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Become a Creativepreneur: Find an Online Business Idea from Your Creative Talents

Kari Sayers, Digital Products + Online Business

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7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What's The Magic Formula?

    • 3. Why You?

    • 4. Examining Your Skills

    • 5. Analyzing Your Strengths

    • 6. Exploring Your Interests

    • 7. Summarize Your Ideas

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About This Class


"Start where you are. Use what you have. Teach what you know."

Every week I interact with people who are longing to do something more fulfilling, more purpose-filled, more creative with their lives. Some are stuck in unfulfilling 9 to 5 jobs that simply pay the bills, but offer little more to quench their creative thirsts. Some actually like their day jobs, but want a side business that allows them to be more creative. Some are stay-at-home parents looking for a creative outlet.

No matter what your story matter what your matter your age, you have what it takes to take your CREATIVE TALENTS and turn them into an online business. You have what it takes to BECOME A CREATIVEPRENEUR.

In this short course, I will help you dig deep to find ideas for a creative online business using your own talents. We will discuss three main ways for coming up with business ideas, including:

  • Examining your skills
  • Analyzing your strengths
  • Exploring your interests

By the end of this course, you can expect to have a short list of ideas that you can then narrow down to one main business idea, and get started on your path to becoming a creativepreneur.


1. Introduction: Hi, This is Kari Sailors and welcome to my become a creative producer course. In 2015 I quit my day job started my dream job as a full time writer, book publisher and online entrepreneur. And I did all this because I had the urge and the desire to become what I call a creative preneurs. Now creative when you are someone who uses their God given creative talents to form an online business, that's my definition. And today, what I want to help you dio inside of this course is to tap into your own creative talents first, by examining your skills than by examining your strengths than by examining your interest and kind of combining all those to come up with several ideas that could potentially be turned into an online business. Sell it for to working with you on this short course. There's also a creative canoe or work wolf. It's included, and I encourage you to complete that workbook and use it as a part of your class project. Looking forward to working with you 2. What's The Magic Formula?: So I get a lot of people who ask me, you know, is there a magic formula for your success? Um, and I think it's a good question that people pose, and my answer is, um, they might find this strange a little bit, but honestly, I've been successful and to be like, seriously, like there's nothing special about me. I mean, don't get me wrong. I think that I'm a very special person. I think I'm awesome. But there's nothing special about what I've done, the success that I've had as a creative preneurs. It can totally be replicated. And what I found is that there are three essential elements. So I guess the technical answer is yes. There is a magic formula, and here's what I think that magic formula is. First of all, you have Teoh want Teoh tap into your creative gifts and talents. Okay, so just the fact that you're on this course right now means that you're taking a step towards tapping into those God given talents that you have or that you've acquired over the year. So kudos to you for taking that first step. It's essential that we figure out what the's creative gifts and talents are. Secondly, I truly, truly believe that there has to be a burning and desire there. In some of my subsequent courses, I will talk more about desires, manifesting desires, how to figure out if it's something that you really we truly want or not. But, um, to become a successful creative canoe are actually believe you have to have the desire to create an abundant business using your creative gifts. And then that third essential element is what I refer to as inspired action. And, um, you know, some of you may not be familiar with that term, but inspired action is basically allowing yourself to go with the positive energy flow, so less things were happening. You're flowing in that direction. You're flowing towards that action by using your creative gifts by using the desire that you have to make something out of your creative gifts and out of what you've learned. So you go with the flow, okay, so inspired action. It isn't tiring. It doesn't deplete you. It doesn't leave you feeling exhausted. It's easy. Okay, it's Aziz ia's breathing. Okay, so let's move forward. We'll just you know this during those three things put together is what to me creates a creative preneurs. So just to give you a little bit of an overview of what will accomplish in this course, we're gonna talk for a few minutes about why you Why should you consider becoming a creative preneurs? What's so special about you that you could do this, then will take a few moments in one of the sections and will examine your skills, and you know we'll talk a bit more about that, then will analyze some of your strengths. Then we'll move on and we'll