Beauty Biz Basics to Break Into a Corporate Cosmetics Career

T. Bernie, PR&Strategist|PublicSpeaker|BeautyCulturist

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15 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. The Allure of the Cosmetics Industry

    • 3. Meet T. Bernie & Beyond Traditional Beauty Jobs

    • 4. Behind the Mirror

    • 5. Landscape & Key Players

    • 6. C-Suite

      WWD "The New CEO What It Takes In Today's World 7.23.2012.pdf
    • 7. Women CEOs

    • 8. Channel

    • 9. Category

    • 10. Marketing Function

    • 11. Marketing Management

    • 12. Interface Diversity

    • 13. Talent Assessment

    • 14. Professional Trade Organiztions

    • 15. Ingredients for Success & Contact Info


About This Class


Professional advice is not widely available for entering the cosmetics industry which typically hires from within.

Jumpstart your cosmetics career by taking this course now!

If you don't have experience, then at least be armed with knowledge.

If you don't have contacts, then cast a smaller net targeting companies that are a better fit.

Present yourself as an insider.

Many aspirants have the passion to get in, but don't demonstrate "having done their homework" to stand out. 

Being able to speak as more in-the-know will help you advance.

In just 30 minutes, learn the basics. Then complete a Job Search Worksheet project. 

These lectures give access to those seeking corporate work in the beauty business:

  • industry overview: top companies, key distribution channels, categories
  • realities and varieties of company culture, work styles, functional role
  • professional development tips and key networking organizations

I created content because to have this background and resource as a roadmap would have been great when I was seeking to break into beauty more than a decade ago transitioning from financial services marketing. I successfully navigated the barriers to entry growing to mid-level executive at small and large companies including The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. and L'Oreal USA and even earned both a master's degree in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management and an adjunct professorship in the undergraduate Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing program at The Fashion Institute of Technology. Now, I have transitioned to independent consulting and instruction.

Even if not pursuing work or study, it's just as informative for the curious at heart. Valuable and clear understanding of this fascinating, specialized field is guaranteed.

Yours in beauty.

~T. Bernie