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Beauty Talk: Getting Started with Makeup

teacher avatar Mira Metzler, Mixed Media Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. My Makeup Philosophy

    • 3. Get to Know Your Face

    • 4. Build a Cohesive Makeup Kit

    • 5. Harness the Power of Complementary Colors

    • 6. Play up Your Best Feature

    • 7. Skincare First

    • 8. Class Project

    • 9. Wrap-up & What's Next

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About This Class

You don’t have to be a makeup artist to look good with makeup. I want to assure you that this more than possible, you CAN use makeup as a tool in your wardrobe and not spend hours thinking about it, if you invest the time to learn a few basic concepts and start implementing them in your everyday life.


This course will cover everything you need to know to get started with makeup, from face study to skincare homemade recipes.

Consider this your basic education in makeup and beauty!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mira Metzler

Mixed Media Artist


I am a professional Makeup Artist passionate about sharing my knowledge of makeup and love of illustrations. I love teaching women how to make themselves more naturally beautiful with strategically placed makeup to flatter and sculpt natural features.



Watch my beginner's makeup class class using this link !

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1. Intro: So you want to get started with makeup? Hello and welcome to class. My name is Mira Measure and I will be your instructor. I am a professional makeup artist and a lifetime makeup user. I have a corporate background, and as a professional, I had to put a lot of value on my physical appearance. There's actually studies done to prove that people with a pleasant physical appearance or perceived as more professional and are paid better You don't have to be a makeup artist to look good. We make up. I want to assure you that this is more than possible. You can use makeup as a tool in your wardrobe and not spend hours thinking about it. If you invest the time to learn a few basic concepts and start implementing them in your everyday life, I believe there are key tips every girl, woman or man should know before starting to buy. Put makeup on. These are things that move the clatter your makeup kit. Boost your confidence in using makeup regularly and eventually speed up the makeup application, which is so important for your daily routine. Discourse will cover everything you need to know to get started. The makeup from a study to skincare. Homemade recipe. This will be mainly me talking, not a demo or tutorial, but hopefully the things I'm telling you today will help you more than tense off hours off , washing me. Apply makeup. Consider this your basic education in makeup and beauty. Join me on this path makeup education and explore a point of view from both sides as a professional makeup artist and also a lifetime consumer off makeup. By the end, you will be wiser and better equipped to face the world with a new and authentic face. See you in class. 2. My Makeup Philosophy: a smarter lady, one said. You do not have to be beautiful. You do not owe it to anyone. Not your lover, husband, partner to your work colleagues, and especially to any random man who comes in your way. You do not always toe either your mother or your Children. You do not owe it to civilization. In general, being beautiful is not a rent to pay for being a woman. Use makeup because you want to use it as a form of expression off your creativity and personality. I think you all get no makeup at a very early age, either by watching our mother or are older sister. It seems to me there's always someone in the family that wears makeup. Nobody can tell you why you should use makeup, but I will give you six reasons why other people do make up is fun when we are young. Makeup is a fun, colorful and sometimes transforming experiment. There's something about the power. Often extended eyeliner in neon leaps or tons of musk are upper with golden eye shadow and cheddar lips. It's an explosion off energy and color in every dairy makeup we create. Makeup is a form of art makeup is liberating and helps an artistic spirit to express and explore its creativity. Every day is a new chance to make a masterpiece, and there are no irreversible mistakes in makeup because you can always remove and start over. Makeup can be corrective. Corrective makeup. Grooming for guys can be a simple as using makeup to address excess shine, a blemish or darkness under the eyes. We cannot cure acne, shorter knows or deepened eyes in the socket. But we can surely use makeup to create the illusion that the skin is smooth. The nose is shorter and eyes more defined. Known the right techniques, the correcting profession on her face is the most beautiful gift a woman can do for herself . It will change the way she looks, which will influence how she feels, which translates into self confidence. Make up helps to have a more pleasant appearance for dubs with whom you interact, which can impact both our personal and professional life. Makeup can transform you. The makeup we choose completes the image we want obtain as adults. We're sometimes playful and want to steal someone style, whether rely for fictional. Today we might be a Russian character with rosy cheeks and plenty of eyeliner. And tomorrow we want Jennifer Lopez tan, or you're