Life: Hello and welcome to lecture to Off Become a minimalist. Please give me a few seconds to adjusted camera so that you can see me. Okay, that does begin. Hello and welcome to lecture to off become a minimalist discovered The fantastic power of frugality I am taking Russian was I hope you're able to look at your friend, lecture to a big house and clutter the big house syndrome. Most people desperately aspect to live in a big coast. They think living in a palatial host will give them more happiness. And you can't blame them fully. This is because of our materialistic so thirties condition toe think they're bigger is better. And those who live in small houses must definitely be suffering because of their passions. But does living in a big goes really bring to happiness? The answer is a big no, and I'll explain why. To understand how. Take the example off certain Mr Yes, who used to live with his wife and two high school kids in a compact and comfortable house in an ordinary area. He also had a lot of friends and neighbors in the area. However, as he moved up the corporate ladder. He became obsessed with material things and gradually increased his standard of living. He sold his compact toast and built a much bigger host that were nearly five times the size of his world house in a posh area. Next came a swing. Both elevators, computers, TV's air to air conditioners, every possible elected, and they left on the gadget with their new welt. He and his family also gradually distanced themselves from. There are no difference near this previous house, however. Within a few months off your 40 offer palace, he was invented by many headaches. Now, instead of spending the weekends leisurely, he no has to constantly deal with electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, pool cleaners, card Hayworth repairman made security guard servicemen. It's a comfort to his previous life. He know has more hazards. Most often maintain more course. And all this free time is no spending day visiting the umpteen gadgets and other luxurious he no wants. And within a couple of years, both his kids also motivate to far away places for her Yesterday's. By now they're old friends were also gone, and this rich neighbors didn't care. Now Mr Yesterday's why were certain alone in a lonely because surrounded by tall, compound, unpredictable and untrustworthy servant in somebody, Mr Yes, annoyingly more from a simple life, a complicated life by increasing its material possessions. In addition, he was also now hit with their different kind of headache. The possibility of danger from criminals. Now let us do a small experiment. Have you ever given a close look at the people who live in big, palatial houses? If not, just visit any partiality in your city and observe the rich people for some days just for an academic exercise in minimalism. Well immediately noticed that those rich people are hardly seen in their gardens. Not, Will you see that Children playing outside and not until you see the winners chatting with the neighbours like you see in ordinary areas all, you'll probably see the lonely security guard guarding the house and a few expensive cars parked in front. So who and what are those rich people hiding from? Answer is simple. There no hiding from the countless jealous eyes criminals, freeloaders and raga Barnes, who are no targeting that host and kids, a lavish life tail, always in rates, crime and other kinds of educating troubles. This is where each people who flaunted wealth very tall, compound installed security cameras, guards about people constantly live in fear of one Trustworthy, said went, and get themselves into your golden prison. Now, you may argue, Does this mean that I should never build a big house or upgrade my life till you and when they can afford it? My answer is simple. No, you don't have to be stingy and lead a life cramped in a tiny house. When you can afford it, you can still build a good 1000. Upgrade your life till as long as you're spending, is based only on two needs and not for greed and show off to others. Secondly, you must consider your long term maintenance capabilities. Have a big hopes. Ask if you can successfully afford to maintain a large house for years and decades. Where is the big money going to come from? Now let us take the example of one Mr Baron buffered the See You off Buckshot had he's one of the world's readjustment with a network of more than $50 billion. Yet Warren Buffett hasn't lettuce 50 billion fortune go to his head. He still lives in an ordinary host that he bought in 1958. So the value that just about a few $100,000 well, his billionaire friends live in gigantic coasters with tall compounds. Lawns doesn't have security guards. He also drives an ordinary car project many years ago. Does this mean wherein buffer to the stingy miser? Well, it may appear so. The reality is he is neither stingy nor miserly. The truth is, he has mastered the art of creating Wilton, rejecting unnecessary expenses. He knows the difference between necessity and luxury and their difference between need and greed. His answer to everyone needs. Look, I don't want to manage their noses and I don't want somebody is doing it for me. And I don't know why the hell I would be happier And extract and bedrooms are not going to make any difference. This is the tweet 31 stick. Please read the last title item number 10. Don't spend what you don't have this This is golden. Our choice? No, As an aspect ing minimalist. You should also try to imitate it simply city methods on whatever financial scale that you are in. For example, if you're craving