Become a Bootstrap Expert, Part 2 (Build a Simple Portfolio)

Ajdin Imsirovic, Front End Web Developer

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3 Videos (14m)
    • Downloading Bootstrap and Setting Up the Basic File Structure

    • Adding Images to My Portfolio Layout

    • Working on the Footer


About This Class

In this excellent class, we will build from what we learned in part 1 and apply our skills to building a simple Portfolio Homepage that will demonstrate how to quickly prototype a website with Bootstrap.

This class is begginer-friendly, as we are not delving into any deep concepts. However, if you are new to Bootstrap, it is a pre-requisite to making more-complex layouts, as we will do in the next parts in this series.

Note that the course covers Bootstrap 3, but all the same concepts apply to Bootstrap 4.

Bootstrap 4 will be introduced later on in this class series, so stay tuned!

In this video, we will make our Portfolio homepage, with images in three rows and three columns.

In the next class in the series (Class #3), we will be building the "About Me" page for the "My Portfolio" website.