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Beauty Tips: Easy Everyday Makeup That Lasts All Day

teacher avatar Patranila Jefferson, Beauty Consultant

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Everyday Makeup Introduction

    • 2. Class 1 Preparing Your Canvas

    • 3. Class 2 Choosing Makeup Products

    • 4. Class Project: Build Your Beauty Basics Kit

    • 5. Class 3 Building Your Foundation

    • 6. Class 4 Long-Lasting Eye Makeup

    • 7. Class 5 Perfecting Your Pout

    • 8. Class Project: Selfie Time

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About This Class


Discover the secrets to quick, easy makeup application that lasts all day.

Our daily lives keep us ultra busy and no one has time to fuss with their makeup all day long so I've created this course to show you how to complete an easy look in just a few minutes that will last all day.

In this class, you'll learn:

  • how to build a basic beauty kit
  • which products work best for everyday, long-wearing makeup
  • application techniques to create an easy everyday makeup look

This class is perfect for you if you're just getting started or a need a refresher on the basics of makeup product selection and application. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patranila Jefferson

Beauty Consultant


Hello Gorgeous! My name is Patranila (pah trah KNEE lah) and I'm a beauty + lifestyle blogger, beauty consultant and part-time makeup artist. Beauty is my passion (well, one of them!) and I'm really enjoying making it my business too. It is my pleasure to share with you all the knowledge I've gained over the years and I hope you enjoy my classes.