for a new palatial house. First, investigate whether the host you are living in is really insufficient for all your family members. Can it be expanded to make more space through our some architectural changes and minor repairs? Can you afford to build or buy a new house? Will you still be able to maintain a big house in a few years time out when you grow older and so on? Only after evaluating your true needs and capabilities should you decide to make the jump? Remember, confidence is not a guarantee that you will always get money to maintain. Now you just talk about Clinton. Many people think having a lot of different gadgets in that house with sale time or give them more enjoyment. For example, if you see any TV or newspaper advertisement, it will keep showing a picture that you can become happier than before, only if you want that letter smartphone or car or motorbike or electrical gadget and so on . But this is another big mistake because beyond a certain essential limit, having most off around the house will actually make you miserable order and unnecessarily busy. So take an inventory of your toes. Ask yourself questions like Do you have too many things laying around? Are they are keeping too much space? Are they adding any value? Are they making your life easier? Are difficult of the continously costing money to maintain etcetera? If your answer is yes, then you should make a list of things that you can throw, donate or sell a bit. Let's let around the house, the better it is for your health, peace of mind and your valid. When you reduce stuff around the house, you will quickly experience happiness and lightness. You did like being stuck in traffic for hours and then experiencing the joy of seeing a free highway again. Start small. Throw one or two things away every day and gradually increase the numbers. Sometimes you and how toe throw everything secretly because you're well, suppose our kids may not allow you to toss away any Garbett, even if they're differently. We haven't been used in years. Finally, move from this horrible mess. So this elegance are this? No, somewhere. Cutting the clatter doesn't simply mean eliminating the unwanted material things I don't do . It also means eliminating certain responsibilities and obligations that hold you hostage daily today. The more you go, the more there is to do. The more responsibilities you take, the more tasks land on your the more people who help, the more we line up to secure blood. Also, many people take on extra responsibilities because they suffer from an inability to let go . Such people suffer from the indispensability syndrome to constantly prove in our do something great every day. They cannot bear being left off and always want to be involved in everything they're terrified of being left out off the loop are some information they're unable to delegate and bill you. Nothing can work if they're not in words. For example, imagine getting a phone call or an email every few minutes, demanding your immediate attention are trending and less meetings are having other ways in the Mideast off something critical and urgent at home or in the office. All these activities and involvement will not leave you any time to enjoy life, even for a few hours without something or someone interrupting you. No, ask if you are also off a similar category. If yes, you should take a bus and gradually could don't all such responsibilities and obligations by better delegation are completely eliminating. Now this concludes the short Lecter toe. Hope you enjoyed it. And we start implementing my suggestions in your life. Remember? No one under that bed ever says I wish I could have worked more. This is the end of lecture toe. I hope you enjoyed it. You may know. Please proceed to lecture three. Thanks for listening. 4. Lecture 4 - Learn how to handle Downsizing, Retirement, & Stop Dreaming of that Glorious Day: I learned. Welcome again. Please give me a few seconds to adjust the camera so that you can see me. Okay. Let us start. Hello and welcome to elected. Three have become a minimalist. Discovered the fantastic power of frugality. I am stage and Russian with lecture three downsizing and retirement. First question are you prepared for? Don't say See, in this unpredictable economy, even the best qualified and competent employees can lose their jobs. Do not assume that your excellent qualifications, experience and wisdom will always get you well paying job. Even billionaires and fortune 500 companies can get wiped out just like home. ITV was diarrhea. So unless you save money for a rainy day, you will be in deep trouble. Hence, always spend less than you are investor difference in security investments. They see the one leaving. You can accumulate money for your future or any day. The effect of losing a job can be shocking. Especially if you have no second source of income. Oscar Wilde. Once it, it is better to have a permanent income. Then just be fascinating. This is a very powerful message for everyone. When your income suddenly drops, life can become very chaotic, not only for you but to all of your dependent. And you did not possible to depend on friends, relatives and neighbours to run your livelihood for months and years when you're down. For example, if you were to lose your job tomorrow, hope prepared at you. This is my experience. Financial consultants say you should always have enough money saved cover at least six months worth of expenses in case you lose a job or cannot work for any reason. But when it comes to money, think like a pessimist her name for 12 to 18 months, off expenses, if