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Become An Effective Sales Consultant - Financial Industry

Syed Raza, Web Developer | Entrepreneur-CEO

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5 Videos (1h 26m)
    • What is Situational Fluency?

    • Structure of Accounting & Finance Departments

    • Types of People

    • Typical Processes Within Accounting and Finance Departments

    • Application of Systems


About This Class


This course is designed to give you insight in how to become an effective sales consultant within the Accounting and Finance industry.

So, if you enjoy selling - then you need to understand how the accounting and finance departments are structured and how accountants and financial experts think!

Sell solutions - not just your products' features!

It is certainly no secret that good sales consultants must establish credibility with their customers and prospects

I have noticed excellent sales consultants concentrate on heightening their credibility by doing these things:

• Ask insightful questions

• Educate clients (supplemented with informative hand-outs)

• Concentrate on learning about their own lab and the competition

• Concentrate on expanding their industry knowledge 

• Follow through quickly and competently with both client and company requests/obligations

The term situational fluency aptly describes what top-producing sales consultants strive for in their day-to-day client interactions. It refers to fundamental, fluent and supporting competencies that constitute a professional salesperson’s ideals and general aura.





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Syed Raza

Web Developer | Entrepreneur-CEO

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