invited to a theme party, and we want to create the atmosphere off the magical fairy with natural tones and unusual marks. Makeup is a style statement. The makeup that a woman chooses reveals a part of her personality and style life, fashion thinking sometimes even more than she could say wards. Some women adopt a subtle and natural makeup in neutral tones and colors. For them, a cat eye is too extravagant. Others are more tearing. Here is a kind of silent but obvious confession available to anyone who has the curiosity and, above all, the interests to understand it. Makeup is empowering. The right makeup brings out the best features and gives us that nudge we need from time to time to feel more attractive. It helps us feel seductive, and our pardons or deceptive to this change now take action. Let me know in the project section, how do you use bake up and why? It's also a good time to evaluate your relationship with makeup and refresh or change your approach completely. 3. Get to Know Your Face: and this video will focus on getting to know our face. If you don't know what to correct on your face, then your makeup will always only cover instead of enhancing, let's talk a little about face shapes. Here are the basic face shapes people usually refer to over round, square, heart or diverted to try and go diamond, triangle or appear and oblong. The world seems to be obsessed with labeling every shape off every face, but I find that to be a fruitless exercise that does not yield a magical solution on its own. The secret using face shapes is to compare yours to the ideal face shape, which is considered to be the over face by knowing how your face differs from the ideal, you can use makeup to address that. I never actually had to determine my own face shape, so this is one experiment we can do together. Now take a picture of yourself looking straight forward. Ask someone else to take the photo or use a timer on your camera. Because selfies tend to distort perspective. You could also do the measurement by looking straight into the mirror. What toe? Identify first how wide is your forehead. Find the with off your forehead from one side off your hairline to the other side, halfway between your eyebrows and top hairline. Secondly, what is the with off your face at the cheekbones? Start just below your eye to find the top off your cheekbone. Thirdly, how wide is your jawline? Feel below your ears to find the ends off your job on fourth. How long is your face from hairline to chin? Measure from the center off your hairline straight down, over the front of your nose to the bottom off your chin. Now let's read the results. One four head is the widest part off the face and jaw line is the narrowest with a pointed chin. In this case, you have a heart shaped face whoreson known as an inverted triangle. If your hairline is straight and wide to cheekbones or prominent and the widest part of the face, you have a narrow joe line and the narrow forehead. This means you have a diamond shaped face. Three. Your face is the widest as the jaws and the narrowest at the forehead. This is the triangle shaped face, or some known as Pierre shape. Four. The with off your face is almost the same with the length off your face. You have a round face shape. Five your forehead, cheeks and jawline or off approximately the same with this is the square face shape. Six. Forehead and jawline are almost equal, and cheekbones or curved. The face is longer than wider, and it may resemble an inverted egg shape. This is the oval face shape. Seven. Your face is almost twice as long as wide. In this case, your face shape is considered a knob long. You will find that most people are a combination off face types, such as a long square car, direct anger or around it heart. So I always start by analysing the face as it is. I will use my face for the purpose of this exercise, and I encourage you to follow along with your own face. I start measuring the width of my face at the forehead, cheekbones and jawline. I measured the length and established the hairline. I marked this measurements with dots. Then I connect them. The results are white forehead, white hairline. Why the cheeks? Not prominent cheekbones, narrow jaws pointed chin and my face is longer than it is white. This means my face shape is an inverted triangle. Now I can use this knowledge in my makeup application and create the illusion often oval, face shape by using counter and highlight toe balance appointed chin and a wide hairline. Now let's talk about skin types. An essential for efficient makeup application is knowing the type off skin and its characteristics. This will dictate what products you will use and choose over others when we are talking about the skin. Types were for mainly to the three basic categories. Normal, oily and dry between these categories, or also types off skin that represent intermediary states with tendency towards oily or try . There are also persons who have mixed skin presenting oily and dry portions. Determining the nature of the skin will be made using blotting paper. We will use to sheets and press one on the cheek and one on the forehead to determine each portion. The paper will be applied on a perfectly clean cheek, clean from makeup impurities or cosmetics like makeup remover, creams, lotions. The cleaning will be made using water and soap and appliance off the paper will be made after about three hours when the skin will return to its normal acidity. Now