possible. I'll teach you how to do this. For example, Suppose you are running fight over $1 a month and your monthly expenditure for the absolute essentials is 3000. Then you should make it a habit to save the remaining 2000 every month. This way, if you say for a year you will have $24,000 with you. Suppose you lose your job that this $24,000 will help you cover your monthly expenses 48 months. Well, you can look out for another job without going crazy now the second question. Are you ready for retirement? Most people think retirement is far away, and they need not worry about it till the cross 50 years off years. So they need a lavish life off purchases, vacations, eating out, etcetera when they're younger, learning will. But this is a dangerous mistake because timetables for on retirement can hit you hard. Every lot percentage of people have severe difficulties adjusting to retirement and a sudden drop in income. For example, have you ever imagined what it is to be world retired or have your monthly income dropped 1/5 off are less than what you're running today? Will it still be able to maintain the life tell you are accustomed to for many years? Do you have the courage to instantly don't get your life? But with minimalism, you can get ready and be prepared for retirement from many years before no tickets. Katie. Imagine that it dip into the future. Think 10 years, 20 years. I'd and imagine whether they will still be able to maintain the lifestyle you are currently leading. If you get the chill down your spine, then you need to quickly change your spending life till to accommodate for the future. No visual. Discuss another concept called Stop Dreaming Off the Glorious Day. Let us begin with the court by one Mr Alfred Disorder. For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin real life. But there was always some obstacle individual, something that had to be gotten through first, some unfinished business time still to be served under debt to be paid. Then Maria life would begin. At last, it dawned on me that those obstacles were made real life. Basically, what already saying is We'll have obstacles at every step in our life, and we have to live with it. People are conditioned to think that they first need abnormal amounts of money in the bank accounts to be happy. They dream of a day when all their obligations will be fulfilled. All debts will be paid, all unfinished business will be completed, and immediately after that, they'll get enough time to enjoy a leisurely life. Hence, people slogged their night for decades, trying to make lots of money, get power in staters so they can have the freedom on some future glorious day to do what they low or drink? Do from yes, but sadly, by the time they get to their day, many years would have passed. And they will only have the money and no friends. Family health our time to enjoy it. Now let us learn the story of a fisherman. One day a fisherman was sitting lazily near the river, trying to catch fish. Hardworking entrepreneur who was walking by noticed this and asked why this fellow was wasting time fishing, ensure of working hard and earning more money. You can't catch many fish the way you're doing, said they interpret the fishermen looked up into played. What should I do for that? Well, you should get bigger nets to catch more fish. The interpreted answer. Then what will be mighty work as the fishermen? The interview In the replayed, you'll make more money and also be able to buy a big book, which would help you to catch more quantity. So fish a fisherman again asked the same question. Then what will be mighty work? The businessman got annoyed with the fishermen silly questions, but continued. You can buy a much bigger boat and also hired people to work for the fishermen repeated the same question. Then what would be mighty work? The basement businessman? No. Got angry. Don't you understand what I'm saying? You can have a fleet of fishing boats sail all over the world and let your implies catch fish for you. The fishermen persisted with the same question. Then what will be many work? The businessman was no furious and shorter The deficient. Don't you understand? You can become sewed it that you want to have to work for your living again. You can spend all the rest of your day sitting on this three word looking at the sun and fishing happy. You won't have a kid in the world. The fishermen looked up and smiling, listed. What do you think I'm doing? No Entrepeneur certainly fell side being hit with a truckload of wisdom and slowly walked away. Though you may not want to go to fishermen, we what this interesting story teaches you. Is it still possible to enjoy life whenever possible with what you currently have without always dreaming off their glorious day in the future? But if you still don't agree with me and keep dreaming off acquiring terrific, well done educated this way. Even if you have a dozen cars, how many will you drive after type? Even if you want 10 houses in, how many will you stay at a time? For example, in the Middle East, the royal families have lavished past palaces everywhere, but many remain empty for years. Do you know what? Because the family royal family and their members prefer to stay in the capital to fulfill all their political and royal obligations rather than roam around from palace to palace. Next, even if you have a supermarket or two, how much food do you eat per day? Even if you have 100 years of shoes, countless watchers and the massive wardrobes harmony, sexually, where per day And even if you have a stubborn plan to enjoy each one of them in your lifetime, you