Become A Systems Thinker: How To Solve Any Problem And Destroy Complexity

Vladimir Raykov, Marketing and Sales Manager

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5 Videos (20m)
    • Why Is Thinking Important?

    • Systems Approach & Thinking

    • Basic Concepts Of Systems Thinking

    • An Example Of Systems Thinking

    • The Best Way To Improve Your Level Of Thinking


About This Class

"If you are interested in personal development and you secretly know that your mind and how you think are one of the most powerful assets you have, then this course will knock you off your feet!"


-Vladimir here,

Have you ever thought about why successful people are successful? If you have, you'd probably came to a conclusion that there is something inherently different about them! What is it???

After reading more than 100 books on the topic of personal development, I've come to an answer! What's different about successful people is their mindset and the way they think; solve problems and perceive the world.

I'm here to tell you that ANYBODY can influence their mind and become better at thinking. The very fact that you are reading these words right now is indicative that you know how important is for you to develop a successful mindset.


Instead of reading piles of books on dry theory why don't you take a shortcut (and this is not a bad word as it will save you time) and absorb THE MOST important information there is to know about thinking in systems?

Systems thinking has proven to be universal. It is about balance and order and this is exactly what we need in today's world where complexity takes place more than ever before.

In this course you will learn:

1) How to see the whole forest not only the trees. In other words, you will be able to see the whole problem, not just segments of it. Imagine how this would impact your problem-solving decisions! I can give you a hint - it will help you tremendously!

2) Basic concepts of systems thinking. Seven concepts that you would be able to apply when making decision, a whole new mental schema in your mind. One of these concepts is: "there is not failure, but only feedback" , see how powerful this is? A new and fresh way of looking at things.

3) Mantras and ideas on a PDF document to print out. I've been using these mantras for several years now and they are still next to me on my desk. The affirmations are so powerful that when you read them in the morning you will feel energized and ready to tackle ANY taks there is for you.

And much, much more!

Imagine what it would be to look at a problem with new, trained eyes? Imagine what it would be to see things and connections that you've never thought of before even exist. With the power of systems thinking you can virtually skyrocket your productivity and punctuality almost overnight.

I really want to share this powerful and not-so-much-talked-about information, but I cannot do it if you don't enroll in the course.

There is nothing to lose and a new extremely powerful way of thinking to gain!

You will be able to complete the course in under 30 minutes! But the knowledge from the course will be applicable for years to come. How about you do this investment in yourself and get your thinking to the next level?

Enroll now to boost your mindset, I'm waiting for you inside the course,

-Vladimir Raykov


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Great way to simplify the self leadership system. Thanks!
Worth watching. Some nuggets of information and reminder of good mental habits
Very well explained and very enlightening. Great course!





Vladimir Raykov

Marketing and Sales Manager

Vladimir Raykov works as a Marketing Manager at an innovative and highly developing company for software solutions.

Vladimir has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and has successfully completed courses on a Master's level on Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Knowledge at Copenhagen Business School.

He is an author, blogger and one of his deepest passions is leadership - bringing out the best in people. Moreover, Vladimir is certified by Case Western Reserve University on a course - Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence. The course was conducted by professor Richard Boyatzis.

Social Media enthusiast with more than 60000 followers on the two of his Twitter accounts (@vladimirraykov and @tech_innovator).

His highest priorities are family and friends. He does and is interested in online teaching and learning as he thinks that these two terms are the new currency of the future.

A strong believer in education, Vladimir is willing to share his knowledge with others.