experiment with me. Press the blotting paper on the face. You will get different results. Let's analyze them. If the skin is normal. The blotting paper there's without dirty forehead and cheeks have the same level of residue . Normal is a term widely used to refer to a well balanced skin. Unfortunately, there are a few person that have this type of skin with time. Starting with the puberty, the skin functions changed. The glands start secretary mawr, and this way the secular broom is produced. Now, if the skin is oily, the paper looked at into in the distance will represent visible spots off Greece. Forehead and cheeks have same level off residue again oily skin presents. In most of the cases, we dilated pores because of the increased amount off sabam that overflows the surface off the skin. Therefore, when daily caring, we will bury mind the fact that oily skin needs to be smeared with dry or semi fat products . The skin is dry. The paper doesn't show any signs off. Fat forehead and cheeks have same level of residue. The dry skin is fine, thin, fragile and easily irritable, often punctuated with fine wrinkles, exfoliates and peels easily. There are multiple reasons for dry skin, including genetic aging or just using bad quality or wrong cosmetics that dry the skin even further. If the skin is a combination, there will be spots off Greece in the oily areas like the forehead, nose and chin. Also known the T zone and no marks on the rest of the face. In the case of the combination type of skin, we will determine each piece, and we will offer special care to each and every one of them. As a note, I would like to emphasize that skin changes with age, diet and hormonal variations. But knowing your skin's need will help you make better choices toe a better effect. My experiment reveals that I have combination skin with normal cheeks and oily T zone. I have placed my blotting paper on a black backdrop, so it shows better on the video. You see where there's grease on the paper. It looks more dark because Greece makes the paper just loosened. I can use this knowledge in my makeup application by choosing products with light textures or powders and using by applying thin layers to build up product. Now let's talk about undertone. Undertone is the intrinsic color off the skin. For makeup purposes, you need to know that any color can be warm or cool. All skin colors have yellowing them, which makes them appear warm at first glance. But closer inspection shows that some people have a natural pink flush blue veins and burn easily in the sun. That's because they're undertone. Is Rudy, also known as Pink reddish? Other people have green veins and get a nice tan without much effort. They haven't olive under told, also known as yellow green to green yellow between Rudy and Olive. There's a whole spectrum off undertones, some more Rudy and some more towards Olive. Such is the neutral undertone, one that has a balanced amount off red and olive. The skin color off some people is rich in undertone and can be seen easily, while the under turn in others is more obscure. Now experiment with me. Inspect your veins on the wrist in natural daylight. What color are they? Are the green or blue? Do you get a tan easily or do get red and burn. Do you look better in white or off white? My veins have mostly green hues, some blue but in minority I think I look better in off white. I don't get easily turned and actually get very red very fast. My conclusion is that I have a neutral undertone with a tendency towards olive. This means war color Look more natural on me and cool colors will have a greater impact. Now let's sum this up. We talked about face, shape, skin type and undertone. So how does this help us? Well, when you know your face in terms of shape, texture and color you're empowered to make correct decisions about your makeup looks. You will also be ableto identify what products are suited for you based on their consistency, description and ingredients. Now take action. Let me know. In the project section What discovery did you make about your face? What face shape are you? What skin type you have And what is your undertone? 4. Build a Cohesive Makeup Kit: the difference between a makeup stash and the makeup kit. His editing a makeup kit is a curated collection off cosmetic products and tools where which where which one has a purpose and a connection to the others? My plan is simple. Make a list off the basic maker products and told you need. Then every time you add the product your makeup kit, it has to work with several other items so you can get multiple makeup looks. I will share with you my criteria for choosing the basics. To help you build a capsule makeup wardrobe for the face. You first need something to even out skin color. This can be attended moisturizer or foundation, depending on the level of coverage. Like if you're new to make up, I recommend starting with the B B or C C cream that give you skin care and a bit of color at the same time. A concealer. If you have severe dark circles, acne and pigmentation marks, you will need to cover those with special products, picking up a quick consider for covering grace spots like acne. But use on almost liquid consistency for the under eye area where the skin is thinner. Alumina Isar. Either he choose the cream or a powder aluminum. Isar will help recreate the natural glow off healthy skin. Choose a formula that has no sparkle glitter but rather a portal shimmer. A