explore some of your interest because that's another area that you could tap into when you're looking for a business idea to get you going on your creative preneurs journey. Um, and the one big thing that I want you to use is the creative producer workbook. Now you'll find it at the bottom of this module. You'll be able to download it. I highly encourage you to download it and use it as we go through each section. There's an exercise. The exercises are three minutes long. Okay, so first things first, I want you to go ahead right now and download the creative producer workbook. OK, when we come to the different sections where I kind of prompt you and want you to take three minutes to complete exception, um, and then you'll complete the summary page. All right, to go ahead, download that creative producer workbook right now, and then you can move forward with the next video. 3. Why You?: in this module. I want to talk about why you you know, why is it that you should become a creative preneurs and I'll start by sharing? I'm one of my favorite quotes by Ramit Sethi. He's on an online entrepreneur, Creative preneurs. He's amazing. He sounds amazing things he actually teaches that I will teach you to be rich dot com. I'm very interesting guy talking about if you get a chance. But one of the things that I read in a recent, um, one of his recent email campaigns was that the truth is, creativity is not about magic, and it's not something reserved for the elite. Turns out, you can learn to be more creative and consistently produced great work at any time. I found that quote so inspiring and so refreshing because I think so many of us get, um, caught up in the idea that oh, you know, we're not creative enough. We, you know, we couldn't do this or we couldn't do that. We couldn't write a book. We couldn't create a course because we don't have that creative spark. But I like what Ram it says here because honestly, it is something that you can learn. It is something that you can start to manifest a desire for in and make happen. So I find that very encouraging. So if you're someone, um and you're thinking, you know you can't do this, you can't become a creative producer you can't take, um a You don't have any creative talents and be If you do, you can't take him and do anything with it. If you're thinking that, think again. Okay, That's the purpose of this course. We're trying to get you out of that mindset and into a totally different success mindset for this. Okay, so why you We'll talk about three quick reasons here, and then I'll let you get to the worksheet to kind of do your brainstorming. The first thing is, everyone has unique, invaluable experiences to share. OK, even you know, myself. I worked in radio advertising for several years and, you know, had several other colleagues who worked along with me. So even though we worked in the same industry at the same company, we each had different experiences at thes places. So if one of them were teaching you this course right now and even if we were talking about the same topic they bring be bringing different experiences to the table. OK, so keep that in mind as you're brainstorming about. You know why? You know what makes you so special to be able to do this, Okay, You have experiences. People need to know about it. Um, another thing. I think there's always this misconception when it comes Teoh people thinking, Oh, well, I'm not an expert at X y z. So how could I ever teach anyone else how to do it? Or how could I ever you know, write a book about it back to that example? But the thing is, you only need to be one step ahead of the person that you're trying to help in order to be able to help them. Okay, So for for me, You know, when I wrote my very first book, if someone would have come to me who had never written a book before, I was already that one step ahead of them. Yes, it was only one book at the time, but I could help them because I had already traveled that path that they wanted to get to a swell. So remember you only have to be one step ahead to help someone. And the third thing is and which is honestly, I found its most important People want toe learn from someone who's relatable. Okay, so if they look at you and they, they might think to themselves, Man, you know, are you know, I'll use myself An example. Carries published a couple of books and you know, she's written a couple courses and she just did it in a you know, in the last 6 to 8 months, I can do that. You know, I can not that far ahead of me. I can do that. You know, people want Teoh, Look up to someone and find kind of those. I'll use the term coaches who aren't that far ahead from, you know, from where they want to be. And you know you again use their experiences to help get to that point as well. So the next time you find yourself thinking why you remember, you have those valuable experiences. It doesn't take much to be an expert. Just one step ahead and you're relatable. Okay. If you could be relatable to people, you can teach other people your knowledge. So right now, I want you to take a moment. All right? So right now, I want you to go ahead and take a moment. I know you've all already downloaded your creative from your workbook and start with the first section the Y you section. And seriously, I want you to do this list out. Five reasons why you're exactly the type of person become a creative manure. All right, here. Want you to toot your horn, OK? There are things that you know that other people don't know. There are those experiences that you can share with people right out why you deserve to be a creative producer. Why you deserve to use your creative talents to create an abundant online business while you deserve to be able to help people with those creative talents. All right, go ahead and do that when you finish, will move forward with the next module. 