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Beauty Content Creation: A Masterclass with Julia Mazzucato

Julia Mazzucato

Beauty Content Creation: A Masterclass with Julia Mazzucato

Julia Mazzucato

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction & Meet Your Teacher

    • 2. Content Creation Essentials

    • 3. Makeup Photography 101: Flatlays & Aesthetics

    • 4. Makeup Photography Tricks: The Glittery Effect

    • 5. Makeup Photography 101: Capturing Your Makeup Looks

    • 6. 3 Secrets to Success as a Content Creator

    • 7. Conclusion and Lesson Recap

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About This Class

Are you interested in becoming a content creator on YouTube?  Or looking to fine-tune your photography skills and aesthetic eye?  Maybe you're looking to start experimenting with artistic makeup looks, or maybe you're just a beauty enthusiast looking for tips on how to better appreciate and capture your art.  Learn the basics of beauty content creation and media techniques from beauty YouTuber and content creator Julia Mazzucato in a comprehensive, holistic-approach-centered course spanning from artsy makeup looks to photography and video production. 

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Meet Your Teacher

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1. Introduction & Meet Your Teacher: Hi, My name is Julia Mas Ocado. Welcome to my course here on scale share. Thank you so much for watching. I've been creating beauty and lifestyle content on YouTube and Instagram for over three years now. During that time, I've had the amazing opportunity to partner with many beauty, fashion and major lifestyle brands, including color cosmetics, posh Mark Weiss, all Beauty, Inisfree and more. I've gone from a teen creating makeup tutorials in her bathroom that we're not very good to the owner of my own business 18 and a signed creator with full screen media. And it all started with some inspiration and a few extremely dirty brushes. Makeup, artistry and consecration were a side hustle that I originally picked up in my sophomore year of high school to help pay for college and has now become my part time job and amazing creative outlet as I pursue my premed bachelor's degree. So I hope that goes to show you that anybody with a passion and skill set can become a content creator, and I'm here to give you my tips and tricks. I've learned along my journey to help you get started on that so you might be wondering, What am I gonna learn from this course? And the short answer is Ah, whole lot. This course is going to encompass three main focuses makeup artistry, how to capture that make up artistry through photography and how to create and post content . This course is going to include many modules focusing on those different aspects and my holistic approach to all of those things. Whether you're just interested in seeing the behind scenes of my process or if you're interested in getting started on your own journey on YouTube, I hope this course gives you everything you're looking for. But I wanted to take this first module to just introduce myself and say Thank you so much for choosing to take my course. I hope you enjoy it. Let's get into it. 2. Content Creation Essentials: So our first lesson is going to be a overview of what you need for content creation. It can be really daunting to get started. I know, especially when I first started doing YouTube. I was very limited in. Resource is I was a sophomore in high school, so I didn't have the budget to buy like $500 light sets. And even though I watched a bunch of beauty gurus on YouTube talking about their setups and how they had built their own set is really daunting. To see one specific picture of what I thought I needed to have in order to be successful, YouTuber. And three years later I have to say that some of equipment that was shown is just completely unnecessary. I don't think that you need to spend a ton of money to get a really good set up in a really good build for consecration. So if you are looking to start making videos, here are the things I think are absolutely essential for that number one obviously is a camera. You need something to be able to record your footage on for the best quality videos. I really do recommend investing in a good DSLR camera. So the one that I should on is a Canon 60 D. That's what I'm shooting this course on currently right now and what I shoot all my YouTube videos on. I am a diehard canon person and I really do enjoy my 60 d. I have thought about upgrading it, but in my 3.5 years of filming with it, it really hasn't ever done me wrong. So I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be sticking with this one. For the time being. In terms of lens, I actually only shoot with one lengthy 18 to 135 millimeter one. I feel like this lens is really versatile for beauty content creation because I want to be able to get the nice wide shot for my videos, but then have a good amount of zoom as well for taking pictures of my makeup. So especially for me starting at my channel on a budget, I really only wanted to buy one lens that could do everything. So, in terms of versatility, I think this is one of the most first stolen things you can get. But if you want to branch out and try a bunch of different lenses. Why not That being said, though, I think if you're starting out an iPhone camera or smartphone camera in general can actually be a really, really good way to shoot your videos. Shooting on a phone pretty much bypasses the need for the 1st 2 essential that I see in this video. So a camera and a microphone back camera in particular, I think, does have better video quality. So I would recommend shooting with the back camera and then maybe keeping a mirror so you can see what you look like, what you're shooting. However, something to keep in mind is that as your channel grows and hopefully it will, you're gonna want to level up in terms of quality. And I just think that investing in the camera is never a bad idea. If you're shooting on your phone, you just need storage. But if you're shooting on your camera, you do need SD cards. I prefer SanDisk SD cards, and the ones I