pink shimmer works great for people with through the undertone and golden she more for olive undertone. Sun protection. There are plenty of options on the market, from serums to powders, or you could choose makeup products that have SPF in them. How high should you go? Depends. SPF measures the amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned. For example, using a sunscreen with SPF 15 it multiplies the initial burning time by 15. The initial burning time is 10 minutes. It will take 150 minutes for your skin to turn red. Sunscreens can be either physical blockers that reflect UV or chemical sunscreens that absorb it. Some protection is a topic on itself, and I strongly advise for the investigation and getting some screens in your regular routine. Even if you don't wear makeup. Four eyes look for shades of brown, either cold or warm. Depending on your undertone, this colors will melt into your face and enhance your eyes without looking like a makeup. If you want to experiment, a palette containing both warm and cool shades is a better choice This. Secondly, you can achieve a big impact by using a complementary color for her eye makeup. More on this later. Use an eyelash curler to accentuate the length off your lashes. And don't forget mascara. A lip enhancer. This can be as much as a clear gloss or a slightly tinted moisturizer. Its purpose is to create the appearance off healthy lips. A statement color. Any color can be a statement from hot pink to dark brown. Get a lipstick and lip pencil to match it if you don't. If you don't know what color suits you, then you can always go with red. It's a timeless classic for brows, only uses much product as needed. Have a brow gel, transparent or tended toe. Hold them in place. If you need more definition, choose the texture you're most comfortable with. Watch my course on eyebrow makeup for more detailed and step by step for chicks. This is optional in our youth and highly valuable as we age. All skin, toes have yellowing them. So warm pinky peach color will work on most people from passel shade for pale skin. Tones up very saturated shades for darker skin tones for the face. Depending on the types of products you choose, liquid cream or powder. You will need a different type of brush. A replacement for brushes, a sponge if you accept the fact that sponges are prone together in bacteria and need to be replaced often, on the other hand, a brush can be cleaned and sanitized with ease. If you want to learn how to sanitize your makeup kit, have a look at my class on this very topic here on sculpture. For the eyes, you will need brushes, especially if you are using powder. Eye shadows haven't least two brushes, one that's big and fluffy and one with dense and short bristles for cheeks and cheekbones on angled brush is a good choice, but the fan brush can be used to apply blush, highlighter and bronzer for lives. This is optional. You only need the brush if you have a lip palate or you want to be very precise in your application. Now take action. Let me know in the project section. What products are you missing in your makeup kit? Do you have too many or do you have other makeup essential? 5. Harness the Power of Complementary Colors: use color theory to enhance your makeup. Look without much effort. A complementary color scheme is created with colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel. This is the most exciting Harmon in makeup, because when two compliments are placed next to each other, they increase each other's intensity. The complementary color pairs are red, green, blue, orange, yellow violence now take into account all the shades and levels off saturation. For each color, you can create intense makeup. Looks by using a pair of complementary colors on your face. Here are two looks I created on myself coming up. One. Using green eye shadow and red lipstick and another using blue eye shadow and a PCI lip almost nude. If you want to learn how to make your eyes color pop, I encourage it. Watch my class on color theory for makeup. Eye shadows not take action. Let me know in the Project section how you intend to use the complementary colors in your makeup looks. Do you have a favorite pair? Compliments 6. Play up Your Best Feature: your face is unique, and you will always look amazing. When you enhance your best face feature, let the rest off the face be the backdrop here. Some suggested makeup looks depending on your best feature. If your best feature is your skin, then make it glow. Use less makeup over role. Use the highlighter and bold statement colors. If your eyes are the stars, play with smoky eyes in either dark or neutral tones. Use the graphic eyeliner, or emphasize the color off your iris with complementary color. If you have amazing lips, use a statement lip color and the pencil to make it last longer and polished eyebrows to create balance and frame the face for great cheekbones. Played the blush trend and use monochromatic makeup. Four eyes leaves and if your best feature on the eyebrows, you don't need much makeup to look. Maybe a little eye makeup and a defined face shape using contouring, no matter what you choose. When you decide on a makeup look, here's what I want you to take into account balance between features, temperature and proportions off the face environment like office workspace, home office, mostly on camera, daytime or nighttime or a weekend, your personal style, like something to work with your