will soon run out of time patients and energy. This is because their number edible love, diminishing returns will set in, and they will unconsciously detach away from them. Secondly, you will help toe continously slog toe under turns off money necessary to maintain and protect all the luxuries. You know, one. So when will you find time to enjoy your luxuries. It will become a Catch 22 situation where you will require a lot of money to buy all the luxuriously and learning that a lot of money will take a lot of time and energy. And if you spend all your time and energy in earning that money, then you will not have any time and energy toe. Enjoy those luxuries. Now let us read a quote from Steve Jobs after he got fired from Apple, the company that he founded, he once said, I didn't see it then, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner. Again less sure about ability. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life. Similarly in life. If you voluntarily aspect to go down in your lifetime rather than constantly go up, then you will gradually become happier. Basically, there are two tragedies in a human slave. One is the suffering self not getting what you're hard decides, and the second is the sufferings of getting it. Hence it is always are divisible Toby Moderate inability. If you understand this timeless wisdom off the same turned our forefathers, then you have already crossed the halfway mark of becoming a minimalist. This country wants lecture three. I hope you enjoy the session and we'll start implementing the suggestions in your life. Thanks for listening. Thanks again. Humano. Please proceed to lecture for to finish the course. 5. Lecture 5 - Handle the High Costs of Gadgets and False Assumptions about Celebrities: Hello and welcome again. Please give me a few seconds to adjusted camera. Good stuff. Hello and welcome to lecture for have become a minimalist discovered the fantastic power of frugality. I am Stage and Russian Waas. I hope you found our dear friend lecture for gadgets and celebrities. No, let us first e Very. Your money is draining. We'll take an example of smartphones The high hidden costs of smartphone usage. Those smartphones have many advantages. Have you ever wondered what it is really costing? A modern family of four for its usage? No idea. Then let us run through some numbers. Assuming zero inflation and costs off, hands it and use it Charges based on presence in India, you can calculate the equal and prices for your country Cost off a good mid range smartphone. His rupees 10-K to 15 kids. Total cost for a family he calls for take a to 60 kids. Average postpaid monthly bill starts from about 299 trapeze before 19. Andrew Pease into four for the 4% the yearly usage course will will come toe 14,003. ₹52.23,952 no ad summit CBT course for screen guards back over extracted the screen damage, APS, etcetera. Next, we'll take the handset. Life is 2 to 3 years, assuming your family is able to receive the temptation for the new dazzling new smartphone on sale now. But if you can't resist, then add the cost for four new handset within 2 to 3 years. Cost off phones in the third and 48 again Rupees 40 K to 60 K because we're was zoomed. Zero. Inflation by the ABO calculations Your family. We learned up Spending whopping amounts off money for your smartphone usage for years and years. Such cars can be compared to buying a comprehensive medical. Our car insurance or a new fridge are the washing mission. Are a TV every two years? Next, we'll learn from some reckless celebrities. Most people think famous celebrities don't have to worry about things like minimalism are frugality. But this is far from true, and minimalism is required even for such starts only extremely. A few celebrities can maintain their luxurious lifestyle for years and decades. For example, look at the rise and fall off some famous celebrities whose names you may have no forgotten my clothes accent. The king of Pop was supposedly $400 million in debt when he died unexpectedly in 2009. He was also close to foreclosure on his famous Neverland home. Reckless spending required him to take O clones, many of which he never paid back. Jackson Money problems got worse once he goes involved in numerous expensive lawsuits. Nicolas Cage was one off Hollywood's biggest stars, earning $40 million at Peak but also one off its biggest spenders. He put aged many homes, automobiles and rare art effects. The IRS, finding more than $6 million for failing to pay, is 2007 tax bill Kids Precarious Financial Situation. Made himself many of his personal belongings, including a treasure comic book, and take many film roles. Mike Jason heavyweight champion Mike Basin, on $300 million swollen, is carried but ended with their $23 million debt. He declared bankruptcy, returned to jail and went through rehab before he again reached financial stability. By 2003 he would money to the IRS, British tax authorities, lawyers, personal trainer, financial manager, a musical desert and several others. Mr Hunger an actor from India with 200 plus films. Under his belt Angle was a well known face off Indian cinema. However, even this fame couldn't keep the hard time should be late in his life, Hunger went bankrupt and couldn't even pay his medical bills. And we also have countless examples of sports person film stars, politicians and businessmen who have no state. Now. I will tell you the reason why celebrities face. Let us take an example of some unknown person, maybe a teenager at 18 years who is living in an ordinary family, a middle class person living within $50,000. Suppose