get are on Amazon. I choose to go with 64 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes with these bigger SD card that I never have to worry about running out of storage in the midst of filming a video. Where is 32 gigabytes, especially if I'm filming longer content can be a little bit of a stretch, so I would say, Just invest in one or two bigger SD cards rather than getting a bunch of smaller SD cards. The second thing, I think is an absolute essential would be an external microphone. Most DSLR cameras do have their own microphone that does pick up sound, but it is pretty limited in terms of the clarity of the sonic capture and just the general quality, I would recommend adding and micro frontier mix. It absolutely doesn't have to be an expensive one. I started off using a road professional microphone, actually accidentally broke that one and decided to replace it with a $16.1 off Amazon. It's the sound that you're hearing right now, and I think it does a great job and has very Christmas on qualities. I don't think you have to spend a ton of money to get a good microphone, but I think the difference it makes in your sound quality is insane lights, especially for beauty, consecration I think lighting is very, very important. The best possible leading is natural lighting, obviously, so I do film in front of a window, but I do keep a nice sheer curtain over the top of it to kind of share out and diffuse that lights less harsh on the face and gives you a nice kind of softer, diffused light. Natural aging can be very unpredictable, though that's the biggest downside, because we can't really control nature. And sometimes I have to film and I have to work on rainy days. The best way that I have found is to combine natural lighting and artificial lighting is still film in front of my window with the sheer curtain on it, but I also have incorporated using a ring line. It's pretty popular to have a standing ring on a tripod. Those can be up to like 100 $50 usually around the 80 to 100 range one that I bought us $40 off of Amazon. It's actually meant for just like doing selfies on your phone, but I used to shoot both my videos and my makeup pictures on Instagram, and I think it works beautifully I think one good artificial lights combined with natural lighting gives you the best, most natural result in terms of lighting your videos. Other really good options would be some soft box lights. I think those give a really nice diffused effect, especially if you want a bit more of a naturalistic kind of blurred effect. Your video. But I definitely think our ring light is the best possible lighting for a beauty. Take video just because of the way that it outlines the face. Essential Number four is a good background. I like to film in front of my makeup vanity here, especially because my content is beauty focused. But I think a good, aesthetically pleasing background is an essential thing to getting people to recognize your videos and stay watching your videos personally for me. I watch YouTube videos to calm down and to relax and seeing a really club background can kind of take away from that. So even though my back and here's cloud, it is aesthetically pleasing and does have a bit of a balance to it, which ultimately adds to the total effect of the content, you absolutely do not need to have an elaborate background, though I think one of the most effective ones is just a plain colored background. So with that sitting in front of a white wall, a white wall is probably the cheapest possible back and you can get. But if you're willing to invest about 30 to $50 on a background fabric, back jobs can be found on Amazon and other photography stores, and they can give you a really nice, consistent fields your videos. And then, finally, the last thing that you need for your video creation is editing software. I edit my videos on my Mac book air, which automatically comes with my movie personally. For me, I movie is something that I grew up using and is really user friendly to me and has all the things I need to edit my videos. So I've been sticking with my movie, and I haven't had any problems. But Final Cut also gives a very professional field to your videos. I do not have experience with a bunch of other editing Softwares, but I know there are many out there. I just think you need one solid one, all right. Those are the five essentials that you need for good consecration camera microphones, lighting a good background and editing software 3. Makeup Photography 101: Flatlays & Aesthetics: welcome to make it photography when a one and we're starting with the king of all makeup photos. Flat lace. It's really hard for me to scroll down my instagram feed and not see a flat lay personally for me. I really like incorporating a good flatly photo interspersed within my makeup. Photos on Instagram. The photography and the capturing of products is a really integral skill to master. If you're planning on getting into consecration, even if you aren't even planning on posting flatly photos, it's still really important to understand the basics of how to create an aesthetically pleasing photograph utilizing the principles of both Fung Shui and just the aesthetically pleasing. I understand what makes a photo worth double tapping. Four things, in my opinion, make a good flatly photo a focal point of background textures and accessories ation. I'll show you a few makeup. Flatley's, I think, are particularly effective and utilizing these principles. So the first thing I want to talk about is a background. I think there's a really big misconception that you always have to take pictures on a clean white background, and while I do think that a classic white background really never does you wrong. It's also very fun to experiment with different prints and textures and backgrounds. For example, this flatly by Marai Leonard. I makes really good use of a busy background to make a product in this picture are laid out on top of a page of a makeup textbook. The clean appearance of the page underscores and emphasizes the textures and the appearance of the makeup products. While it's not necessarily a plain background, it definitely is clean and aesthetically