Become A Learning Machine: How to learn anything at least 2-3 times quicker!

Silviu Marisca , Founder of

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9 Videos (39m)
    • What Is The Optimal Learning State?

    • Find Out The RIGHT Mindset While Reading

    • The Complete Blueprint On How To Read Any Book 1/2

    • The Complete Blueprint On How To Read Any Book 2/2

    • How To Read ANY Technical Material

    • My BEST Tips On Studying For Exams

    • 5 Steps On Finding The Main Ideas In Any Book

    • Bonus: How To Read FASTER On A Computer Screen 1/2

    • Bonus: How To Read FASTER On A Computer Screen 2/2


About This Class

  • Are you overloaded and struggling to keep up with the information you need to read?
  • Are you frustrated and tired of memory lapses?
  • Are you stressed and frustrated with the amount of studies?

Become A Learning Machine Course provides you with the best tools and strategies to boost your learning and memory. 

This course will enable you to find out:

  • How to become faster, sharper, unstoppable in your daily life and career
  • What are the common misconceptions, false ideas you have about reading and speed reading. How to overcome all of them.
  • What is the right Mindset required for reading.
  • How to read textbooks/Technical books in an effective way.
  • How to develop laser-like focus while reading.
  • How to read faster on a computer screen and e-readers.
  • The step by step system to read any book.
  • How to get the main ideas from the book faster and save time reading the material
  • How to learn anything at least 2-3 times quicker
  • How to achieve higher class exam scores
  • How to qualify for your dream job
  • How to improve your comprehension by activating certain areas of your brain
  • How to reprogram your mind to stop forgetting

There are no poor readers, just people with good and bad reading habits.

You have to take action and make it happen.

Go ahead and click the “Start Class” button right now.

My name is Silviu and I’m waiting for you on the other side.

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Silviu Marisca

Founder of

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