wardrobe, choose whatever makes you feel comfortable. And also but not lastly, age is irrelevant. Now I want to show you, ah, universally flattering makeup Look, the kind that never let you down and always makes you look better because it is only an enhanced version off you. I will take you through this short demonstration where I create a daytime makeup. Look around my models, amazing green eyes for the face. I use the very pigmented foundation, but then I mixed it with the colorless makeup base to dilute it and have a more fluid consistency. I applied it with a brush, and I smoothed it all with a damp cosmetics pond can also be applied directly with respond or even with fingers. The red patches on her face were covered with a green corrector and the dark circles with a Salomon color, which is a pail or in shade red, green and blue, orange or pairs of complementary. Remember, I've used the fine powder to set the cream products for eyebrows. I use the waxy pencil. It's easy to use and hides well under the hair for eyes. I used to neutral trades off a creamy eyeshadow stick, a beige and a dark bronze in the socket to create depth. Creams are easier to apply and can be used with just fingers, too. Finish with one coat of Ms Carr. I covered her lips with a red orange lipstick for a complete summer look. This color, this color also emphasizing the eyes. Place on those compliments again red and green. At the end, I applied ah, highlighting powder with pearly particles for a subtle Sunkist look. The result is a polished look without being heavy. Now take action. Let me know in the project section what is your best face feature and how you want to enhance it with makeup. It doesn't have to be something beautiful, but rather something you like about your face or something for which you get complimented often. 7. Skincare First: Although most of discourse is about makeup, I strongly believe that a healthy and pamper skin is very important to the success off any makeup look. Skin care is a woman's ticket to sustainable beauty. Fortunately, more than life brings a wide variety of skin care products, from natural therapy to the most sophisticated chemical formulas. Thanks to our modern times, the average woman has access to the information and ingredients needed to make effective skin care recipes at home, allowing her to control every component. Here's my proposal to refresh the skin with Herbal Cosmetics recipe in a three day plan. They work for all skin types and offer a basic care for the faith. First recipe is a delicate scrub with honey and oatmeal honeycombs irritations. Oil favors up sergeant off the product, and those exfoliate the dead cell layer and soft lenses used one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon off ground oatmeal. Makes with vegetable oil according to your skin. Type like white sesame for oil is kim argon oil for dry skin or olive oil for any type of complexion. Now gently massaged wheat water on the face for a few minutes, insisting on the tee area, forehead, nose and chin and avoiding the outline off the I. Keep the mixture on the face for 10 minutes or until hardens, then rinse with warm water. The second recipe is an infusion off antioxidants, zinc and lactic acid. It's a rebuttal izing mask with only two ingredients. Fresh basil leaves crushed mixed with one tablespoon off fat yogurt. The mixture is a the mixture is applied to the face and neck, and after 20 minutes, rinse with warm water. The treatment is completed with a thin layer off moisturizing cream. The mask is more effective. Note. This mask is more effective after esteem. Beth or you can just keep your head over a hot water bold for a few minutes. Also, a drop off also. Ah, drop off aromatic oil makes this bad more enjoyable. Thirdly, we have a facial mask with a lifting effect. Here is a light, an effective recipe that will add antioxidants and essential minerals to the skin. An infusion off green tea and cottage cheese. Use to teabags left in a cop off hot water for one hour and add cheese as needed to get a thin cream. Applied the face neck and neck line greens after 15 minutes with natural methods, did not give immediate or spectacular results. But they're safe, undeniably beneficial to the skin, and their preparation in your own kitchen brings great personal satisfaction. Now take action. Pick a day to pamper your skin. Let me know in the project section what home made recipes you have tried and are please with. 8. Class Project: your project for this class is to implement this key tips, even implement one of them and then write me and let me know what you thought. Did it really help things? Did it affect your makeup routine? Did you improve your makeup? Look, did you discover your best feature that people notice a difference in your makeup? I really hope the steps will help you inspire you and guide you as you're putting your best face forward. 9. Wrap-up & What's Next: the advice I give in this class. It's just the guide, not rules. These are the missing pieces for those who don't have formal training in makeup artistry. I want you to have fun with your makeup and enjoy it from looking up nutrients or going shopping for a new shade of lipstick to the process off, Applying it your face. Don't forget to look at the resources I've shared in the project section. If you want to take more classes with me, I have several other classes about and related to make a pre general hope to see you there , too.