Become a Connector: The Impresario Institute

Seth Godin, Entrepreneur and author

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13 Videos (2h 15m)
    • The Nature of an Impresario

    • Events of Value

    • Scarcity vs. Abundance

    • The Power of Networks

    • 10 Key Ideas

    • The Talent, Gatekeepers and The Talented

    • Too Soon vs. Too Late

    • Q&A Part I

    • Q&A Part II

    • Q&A Part III

    • Q&A Part V

    • Q&A Part IV

    • Q&A Part VI


About This Class

Impresarios are the connectors. They are the reason we are able to attend concerts, meet like-minded people at events and get inspired at organized talks—as talent and good ideas in the world need to be shared by someone. Author and entrepreneur Seth Godin walks through a workshop covering all the bases of being an impresario—how to start, who to get on your team, and how to scale your connections. By the end of this class, you’ll be inspired to recognize opportunity, assemble your own event, and to be a connector for the rest of your life.

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This course is absolutely necessary for marketers. a must watch.
Seth Godin is just amazing





Seth Godin

Entrepreneur and author

For 39 years, I've been starting, running, and bootstrapping companies of all sorts.

I started teaching at 14. I taught canoeing in northern Canada, computer science as an undergrad in college and business in a number of settings, including some time as one of the most highly-rated professors in the history of the Stern MBA program at NYU.

For more than a dozen years, I bootstrapped and ran a successful book company, with clients and partners that ran from Random House to Walter Dean Myers. Along the way I started a first-generation internet company (funded by Softbank and eventually sold to Yahoo). I've been in debt, grown market share, been rejected, succeeded, satisfied customers, hired, fired, dreamed, invented, started and ended...

For fun, I hang out with entrepreneurs and people who want to change the world.

Check out some of my talks online. My classes on Skillshare cover different material, but at least you can see what you're in for.