adds to the picture. This is a flatly that I took from my background. I used a champagne silk sheet playing with textures, something I'll talk about later in this module. But texture can absolutely be a really great asset in your background. Shooting Falaise, on top of a smooth, silky background, gives a very luxurious feel to your pictures. Shooting on top of a newspaper gives kind of arty, sartorial feel. Would marvel or even faux fur are also really good backgrounds for Flatley's. The next biggest element to make photography is your focal point. This applies to pictures you're taking of your face as well, but just generally when you are focusing on making an aesthetically pleasing picture. You want to know what certain thing you're trying to emphasize in that photo in this flatly the focal point are the three different action appellants. Differences in colors and tonality are emphasized by these three products being in the center of the picture, but your focal point doesn't necessarily have to be the center again. This flatly, by Marie Leonard, makes use of this principle by actually drawing your eyes to the right side of the picture that the eyes are immediately drawn to the bronzer on the side, the waves and textures. Which brings me to the next thing. I want to talk about texture and make a photography is super, super important, and understanding how to best use different textures is super super integral. This flatly makes use of four distinctive different textures a silky, wavy texture, which is exemplified in the waves on the palate, the waves in the silk in the background and the waves on the highlighter. Metal is a neck structure which is also shown in the palace and the gold hardware on the bottle glitter and sparkles a really great way to add texture to your makeup photos and especially by playing around a flash, which you'll see in the next module. You get a really beautiful result with incorporating glittery textures into pictures and friendly a soft cream toucher. Think soft serve is shown in the eyeliner, herring and juxtaposing different textures, especially with same photograph, create a really beautiful, aesthetically pleasing results. And then, finally, accessorizing your flat lies is a really great idea as well. Sometimes your background can be the built in accessory. If you're shooting on top of a newspaper or like Mariah, did a beauty textbook actually like incorporating jewelry pieces like this pro string or even flowers into my Flatley's? I feel like that really underscores the luxurious experience of makeup photography and just captures and emphasizes the true beauty of these products. So whether or not you're actually planning on taking flatly pictures and posting them, I still think understanding the fundamentals of creating an aesthetically pleasing photograph are very important to content creation. 4. Makeup Photography Tricks: The Glittery Effect: This has been one of the most requested photography tutorials I've ever ever had. Something that's really common on my instagram feed is what I like to refer to as the glitter bombs I started taking, imposing these flatly type photos on Instagram utilizing a dreamy glitter effect. It's almost like a starring. I think it really does a beautiful job of capturing the true beauty and essence of these makeup products. And I want to take a break from the very serious content creation focused things to share how I get that effect today. So instead of using my DSLR camera for these photographs, I actually like to use my iPhone camera. I think any smartphone camera will work, but I really do prefer the way that the phone camera captures this type of content. I've laid out the flatly that I'm gonna be photographing here, and I will be overlaying the videos and the effects that you get. So you want to start with laying out some glory products that have particles that will catch in light. I've been like to grab my phone, and I like to set it onto video with flash on simply passing video camera over these products can already give you a really beautiful, reflective results. But something I like to add on to this effect is adding on a little bit of blur. Just give it a dream in quality. To do this, my secret is actually clear lip gloss. I'm sure diehard photography enthusiasts would be screaming at this right now, but I actually like to take a little bit of clear lip gloss and just lightly dab it on to my phone camera. As you can see, UNB lended, this lips lost really does obscure the actual photo quality. So what you want to do is go ahead and kind of rub it in until you get to your desired level. Blur For me, that's achieved by pretty much wiping off all of the gloss so that the actual images not obscured but still retains that really nice dream like effect. From there. With a slightly blood at Lens, I like to very closely just pan over the products, making sure that you get a nice level of reflectiveness and glitter captured through the actual video. Once you're done, just remember to wipe off the gloss from your camera. You don't want to keep it on their. I've had days where have forgotten that I've taken these types of photos and then later, when I go to take a picture of something, I have a very blurry image. Filters can really bring out this fact as well, but I think that harnessing the natural power of the flash as well as any glittery like reflective particles and your products is a really beautiful job of capturing the beauty of these products without adding on any artificial effects. 