Beauty Tips: Easy Everyday Makeup That Lasts All Day | Patranila Jefferson | Skillshare

Beauty Tips: Easy Everyday Makeup That Lasts All Day

Patranila Jefferson, Beauty Consultant

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8 Videos (17m)
    • Everyday Makeup Introduction

    • Class 1 Preparing Your Canvas

    • Class 2 Choosing Makeup Products

    • Class Project: Build Your Beauty Basics Kit

    • Class 3 Building Your Foundation

    • Class 4 Long-Lasting Eye Makeup

    • Class 5 Perfecting Your Pout

    • Class Project: Selfie Time


About This Class


Discover the secrets to quick, easy makeup application that lasts all day.

Our daily lives keep us ultra busy and no one has time to fuss with their makeup all day long so I've created this course to show you how to complete an easy look in just a few minutes that will last all day.

In this class, you'll learn:

  • how to build a basic beauty kit
  • which products work best for everyday, long-wearing makeup
  • application techniques to create an easy everyday makeup look

This class is perfect for you if you're just getting started or a need a refresher on the basics of makeup product selection and application. 





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Patranila Jefferson

Beauty Consultant

Hello Gorgeous! My name is Patranila (pah trah KNEE lah) and I'm a beauty + lifestyle blogger, beauty consultant and part-time makeup artist. Beauty is my passion (well, one of them!) and I'm really enjoying making it my business too. It is my pleasure to share with you all the knowledge I've gained over the years and I hope you enjoy my classes.

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