The Patranila Project

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1. Everyday Makeup Introduction: high on patron ill and welcome to everyday makeup that lasts all day. And this course I'm going to show you all the tips and tricks for choosing the right products and applying them so they last all day. We'll cover everything from skin care basics to prime in your skin. So how to build a flawless foundation? Don't learn how to apply crease list all day. Eye shadow, which brushes are must haves and how to get flake free. Luscious lashes every time, and finally you'll discover the secret to a perfect power that won't vanish with your first cup of morning coffee. So click enroll and let's get right to it. 2. Class 1 Preparing Your Canvas: one of the things I stressed to all my clients is that skincare is greater than skin cover . We really want to be careful toe have really smooth surface for applying our makeup because that is going to help it last longer. But more importantly, we want to make sure that our skin is as healthy as possible. So today I'm gonna talk about how I care for my skin and how I think you should, too. First, we start with a cleanser. You can choose whichever kind of cleanser works best for your skin type oily combination, dry or sensitive. And then you also want to make sure that you are exfoliating. Exfoliating does two things for you. It eliminates dry patches and dullness, and it helps decrease the signs of aging. Once we've rendered our skin free of dry patches and dullness will have a really good canvas for our makeup to sex. Next up is your toner step. Now this is optional. You don't have to do it, but I do recommend it for additional exfoliation and toning of the skin, followed by an oil free moisturizer, a sunscreen and a lip balm with sun protection as well 3. Class 2 Choosing Makeup Products: So how do we choose our perfect products for long lasting every day? Makeup. One of the first things we need is a good primer. Ah, lot of people skip this step, but it is essential for ensuring a really long lasting makeup. Look. Next, you want to choose waterproof or water resistant products wherever possible, and that's usually in the form of an eyeliner and or mascara. When it comes to color for eye shadow or blush or lip color, you want to choose products that are richly pigmented. The deeper the pigmentation, the longer lasting the products will be. I also want to point out that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get really good, long lasting products. There are a number of drug store brands that provide really good products that last all day , and I'll provide a link for some of my favorite drug store products in the class description to make it easier for you to find them 4. Class Project: Build Your Beauty Basics Kit: Now it's time for your first class project. Building your beauty basics kids. First, you want to download the checklist, you'll find the checklist listed in the course description. Then you'll go through what you already own and check off the products that you have. Then you make a list of the items that you're missing. This is your shopping list. Next, go shopping. Used the checklist to help you decide which products are going to be best for your every day long wearing makeup. Look, finally, when you're done, you can take a picture or, for extra, could make a video of your beauty hall and posted in the class project section. 5. Class 3 Building Your Foundation: The first step in achieving a long wearing makeup look is primer. You want to apply your primer after you've applied your moisturizer, and I recommend using a brush to apply because the oils in your skin breakdown product So I like to use ah flat edged foundation brush To apply primer. You start in the center of your face and work outward, and you want to make sure that you get your eyelids and under eye area as well, and carry all the way out and down to your jaw line and across your hairline as well. The next step will be your concealer. Apply your concealer toe all the areas where you have discoloration and blend. You can use concealers that air specific for different areas of your faiths, for example, under eye concealer. But I'm using the universal concealer by Kat von D because it works well all over. Applying concealer around your lip line helps keep your lip color in place. Also going into the lip a little smooths the line and helps color wear longer. The next step will be your foundation. Depending on your formula, you can choose to apply your foundation, either with your fingers or with the brush. I prefer to use a brush with my liquid foundation. You want to start in the center of your face and worked outward blending as you go go for complete coverage that's well blended. We want to see our skin and avoid looking like we're wearing a mask. Blend below your jawline and into your hairline for even coverage overall, making sure that your foundation and your concealer form a seamless unit, and your final step in the foundation stage is a setting counter. You can choose a loose powder or oppressed powder, whichever you prefer. You want to apply your finishing powder with a big, fluffy brush. This one is a contoured brush, and I like it because it doesn't really good job of getting into the contours of my face. So you put a little powder on, tap off the excess and lightly cover your face, making sure that you get the areas that have the concealer on it. Finishing powders help set your foundation products and give you a nice, smooth surface. When you're ready to apply your color 6. Class 4 Long-Lasting Eye Makeup: Now we're gonna move on to the eyes, which is a part that I really love. Remember I told you that you really want to look for eye shadows that are deeply pigmented . So today I'm gonna be using one of my favorite brands Smash box. And they have these wonderful trios that make it really easy to get a nice every day. I look, I'm going with neutrals in warm shades right here and we're going to start. But the lightest color that'll go right on our brow bone. There are two brushes that I use when I create an every day I look and eyeshadow brush and a blender brush. Sometimes I just used the blender brush. But today I'm going to use both so you can see my technique. I'm going to start on my brow bone using the lightest shade and just gently pat it along my brow bone. Now that's a lot over, you know. Well, that and so we'll have some of the excess fall away. Using a pencil or cream shadow under a powder will help it last longer as well. It's all about layering. Next, I'm going to go to the medium shade and apply that all over my leg. Starting from the inner corner, I'm working my way out. I'm just lightly patting it on and using windshield wiper motions to blend it in. You want to look for products that are buildable, which means that you can apply several layers in order to build up the intensity of the color. A good rule of thumb is to start light and work your way up, because you can always add, but it's very difficult to take away. So I'm making sure that my lip color comes up to meet my brow bone color. And by using a nice, gentle patting motion, I'm depositing the color minimizing fallout in the last fall. Out you have, the less cleanup you have to do. Finally, I'm gonna go in and apply the darkest shade into the crease of my eye, dab it and tap off the excess and start right at the outer corner and gently tap it into the crease. Very nice dimension and depth. Now you can take this up as high as you want, but you don't want to go to high into the brow bone area. So now I'm just placing color. And once I'm done, please and color, I will go back in with my blender brush and blend it all in for a nice even. Look. Now that I've deposited all the color that I want, I'm going to use my blender brush and blend it all in. You want to use a clean, fluffy brush and blender brushes have nice tapered edges C in C that's very tapered with the point of the top, and that really helps you get into the center of the color. And as the brush tapers out, it helps feather out the color so we can blend it very nicely into the surrounding shades and this windshield wiper motion. You just keep going over and over and over until you get the blood level that you want. There three shades blended perfectly. Now we're moving on toe eyeliner, and here is my trick for eyeliner that lasts all day. I call it the Double. The double up is using two formulas of eyeliner at the same time. It can be a liquid liner, a pencil liner or a powder liner or any combination of the three. So today I'm going to use a liquid liner, followed by a pencil liner. First, I'm going to apply my liquid liner. I like to start with the liquid liner because it has the most adhesion and therefore the longest wear right out of the gate. I'll give it a few moments to dry, and then I'll go over it with my pencil liner. Using a waterproof or water resistant pencil liner will give you that much more staying power. Now that I've applied both layers of eyeliner, I'm moving onto lashes. This is also a two step process. I am using a lash primer as well as a long wearing mascara. Lash primers Help your mascara go further and last longer. You use it. Shows like you would your mascara by applying a thin coats here, lashes working from the base and going upward. Make sure you get all the fine hairs along your lash line and the inner corners as well. And don't forget your bottom lashes. You want to give that a moment to dry, and now we're ready for mascara before beginning your mascara application. Make sure you get all the excess product off the wand so you can have a nice even thin coat as your base. This helps eliminate clumping. Nice roll technique will get all the product on. I recommend applying two coats for good measure. 7. Class 5 Perfecting Your Pout: Now we're moving into our final step perfecting our pound. This is also a two step process, and I'm sure you've noticed that all of our long, where tips are Tuesday processes. I like to start with a lip liner or pencil, followed by a gloss or lipstick on top, so we start with the pencil. First, use a lip pencil to define the shape of your lip, then deposit color all over remembering to cover the inner parts where your lips meet. Once you've covered your entire lip, apply lipstick or lip gloss. Now this is a rich lit that will last meat all day. 8. Class Project: Selfie Time: Thank you for joining me. And congratulations on completing your course now for your final class project. All you have to do it snap a selfie and uploaded to the class project area. You can also share with us which products you used, What you love, what you didn't like and anything you're hoping to do in the future. Thanks again for joining. I'll see you soon.