5. Makeup Photography 101: Capturing Your Makeup Looks: and now the kingpin of makeup photography is actually capturing your own art. For most people, that means taking pictures of your own face. And as somebody who has struggled with self confidence for a long time, that was probably the most daunting thing was just getting to understand my face in every single aspect. You need to be confident on camera and pictures, of course, but in videos, even more so if you're interested in being a content creator. But today's module is specifically focused on capturing your art. Through still photographs, I have found my particular nation particular style of taking pictures of my makeup looks and posting them on Instagram. This style has changed a lot over time. From my first naked picture is all the way till now. But understanding angles, facial aesthetics and how to best catch these looks. It's super important to getting an accurate presentation of the products on your face, especially if you are reviewing beauty products. You want to be able to give people an accurate representation off what that product looks like on your face. So today I'm basically teaching a course on how to take selfies, Kim Kardashian shaking if you're taking pictures of makeup looks, I think the optimal framing is from the chest upwards. I find that anything for him to close up can feel a little bit too intrusive and just awkward looking and anything to zoomed out can be very hard to actually capture the look. It takes the focus off than they couple that you're photographing. So, for example, a medium shot from my waist upwards doesn't really give you a very good visual of what the makeup look Looks like. So for me, my make photography goes from the tops of my breasts, all the way up to about an inch or two above my head. Next, if styling the shot. And that basically means making sure that everything that's gonna be captured in the picture and it's on camera looks good putting on a nice shirt even if I'm not very nice bottoms using accessories, earrings, necklaces, styling your hair, you're not just depicting to make a product you're depicting a look and accessorizing. That shoot can really add to the total effective your makeup looks. So, for example, if I'm doing a more colorful makeup look, I really enjoy color coordinating and adding on accessories that add to the overall of stomach, making sure the colors on my shirts don't clash with the makeup looks, etcetera. Choosing a background is really important similarly to videos you want to have a nicest, that'll be pleasing background. But I think while videos you could get away with a more cluttered background as well. If it's still aesthetically pleasing for photos, I think it's really best to go with something that's clean and minimalistic. I like to shoot in front of a plain white door or a wall so that the main focal point of the picture is my makeup. Look. Next up is posing and angling the face. If you've never had experienced modeling or posing before, I think it's a really good opportunity to just sit down in front of a mirror for about 10 minutes and just play around with angling and position your face in different ways to just see how you like it. Best hosing can take a lot to get used to. I, for one, can get really uncomfortable when I'm trying to pose for a picture in front of people who are watching me, but it's important to understand your ankles. So for me to show makeup looks off best. I really like angling my head a little bit back. You get a lot better, a view of the eye shadow itself. So you're doing Aisha looks. It's really important to be able to showcase that. If I have a lot of little work, I might look down so you can see the lid work a little bit clear. Might also tell my head this way because you can still get a good visualization of the eyelids in terms of hands, you might want to keep them completely out of the picture. I like to bring a hand up here when imposing or on my hair. It's important, though, that you're using a very light touch. A mistake. The icy often is resting your hand in your face, but letting it push your face, which can distort the shape face. What do you want to do is just soften that touch and maybe just lightly be tapping your face like this. Same with here. You don't want to be compressing your head, but you can just lightly rest your head. So one of my favorite poses is just too. Angle my head back like this. You get a good visualization of the I look and bring the flower to my chest. In terms of expression, I think it's just best to go with neutral. You wanna have soft lacks looking eyes. You don't want to be too wide eyed, but you also don't want to look angry. And the best thing to remember while you're taking pictures of yourself is that you're capturing art. Your face is art. You are beautiful and you are art. Confidence is the best at it's looking good on camera, and sometimes you need to fake it till you make it. You need to tell yourself I look really good in this makeup look and then you will. I slightly angled the camera. I like to have a little bit of a tilt going on, but the background is a bit obscured and my face is the main focus. I had my angles and oppose that. I want for every makeup look, I take about 10 to 25 footers. Just so have a good amount of things to pick from, so the fundamentals, as long as you understand how to frame your selfies how to style the shot in terms of accessories, ation, hair, makeup, everything. Choosing a nice, clean, aesthetically pleasing background, understanding how to pose hit your angles. Best to highlight the products that you're wearing and your artistry and just being confident exuding that beauty on camera, you will be able to take beautiful making photographs. 6. 3 Secrets to Success as a Content Creator: you've learned how to create looks. You've learned how to photograph the looks, but now you need to learn how to create the content. And this is by far the hardest part to master. Even now, as somebody who's been creating videos and creating content for over three years, I still I'm taking my content and channel in new directions and trying to find out what exactly I want to be doing with my content. Understanding your platform and tailoring your message to what you want to convey to the world is super important. And even if you're just starting out videos to make for fun, you still want to always consider what do I want to give way to the world. It doesn't necessarily have to be a big, grandiose message of world peace. It can just be like, Hey, I love this moisturizer. But before you start on your journey, you want to understand what do I want to create? The first thing I want to talk to you guys about is building in each versus finding an Asian I'm a part of the beauty community, and by the time that I started getting into content creation