4. Examining Your Skills: in this section of the course, you'll be examining your skills. So first question you can ask yourself is what abilities you have and we'll circle back to this in a second. Another thing to think about is, um, you know, when you're thinking about your skills, what kind of jobs have you previously worked? And then, um, I want you to think to yourself and think that something that's simple to you. OK, it could be a major pain for someone else. So let me give you some examples from my background and experience. My very first job out of graduate school, I worked as a health care consultant. Okay, During that time, as a health care consultant, I had to learn to use different software. So one of the things that I did a lot was to host Webinars showing clients how to use some of our digital health and wellness software. Okay, I became very skilled at at using this webinar software and on being able to teach people via the web. Okay, So fast forward to today at the time sometimes. I mean, I used Teoh. I did so many of these webinar. So many so many, and I really feel like I perfected the craft at the time. Um, with, um, you know, this is 10 years ago. So Webinar technology has come come far since then. But I was really ableto perfect My my skill at that and then fast forward to today. I'm doing the same thing I'm able to use having put together presentations. I'm able to use that in my present day business. Okay, so I've turned this skill that I learned from a job 10 years ago into part of my livelihood with my business. OK, so what? I want you to dio So what? I want you to go ahead and Dio is take a look at the skills worksheet within your creative preneurs workbook and take three minutes toe list out any skills you can think of. Okay. Any skills that have come to mind, Um, and remember what I said before? Like, there could be some things that your skillful and things that you think are simple. Okay. Like like, really simple things. Um, this is a terrible example, but, um maybe your skillful ed, um, putting up bathroom hooks. Okay. You know, those little looks you put up to put your towels on a hang towels on. Maybe you're, like, super skillful at putting that together. Okay, You might think all that's nothing like anyone could do that. Not true. Not true, I tell you. Okay. Likes for some people that would be a major pain in the butt toe. Have to do themselves. So that's like I said, Terrible example. But you get what I'm saying. So go ahead. Take the next three minutes, list out as many skills as you could think of and cut yourself off with those three minutes . Okay, this is a quick brainstorm, and then we'll move forward with the next part of the course. 5. Analyzing Your Strengths: all right, Now that we've talked about your skills, let's analyze your strengths. So we'll start with asking yourself, What are you good at? Okay, so think about that for a moment. Then I want you think about what things are you passionate about. Okay, so think about that for a moment and then think about what things do. Others say that you are good at all. Right. Let me give you a brief example. So when my husband and I got married, my younger sister was my maid of honor. And at the wedding are the wedding reception. She got up and she made a speech. And in her speech, she called my husband and I Google and geez. Okay. Now, the reason behind this was because people, our family and our friends, they always call us our email us asking us to help them with something. They had a question. They wanted to know if we had the answer to it. So it would be anywhere, you know, anything from helping, or nieces and nephews with their homework problems. Um, Teoh, asking us how to spell certain words like it was leased to get the most just random questions, but on we enjoyed totally enjoyed helping people, um, and helping our family and friends with their questions. And so for me, it became something that I feel like I got really good at being able to help people with their questions. Even sometimes, if I didn't know the answer, I'd quickly look it up on Google. You know, if I could and help them with that. So it it became something that I was very passionate about helping others, um, and people, you know leaned on me to help them with their their, um, their questions. So I say all that to say others, my family would probably say I'm very good at helping people. I'm very good at explaining things to people, so that's a strength of mine. So as you go through the next section of the creative preneurs workbook, I'm gonna be asking you to list out some of your strengths. Just I mean, think about those things that you're good at. Maybe you've been fishing since you were a little kid, and you're, like, excellent at that. You know, maybe that's like one of your, um, strong points. So that and it could be something that you're very passionate about and believe you, me, even something like that. Fishing is something that could be turned into an abundant on on business. If you have the desire to turn that into a business, so let's move forward. So let's move forward, and I want you to go ahead and pull out your handy dandy creative producer workbook. And for those of you have kids, are you? If you're around small kids and you've ever watched Blue's clues, you know the whole handy dandy notebook. I think that's where it comes from. But anyway, take three minutes. I want you to list out any strengths that you think you possess. Think about the things that you're good at. Think about the things that your passion about think about, the things that other people tell you that you're good at, and then we'll move forward with the next module. 