that person becomes a pop star and becomes famous and the wind fall off. Money starts by the age of 20. That does assume that Fish starts running $5 million because of some music car song that he became famous for and you know what will happen. He'll begin its luxurious lifetime. Fancy guards mentions advertisement, sponsorship, name and feet because he's adding $5 million now, within a couple of years, his annual income will drop to $4 million and a small dip in popularity starts by the time he's 24 his annual income will be $1 million. And with the rapid reduction in fan base fame and new opportunities, by the time is 26 years old, he'll be out of the limelight, forgotten by the media and public. Sporadic income hydrates unable to maintain life tale depression and maybe drugs, had said, Finally, this is the result off not saving with me. Now I'll give you a bunch of minimalism tips that you can practice in your life. Stop being expensive spent 50. The person who spent money recklessly and extravagant in his heart, heard nature spent it also fall for personal loans and payment through credit cards. The idea of buying today and paying tomorrow is something few people can't resist, but they don't say it is. They will pile up debts that will never clear and soul is that people will get into a nasty death trap. No. Ask yourself if you or your family members have spent it. If yes, then you need to slowly change your and their spending habits and start saving money for your future needs. Today. Well, maybe strong, confident earning enough money. But the there gather any guarantee that you will still be earning enough money for the next 20 to 30 years low height and medium. When buying goods. First evaluate the low medium and high tide. For example, you can get an ordinary mobile phone for ₹3000 a slightly better phone for 6002 piece and the super duper fun for 50 talking trapeze Minimalism is about choosing and living with the ordinary. Arrest Likely Better for this manually experience the joy stuff. Having a mobile phone but a wide there. Trash is cost off a super duper for invest in real estate and stocks in good companies, investing long term fixed deposits, tax free schemes, money back policies, insurance schemes and money. Monthly income skips how hobbies that can on some money, have a second income if possible, and save that income from that. For that any day. Buy books on course saving to learn how many new ways toe save reduce course in Texas. Did your kids, family and kids the importance of frugality, saving and earning money forcefully stopped that burning desire to give your family those are necessary, luxurious that you were a parent for unable or unwilling to provide remember, it did not mandatory to fulfill all their luxury desserts. If you are the family breadwinner, ask them how they will manage things if you were to suddenly disappear tomorrow. Also inspect your current life, telling the cost for each look around it. What to drive were, eat, smoke, drink and read. Are all of these necessary? See whether you can cut our limit some off them. Drastically reduced credit card purchases and impulsive spending ruthlessly cut on unnecessary things like entertainment, frequently eating out and mandatory expensive vacations When buying things you don't really need. It is better toe. Think that you won't afford it rather than you can afford it. Eliminate all unnecessary expenses like subscription to unwanted magazines, electronic gadgets, monthly payment and so on. Don't invest all your money and high risk investments, even if they promise high returns in list only limited amount you can afford to lose toe. Avoided the sector on speculative risks by things that appreciate in value. Don't buy things that depreciate or time. Another bad thing is paying interest on Auriemma Eyes equated monthly installments on a depreciating asset such as an automobile at a mobile phone. Not only are you losing money by paying interest, but the same item you're being is also losing value at the same time. Don't increase your standard off living during temporary faces off financial vibrancy. Lead a simple life even if you're earning with. Don't build a grand life telling uplift your stores, field and materialistic status but having an assumption that you will always make more and more money, he will never know when your lifeboat will start. Thinking always lived within your sources of income. Have a budget for everything. When you live within a budget, you can be live better and without fear. But getting helps you understand where your money is coming from and where your money should go. Even if you create a nice, manageable budget, keep looking for ways to cut unnecessary expenses. Cultivated life Tell that you can afford to live it for the rest of your life. This is a sentence that I asked you to read a couple of types cultivated life. Stay that you can afford to live for the rest of your life. Stop living for others. A lot of people don't like minimalism because it doesn't seem practical in the surroundings they live in. But what they actually mean is they don't want to look weird in front of their friends and relatives. For example, not being a fancy card when all of your friends and relatives have 1 may make you look like a miser are your kids may face some ridicule. But ask, Who are you living for? Is it mandated to meet everyone's expectations? Tow. Avoid ridicule. Will they come to your rescue when you are down? The answer is no. Hence it should stop. The neighbors have it. So we should also have a thinking. Don't care about what others think about