in the beauty world. The market was already highly saturated. At this point. There are so many different beauty creators in space that I was very worried that I wouldn't find my own voice, and I would have a very hard time getting my channel of the ground. That's always something to consider. When you start getting into content, Creation is just understanding. Is this nation trying to get into already supersaturated with people who are making similar content to what I want to dio? Because chances are if people are making the same things that you are doing it better and doing it for longer, they're gonna be the ones getting the views. So the more sustainable approach is to actually build your own niche. You can start creating content in the beauty world, for example, but something needs to make your channel unique. For me, that's meant making sure that I as a creator and as a person and tied to the continent Channel I don't want somebody to watch one of my videos and think anybody could have made that. So sharing parts of my life in my videos and my personality ties me to the content in a way that's not disposable. The way that I built my nature is really just focusing my content on things that I care about. So, yes, there are beauty reviews and makeup, tutorials and content of round beauty, but also talk about education and my life was a student because that's very important to me . I talk about mental health awareness and medical literacy. I also like to incorporate social commentary into my channel and through incorporating all of my interest into well rounded content that reflects who I have as a person. I feel that I have, instead of finding a nation occupying it, I've created a new niche that's indispensable for myself. Something that you could do to make your content unique and therefore make your channel distinguishable from others is really important to creating that nation. And I hope you can do that with your content. Next thing that's very important to consistent public schedule, and I say this is somebody who doesn't do YouTube as a full time job. I think if you are pursuing this full time, I think it is only fair of your viewers to expect a regular upload schedule. But if you're like me, and you want us to be your side household, your part time job content creation doesn't necessarily need to be a super super stressful thing for you. I know for me that I always always try and put my education first. And if I find myself being stressed out by this thing that I started to do that, it gives me joy and passion. I need to step back from content creation and say, Let's resist reorganize these priorities. But the most important thing to growing is having a consistent uploading schedule. For me, that means up loading at least once a week, if not 2 to 3 times. I don't have specific uploaded. Yes, I just generally try to space on my videos with about three to maybe four days between them . For me, that's a realistic upload schedule, especially with the length of my videos that I create. But if you're doing shorter videos, for example, or less edited videos, you might want to consider uploading more frequently. Either way, you just want to be able to establish a sense of consistency if you upload once a month. But those videos are super long and super super produced. That's fine. But once you have a schedule, you want to stick to it and you want to be consistent. That doesn't mean you can take a break. And of course, you always need to put yourself first. But the best way to see growth in the best way to succeed in this platform is to be frequently uploading so the algorithm doesn't forget you. And then finally, the last thing that you need to do is be realistic with your expectations, you're not going to blow up overnight. And I think a little part of me when I was a teenager starting my YouTube channel thought I'm going to get a 1,000,000 subscribers in the year and I'm still not there. But it's always important to be self aware and be realistic with yourself. Is it hard to not tie your self worth and the worth of your content to the amount of people who watch it? Yes, and it's really easy to get discouraged by low views or slower growth rate than you were expecting. But the only person that need to be made happy by your content is you remember that the authentic and you will go far 7. Conclusion and Lesson Recap: do you feel like creator now? Because you've just learned a whole lot to summarize. You learned the bare bone basic tools needed for quality content creation. You don't need thousands of dollars to get started creating content. All you really need is a camera, a passion stage, presence and voice next to learn the skills of capturing beauty and everyday things through photography tips and tricks. Understanding of sex and how to capture them can not only make you a better video creator, but really, it also helps you in real life. I've found myself really just enjoying the beauty of the world more often and by seeing beauty and everything's gives you better appreciation for the things around you. Next, you learned how to capture your makeup, artistry and beautiful looks through a step by step tutorial on how to take makeup. Selfies. I think the term selfie have a very like negative and self absorbed connotation to it. It's really just a self portrait that you're taking and understanding how to best photograph yourself how to know your angles and how to hit them can give you a boost of confidence. As you see you are so beautiful in real life, being captured through camera. You learned what needs to be near essentials, took it for executing artistic makeup looks. And finally, you learn how to create unique and memorable content that will help you become a youtuber, not just a person who makes YouTube videos. I think there's a huge difference between the two. And if you're wanting to get serious about your content creation and really put your passion into use, becoming a YouTuber or can be one of the best things that you do, I hope you guys enjoy this course. I certainly enjoyed filming it. Thank you so much for watching good luck on your content creation. I cannot wait to see beautiful things you dio.