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    • 2 48 hour teach it lecture final

    • 3 Simplicity Intro Final Prod

    • 4 Keep Things Simple Awersome Lec final

    • 5 "p's" intro 1 min final

    • 5 Paradigms Final Prod

    • 6 Paradigm Shift Final

    • 7 How To Make A Paradigm Shift Final

    • 8 Powerful Paradigm For Producitivty 4 hour work week example

    • 9 Fundemental Principle Intro Final

    • 10 Fundemental Principle Final Prod

    • 11 No Mans Land Grey Zone

    • 12 Start Managing Your Activities With This Easy Process notecard final

    • 13 Time and Time Management Final

    • 14 Time Cannot Be Managed Manage Activities Final

    • 15 What is to come in the rest of our course

    • 16 P1 Process oriented and magic pill

    • 17 P2 Process oriented and magic pill

    • 18 Why do you do what you do Do What You Love and you Will be PROD

    • 19 One Goal Productivity Course

    • 20 Motivation Intro Final Prod

    • 21 You Need Motivation intro to the 3 kinds of motivation

    • 22 fear Motivation 3 kinds of motivation

    • 23 Incentive Motivation Final

    • 24 Growth Motivation Final

    • 25 Can Motivation Last Final

    • 26 Do The thing and you will find the energy to do the thing final

    • 27 Asana Short Intro Video

    • 28 Asana Lecture Final

    • 29 Budget Tracker Final

    • 30 Daily Habit Tracker Final

    • 31 Habits Intro Final

    • 32 Habits Part 2Final

    • 33 How Will I Know When A Habit is Formed How Long Does it Take To Create a Habit

    • 34 5 "P"s Introduction

    • 35 Purpose 1 of 5 Ps Producitivty

    • 36 Purpose after how to find

    • 37 Presence 2 of 5 Ps Producitivty

    • 38 Positive 3 of 5 Ps Producitivty

    • 39 Persistence 4 of Lec of 5

    • 40 patience 5 of 5 Lec of 5

    • 41 Wake Up 1 Hour Early Edits Final

    • 42 Control The Bookends Final

    • 43 Eat your Frog Final

    • 44 Urgency Final Prod

    • 45 Aviod burnout awesome lec feat lec Final

    • 46 Set Your Deadlines

    • 47 multi tasking final

    • 48 Eating Snickers Lecture Productivity Final

    • 49 Trust Yourself Lecture Productivity Final

    • 50 Stop Cramming Final

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About This Class

Did you know that learning how to become more productive is the most important skill you can ever acquire?


Because time is leverage. When you can do something in one hour that most people can do in five, you have massive leverage! This leverage allows you to serve more, do more, earn more and enjoy more in your life!


Student Success Testimonials!

  • Misty Mulhall

Great Course

Great information, great course, great teacher I'd recommend this for anyone looking to improve their productivity. 5 stars.

  • Ivaylo Sholekov

I am confident you will be more productive after the course if... learn through doing! i give my compliments to Joe for his work at that course. Thank You Joe! 5 stars.


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My goal for you in this course is to give you the understanding of the most up to date advancements in productivity, so that you can get better results in less time!

So how are we going to learn how to leverage our time and begin becoming more productive? By using and understanding some of the most up to date advancements, motivation, self-improvement, habitual, productivity hack around today!

You Will Learn:

  • How To Leverage Your Time So You Can Do The Things You Desire Most!
  • The Fundamental Principle of Productivity and How To Always Remain Productive!
  • How to Manage Activities, Not Time, to Skyrocket Your Productivity
  • How To Stay Motivated and Keep Producing At The Highest Level
  • How To Not Only Start Something But Finish It
  • Much More!!


Start Getting More Out of Your Life Today!

Become More Productive by Enrolling In This Course!

With the right mindset, understanding, and application of the teachings in this course, you will instantly begin to move towards becoming more productive.

When I learn something new about productivity, I add it to the course -at no additional cost to you! This is a course that will continue to add more and more to every aspect of your life.


What I can't do in this Course..

I can't guarantee your success – this course does take work on your part. But it can be done!

I am also not responsible for your actions. You are responsible for 100% of the decisions and actions you make while using this course.


This course will not remain this price forever! It's time to take action!

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...every hour you delay is costing you money...

See you in the course!

Joe Parys

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Liked your course, give me lot of energy to incorporate some new ideas.





Joe Parys

Online Instructor |

Why are 250,000+ students enrolled in my online courses? 

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About Joe Parys:

Joe is a certified life coach, professional motivational speaker, entrepreneur, licensed psychology teacher and head basketball coach for USA Basketball. His main areas of expertise are teaching, coaching, public speaking, personal development, personal transformation, the human mind, maximizing human potential, motivation and goal setting.

My CV:

Joe has his bachelors degree from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. He was a four year varsity letter winning college athlete in the sport of men's basketball. He is also a coach for USA basketball.

He is a Licensed Psychology, History and Government teacher for grades 5-12. He has been teaching High School for the past three years.

Joe is also a licensed and certified professional life coach and motivational speaker from the Fowler Institute.


Joe Parys is an entrepreneur running his own life coaching and motivational speaking business, Joe Parys Academy. Joe has spoken and taught his courses in numerous high schools in the United States and continues to travel around the country inspiring students of all ages.

Mission Statement- Joe Parys Academy is committed to superior life coaching. Our products and services are created and marketed with the purpose of helping others worldwide prosper and improve their lives.

Vision Statement- Our vision at Joe Parys Academy is to help each client find their purpose in life, reach their goals and fulfill their lifelong dreams.