6. Exploring Your Interests: At this point, we've talked about your skills. Okay? We've talked about using your strengths to come up with a great business idea. And now we're going to talk about your interests. Okay? Interest are those things that you just really like doing are they could be things that you have a strong desire toe learn more about. All right. So using myself as an example again, of course, I I'm not I'm not very good at photo shop right now. Okay? I am like a diehard can va dot com fan. And, um, for any of you who have taken even on other courses, you'll know that you'll know I'm this diehard Kandla fan. Um, it's a free graphic design software. Totally check it out. But I do have this desire to actually learn how to use photo shop. So this is an interest of mine that I've had. I've gone, and I've scoped out another instructor who has video courses on photo shop and, um, um, contemplating taking one of her courses so that I can teach myself how to use Photoshopped , a photo shop. Graphic design, um, software. So that's one small example of where I have this interest. Okay? I have this desire to learn something new. And honestly, once I take the next steps and I learned how to use that software, I could then turn around and show other people how to use that software. Because, remember, you know, I'll take it. Take it back, Teoh a couple of modules ago to be an expert. All I have to be is one step ahead of the person that I'm helping. Okay, there plenty of people out there who don't know how to use photo shop. So if I take that step and I teach myself how to just use the basics of photo shop, I could turn that into my own online course and show people how to do what I've already learned. Okay, so I want you to go ahead and pull out your creative producer workbook again and take the next three minutes to write out as many interest as you can think of. Okay. Write them out. No holds bar. You have three minutes to do it, and we'll go ahead and move on to the last portion of the course. 7. Summarize Your Ideas: we're headed into the final shred to the bukom. A creative producer. Course. At this point, you should have a list of your skills, a list of your strengths and a list of your interests. So 3/4 of your workbook should be complete. The final final, um, kind of homework assignment that I want you to dio is to take a look at the summary page I provided. All right, I'm asking you to choose just one, okay? Just one from each section. So one skill, one strength and one interests to list here on the summary page. Now, this part is important. OK, so don't freak out. Now, you might be thinking, How am I going to choose just one? The truth of the matter is, you have to start somewhere. You're on this journey. You want to use your creative talents, you have the desire. And now you have to go with that flow. You know, I talked about inspired action, so go back to each section of your workbook where you listed out your skills, your strengths and your interests. And I want you to find that one that when you read it, it just makes you feel like a certain way like you feel this burning desire. Like I could really turn this into some type of a non line business for myself. So pick one, circle it, then write it into your summary page. All right. The point of this is that if you do this, you'll have the summary page that leaves you with three pretty valid ideas that you could then use moving forward to turn into. Um, if you could turn it into a blawg, you could turn it into a book. You could turn it into an online course. The possibilities are endless. The point of this whole course was to help you generate ideas on how to become a creative preneurs. And if you've worked through this workbook, you should have some pretty solid ideas to get you started. So I'll end with this. Life is at its best when love, money and creativity are growing in harmony. And this is a quote by Gay Hendricks from the Big Leap Ah, book that I absolutely love. If you take any of my other courses, it's one of the recommended readings that I haven't several of them because it talks about conquering. You're hidden fears. Maybe right now you have this hidden fear. And you think you know you are At least before this course you were thinking that you didn't have what it takes Teoh, um, to become an entrepreneur. But what I've shown you here is that you dio you know more than you think you know and people deserve Thio Thio know your knowledge and you deserve to share that knowledge with others and to create an abundant online business from it. So just keep that in mind, okay? Love, money and creativity when it's all growing in harmony, that's when life gets really good.