you not winning luxuries, even if you can afford them. Consider whether you are buying something for a really good are just to impress someone. What really matters is you are willing and happy to spend only on essentials but not unfilled when it comes to spending. Remember what we loaders once said. Too many people spend money they haven't earned to buy things. They don't want to impress people they don't like big host to small owes. For example, if you're staying in a big rent a toast, see if you can shift to a small compactors, hundreds of tough in euros to just enough stuff she watched off. You can throw ourselves that can make your host later in MORI. 80. Big expensive card. The small medium card. Less maintenance and insurance costs. Buying vegetables to growing them in your If you have space in your garden, you can enjoy the happiness of growing vegetable, expensive gym toe home excesses. Why waste money in an expensive gym when you can? Don't say you're way too simple Home excesses. Buy new goods toe buying new used goods. Why waste money on new goods when second stuff is available for half the press? High speed, expensive Internet connection to low speed basic connection. Ask. Do you really need a blazing Internet connection? Can you live with the basic medium connection vacation every year to exert our location? A location ask. Is it mandated to go on exotic or expensive vacations every year, going to spend the holidays peacefully at home are traveled to nearby a low cost destinations. Dozens of clothes and shoes with Justin of clothes and shoes. I traveled a personal car. Tow public transportation are cycling are carpooling? Aim for a substantial reduction in electricity, water and fuel consumption. Switch off computers and gadgets were not in youth. Multiple magazines and newspapers toe one newspaper and magazine. Junk food Toe healthy. Full Stop eating junk foods that spoil your health and increase medical expense. Right Healthy foot healthy. Implement to natural and herbal medicine Insured off expensive medicines from top companies . More simple toe medium ailments has local terrible medicines that can be equal to or better than defensive medicines. Now we'll explain something called the bucket principles in order to take out water from a bucket that has to be a tap that is dripping water into your. So you should also have the same principle in your life. In order to take out money from your relatives, there has to be a source of income that will be filling your ballot with money every month . So you need toe. Use this bucket principle in every car, every stage of your life. Now let us come to an important concept. One hope is, makes the rules learn to say, a firm no, without any guilt or regret for all. Nonessential. Do you know that noise? A complete sentence. It does not require an explanation to follow. You can truly answer someone's request with a simple no. As said by Sharon Rainey, Sometimes no is the kind of world. Do not assume that you have to. Some most log and fulfill all your family's demands. Always remember that the breadwinners primary responsibility is mainly to provide essential food, clothing and shelter. All luxurious and non essentials are optional. Always remember the businessman story where his wife refused to downgrade that life even daughter spent was indeed to in debt, hence tress. Secondly, the husband was also it for it, for giving his family wealth and luxury beyond what he could manage our afford for years and years. Over time, you'll realize that saving money and don't shifting is also as joyful as earning and spending money. Also, curb your family's bad habit of demanding money from you whenever they see you whenever you go. All the tips and traditions that are displayed are nothing new and have been practiced by our ways forefathers from decades. This is why they were able to survey when sustain, in spite off, earning a meager salary comfort toe. Today's mega salaries Finally, it is easier to live the back with a bad reputation of being called a minimalist, then become banker just to spend your family see endless dimension here they're squeals of joy. Now let us come toe some downside of minimalism. The downside is you might have some difficulties adjusting the minimalism for some time. Human face ridicule and rebellion from family, friends, neighbors and abilities. You may regret some decisions because you may miss out on some enjoyment. You may find it difficult to get content from your family and kids that there may be accustomed to Richard lifestyle. But look at the break sick. Nothing great in life is achieved without sacrifice. You have to sacrifice something in order to get something better from life. All you have to do is be form and say challenge. Except remember the one who base makes the rules. Now let us read some courts on frugality. He who knows how to be poor. No. 70 do its mission. Never go to excess, but let moderation be your good sister. By sewing frugality. We live replay liberty, a golden harvest, a justice. Rich people stay rich by living like they're broke. Broke people stay broke by living like their rich on. No, you must gain control. Order Your money are the lack off. It will forever control you. I would like to live as a poor man with lots of money. If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free before well commences. We shall be poor. Indeed it is 50 toe. Prepare for today For the ones off. Tomorrow it's off. Now we come to the end If lecture for I hope you enjoyed discourse and will start implementing my suggestions in your life. Thank you. And good luck.