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Become A Greeting Card Designer

Anne Bollman, Anne Was Here

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About This Class

Do you know you have the talent and the ideas to create amazing greeting cards but have no idea how to get your designs into stores? Then this is the class for you!

Illustrator Anne Bollman, of Anne Was Here, has sold and licensed hundreds of greeting card designs over the last five years that are now being sold in major retailers world wide. In this class she shares her step by step process for how to research and concept saleable greeting card designs and then provides actionable strategies for submitting them to companies who can get your designs into stores. Students who take this class should already have the artistic skill (this is not an art class) and basic Photoshop skills.


Market Study

  • Greeting Card Categories & Themes
  • How to Research What is Selling in a Theme


  • Brainstorming within a Theme
  • Guidelines for Creating
    • Viable Forms of Media
    • Technical Specifications
    • Incorporating Text
    • Considering Embellishments
  • Laying Out Your Design for Presentation


  • How to Write a Brief Email Pitch
  • How to Find Companies to Submit to
  • How to Find Contacts at Those Companies
  • Typical Responses to Expect and How To Follow Up
  • Contract Overview
    • Typical Compensation Structures for Greeting Cards
    • Other Factors to Look Out for in a Contract
    • Resources for More Information

*To download the Resource Guide mentioned in class you must be enrolled in the class and click on "Class Project." The link to download will be toward the top right of that page.

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Amazing Ideas and Inspiration!!
Excellent class! Very informative!
PROBLEM: My internet connection is sooo slow, it's a pain to watch your massive mx resolution videos! I'd really appreciate being able to switch to a lower resolution like 360 or even 240, like YouTube will let me do! I've signed up for tons of classes & I'm unable to view most of them because of the chopped up presentation where I have to wait several frustrating minutes between each sentences fro the video to "reload"! PROBLEM: Also,...even though Anne's audio is fairly clear, but some (actually most) of your teachers talk so softly I can't distinguish most words! Why don't you have the teachers "close caption" their classes! I can't be the only one with these problems! Please address them & come w/solutions so I can enjoy the many classes I've paid for, but can't listen to! Thanks, Louise





Anne Bollman

Anne Was Here

Anne Bollman is the author and illustrator behind Anne Was Here, a studio which provides art and illustration for products and publications, designed with humor and style, that is meant to make you smile. Anne's artwork can be found online and in stores internationally on a wide range of products including children's books, stationery, fabric, gifts, apparel, home decor and more. Anne is best known for her iconic illustrations of dogs.

Anne is passionate about busting the ...

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